Fukushima global radiation spread.

The graphics represents a semi-educated guess on my part on the relative amount of Fukushima radioactivity deposited around the globe. I want to stress the “semi”. It is just my impression from Geiger readings, what I know about weather circulation patterns, and the food my ultra-sensitive body has eaten. It does not include Chernobyl, depleted uranium, or routine emissions from nuclear power plants. Red is the worst, blue is the best.

Autism and increasing sensitivity to toxics in every generation.

Earlier this month, autism parents and members of the Canary Party and other groups met with the bureaucrat Secretary Sebelius, in hopes to respond to the skyrocketing autism rate. Of course, they got the runaround. The link between autism and vaccinations is actively being suppressed by the medical establishment.

The autism community is not only disturbed by the refusal to accept the dangers of injecting poisons like mercury and formaldehyde into children, infants, and pregnant mothers, but it is also disturbed by the waste of money in research of genetic causes of autism. But there is a genetic link. Consider that the autistic child had poison injected into him or her with multiple vaccinations. But his parents were also vaccinated, and his grandparents were too, and his great-grandparents too.

Every generation has people who have experienced mutations in genes on their chromosomes. The second generation has more genetic damage than the first, the third generation has more than the second, etc. So, in every succeeding generation, it takes less of a toxicant insult to cause disease. (See my previous post on the escalating pandemic of chemical sensitivity). Another way to look at it is, if there is the same amount of toxicant insult in the environment, more people will get sick from this same amount in every generation. More autism, more autoimmune disease, more cancer.

Autism is an environmental illness. Look at the graph above… see that Arizona and Utah have a much higher autism rate than Alabama and Florida. The states in the southwest have a high natural radiation background, and they were close by the nuclear testing ground, where a huge amount of radioisotopes were released, and are still radiologically active. Also there is quite a bit of uranium mining in this area. The southeastern states have a lower radiation background, and their weather is dominated by the relatively clean air of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic (or it used to be relatively clean before the BP oil spill).

The autistic child in the southwest has been exposed to strontium-90. His parents were exposed to strontium-90. His grandparents were exposed to strontium-90. Every generation, it takes less strontium-90 to cause autism. Hence, the exploding autism rate.

Now we have Fukushima on top of it. So we have a situation where, over time, smaller and smaller levels of toxics cause disease, or in other words an exponential increase in sensitivity to toxics. With Fukushima, we have an exponential increase in the amount of radioactive toxics in the environment.

So expect not only skyrocketing rates of cancer, but skyrocketing rates of autism, mental retardation, and autoimmune disease.

‘Hysterical female’ high school students were actually poisoned with pesticides.

Last September, 18 high school students, mostly girls, suddenly developed severe tics and twitches. Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill in the Age of Autism blog report:

One Thursday last September, a crop-dusting plane swooped down over a cornfield in Western New York and dipped below the tree line, spraying an insecticide engineered to paralyze the nervous system of agricultural pests called earworms. After several passes, the plane climbed, banked sharply, and flew away.

The event, captured on this video by a local resident, is noteworthy for when and where it happened: on a school day, on a field adjoining LeRoy Junior-Senior High School in Western New York, where an outbreak of tic disorders among 18 students, mostly girls, would soon gain national attention. By then two girls had developed symptoms, according to the state Health Department – one in May 2011, the other earlier in September – but the bulk of the cases would follow, including two more the next week.

“This cornfield is adjacent to the school property and uphill from the school,” the neighbor who took the video wrote in an e-mail. “The fields in our area are dusted at least twice a year.”

The “dust” that settled that day is called Tundra. Its active ingredient, bifenthrin, has been linked at high doses in animal studies to some of the same symptoms experienced by the LeRoy students. U.S. regulators regard it as much safer than earlier generations of pesticides such as DDT, but it was banned in Europe until just last week due to environmental concerns.

Most of the LeRoy girls were diagnosed by a local neurology clinic with a psychiatric illness called conversion disorder, a finding the state Health Department endorsed despite the protests of parents who said their daughters were not emotionally disturbed. Several investigations, including one made public last month, found no evidence of environmental contamination…

It is unknown whether the school district, the state Health Department, or the outside consulting firm, Leader Professional Services, was aware of the incident or the report. Last month, Leader completed an extensive, $70,000 report that found no current environmental hazards.

“The air, soil and surface water sampling conducted at the [Junior High/Senior High] site did not identify chemicals at concentrations which could be considered to have health impacts to students, teachers, administrative staff or the public occupying the site,” the Leader report said.

Based on that, LeRoy Superintendent Kim Cox wrote district families in June: “I have excellent news to announce concerning the results of the air, soil and surface water testing of the Junior/Senior High School building and grounds by Leader Professional Services. Leader has compiled an extensive report concerning the testing undertaken and subsequent analysis, concluding there are no adverse health impacts from contaminants in the air, soil or water in or around our high school campus.”

Dr. Laszlo Mechtler, vice president at Dent Neurologic Institute and the neurologist who diagnosed many of the girls with conversion disorder, went further, saying the results confirmed his diagnosis and treatment. (Only one student still has symptoms, he told The Buffalo News in June.) Mechtler said Erin Brockovich, the activist who raised the possibility of toxic effects from a train derailment in the township or other causes, should “now go on national TV and take back her dramatic speculation about environmental toxins being the root cause of the disorders,” according to the newspaper.

Brockovich was brought in by some of the parents who scoffed at the conversion disorder diagnosis, which has its origins in the late 19th century Freudian concept of “hysteria,” in which patients, most often young women, supposedly convert mental trauma into physical symptoms. When that happens to several members of a group at once, it is called mass hysteria, or in modern parlance, a mass psychogenic event…

Strikingly, Tundra, the pesticide sprayed on the field, has been shown to cause symptoms in animals that parallel those suffered by the girls, who in addition to tics had trouble walking and standing and suffered breathing problems, strange sensations, seizures and blackouts.

Bifenthrin, the active chemical in the pesticide, was banned in Europe until last week because of safety concerns.

When fed to rats at high doses, symptoms included “tremors, clonic [rapid muscle contraction/relaxation] convulsions, twitching, incoordination, staggered gait, splayed hind limbs, atypical posture,” according to a Technical Fact Sheet from the National Pesticide Information Center.

Bifenthrin and other high-tech pesticides have been cited as possible culprits in the collapse of bee colonies around the country. In a well-known study, a California researcher found that flea-killing pet shampoos containing pyrethrins – the class of chemicals to which bifenthrin belongs – might be linked to a risk of autism when handled by pregnant mothers.

And, according to this article by Leslie Carol Botha,

On January 19, the Wall Street Journal blatantly and irreverently headlined an article: Teens in Upstate New York Get Diagnosis: ‘Mass Psychogenic Illness’, based on the ‘expert opinion’ of neurologist Laszlo Mechtler, Vice President of Dent Neurologic Institute, who has treated 11 of the girls. According to WSJ… “In MPI, physical symptoms that are perfectly real but that have psychological roots rather than some underlying organic cause appear in a group of people, often spreading from one to the next.”.

Mechtler’s statement about the 12 Le Roy High School girls is degrading, demeaning, and reminiscent of how women were ‘treated and diagnosed’ then sent to public asylums in the 1800′s if they did not obey their husbands (male authority). But then again a quick search and one finds what one would expect to find in this case. Dr. Mechtler sits on the American Academy of Neurology Editorial Board – and the disclosures state:

‘Dr. Mechtler has received personal compensation for speaking engagements from Forest Laboratories, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline, Merck & Co., Inc., and Zogenix, Inc.

Sue the LIVING SHIT out of these assholes. Isn’t this the same thing the say about radiation exposure? “It’s all in your head”, “stress causes worse symptoms than radiation” etc. They come out with fake environmental reports which hide the real cause and exonerate the guilty. They are paid off by big business. The lies get big media exposure. And this was in a SCHOOL… they don’t give a shit about children’s health.

Radiation in Russia.

The graphic is a representation of the increase in beta radiation in the Russian Federation in December 2011, over the amount in December 2010. The optimal quadratic discriminant function was determined using MultiODA, which is now freely downloadable at optimalprediction.com.

The radiation level in Russia should be decreasing slightly from year to year, due to radioactive decay of isotopes released from the Chernobyl disaster. Fukushima is hypothesized to increase the radiation level, so we have a situation where we are comparing radiation decrease to radiation increase. MultiODA determined the quadratic separating surface that had the highest accuracy, that is, most of the increases on one side of it, and most of the decreases on the other side. It was a good fit, with a highly significant P-value. The increase in radiation covers most of the interior of the country. The southwest corner of the country, near Chernobyl, experienced a decrease in radiation, as expected. One might think that the southeast sections of Russia would have had an increase, but this was in winter, and the prevailing winds are stronger in a west-to-east direction in that time of year, at those latitudes.

The results are consistent with a belt of higher radiation which completely encircles the northern hemisphere. I am hoping to do a more in-depth analysis, for all months post-Fuku, if I get the time to do it.

The Canary Party.

The following is from the Canary Party website (emphases mine):

The time has come for a change. The mounting crisis in the health of children and other vulnerable groups has not only been ignored by medical authorities, it has been suppressed. As parents, citizens and advocates for the health of future generations, we must rise up to call attention to this crisis and take action to end it. In nominally democratic societies, which sadly are increasingly corrupted by the power of entrenched interests and the economy of influence that surrounds the medical industrial complex, we can most directly effect change by mobilizing for political action in order take action against these corrupt forces. It is time to come together to form The Canary Party. This position paper addresses three questions surrounding the mission of The Canary Party.

1. What is the problem?
2. What is the solution?
3. What is to be done?

What is the problem?

In 19th century coalmines, canaries were used for the first time to detect the presence of poisonous gas accumulation deep in underground tunnels. Because their metabolisms run faster than humans, these small animals provided a crucial signal in dangerous times: the canaries would die from toxic gas releases before humans. Normally quite vocal, the silence of these songbirds was the signal of danger. Back then, miners whose lives depended on the absence of poisons paid close attention to the absence of the canary’s song. Today, as the rising power and spread of the medical industrial complex are taking an increasing toll on human health, we need to recognize the silenced canaries all around us.

What is this toll? Nothing less than a generation of sick, injured and dying children, children who are increasingly becoming young adults. American children are over vaccinated and over medicated, over fed, undernourished and have record levels of chronic illness and developmental delay.

As well, there is a direct toll of injured adults, especially those who serve in the military, subjected to an increased burden of inadequately tested, compulsory and even experimental vaccine exposures administered over a backdrop of multiple toxic exposures from prescription and over the counter medications, foods made from genetically modified organisms and laden with pesticides and preservatives, and tens of thousands of industrial compounds that did not exist a century ago.

In simplest terms, the medical industrial complex has launched a massive and uncontrolled experiment on a generation of Americans. In an unprecedented intervention in human immune development, this complex has succeeded in promoting an explosion in medical industry revenues and profits; this explosion has been accompanied, however, by an epidemic of death, disability and chronic disease, much of which can be traced directly to these medical and chemical exposures.

What is the medical industrial complex? It is no simple thing to describe, but our working definition is the partnership between the medical and pharmaceutical industry on one hand and the public health establishment on the other. This “public private partnership”–one which includes vaccine manufacturers like Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, associations of doctors like the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association, and government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health—has steadfastly resisted the rising evidence of a crisis in human health, denying its existence, defending its prerogatives in the face of the crisis and pressing its own expansionist agenda in spite of widespread evidence that the medical model its members are advancing has failed consumers. The moral failing of this partnership agenda becomes all the more egregious as one reflects on the notion that the primary precept of medical ethics was once, “First, do no harm”.

The human toll of these experiments affects us all, but most visibly affects the vulnerable in our society, those who have the highest rate of exposure to this uncontrolled experimentation. These groups are modern day canaries and we must heed their silent suffering. They include:

• Infants and children exposed to the most dramatic escalation in medical interventions and toxic exposures in human history, and subject to the new childhood epidemics of autism, ADHD, asthma, and food allergy,
• Autism now disables 1 in 100 American children, 1 in 60 boys
• Peanut allergies put the lives of nearly 2% of children at risk
• Asthma affects over 10% of American children, putting their lives at risk as well
• Child and adolescent victims of new experimental vaccines such as Gardasil
• Gardasil recipients have suffered close to 100 reported deaths
• Meanwhile, there are thousands of additional cases of serious adverse events and disability, many of them unreported, uninvestigated and suppressed
• Countless deaths and disabled victims in the soldiers and families of our armed forces
• Uncountable deaths and disabilities from the use of experimental vaccine adjuvants
• An epidemic of suicides (commonly blamed on post-traumatic stress disorder) haunts our service men and women, with large numbers of these suicides occurring among those never deployed in combat
• Adults and children suffering from the epidemic increases in auto-immune disease, disabling and potentially deadly conditions where the body’s own immune system turns against itself.
• Rising rates of celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome and colitis
• Epidemic rates of ALS, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Addison’s Disease, Guillain-Barré, Graves’ and countless other disabling conditions

In the investigation and management of these and other modern–day plagues, our leading medical institutions have done more than merely fail us, their conduct lies at the root of the problem. Their agents have censored important science, manipulated data, intimidated honest scientists, and deceived the public. Worst of all, they have cloaked themselves in the mantle of science and “evidence-based medicine” as they have circled the wagons to defend their policies, profits and programs. In the meantime, their conduct and behavior is perpetuating one of the most egregious and systematic episodes of scientific denial in human history.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against this outcome half a century ago in his Farewell Address to the nation. In addition to citing the emergence of a military-industrial complex, he also cautioned that an unholy alliance of money, technology, and government power could corrupt public policy more broadly. “Scientific research,” he said, “could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.

Today, despite Eisenhower’s warning, that reality is upon us, and its consequences are devastating. Public bureaucracies, professional associations and private corporations – groups whose interests and leaders are all but interchangeable — have triggered a public health disaster that worsens by the day. Eisenhower’s early warning has emerged in full flower as the medical industrial complex.

Along the way, the press has also failed us. The rise of corporate media and the breathlessly predatory 24 hour news cycle has led most of the mainstream media to swallow the talking points of the medical industrial complex while it continues to accept the advertising expenditures of its corporate members. They hide behind the technical nature of the evidence and meekly accept the claims of the medical industry’s “experts.” Increasingly, media celebrities have joined the attack, leading the inquisition against courageous scientists while denying media access to the many compelling leaders of critical consumer groups.

Most important of all, our political institutions have been failing us, at least so far. No major political party or movement has taken up this complex of issues. The blame for this failure of political will is broadly distributed and largely explained by the triumph of ideology over evidence. In order for our movement to succeed, we must ask advocates to check their political biases at the door, find ways to connect with the most helpful impulses of larger-scale movements while recognizing the ideological obstacles to embracing our agenda for change.

Radioactive contamination spreading across the Pacific.

Click on the image to see a beautifully realized simulation of Pacific Ocean radioactive contamination from Fukushima through a period of years. A couple of caveats:

1. The leaking of radioactivity is assumed to stop at some point, likely the time of phony “cold shutdown” announcement. The leaking continues to this day.

2. The graphics do not include radiation contaminating the ocean via rainfall and snowfall, which is the same way the land mass of North America has been contaminated. In fact, it’s worse in the ocean, since these locations are physically closer to Japan than the continent.

The mystery of the extra xenon-133.

Stohl et al. have recently published an article “The total release of xenon-133 from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident” (pdf) in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. They used xenon-133 measurements from a set of northern hemisphere monitoring stations of the CTBTO and compared it with estimates of xenon-133 inventory in rectors 1-3 of Daiichi. The amount of xenon in these reactors is known accurately, it is about 12.2 EBq (12.2E18 becquerels).

The total release of xenon was estimated from monitoring stations’ data in 3 ways. The first was a simple observation-based box model, and it yielded an estimate of 16.7 EBq. The other two ways were more sophisticated, they integrated results from the GFS (American) and ECMWF (European) meteorological reanalysis models. The GFS gave a figure of 14.2 EBq of Xe-133, while the ECMWF came up with 19.0 EBq. The authors chose the lowball figure of 14.2 EBq from the GFS, claiming it was a better fit.

This still leaves 2 EBq of Xe-133 unaccounted for. Since iodine-133 decays into xenon-133, they assumed that all the I-133 was released from these reactors. This equalled the missing 2 EBq.

The first problem is, why would all the I-133 be released? There is still I-131 being released, and it has been increasing over the past few months. It should be the same case with I-133.

The second problem is that the other two methods came up with higher amounts. The ECMWF in particular was 4.8 EBq higher than the GFS. It is strange that the authors would prefer the GFS over the ECMWF. It is well known, and can be demonstrated statistically, that the ECMWF is the superior model in forecasting. Every meteorologist and weather weenie knows this. The Capital Weather Gang noted this and quoted as to the American GFS model:

“It is patently unacceptable for the United States – given its extraordinary need for accurate weather and climate information across all sectors of society – to operate a global forecast system that lags well behind those of other nations…”

(This also extends to historical reanalysis, as studied in this pdf). It’s actually SHOCKING to see someone preferring the GFS over the ECMWF for anything.

So if you go with the ECMWF, you have 6.8 EBq (that is 6,800,000,000,000,000,000 becquerels) of Xe-133 unaccounted for. This is over 50% more than the inventory at reactors 1-3. Where did it come from? The spent fuel pools? Unlikely. They are emitting cesium and plutonium and the like, but you wouldn’t expect them to go critical. Reactors 5 and 6? Daini? It’s got to come from somewhere. And, in addition, there are isotopes like thallium-208 that were measured by the EPA, and in other papers, the existence of which suggest that it came from re-processing or fast breeding, which should not have been happening at Fukushima Daiichi. Where are the missing meltdowns?

Excess mortality for selected US cities in 2012.

The midpoint of the year 2012 has arrived. I looked at mortality statistics for this year from the the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), which is published by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The previous report I made, for 2011, can be found here. I have only looked at certain cities so far. Making a full report will take quite a bit of time and effort, and I am in short supply of time and energy lately. Writing the programs for the 2011 report took me 3 weeks, and that didn’t include downloading the data, running the programs, and compiling results every week.

The table below can be enlarged on clicking. There is a pdf version of this table available here. Most of the cities which had elevated mortality in 2011 also have higher numbers of deaths in 2012. Some cities, such as Las Vegas, Detroit, and Charlotte, have higher mortality rates so far this year than they did in 2011. I have also included, in the last column, the age group in which mortality increased the most for each city. Infant mortality was highest out of all age groups in 8 out of the 22 cities. Babies are dying.