Iodine-131 levels in Japan remain high.

We are still seeing high levels of iodine-131 in Japanese sewage sludge. Radioactive iodine causes thyroid cancer and other thyroid diseases. Emission of this isotope indicates re-criticalities of nuclear fuel are ongoing. This means the coriums which have escaped containment and gone underground are cyclically heating up. As long as iodine-131 is found, there is no reason to expect that radioactive emissions from Fukushima will stop for thousands of years.

This Tepco webcam video edited by Nuckelchen shows that huge emissions from Fukushima are still occurring.

Radiation levels in the rain in southwest England were measured at 39x background on June 28 and at 66x background on June 20.

The entire planet is being contaminated with radiation, yet there seems to be no will to do anything about it, or inform the public of the danger. This is global genocide.

Chris Busby, uranium and sensitivity-related illnesses.

Dr. Chris Busby is a health physicist and is the Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR). Clicking on the first image brings up a video in which Busby discusses the research that he and others have done on the health effects of low levels of radiation. The most widely used model of radiation risk, the ICRP model, understates the risk of internal radiation emitters by a factor of around 600. Busby also discusses the effects of uranium, how it works as an antenna for focusing background radiation on DNA.

A short while ago, I suffered a bout of apparent uranium poisoning. In the next two videos, Busby elaborates how uranium “ferociously” binds to DNA, and how it absorbs 500,000 times as much radiation as the body normally absorbs.

The graph at the bottom indicates concentrations of uranium-238 at different points on the Pacific as measured by the EPA shortly after the initiation of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. Uranium is being emitted by Fukushima, and well as by chemical plant explosions, uranium mining, and plumes resulting from use of depleted uranium weaponry.

Finally, I would like to call attention to the scientific paper The Search for Reliable Biomarkers of Disease in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Other Environmental Intolerances” (pdf) by DeLuca et al (2011). This paper summarizes recent research into sensitivity-related illnesses (SRI). To quote,

Health concerns for the exponential increase of environmental intolerances, including both allergic and non-allergic sensitivity-related phenomena, is rising in the general public as well as in the medical community . Therefore, different environment-associated multi-organ conditions, in most cases still lacking a consensus on clinical case definition, such as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), fibromyalgia (FM), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), sick building syndrome (SBS), hypersensitivity to electro-magnetic fields (EHS), and others, in most cases still lacking a consensus on clinical case definition, have been subjected in the last decade to clinical and laboratory studies. These are aimed at proving any possible organic cause, or oppositely the psychogenic etiology, as proposed by part of the clinicians on the basis of the prevalent neurologic impairment…

A more appropriate collective definition, implicating acceptable case definition and excluding any preventive negation, appears that of sensitivity-related illnesses (SRI), defined as adverse clinical states elicited by exposure to low-dose diverse environmental-borne physical-chemical triggers. SRI are classified as self-reported or objectively diagnosed aberrant responses of different severity, from mild inflammatory reactions to life-threatening multi-organ impairments, in response to a wide spectrum of possible exogenous triggers, through airborne, cutaneous or nutritional exposure at sub-toxic levels, ordinarily not generating any detectable negative effect on the general population…

The great majority of chronic symptoms referable to SRI are shared by the different so far idiopatic conditions of MCS, FM, CFS, SBS, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Persian Gulf War veteran syndrome, amalgam disease, EHS, burn-out syndrome, etc…

In addition, CFS, FM and the Gulf War syndrome show specific features, which are co-morbid with known autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, or vitiligo. Indeed, the question as to whether SRI should be considered diseases or plain clusters of symptoms remains unanswered by available conventional clinical interpretations of acute/chronic inflammatory processes, since patients only partly display recognized dysfunctions of the immune system, or IgE-based allergic reactions, or any detectable anatomic or functional organ alteration unequivocally connected with trigger challenge.

To put it all together:

1. Uranium isotopes are being increasingly concentrated in the environment due to Fukushima and other pathways.
2. Uranium increases the absorption of gamma radiation by DNA by a factor of 500,000.
3. Fukushima has and is still releasing large amounts of gamma radiation into the environment.
4. The large number of Americans with SRI are more sensitive to uranium than other people.


Those large numbers of people with autoimmune diseases, or fibromyalgia, Gulf War syndrome, etc. are more sensitive to radiation than other people. Even Busby and the ECRR understate the health effects of radiation on them.

