Iodine-131 just keeps on coming.

I don’t relish being negative all the time. I still hope to find positive aspects of Fukushima. The remnants of Hurricane Isaac bringing clean air and rain to parts of the US, for instance. (But it appears the remnants of Isaac have picked up some radiation on the back side of the storm, so it’s a mixed bag.) Iodine-131 levels dropped in Gunma prefecture sewage sludge a couple weeks ago, so I thought it might be a trend.

Gunma levels spiked in June, but came down and now they are roughly at the same levels they were in May 2011, after the reactor explosions. Kawasaki spiked later in June, dropped, and then went up again in July, before dropping again. (Note that the iodine-131 deposition depends on wind direction and rainfall, and these are widely separated locations.)

But, oh, Yamanishi prefecture iodine is way up. And Chiba prefecture is holding it own. It’s not a trend, it’s just the vagaries of wind and rain.

Iodine releases are important, not just from the thyroid diseases that result from exposure to this radionuclide, but as an indicator of fission and re-criticality. The table below indicates the radionuclides from a criticality accident in the Idaho chemical processing plant in 1959. These are the same kind of isotopes that we can expect to be released from a Fukushima re-criticality. Dangerous isotopes such as cerium-143, barium-140, ruthenium-103, and uranium-235 are to be found. Hey wait, these are the same kind of isotopes that Potrblog found in an analysis of Missouri beef.

Finding iodine also means that the underground coriums at Fuku are not hardening and cooling off, but heating up and continuing to be on the move, steaming whenever they encounter groundwater.

Observe the spike that occurred in Chiba in late October through November. There was also a spike in Yamanashi in November. There was a report of iodine-131 in central Europe last Nov. 11. This had been going on for two weeks. The international gangsters at the IAEA not only said that this was safe, but they blamed the release on a Hungarian lab. But I ran a HYSPLIT backwards trajectory on atmospheric winds in that time frame (18,000 ft.) and the trajectory corresponds to a Fuku release of iodine around Oct. 24. This plume, which was much wider than the trajectory shows, entered the US in the Pacific northwest, moved through southern Canada, and dived down into the midwest and eastern seaboard, before crossing the Atlantic and entering Europe. This was around the time my thyroid was bulging out of my neck. Yes, this stuff went three-quarters the way around the earth and it was still a problem. There was also a xenon release from reactor 2 at this time, Chris Busby analyzed it and said there was either fission 50 hours before the measurement (no later than Oct. 31 2011) or an explosive criticality 60 hours before. This turns out be be near the time frame of the Fuku release deduced from HYSPLIT. This youtube video shows ground shaking in the early morning hours of Oct. 22, and another video shows abnormal smoke from reactor 2 starting 15 hours later.

There was another detection of iodine-131 on Jan. 16-23 in the northern tip of Scandinavia, but the IAEA idiotically blamed the Hungarian lab for that too, even though it was something like 1,000 miles away.

Contaminated yogurt from New Zealand.

David, from South Korea, previously informed us in this blog about the discovery of contaminated goat milk from New Zealand. Security Tokyo has tested yogurt base from New Zealand, and has measured 0.37 Bq/kg of cesium-137 in it.

The yogurt manufacturer, EasiYo Products Ltd, states that:

“New Zealand is known globally as a clean green country, producing premium quality, wholesome food. We’re especially famous for our premium dairy products.

EasiYo Yogurt Bases are made with the finest quality milk powder available. Milk powder that’s derived from free range cows, grazing the most fertile pastures on our independant farms on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

This area is known locally as ‘Godzone’, because of its untouched natural beauty, and perfect farming climate.

We are very proud of this region, and it’s a primary reason our milk powder products are so special…

Our specialized, purpose-built plant in Auckland, New Zealand operates in a filter-cleaned atmosphere under positive pressure, which is humidity and temperature controlled.”

The yogurt was processed in a filtered atmosphere in New Zealand, so it is unlikely that the cesium was picked up in processing.

Dairy products in the southern part of the southern hemisphere are now contaminated with radiation.

Security Tokyo also found 1.2 Bq/kg of cesium-137 in maple sugar from Quebec, Canada.

Hurricane Isaac brings some radiation relief.

Hurricane Isaac is about to hit the Gulf coast. This storm originated off the coast of Africa, and moved across the tropical Atlantic in a relatively clean, radiation-free area. The rain associated with it is pretty clean. It also pushed some clean air into portions of the US ahead of it. The graphic, which indicates beta radiation levels in the Baltimore MD area, shows how the radiation levels dropped when the tropical air moved in. Heavy rain that occurred usually increases the amount of radiation in the air, but instead it dropped. Baltimore received over 3 inches of clean rain, which will dilute the radiation concentrations in the surface reservoirs used for tap water. Note that when a cold front passed this morning, radiation went up again, because the air originated in the western US and Canada. But it didn’t go up as high as before, because the rain cleaned the air and soil out somewhat. Potrblog also has posts about this phenomenon in St. Louis here and here.

The remnants of this hurricane are predicted to move through the midwest, northeast and mid-Atlantic region the next few days, providing some needed relief to the air and water contamination.

Michael Collins at has an excellent article posted about Fukushima fallout. To me, the most significant item is the increase in radiation on cross-country flights. This indicates increasing amounts of fallout in the atmosphere above us. “What goes up must come down” as they say.

Andrew Kischner at has good material. Check out his graph of Cesium-137 in California oranges, now they exceed the 1963 fallout measurements. We should not be comparing Fukushima with Chernobyl, but with the Bravo bomb and the total of the atmospheric nuclear tests of the 1950s and 1960s. Check out his pdf ‘Japan Finds Radioactivity in More Foods From California: The California Radiation Report’.

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Lijon Eknilang, Marshall Islands activist, RIP.

Lijon Eknilang, a survivor of the Bikini Island nuclear blasts from Rongelap Island, has died.

“Lijon Eknilang was one of 82 Rongelap Islanders who were engulfed by a snowstorm of radioactive fallout from the United States 1954 Bravo hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll.

Our Marshall Islands correspondent, Giff Johnson says Ms Eknilang, who was just 8 years old at the time of the Bravo test, became an icon in the Marshall Islands for her international advocacy on behalf of nuclear test victims.

“She was probably one of the most well known Rongelap or Marshall Islands people who went out, went on speaking tours in Europe and the United States, attended conferences and just was a very passionate voice talking about the reality of what Marshall Islanders felt and saw.”…

The United States began to use the Marshall Islands as a proving ground for nuclear weapons. From June 1946 to August 1958, 67 nuclear tests were conducted there.

The most powerful bomb detonated on the islands was the hydrogen bomb “Bravo,” on March 1, 1954. Estimated to produce around four megatons of power, it unexpectedly produced 15 megatons, an impact equivalent to 1,000 Hiroshima bombs. In shifting winds, the fallout from the huge explosion reached the inhabited islands of Rongerik, Rongelap and Utirik, more than 100 miles to the east. Contaminating more than 7,000 square miles of the Pacific Ocean with radiation, fallout from the blast also reached Australia, India and Japan. Ocean currents carried the radioactive fallout northwest, where the crew of the Japanese fishing boat Lucky Dragon Number 5 suffered radioactive poisoning resulting in the death of one fisherman.

But the greatest tragedy struck the heavily radiated northern Marshall Islands. In November 1995, Marshall Islander Lijon Eknilang appeared before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague and gave this chilling first-hand account of the effects of nuclear testing in the Pacific: “Women have experienced many reproductive cancers and abnormal births … In privacy, they give birth, not to children as we like to think of them, but to things we could only describe as ‘octopuses,’ ‘apples,’ [and] ‘turtles,’ ” Lijon said, who herself has had seven miscarriages and no live births.

“The most common birth defects … have been ‘jellyfish’ babies. These babies are born with no bones in their bodies and with transparent skin,” she continued. “Many women die from abnormal pregnancies, and those who survive give birth to what looks like purple grapes, which we quickly hide away and bury.”…

The Bikini tests released 130 times as much radioactive iodine as Chernobyl. The number of thyroid abnormalities in Fukushima prefecture children already exceeds the rate of Marshall islanders after one year… though the abnormalities and cancers may take years or decades to develop.

“Almost every person on this island have thyroid problems. That is why they are taking the lady on a small boat. She have thyroid. But they don’t know for sure which kind. They are going to take her to mainland, to US, and check. Same problem. There are other people but their thyroid is too small, they say, “not ripe, too small yet for operation”, but it’s growing. Those people they on Rongelap during bomb or went back in 1957, they also has thyroid. In 1960s was hardly any people have thyroid but now there are more. The number is growing.

And other cancers. Breast cancer and things. There are livers, kidney and bone, you know, cancer in the bone. Cataracts. I have cataract. Many miscarriages. All these women on the island have problems like this. If you talk to them you will find out how many and what diseases they have. Like Remeda. She might have leukaemia. She’s in Hawai’i expecting some news from her doctor. Everybody really scared if she have leukaemia, everybody really cross their finger and wait for the word. She was one of the people there was emergency for after Rose died. Rose, she died of miscarriage, too much bleeding…

“The radioactive fallout descended on Rongelap. Two days later, the entire island was evacuated and you
were allowed to return after three years. What was this like for you?”

