Fukushima headlines 9/27/2013.

From Fukushima Diary:

[Column] (Back in 2011) Shock strong enough to shake outside of the reactor, deep enough to keep the building sound

… For example, we don’t know what happened in reactor2. Some workers heard the sound of explosion in 311, but nothing seems damaged. On the other hand, the contamination level is worse than other 3 reactors. They try to investigate how it is inside, but can’t approach for too much contamination. This is the reality.

Fukushima workers heard an explosion in Unit 2 shortly after 6 Am on March 15, 2011. Unit 4 also had an explosion in that hour… apparently its spent fuel pool caught on fire. Here is a link to the old Tepco cam photos for that day. Since the two units exploded within a few minutes of each other, I think it was due to hydrogen from unit 3… this unit exploded the day before, and water radiolysis from the already underground corium, and water (cooling water and groundwater), created hydrogen and it came through the pipes or the ground, and both units exploded.

But the Unit 2 explosion went down instead of up. Tepco denies it happened, of course.

400,000,000 Bq/m3 of all β nuclide detected in the coastal area of reactor2 / Second highest record

Looks like Unit 2 this time. This underground corium has the most radioactivity out of all of them. This Japanese site states that in addition to 400,000 Bq per liter of β nuclides (including strontium), 2.1 Bq of cesium-137. This very low level of cesium indicates that underground corium is involved, since cesium is the most volatile element given off in the meltdown, and it is exhausted first. They don’t say how much strontium-90 is in it, even though researchers at Fukushima University developed a method to measure strontium in 15 minutes.

Fukushima worker will decrease by 23% from this October

Not enough workers. It’s not exactly the ideal job. They don’t say why, if they are quitting or dying.

Tepco “Stack was possibly damaged by reactor1 explosion”

It could have been from Unit 2, but they say there wasn’t an explosion there. There’s too much radiation there to fix or remove this venting stack.

Reactor5&6 pump up 6,000 tones of seawater per hour from Fukushima port to discharge to outside of the port

They’re pumping in seawater in to cool reactors 5 and 6, which are supposed to be OK. Then it gets discharged back into the sea. We don’t know anything about radioactive contamination of this water.

Seawater fence for reactor5&6 cut off due to high waves / Tepco “No radiation leakage”

The silt fence that Abe says stops all radiation from leaving the port was damaged in the recent typhoon. Of course, this fence only filters out the largest particles. Most particles are small enough to move right through it. It doesn’t stop dissolved radioactive gases in the water. And tritium IS water. Now this crummy fence is damaged, but everything still is supposedly OK. Uh-huh.

Tepco not to investigate nor take countermeasures for reactor3 “steam” anymore

Tepco “Can’t disclose atmosphere contamination data because the crane is malfunctioning”

The crane that was being used to measure radiation in dust and steam above Unit 3 is damaged, from radiation, or from whatever. Unit 3 has been constantly steaming. This is the reactor that went up in a nuclear explosion in 2011. They are not going to check it anymore. Gives you a nice warm feeling, huh?

Tepco “Molten Nuclear fuel not producing additional Tritium in reactors”

This makes no sense. Where is the tritium coming from then? Ohhh, the molten fuel is not in the reactors anymore.

[Electricity consumption] Utilization rate over 90% only for 11 days from this July to August without nuclear power

It has been an extremely hot summer in Japan and east Asia. But power utilization never went over 93% in the non-nuclear power Japan is now using. So they never needed nuclear power in the first place.

NRA “Marine lives contamination is not so serious” / “We don’t need to be so nervous yet”

“Nothing to see here, move along.” Nothing to worry about, just a little radiation. The same minimization and obfuscation that has been coming from Tepco, the Japanese gov’t and the US gov’t from the beginning. Nothing has changed.

NRA “Temporary facilities for decommissioning wouldn’t last for the potential Tsunami to come next”

The decommissioning, which is supposed to take 40 years, but who knows how long it will take, and if it will ever be completed – the next tsunami will wipe it out. That’s what happens when you build nuclear power plants on the ocean in an earthquake zone. Idiots.