Dust from demolition of unit 4.

unit 4 demolitionThe JNN/TBS cam has displayed the demolition of walls in unit 4. A large amount of dust was generated by this operation. The concrete in these walls have been subject to neutron bombardment for the past 15 months. This makes the chemical elements in this material radioactive. The main isotopes to be found in this dust, among others, would include cobalt-60, europium-152 and -154, cesium-134, scandium-46, zinc-65, barium-133, and manganese-54.

Majia Nadesan has speculated that this operation was taped and shown at a later time. The Tepco cam showed no such activity at the time. So it is possible that the huge radiation spike in Fukushima prefecture on the 24th was due to dust from this operation. It is also possible that there was a criticality involved. Unit 2, which has been having rising hydrogen levels, has shown an increase in emissions of krypton-85. Professor Koide from Kyoto University warned about a re-criticality in the unit 2 corium on the 21st.

Enormous radiation spike in Fukushima prefecture.

Radiation spikeA huge radiation spike of 20,557 uSv/hr occurred today at a high school in Fukushima prefecture, east of Koriyama. This is crazy stuff. The Indiana radiation spike a few weeks ago was on the order of 40 uSv/hr, by comparison. It is not even in an evacuation zone. What a crime against humanity that this area has not been evacuated.

Early in the morning, there was an apparent criticality at the Fukushima plant (check at 0:16). This wind was blowing east to west, and the school is directly west of the plant.

Heads up for later in the week on the west coast (especially Pacific Northwest) for this plume or remnants of it. Lethal. I hope it was a malfunction in the radiation detector.

Radioactivity outside the jet stream.

The heat wave over the eastern US has introduced higher radiation readings with it. Upper air description.Pittsburgh beta radiation Again, this has to do with sinking air from upper levels of the atmosphere… but, unlike the recent Indiana radiation event, where the sinking had to do with convergence of two separate air streams in the vicinity of the jet stream, this time the sinking air is from an upper-level ridge which features sinking air (subsidence) from the upper levels, compresses it, and heats it. It is the same principle that your refrigerator uses, the air is compressed, heats up, the heat is pumped out. This time, though, there is no jet stream nearby. Beta radiation on the morning of June 20 was elevated Pittsburgh wind speedin Pittsburgh PA, which was under the upper ridge. The wind in the early morning was calm which caused the radiation to build up, just like in South Bend. Later, the wind picked up and the radiation level dropped. A similar thing happened in Baltimore and Washington DC.

So there is radiation in the upper air (30,000 feet) far away from the jet stream. It is worse in the jet stream, but there is a substantial amount outside of it, as Potrblog pointed out in his recent rain radiation measurement. We have a radioactive cloud over most or all of the US now.

It was uranium poisoning.

It looks like my recent toxic exposure event, which started around May 5, was the result of uranium exposure. At least the symptoms are consistent with it. On April 21 and 22, explosions rocked a Japanese chemical plant in which depleted uranium was stored. In addition, the spent fuel pools at Fukushima contain a considerable amount of uranium-238 and -235. The uranium could have come from either or both of these sources.

Uranium is both chemically toxic and radiotoxic. It is a heavy metal which affects the kidneys and also causes neurological effects. My body is highly sensitive to heavy metals, due to an autoimmune disorder resulting from fetal exposure to radionuclides released from the Castle Bravo nuclear test. Nephritis and proteinuria (which was already there to some extent, but increased drastically) results from uranium exposure in rats. The proteinuria was way beyond anything I ever experienced. Briner discovered from experiments with rats effects on brain catecholamines, and reduction in DOPA, which might explain the strange cognitive effects, and also some of the skin effects I experienced. Anorexia and weight loss are common symptoms of exposure to uranium. The metal taste in the mouth I had is a common symptom of exposure to radioactive substances.

I’m sure there was a slew of other radionuclides too. I’m still dealing with fatigue… the last two days I have been crashing by 1 PM.

The Indiana high radiation event.

South Bend, Indiana experienced high radiation on the night of June 6-7. Radiation readings on the Radiation Network and Black Cat systems soared into the thousands of CPM, hundreds of times above normal. Potrblog has shown in a new post that this was indeed a genuine reading, and not an equipment malfunction.