“On our return in 1957 a lot had changed. Some of our food crops were completely gone. Others had no more fruit. What we ate, was causing blisters on our lips and mouth and we were suffering from severe stomach pains and nausea. We reported to the doctors about these problems. They just told us we were not cooking our food properly. We knew that could not be true, because our food had been prepared for centuries in this way.”…

“Then you all left Rongelap again, because life on the island was too dangerous. How was it for your people to leave their home behind?”

“It was very difficult for us, especially for old people. Three of them disappeared with grief into their huts and never came out again, until they died. It is our homeland. Where we belong to. It is our memory of our dead, the souls of our ancestors live there. Our land is everything to us, and it has been destroyed by the U.S.
government. But we had to think about the future for our children. We would not want them to get all the diseases we are suffering from now.”

Lijon’s daughter, Evelyn Ralpho, said “My mother’s health problems are recounted in Dr. Arjun Makajani’s book, Radioactive Heaven and Earth. In that book, she says that she has had seven miscarriages, one of which was severely deformed and had only one eye.

As bad as the health problems are, recently released documents suggest that the United States scientists conducted human radiation experiments on the Rongelapese. These experiments, known as Project 4.1, were planned before the Bravo blast contaminated my Island. This leads me to believe that the contamination of the Rongelapese was done on purpose.”

The uber-sociopath Edward Teller was the designer of the Bravo bomb. In his memoirs, he claimed that the huge radioactivity release was an accident. The 1954 newspaper story shows that it was no accident, it was planned. Wind had shifted towards Rongelap just before the nuclear blast, this was known, but the test went ahead anyway. The idea was to have a single nuclear bomb that could wipe out the Soviet Union from its radioactivity release.

The people of the Marshall Islands were guinea pigs, and still are. The radioactivity hit them the worst, but it actually contaminated the whole planet. North America and Japan were heavily contaminated also. The fallout reached the Chicago area at approximately the time that I was a 4-week-old fetus. I have scoliosis and autoimmune spinal disease, along with other autoimmune and sensitivity illnesses. My mother died of leukemia 12 years later. This is due to Bravo. And this is why I am here telling everybody I have metal mouth when I eat American food. I am sensitive to radiation because I was exposed to radiation in the womb. RADIATION EXPOSURE MAKES YOU MORE SENSITIVE TO RADIATION. In 4th and 5th grade, during the height of the bomb-test era, 1962-1964, whenever I drank milk, it would leave a metal aftertaste, and I would become nauseous. I was just a kid… I thought milk was supposed to have a metal aftertaste. I am a guinea pig too.

Autism and radioactivity.

In a previous post, I talked about mounting genetic damage in each generation due to man-caused radioactivity in the environment. The article linked from the graphic shows that mercury increases DNA damage from radiation. So what we have is mercury from generations of vaccinated parents interacting with and potentiating the radiation damage of generations of radiation-exposed parents. Every generation, it takes less mercury to cause disease.

The 2012 ADDM report includes autism rate data from certain regions in selected states. They say it is a non-representative sample of the US. Yet they use it determining the the US autism rate is 1 in 88 (as on 2008). I downloaded some data back to 2000, and matched it up with EPA gross beta aerosol data from certain cities. Cities that were in the regions the ADDM uses were selected, or if no cities were available, I used a nearby city. I avoided cities 100 miles away or more. I ended up with matching data for Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Utah, and Wisconsin. The autism rate was for 8-year-olds, but the prenatal beta radiation exposure is what I was interested in, so I turned the clock back 8-9 years for every sample. For example, if the children from 2008 were studied, I looked at average beta radiation in 1999-2000.

In environmental studies like this, where multiple causes are present for an effect, the data should not be pooled. Radiation is just one factor – there are vaccination rates, socioeconomic factors, lead and mercury concentration, etc. So an N-of-1 analysis was conducted, each state was considered its own experiment, and a resampling method was used which weighted each state by the square root of the number of observations per state. Of course, there are FAR too few data here to produce any kind of significant effect. But I just wanted to see what was going on. It did turn out that autism rate was positively correlated with beta radiation:

……. Kendall’s tau-b …… P < boys ......... +.091 ................ 0.35 girls .......... +.094 ................ 0.35 combined . +.101 ................ 0.34 Montgomery AL and Barnwell SC did show a correlation.

Katie the radioactive goat, RIP.

Katie the goat has died from inoperable cancer. She had been grazing in fields nearby the Millstone nuclear power plant in Connecticut since the late ’90s. Her milk has been regularly tested for strontium-89 and strontium-90. The concentrations of these dangerous carcinogenic radionuclides had sometimes exceeded measurements from the era of the atmospheric nuclear tests of the ’60s. She finally succumbed to cancer.

Goats, with their four stomachs and unique digestive systems, concentrate radioactivity in their milk, more than other mammals. They are reliable indicators of the presence of radioactivity in the environment. For that reason, they are feared by the nuclear industry, which downplays its routine radiation releases.

Katie took the bullet from the nuclear industry – by ingesting its invisible radiation into her flesh and unwittingly expelling some of it into her babies’ milk. With her radiation-contaminated milk, Katie’s been a beacon alerting the world about the true and hidden dangers of nuclear power…

In fact, goat milk is such a sensitive and reliable indicator of radioactivity in the environment that Millstone discontinued its onsite station monitoring for strontium-90 and strontium-89 using air particulate filters, citing the greater sensitivity of milk samples collected offsite.

“Over the many years of station operation,” Dominion wrote in its 2000 environmental operating report, “Sr-89 has often been released in comparable quantity to Sr-90.”

Some of the goat farms Dominion sampled were closer, some farther away, than Katie’s goat farm, but in 2001 Katie’s milk tested highest of all for strontium-90, strontium-89 and cesium-137, all deadly carcinogens.
It was Katie’s September 19, 2001 sample, with its super-high Sr-90 concentration – 55.5 picoCuries/liter – as revealed by Dominion in an annual report, that catapulted her to a spot on the Connecticut news media’s A-List.
That concentration was twice the highest level of Sr-90 found in milk sold commercially in Connecticut during the peak of atmospheric nuclear weapons testing in the 1960s, according to a graph Dominion published in its 2001 report and confirmed by radiation physicist Dr. Ernest Sternglass…

Last March 25 and April 26, days after nuclear reactors exploded at Fukushima, one after another, unleashing vast amounts of radiation to the air and the sea, Katie’s milk showed spikes in radioactivity. In fact, her milk concentrations of strontium-89 were the highest ever seen during Katie’s 12-year career as a radiation monitor (4 and 5.49 picocuries/liter, respectively).

There is more information about Katie at This youtube video is a story about the farewell tour she went on shortly before her death.

Time lag to sickness and death after nuclear catastrophe.

This chart shows the percentage of Ukranian liquidators and their children who were classified as “sick” by the Soviet medical authorities, for each year after the Chernobyl catastrophe. This data was taken from the page 48 of the Yablokov book.

In the year +1 after Chernobyl (1987), 18% of the liquidators were sick, and 14% of their children were ill. The percentage rises steadily every year. Note that in year +5 (1991) a large jump appears in the liquidators, from 42% to 57%. By year +18 (2004, not on chart), the percentage had increased to 94%.

So translate this into the Fukushima timeline. 2012 is year +1. We’re in the 18% range. Not too bad… yes, 53,000 people died in 2011, some (like yours truly) are sick now, but it doesn’t seem too bad to the average uninformed person. Next year (+2) it’s 27%, people will think “it’s a bad year for flu”, but not think twice about it. In 2014 (+3) they think “hmm, maybe there is something going on”. By 2016 (+5, 57%) it will become obvious. But by then people will have been eating contaminated food for 5 years already, and it’s too late.

That’s why a healthy person should not judge the health effects of Fuku by his or her lack of symptoms at this point. She should be asking canaries (uniquely toxic-sensitive people) about what is going on. This canary has been jumping up and down, waving his arms, screaming about it till he gets hoarse.

1.3 billion killed, maimed, or diseased by nuclear activities.

Jan Hemmer’s blog has an excellent post about the fake science on radiation harm that has been undertaken since the Japanese atomic bombings.

Your DNA is continuously injured and tapestry of diseases overwhelms your body. CANCER is NOT the point at all. All we care is QOL(Quality Of Life) for 20-30 years and GENERATIONS… The Internal Emitter damages all the DNA’s not only human, but trees, grasses, insects, birds, animals, fishes…EVERY LIFE and Environments…

Nagasawa and Little have noticed that alpha-particles already a doses as low as 0,3 mGy leads to significant increase in frequency of sister chromatid exchanges in Chinese Hamster ovary cells…

800 tons of DU is the atomicity equivalent of 83,000 Nagasaki bombs. The U.S. has used more DU since 1991 than the atomicity equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombs. Four nuclear wars indeed, and 10 times the amount of radiation released into the atmosphere from atmospheric testing!

There is also a link to an outstanding article by Dr. Rosalie Bertell. With conservative assumptions on the rate of genetic abnormalities transmitted to offspring, she comes up with 1,300 million victims of the nuclear age (up to 1999).

She comments on the way the IAEA and other “radiation protection” agencies undercount the human victims of radiation:

-If a radiation-caused cancer is not fatal, it is not counted in the IAEA’s figures.
-If a cancer is initiated by another carcinogen, but accelerated or promoted by exposure to radiation, it is not counted.
-If an auto-immune disease or any non-cancer is caused by radiation, it is not counted.
-Radiation-damaged embryos or foetuses which result in miscarriage or stillbirth do not count.
-A congenitally blind, deaf, or malformed child whose illnesses are radiation-related are not included in the figures because this is not genetic damage, but rather is teratogenic, and will not be passed on later to the child’s offspring.
-Causing the genetic predisposition to breast cancer or heart disease does not count since it is not a ‘serious genetic disease’ in the Mendelian sense.
-Even if radiation causes a fatal cancer or serious genetic disease in a live-born infant, it is discounted if the estimated radiation dose is below 100 mSv.
-Even if radiation causes a lung cancer, it does not count if the person smokes – in fact whenever there is a possibility of another cause, radiation cannot be blamed.
-If all else fails, it is possible to claim that radiation below some designated dose does not cause cancer, then average over the whole body the radiation dose which has actually been received by one part of the body or even organ, as for instance when radio-iodine concentrates in the thyroid. This arbitrary dilution of the dose will ensure that the 100 mSv cut-off point is nowhere near reached.

More on the 39 scams perpetrated by the radiation protection agencies can be found at “The Betrayal of Mankind by the Radiation Protection Agencies”.

Radiation uptake in edible plants.

The radioactive contamination of food is a growing problem. It’s useful to know which food plants are affected more than others, and which radionuclides different plants absorb more than others. I found an interesting and very large document “Radiological assessment: A textbook on environmental dose analysis”, which was prepared for the NRC in 1983.

The table which can be downloaded here contains the ratio of radioactive materials found in edible portions of plants, to that of radioactive materials found in the soil. If the amount of a radionuclide in soil is X, the table shows how much is in the plant relative to X. For example, the value of 3.1 in the row “strontium-90” and column “alfalfa” means that 3.1 as much strontium-90 is in the alfalfa than in the soil, per unit weight.

The first thing that is obvious from the table is how much higher the values are for strontium-90 than other isotopes. This shows how dangerous Sr-90 is, how pervasive it is in the environment. This isotope, which causes bone cancer and leukemia, concentrates in bones and bone marrow. Note that 8 times as much collects in wheat, versus corn and rice. Also 33 times as much Sr-90 is absorbed into alfalfa than cesium-137. Alfalfa is fed to dairy cows. Trying to gauge the safety of milk and dairy products by cesium alone is misleading.

Iodine-129 is also very high in alfalfa (20 times the ratio of Cs-137). We can see that the highest risk in milk is in Sr-90 and I-129 (which causes thyroid cancer). These two isotopes are also found in grasses, which is the food source for beef cattle.

Note that the ratio of plutonium-239 is very low. The main risk for exposure to Pu-239 is in air and drinking water. Plutonium binds tightly to clay soil. But note americium-241 has a much higher ratio. Pu-241 decays to Am-241 with a half-life of 14 years. Americium is a bone seeker like strontium and plutonium.

Uranium in sardines off Japanese coast.

Security Tokyo has found uranium daughter isotopes in sardines caught in the Pacific off the coast of Ibaraki prefecture.

Proactinium-234m: 23 Bq/kg (uranium-238 daughter)
Thorium-234: 10 Bq/kq (uranium-238 daughter)
Cesium: 0.3 Bq/kg

There was 110 times as much uranium than cesium found in these fish. Apparently the uranium is leaking directly from the corium underneath Fukushima Daiichi. This reading, and Chris Busby’s recent discovery of large amounts of uranium, including extremely dangerous U-235, in a Tokyo apartment A/C filter indicates that uranium is all over the place. It would seem that the 3 underground coriums are breaking up, some is leaking into the sea, some is becoming aerosolized and is entering the atmosphere.

The Japanese government thought this was a good time to reopen the Fukushima prefecture beaches. Happy children bathing in a uranium solution.

The Security Japan website also has some results for American produce:

Florida grapefruit (peel): 0.14 Bq/kg cesium
California orange: 0.96 Bq/kg cesium
California prunes: 0.19 Bq/kg cesium
California almonds: 0.17 Bq/kg cesium