IAEA strongly requested JP Gov to found the international system to evaluate the Pacific contamination

Even the IAEA gangsters want an international system to inspect the plant and evaluate radioactive contamination of the Pacific.

From Enenews:

Fukushima Mother’s Plea to U.N.: Children and adults are suffering tremendously — Sharp increase in bloody urine, bone pain, more — Doctor says many have similar symptoms with unknown causes — Family’s health deteriorated all at once, recovered soon after moving

I had the bloody urine in 2011. Lots of reports of joint pain… radioisotopes collect in the joints. There is also fibromyalgia pain and discomfort, which is caused by radioactivity acting as an excitotoxin in the central nervous system. This second kind of pain can be worse than the first, which is debilitating.

Heart failure is now a pandemic in Japan. Usually it’s sudden death from a heart attack. It must be happening in America too, at a lower rate of incidence.

Censored Japan gov’t scientist reveals much more radioactive material is leaking into Pacific from Fukushima than claimed by Tepco — It’s getting released outside of port’s barrier, directly into ocean — Officials refused to allow publication of study on sea contamination (PHOTO)

They’re wrong about the 60 GBq per day going into the ocean. That is only 2 curies. It was 154,000 Gbq per day back in April 2011.

Japan Times: Now 400 tons a day of toxic water is estimated to be entering Pacific from Fukushima plant; Up 100 tons from what Tepco previously claimed — Asahi: Leakage of radioactive material “is becoming serious”

400 tons now. Can we believe this? We need a politically independent team of experts to inspect the plant and assess the situation. This is intolerable.

New Book: Nuclear explosion may have occurred at Fukushima Unit 3 after ‘supercritical condition’ — Sudden increase in plutonium, uranium recorded by U.S. at several EPA stations

Another expert says Unit 3 was a nuclear explosion. Gundersen, Busby, and Koide have previously said so. The relative concentrations of isotopes show it. I said it in May 2011 on the Japan earthquake scribble:

It now appears very likely that there was a prompt criticality or nuclear explosion at Fukushima in the period March 13-15. Using the Takasaki CTBTO data at www.cpdnp.jp we can see elevated levels of I-135 between Mar 15-17. According to Dr. Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University, this supports the nuclear explosion theory onioni2.blogspot.com The very high concentrations of Xe-133 detected support this theory www.igse.net And finally, using the CTBTO’s own criteria, the amounts of 1. Tc-99m (Mo-99 daughter product) 2. Te-132 & I-132 3. I-131 4. Ba-140 & La-140, found on Mar 16-17, in that order, indicate a nuclear explosion had occurred. www.nrl.moh.govt.nz

A. Tc-99m 130,378
B. Te-132 25,177
C. I-132 35,700
D. I-131 55,607
E. Ba-140 542
F. La-140 1,521
A > B+C > D > E+F = nuke

Since this fits the CTBTO’s own criteria, all 180 nations who are members of or affiliated with the CTBTO would have been informed that a nuclear explosion had occurred in Japan. NONE of these countries’ governments have come out with this. How’s that for a conspiracy?

Radiation plume after Japanese earthquake. Iodine-131 cloud reached France.

A 5.8 earthquake rocked Japan just south of the Fukushima area shortly after midnight on September 20 (Japan time). Apparently radiation measurements in this area have temporarily spiked.

I would like to introduce that we have observed a high radiation dose in the radioactivity measurement data of Fukushima prefecture around. Location was observed particularly high number is Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture and Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. You can think of it either because it is too high too, like a lump of radioactivity or are coming, instrument of what has failed the number of Iwaki. Near the Koriyama has also observed a high number, here was observed a number close to 10 times the peacetime temporarily… Cause radiation dose has been soaring in many parts of Fukushima, it is likely that it is off the coast of Fukushima intensity 5 upper that occurred the other day. It has also strengthened the monitoring of such Fukuichi live camera just to be sure, but such a big accident can not be confirmed at this time. (link)

This new plume would arrive on the west coast around Tuesday, Sept. 24. Previous earthquakes have also generated plumes. I remember that the one that arrived after the Jan. 1, 2012 quake was really nasty.

In a previous discussion Iodine-131 from latest criticality it was noted that the iodine spike in Chiba prefecture sludge was deposited in the period August 7 through August 20. According to CRIIRAD, Montélimar, France had spikes in alpha and beta atmospheric radiation on September 4-7. Rhône river water in Avignon showed a spike in iodine-131 on Sept. 7. The iodine cloud must have widened and dispersed quite a bit in its journey across the northern hemisphere… and 75% or more of it would have decayed by the time it reached France. So it must have been quite a substantial radioactive cloud.

Fukushima not only affects Japan, but the Pacific ocean, North America, and Europe too. Australia has had average radiation levels increase substantially, also.

UPDATE: On September 27th 2013, CRIIRAD laboratory sent to me a message explaining that the increase of alpha-bêta radiation in Montelimar on September 4Th 2013 and the increase of gamma radiation rates in the water in Avignon on September 7th 2013 were linked to variations of natural activity and had nothing to do with Fukushima.

COMMENT: Yes, this was explained on the CRIIRAD graph. How do they know that it is not from Fukushima? I have not seen scientific evidence presented that it did not originate there. Why would iodine-131, which is a man-made isotope, be presented as if it was detected, as a result of natural processes? If this is not a measurement of iodine-131, but a measurement of gamma rays in a range that includes lead-214 and bismuth-214, then these graphs are not useful for reporting levels of iodine-131, and it is questionable why they are published. Also, lead-214 is part of the decay chain of uranium-238. If Fukushima is emitting U-238 into the atmosphere, this would also cause a spike in these energies.

Radioactive Japanese fish.

It was announced by Tepco today that 190,000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium was found in murasoi rockfish in the Fukushima harbor area. This is the same fish species in which 254,000 Bq/kg was found last January.

The Japanese Meteorological Research Institute announced at a meeting of the IAEA that 60 billion becquerels of cesium was determined to be released to the open ocean in one day.

After the recent typhoon, 1,130 tons of radioactive rainwater was dumped into the ocean, containing 8.85 million becquerels. Obviously, the day-to-day releases far exceed the excess contaminated rainfall from the typhoon.

The following video was shot at a fish market in Ibaraki prefecture. The external radiation dose ranged up to 0.87 uSv/hr in Japanese fish. Fish from foreign countries did not have increased radiation levels.

Note that the plastic packaging blocks all the alpha radiation (like uranium and plutonium), and the packaging, along with the fish mass itself, blocks most of the beta radiation (like strontium and tritium). The beta radiation being released into the Pacific far exceeds the gamma radiation that we see here.

The Japanese government is considering filing suit in the WTO against South Korea for banning the importation of Japanese fish into their country. They say radioactive fish is a “harmful rumor.”

大韓民国が日本の魚介類を輸入禁止にする理由 茨城沖の魚介類

Tepco admits to releasing false radiation figures for 2 years.

Enenews is reporting that Tepco has admitted to reporting false radiation levels for 2 years at Fukushima. Tepco claims that it was an ‘unintentional error’ in the under-reporting of cesium levels. NHK reports that “the error was due to the wrong assessment of the impact of radiation in the surrounding area”, and experts commented that it was an “elementary mistake.”

But Tepco admitted that it had “underreported the amount of radiation in contaminated water that leaked into the ocean” from the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant after an earthquake in 2007.

Tepco has admitted using radiation detectors that max out at levels far below those that are found at the Fukushima plant. 18 times too low, as a matter of fact.

It’s called lying.

The truth is, we don’t know how much radiation Fukushima has released, into the ocean or the air. Tepco hasn’t reported tritium levels until recently, and rarely has reported anything but cesium before that. They are no doubt lying about iodine releases, which have been showing up in Japanese sludge. There are around 2,000 radionuclides to be concerned about, and we don’t have valid scientific measurements of any of them.

And they lied about the nuclear explosion in Unit 3, lied about the 3 melt-throughs, lied when they said the plant was in ‘cold shutdown.’ The whole planet is becoming contaminated with radiation, and they lie, and we really don’t have firm data on how much radioactivity has been, and is being, released.

The tanks holding contaminated water are leaking. They did not measure and report the isotopic concentrations of nuclides like strontium-90, tritium and plutonium in that water. They gave measurements of external radiation, in sieverts, and claimed that it could kill people in 4 hours. This is not appropriate. We don’t know which isotopes are in the tank water and how much of them there are. They have been releasing tritium measurements from a well in that area. This is not the same thing. More deception.

And South Korea, which has banned the importation of much Japanese fish, may sue Japan for the leaking contaminated water. China also has import bans on fish. Not America, though. Even though the contaminated water is heading directly for the west coast. The USA’s response has been a gigantic increase in the amount of allowable radionuclides.

Fukushima headlines 9/12/2013.

More discussion of Fukushima headlines at Enenews:

Gundersen: Fukushima Unit 4 fuel racks distorted from quake and roof falling into pool — Nuclear rods likely to snap, they won’t be able to remove be able to be removed (AUDIO)

Wow, Arnie Gundersen is all over the place at this site. He must be good, huh? As far as I can see, Enenews appears to be a joint project with Fairewinds Associates. Arnie has said a lot of good stuff, but if you look closely, he never contradicts Tepco’s lies. He goes only as far as the current Fukushima media status quo lets him. Beware.

Not to mention that the comments section there is crawling with shills. It has gotten worse since the recent public revelations of contaminated water leaks.

Let’s see if Gundersen’s claim is true. Are the Unit 4 fuel racks distorted? Well, this can only happen if there is an intact spent fuel pool there. According to Hatrick Penry’s excellent site, the NRC documents released via FOIA indicate in multiple instances the the fuel pool went dry. The fuel, of course, would have melted down in a matter of hours. Some of the radioactivity would have went into the atmosphere from the fire, and some of it would be in blobs of corium on the floors below. In this case, we would be dealing with 4 underground coriums instead of 3.

But we have been shown photos and videos of the Unit 4 SFP, which shows it is intact, with some damage. Also parameters such as temperature in this pool have been released.

Isn’t this a contradiction? They can’t both be right. The possibilities are:

1. The Unit 4 SFP is intact, but the NRC was in error as to its status in March 2011. This doesn’t seem likely. The staff was in communication with Tepco, and they are experienced engineers who are not prone to hyperbole.

2. The Unit 4 SFP is intact, but the NRC documents are forged. This is not as unlikely as it seems, similar things happened after 9/11. This is technically trivial, all you need is a typewriter. (Yes, some people still use typewriters.) But what would the motive be? Why would the NRC, which is in the business of covering up nuclear disasters, make such an egregious lie, implying that a FAR greater release of plutonium has occurred than what has been admitted?

3. The Unit 4 SFP is gone, and the NRC documents are correct. This is by far the most likely scenario. In fact the Units 1 and 3 pools are probably history also. The only one which is plausibly still there is the Unit 2 SFP, but by now Tepco’s incompetence may have doomed that one too. The excessive amount of xenon-133 which has been detected, as discussed in the post The mystery of the extra xenon-133 could been seen as a result of these spent fuel pools melting down.

The photos, videos, and pool parameters would be fake. The motive behind alleging the existence of this pool would be to cover up the fact that an ENORMOUS amount of plutonium has been released.

Fukushima Plant Chief in 2011: If we fail to urgently deal with radioactive leakage, we can’t overcome the crisis — 2 years later Tepco admits they couldn’t afford to work on it

Yoshida warned that the water crisis had to be dealt with immediately, or it would not be overcome. They didn’t deal with it because Tepco didn’t want to pay to do it.

NHK: Attempts to stop Fukushima contamination flowing into ocean have failed — Japan Nuclear Expert: “Most likely flowing fairly quickly into sea” from nearby Reactor No. 2

No. As per what Yoshida said, they DIDN’T attempt to stop the contamination from flowing into the sea, in the beginning, when there was still a chance to deal with it. Where is the August criticality at? There is evidence that it could be from units 1, 2, or 4.

Nuclear Expert: Molten fuel may have flowed through cracks in foundations of Fukushima reactor buildings — No one’s been able to go under there and take samples

This happened in March 2011. Nobody can go down there, too much radiation. Even robots fail.

Japan Marine Expert: Fukushima radioactive tanks may have already been emptied into Pacific Ocean -Xinhua

Tepco will run out of tanks to store contaminated water in November. They may have started pumping the water out of them already. It is suggested that the water be filtered and then dumped into the ocean. I thought they were doing that already. Tritium cannot be filtered, at any rate.

Xinhua: “Indications are that there is a second leak” at Fukushima, says Japan expert — Fish over 140 km from plant have shown extremely high levels of contamination

I’m not sure what the second leak is. There are multiple leaks already, from the tanks, 4 reactors, and who knows what else. It has been leaking since March 2011, but both the volume of water leaked, and radioactive concentration in the water has increased sharply in the last few months.

“Travesty”: Japan publisher very concerned Gundersen would not be allowed into country — Gov’t does not want to hear what real independent experts are saying about Fukushima (AUDIO)

More Gundersen propaganda.

Japan Professor: 1,000 years from now contaminated water from Fukushima may still be entering Pacific Ocean — It’s necessary to keep monitoring during that time

It’s probably more like 10,000 years, but who’s counting? It will cause cancer in humans. But it will also destroy the life in the Pacific, which people have no right to do… which in addition is the largest food source for humans on the planet. The tritium, especially, will destroy plant life in North America. Which means in the future, we will see not only cancer, and many other diseases, but nothing to eat either.

Gundersen: Medical doctors ordered to not tell patients their problems are related to Fukushima radiation — Of course they’re going to say nobody died… the data records are distorted — People of Japan are essentially a scientific experiment, but nobody’s reporting results (AUDIO)

Yes, the doctors are not going to tell patients about radiation. Whether by design or not, since most doctors don’t know how widespread radioactive contamination affects peoples’ health. So their treatments don’t take into account this massive elephant in the room. In reference to data records, all we have in the USA is the crummy CDC death counts, which are sloppy to begin with, and probably massaged and untrustworthy.

Reuters: Radiation levels spike at Fukushima nuclear plant — 15 times higher than on Sunday at same location — Tepco still wants to dump in Pacific

Maybe from the tanks, or the groundwater itself. It’s a big mess.

Exclusive: Congressmen request hearing on new developments at Fukushima plant — Key issue is whether radioactive pollution in Pacific Ocean will affect U.S.

Does anyone think that this hearing will come to anything? They had to do something in reaction to all the media coverage.

Japan Nuclear Expert: “I’m totally fed up” — Fukushima fisherman: “Radioactive water is getting more and more serious”

Fukushima fishermen are out of business, and soon the entire Pacific fishing industry will be out of business too. Prime Minister Abe lied when he said the situation is under control, and that radioactivity does not leave the plant port. Which is absurd, and is contradicted by Tepco itself. He said it to get the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

I thought that being awarded the Olympics would free up money, and this might actually make a positive difference to the Fukushima situation. The government might actually do something to alleviate the contamination of the atmosphere and ocean. But then, on second thought, nahhhhh.

NHK Special: Farmer in Fukushima no-go zone finds “certain abnormalities in his herd” — Cancer Professor: “I wonder what discoloration is… study could be relevant to humans” (VIDEO)

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder characterized by abnormal Th17 helper cells. It has something to do with the production of reactive oxygen species and free radicals, as well as DNA damage. It is similar to psoriasis, except it causes depigmentation instead of lesions.

Vitiligo pathogenesis is very puzzling, and novel mechanisms possibly involved in the development of this disorder are frequently explored. Recently, some authors proposed an interplay between oxidative stress and immune system at the basis of melanocyte loss. According to the experimental evidence, they suggest that exposition to environmental agents might lead to an association between vitiligo and other autoimmune diseases. Accordingly, it is proposed that increased reactive oxygen species due to environmental agents could induce a modification of both melanocytic structures and other tissue proteins, or might disregulate the immune system, influencing the appearance of vitiligo and autoimmune comorbidities. (link)

The environmental agents are substances like cesium and plutonium. Radiation in the water causes radiolysis, which splits the H2O molecule into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is ionized and peroxidized, and this results in inflammation due to the signalling aspect of the immune system.

They should have interviewed a rheumatologist instead of an oncologist.

Substandard tank construction at Fuku.

I’m recovering from a major pain event. I have psoriatic arthritis and my leg went out… it was like my leg became disconnected from my hip. Lenny brought over his cane, I will be needing it occasionally from now on. There have been 4 days the last couple of months where I needed it. It seems that this happens after every criticality. It is less bad now, but I am still worn out from this.

For what it’s worth, I have NEVER had arthritis or psoriasis symptoms in the summertime before Fuku. They have always come with cold weather prior to this… not any more, it doesn’t make any difference now.

I am not sure that I have communicated the following point, or maybe I haven’t stressed it enough, or something. I deal with radiation symptoms EVERY DAY, and have been doing so since April 10, 2011. This is ongoing, it never stops. It is not only gross radiation symptoms like loss of memory, swelling thyroid, and drooling metal mouth… the garden-variety symptoms of pain and fatigue are worse because they never go away. Quality of life disappears. I have had to spend an enormous amount of effort to find out why I am so radiation-sensitive, and how to reduce radiation sensitivity. How much medical literature exists on this topic? NONE. They know that people with some diseases like HIV/AIDS and autoimmune disease are more radiation-sensitive than others. Why am I more radiation-sensitive? I was exposed to radiation from the Bravo bomb as a fetus. Radiation damage doesn’t go away, it is accumulative. What happened in 1954 is still affecting me. What happened in 2013 will still be affecting people in 2072 (assuming anyone is still left). How to reduce radiation sensitivity? It has something to due with the balance of neurotransmitters. I don’t have enough dopamine. Someone else might have too much serotonin. I don’t have enough noradrenaline… my son had symptoms of too much noradrenaline two years ago. We breathed the same air, and ate the same food. It’s random.

The total collapse of the biosphere is in progress. I see on Enenews, and blogs, where people who are hip to extinction and the ongoing destruction of the planet, saying things like “I’m going to live my life to the fullest,” or they are making philosophical arguments on existence, or theoretical discussions on how to terminate industrial civilization. They are sipping their tea, with a pinky lifted in the air, satisfying their need to release their intellectual pressure in pointless debates. I am struggling just to survive, and have been for over two years now. You certainly get a different viewpoint when you’re in the middle of it, when it’s not something you just see in the future. Here is an example from Collapse of Industrial Civilization:

The conniving little games of corporate states and petty dictators continue to play out as our global ship sinks quickly into the dustbin of history. The unwashed masses will continue to be kept busy on the hamster wheel of “modern progress”, an overpowering and die-hard myth. The infinitely small percentage of people who are fully aware of our dilemma may continue to wring their hands in despair and self-torment while others lecture us with overly analytical psychobabble, but for myself, I have decided to embrace what is inevitable and savor each day as it comes like the last sand granules of a depleting hourglass.

Savor each day? IT MUST BE NICE. It’s just GETTING THROUGH each day that is the victory. And it is just a matter of time before everyone else joins me… you don’t need no intellectual speculation, your theories which don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world will be gone, and your whole focus is on getting clean food, water and air… while your mental focus and memory says bye-bye due to the effect of radiation on the central nervous system.

I don’t know if any readers follow football. The Denver Broncos beat the Baltimore Ravens 49-27 last Thursday. Peyton Manning tied an NFL record with 7 touchdown passes. He was like Superman. The Ravens couldn’t keep up.

Radiation is like Peyton Manning. Every pass is deadly accurate, every pass gets there before the defender has a chance to break it up. I am like Corey Graham, getting toasted on every play. This happens over and over and over… then the next morning, you get up and do it again. EVERY day.

Well, this was supposed to be about the tanks. Dr. Paolo Scampa kindly pointed out to me that the steel used in the Fukushima Daiichi tanks that contain contaminated water, is a type called SS400. From this site:

JIS G 3101 SS400 is one of the most commonly used hot rolled general structural steel. Supplied as plates, sheets, flats, bars, sections etc. They are cheap, excelling in weldability & machinability.

This is a very common and cheap type of carbon steel. But the tanks made of this not only hold contaminated water, but also seawater… which contains salt, sodium chloride, chlorine. Does this kind of steel have properties that resist corrosion by seawater? NO.

The first graphic shows that SS400 had the greatest rate of weight loss due to corrosion compared to other alloys. The second graphic compares the effect of salt water sprays to stainless steels. The third graphic compares corrosion in untreated SS400 (the bottom row) to electroplated steels.

Of course, the salt water is not the only problem, there is the problem of neutron irradiation of the steel, from plutonium and criticalities, both inside and outside the tanks, making them brittle. And they used cheap rubber seals instead of welds, or even cheaper plastic seals, which will deteriorate even faster. Why didn’t they use welds? After all, one of the advantages of SS400 steel is its weldability. They said it takes too long to build them. The real reason is it costs more. They save PENNIES by using cheap steel and seals. This is with the entire Pacific Ocean being contaminated, and all sea life and human life at risk. But you can be sure that Tepco didn’t skimp on the furnishings of its executive dining room. The executives’ butlers wear the finest clothes, I’m sure.

But the worst problem is not the leaking tanks. It is the possibility of a major earthquake. The Daiichi site is built on fill, and now has groundwater coming to the surface. The foundations of the reactor buildings are losing integrity. If a major earthquake occurs, the whole site may collapse, and the fuel will be spilled. The flooding groundwater in contact with the fuel would cause huge criticalities. The whole place may go up like a massive dirty bomb.

And a major earthquake is CERTAIN within the next few decades… and it is LIKELY to happen soon. A major aftershock from the 3/11 of 7.8 magnitude of more may still occur. This is just so unfathomably dangerous.

Iodine-131 from latest criticality.

I wanted to update a previous post, New criticality, from Aug. 24. Some sludge data has come in, and there has been a severe spike in Chiba prefecture. Gunma did not have the spike… Chiba is located to the south of the Fukushima Daiichi plant, while Gunma is located to the west of it.

These readings were actually take on August 20. The previous reading at Chiba was on August 6… so the iodine could have been deposited anytime from this date until August 20. This youtube video shows activity at unit 3 on Aug. 7. More activity on Aug. 15, possibly originating from the common spent fuel pool. This picture from August 20 shows more steam, perhaps originating from the sea itself. And the viral picture of the boiling sea, I think was taken on August 27.

On September 2 it was reported that the tanks with the treated water emit 1.0 sieverts/hr of beta radiation due to strontium-90, which causes bone cancer, leukemia, and immune system damage. The graphic of ocean currents indicates that Hawaii is in the path of these radionuclides, which have already arrived. It has not made it to the west coast yet (still a few months), but the contaminated water will make a right turn from there. It will then turn back and contaminate the tropical Pacific, polluting the waters off the Philippines and Taiwan.

UPDATE: Tokyo sludge from the period August 14-30 contained up to 57 Bq/kg of iodine-131.


Contaminated water flowing into the sea.

These pictures were apparently taken Sept. 1. They show dark-colored radioactively contaminated water flowing onto the Fukushima beach. This is only one of the exit points of contamination from the Daiichi plant.

From Fukushima Diary, [Breaking] 4 more leakages found from the tanks / Max as 1.8 Sv/h… According to Tepco, they found 4 more leakages of the contaminated water tanks. 2 of the leakages are the same locations as where they detected 70 ~ 100 mSv/h on 8/22/2013… However, the radiation levels jumped up from 100 mSv/h to 1,800 mSv/h and from 70 mSv/h to 220 mSv/h (γ & β).

Tritium level in groundwater jumped up 1.8 times much in 2 weeks near reactor1… The Tritium density was 23,000,000 Bq/m3 on 8/8/2013. It was increased to be 42,000,000 Bq/m3 on 8/22/2013.

Another Fukushima worker hospitalized for emergency

High level of Cs-134/137 detected on the top of reactor3 again / Spread by the wind… Cs-134 density was 8.1×10^3 Bq/m3, Cs-137 density was 1.7×10^4 Bq/m3.

Groundwater reached the ground surface → Tepco “We won’t use the boring anymore”… According to Tepco, the groundwater already reached the surface of the ground on 8/27/2013.

The reached water was the mixture of groundwater and the chemical material injected to underground, which will become the impervious wall.