It can be seen from meteorological analysis that these high readings are likely to have come from Fukushima emissions. First, a series of steam and smoke events were visible on the Daiichi webcams several days prior to this event. Second, Potrblog noted 5x background radiation in St. Louis air readings shortly before this. The first graphic (click to enlarge) shows the wind direction and speed at the 18,000 foot level on June 6. There is a ridge in the middle of the country, which forces the wind off the Pacific north into Canada, where it dives down into Minnesota. The wind in Illinois is from the northwest, and is at a fairly high rate of speed (shown by the colors). But, over Michigan, the wind is from the northeast. This sets up a convergence zone where the wind piles up radionuclides. The second graphic shows the situation on the next day, June 7. Now the wind is from the north. The fire department in Traverse City, Michigan notified the NRC of high radiation readings. South Bend (80 miles east of Chicago) is south of Traverse City.

The third graphic depicts omega at 18,000 feet on June 6. The yellows and oranges indicate downward motion, while purples and blue indicate upward motion. We can see that South Bend was in a region of downward motion that day. The downward motion was still in place on the next day, as shown on the fourth graphic.

So, it appears that convergence of two different air streams at 18,000 feet piled up radionuclides in the South Bend area. Downward vertical motion sent it to the surface when the surface wind became calm. When the wind kicked up again at 4 AM, the radiation cleared out.

UPDATE: I’m not sure what to make of this, but the Longmont radiation monitor in Colorado had an enormous spike on June 3, according to the graphic. It is up around 114 uSv/hr, which is brutal. This was 3 days before the Indiana event, but the plume would have had to go up into central Canada, and then dive down into the US again.

Adventures with radiation in food.

Jan Hemmer’s blog has an informative set of graphics dealing with radionuclides in food. The human fetus is 1,000 times more vulnerable to radiation than an adult.

Starting in April 2011, I developed symptoms such as a metal taste in mouth from eating various foods. I went through several months of panic and perplexity trying to sort out what was or was not contaminated. I had to change my whole way of eating, which was not easy since I am a junk food junkie and spent 50 years eating the unhealthiest food possible. Suddenly it was a matter of life and death. Larry Groce I suffer from toxicant-induced loss of tolerance.

The fish I was eating was contaminated, not only from what I bought from the store, but from Chinese restaurants. I tried different species, but it didn’t make a difference. They were all from the North Pacific. The worst thing I ate was Chinese squid. The Chinese Government actually put out a warning that the squid from that region was contaminated with strontium-90 (which causes bone cancer and leukemia). I now eat fish from the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and South Pacific. I haven’t had any problems with this (though fish caught off Peru might be getting a little dodgy). No North Pacific, no domestic freshwater fish.

Eggs: One generic store brand went bad in April 2011. Another brand didn’t go bad until September. I recently bought ordinary eggs, they were pretty bad, threw them out. Organic eggs from Pennsylvania were much better… though still perceptible. I use them very occasionally in cooking.

Meat: Steak, bacon, ham and sausage from the US or Canada caused bad symptoms. Now I eat Australian beef and lamb which are OK. New Zealand meat should still be OK too. Deli ham from Denmark and Poland is OK, but the Danish ham and bacon went through a period in October thru December where it caused thyroid swelling. I believe it had iodine-131 and iodine-129 in it then. Deli meat imported from Italy has been OK.

Bread: White bread was bad, but premium rye bread is OK. I should quit it though, it contains wheat flour. Rye and wheat contain gluten, but wheat also has an affinity for strontium-90.

Dairy: US, Korean, and Mexican dairy has been all bad. The Mexican less so, there was one brand of crema from Oaxaca that was OK. UK cheese has been OK, but Danish and French cheeses have gone through periods of iodine.

Produce: Most Mexican produce has been OK, but dates and some tomatoes were not. I eat Mexican or hydroponic lettuce, Mexican green onions, limes and celery. Two brands of salsa (hecho en Mexico) got thrown out. Mexican mayonnaise from Wal-Mart is OK. Haven’t seen an imported lemon in a year. Korean hot peppers were good. Collard greens are mostly grown in the southeast US, and are a staple. Florida oranges and strawberries OK… the southeast corner of the US and the south tip of Texas did not get hit hard, except for iodine-131 early, which has decayed away. Refried beans from the lower Rio Grande valley of Texas were OK, though Central American beans are available. Corn tortillas are bad… even though they have Spanish names, the ones in the store are all from the US. I get imported tortillas from El Salvador. I still eat Tostitos corn chips… but stopped eating mushrooms, period, from anywhere. East coast apples are here when I can’t get the South American ones… I cut the skin off, of course. Potatoes are out (arrrrgh!), though I found Canadian frozen fries which were OK (not sure if it means PEI foods are OK or if it’s old stock). Vietnam and Thailand bamboo shoots etc. in jars is fine.

