New criticality in Japan. Not necessarily from Fuku.

Fukushima Diary is reporting that Manganese-54 was detected in groundwater in Reactor 1 seaside at Fukushima. It appears that the sample was taken on November 21, not the 24th as Tepco said.

Activation products are generated by neutron bombardment of materials. Manganese-54 results from neutrons interacting with iron or steel. This means fission has occurred. Mn-54 mimics iron in the body, like cesium mimics potassium, and strontium mimics calcium.

It sounds like a criticality has occurred recently. My thyroid agrees. On Wednesday night, Nov. 26, my thyroid swelled up, and it prevented me from sleeping. I took Lugol’s iodine and selenium, and it cleared up. Thyroid symptoms are not generated from ME, so this was not caused by this disease. As a matter of fact, the wildly overactive cellular immunity I previously had has gone away, and has been replaced with an immune deficiency. So I am much less sensitive to I-131 than I used to be.

November 26 was my birthday, so I suppose this thyroid issue was a birthday present from the nuclear industry.

However, there may be another player involved. On Nov. 22, a strong earthquake hit Nagano, Japan. Somebody saw steam or smoke coming out of the nearby Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant. This is one of the largest nuclear plants on earth. An alarm went off at a spent fuel pool, purportedly due to sloshing in a pool due to the earthquake.

It is possible that an issue has occurred at this plant also. The draconian state secrets law in Japan, which has imposed nuclear slavery on the people of Japan, ensures that no information would be published on such an event, without the expressed approval of the Japanese government.

I have seen a lot of anecdotal reports of thyroid issues, aches and pains, and flu symptoms in the last few days.