Black smoke coming up out of ground at Fukushima.

Nuckelchen has posted this TBS/JNN video from Sept. 4, showing black smoke coming up out of the ground between reactors 2 and 3. I believe this is due to a criticality in underground corium #2, the big one. Smoke has poured out of the ground at this location before. Note that it is black, and there is a black substance covering a good part of Japan now, with extremely high radiation, and especially alpha radiation. It is likely that the corium itself is being aerosolized.

Presumably the corium has encountered groundwater. Water moderates the nuclear reaction, slows neutrons down enough to generate a re-criticality. This is becoming more frequent, it appears to be happening almost daily now.

Looks like some uranium- and plutonium-heavy plumes are headed for the Pacific northwest this coming weekend. These are probably going to be the long, thin stringy plumes that hit a few places hard, and it’s not so bad away from them.

UPDATE: Mochizuki from Fukushima Diary reports krypton-85 from unit 1, ongoing fission.

So it looks like both coriums #1 and #2 are acting up at the same time.

And it looks like the plume is already here. Beta radiation at Eureka, CA is up. It was already here Wednesday, it looks like. EPA Radnet is currently down, what a coincidence.

List of symptoms since March 2011.

I have compiled a list of symptoms I have experienced since the beginning of the Fukushima catastrophe. Some of them were common prior to this, due to autoimmune disease, and I have listed them if the severity of these symptoms is over and above what it was prior to March 2011. I’m sure I forgot some of them. They are in no particular order.

Keep in mind that I spend most of my time in a house with quality air filtration, and I have changed my diet to mostly imported food. It is likely that the radiation dose I have absorbed is less than that of an average American.

Severe back, neck and leg pain
Severe psoriasis symptoms
Swollen thyroid
Swollen mouth
Metal taste in mouth
Tingly tongue
Kidney inflammation
Inability to concentrate
Sleep disorders
Abnormal dreaming
Weight loss
Hair loss
Heel spurs
Nail discoloration
Loose teeth
Macular degeneration
Lens clouding in eye
Eye pain
Flashes in vision
Migraine headaches
Sore throat
Chest pain
Slurring of speech
Decreased muscle coordination
Skin discoloration
Racing heart
General flu symptoms
Cold sores

Too tired for links & why do trusted pundits lowball Fuku?

The fatigue is back bigtime, skin symptoms are getting worse too. I was looking at Chris Busby’s estimate of Fukushima that he released on March 11, 2012, and he said the Fuku radiation release was 3 times Chernobyl. But he was using the NISA (Japanese gov’t) figures, which only applies to the Unit 1-3 reactors, not the spent fuel pools, and this only went through May of 2011, I believe. But the SFP’s have been emitting large amounts of radiation, they have been on fire (Tepco and NRC transcripts), and the emissions from the plant didn’t stop in May of last year, they have been ongoing. If Busby or Helen Caldicott or Arnie Gundersen (who have made similar statements) have been watching the Tepco webcam (and its still Tepcam predecessor), they would have seen the steam, the smoke, the blue flashes, steam coming out of the ground, flames too. Plus all the iodine-131 which has been released, much more than from the initial explosions, as shown in sludge measurements. Also, the reports of increases in radiation on airplanes (30x background when it should be no more than 5x), which is still increasing… or the increases in radiation readings in rain, which are still high, and haven’t come down like they should.

Also the reports of 36% of children in Fukushima prefecture with thyroid cysts and nodules. The rate was 34% in the Marshall Islands decades after the nuke tests there (including Bravo), 132x Chernobyl. I just read today a 4-year old had a palpable nodule. The first palpable one in the Marshalls came 9 years after Bravo. The nodules keep increasing for decades, Fuku has exceeded it in a year. Caldicott mentioned the amount, how it was unusual, but didn’t put it in context. Fish in the open ocean (deep with ocean currents) with 25,000 Bq/kg of cesium, this was exceeded in Chernobyl only in a couple shallow swampy lakes in the hardest hit area. Kiev reservoir fish (close to the plant) had like 5% of this.

Busby, Caldicott and Gundersen really haven’t followed this, I guess. Busby’s main thing is how the nuclear mafia lies about the health effects of radiation, but he doesn’t seem to grasp at how they are lying about the very amounts of radiation Fuku is emitting. When the coriums burned through the steel containments, and finally through the concrete underneath, the tiny particles of concrete in the corium help the radioactive elements & fuel fragments get released into the atmosphere. The concrete also makes the plumes go farther. So when there is a re-criticality (as visible so often on the webcams, starting with the blue flash), the fact that it has burned through concrete make it so much worse. Add to this that it appears other nuclear plants are involved… Onagawa and Tokai (Dr. Koide has talked about them), and Daini, and maybe more.

So this all adds up to something far far worse than Chernobyl. The pundits are doing a disservice by putting out lowball estimates. If they don’t know, they shouldn’t say anything.

So I was thinking about all this, and my head started swimming and I passed out. This is what was happening in June, I would pass out before noon, wake up in the late afternoon, and my sleep cycle would get all messed up. Here we go again.