Rice: Indian rice. A lot of California rice is probably old stock, but it’s hard to know which brands. Thai and Vietnamese rice noodles are also a staple.

Soy sauce: Imported only. A Taiwanese brand had I-129 in it from November. Bought the same brand again recently, and is now OK. Most American soy sauces have Oriental names. Check the packaging.

Peanut butter: Horrible. I saw Argentinian peanut butter once, it was sold out in a day. No more almond milk either. Nuts concentrate radioactivity, try tropics and southern hemisphere only. Lots of items contain peanut oil.

Spaghetti sauce: Imported or made with Italian tomatoes only. A lot of salad dressing is still pre-Fuku. The production date is a year and a half before the expiration date. Also South American dressing is available.

Bottled water: Biggest current struggle. I have a reverse osmosis (RO) system, but it appears to be inefficient in filtering out gaseous iodine and krypton. I use it for boiling and rinsing. Aquafina, PureLife, and Aldi purified water all use RO, but recently it seems to have gotten worse. Gerber baby water MAY use RO. Jana imported bottled water from Big Lots is reasonably cheap. Fiji is fine, but expensive.

I’m sorry this post is so long! This is what my life is like now.

Recent health issues update.

Sandy Point State ParkI went to Sandy Point today to get some sun. Sun is the only thing that helps my psoriasis, which has gotten much worse since Fukushima. Maybe I got a mild sunburn, but it was 72 degrees and beautiful… the sun was bright, and all the dark clouds were kept away by a bay breeze off the water. Of course I didn’t go into the water, are you kidding?

My health is improving… the left eye is still flashing, but not as much, it is not bulging out anymore. This never got as bad as the right eye did in January. The wart on my nose is gone, the sore on my gums went away, my tooth doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall out, my heart is not racing, proteinuria is way down, the pain is down to a dull ache in the back, no chest pain.

On the other hand, the bumps on the belly are worse, and I seem to have lost the desire to eat. I have lost 9 pounds. I forced myself to eat some soup (Thai chicken stock, Thai rice noodles, Mexican celery and green onions, Croatian water), and then I passed out. Weird, it’s like I can’t remember what it is like to be hungry.

We’ll see what it is like tomorrow, last time I went to the beach, I couldn’t walk when I woke up the next day.

Recent health issues.

Around a month ago, there was a series of steam and smoke events visible on the Fukushima webcam. Some of them featured colors… the yellow event struck me as particularly ominous. Shortly after that, there was an event in which two radiation monitors in Colorado suddenly surged into the thousands of CPM at the same time. One event was later explained away by the operator having recently undertaken a medical procedure. Whatever.

Soon after this, I was suddenly hit with flu-like symptoms, including cognitive difficulties and severe pain (but no fever). It subsided somewhat after a week or two, but the “new normal” isn’t exactly the model of perfect health.

There are too many symptoms to count. There is something wrong with my back, there is something wrong with my neck, there is something wrong with my chest, there is something wrong with my lungs, there is something wrong with my scalp, there is something wrong with my colon, there is something wrong with my kidneys, there is something wrong with my thyroid, there is something wrong with my eyes, there is something wrong with my teeth, there is something wrong with my gums, there is something wrong with my feet, there is something wrong with my bladder, there is something wrong with my fingernails, there is something wrong with my skin. I am racked with pain from head to toe. I can’t move a muscle without my body telling me there is something wrong somewhere.


I am still able to function, I can still drive, I can still go to the store, I can still do the things I need to do. It is like my body has allocated this misery to every part of my body equally so a single part of it does not overwhelm the whole system. Isn’t this wonderful?

How can the body be able to do this, when man did not evolve in the presence of these alien and unnatural substances like cesium-137, strontium-90, and plutonium-239? It’s a miracle.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, by Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancey