Adventures with radiation in food.

Jan Hemmer’s blog has an informative set of graphics dealing with radionuclides in food. The human fetus is 1,000 times more vulnerable to radiation than an adult.

Starting in April 2011, I developed symptoms such as a metal taste in mouth from eating various foods. I went through several months of panic and perplexity trying to sort out what was or was not contaminated. I had to change my whole way of eating, which was not easy since I am a junk food junkie and spent 50 years eating the unhealthiest food possible. Suddenly it was a matter of life and death. Larry Groce I suffer from toxicant-induced loss of tolerance.

The fish I was eating was contaminated, not only from what I bought from the store, but from Chinese restaurants. I tried different species, but it didn’t make a difference. They were all from the North Pacific. The worst thing I ate was Chinese squid. The Chinese Government actually put out a warning that the squid from that region was contaminated with strontium-90 (which causes bone cancer and leukemia). I now eat fish from the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and South Pacific. I haven’t had any problems with this (though fish caught off Peru might be getting a little dodgy). No North Pacific, no domestic freshwater fish.

Eggs: One generic store brand went bad in April 2011. Another brand didn’t go bad until September. I recently bought ordinary eggs, they were pretty bad, threw them out. Organic eggs from Pennsylvania were much better… though still perceptible. I use them very occasionally in cooking.

Meat: Steak, bacon, ham and sausage from the US or Canada caused bad symptoms. Now I eat Australian beef and lamb which are OK. New Zealand meat should still be OK too. Deli ham from Denmark and Poland is OK, but the Danish ham and bacon went through a period in October thru December where it caused thyroid swelling. I believe it had iodine-131 and iodine-129 in it then. Deli meat imported from Italy has been OK.

Bread: White bread was bad, but premium rye bread is OK. I should quit it though, it contains wheat flour. Rye and wheat contain gluten, but wheat also has an affinity for strontium-90.

Dairy: US, Korean, and Mexican dairy has been all bad. The Mexican less so, there was one brand of crema from Oaxaca that was OK. UK cheese has been OK, but Danish and French cheeses have gone through periods of iodine.

Produce: Most Mexican produce has been OK, but dates and some tomatoes were not. I eat Mexican or hydroponic lettuce, Mexican green onions, limes and celery. Two brands of salsa (hecho en Mexico) got thrown out. Mexican mayonnaise from Wal-Mart is OK. Haven’t seen an imported lemon in a year. Korean hot peppers were good. Collard greens are mostly grown in the southeast US, and are a staple. Florida oranges and strawberries OK… the southeast corner of the US and the south tip of Texas did not get hit hard, except for iodine-131 early, which has decayed away. Refried beans from the lower Rio Grande valley of Texas were OK, though Central American beans are available. Corn tortillas are bad… even though they have Spanish names, the ones in the store are all from the US. I get imported tortillas from El Salvador. I still eat Tostitos corn chips… but stopped eating mushrooms, period, from anywhere. East coast apples are here when I can’t get the South American ones… I cut the skin off, of course. Potatoes are out (arrrrgh!), though I found Canadian frozen fries which were OK (not sure if it means PEI foods are OK or if it’s old stock). Vietnam and Thailand bamboo shoots etc. in jars is fine.

Rice: Indian rice. A lot of California rice is probably old stock, but it’s hard to know which brands. Thai and Vietnamese rice noodles are also a staple.

Soy sauce: Imported only. A Taiwanese brand had I-129 in it from November. Bought the same brand again recently, and is now OK. Most American soy sauces have Oriental names. Check the packaging.

Peanut butter: Horrible. I saw Argentinian peanut butter once, it was sold out in a day. No more almond milk either. Nuts concentrate radioactivity, try tropics and southern hemisphere only. Lots of items contain peanut oil.

Spaghetti sauce: Imported or made with Italian tomatoes only. A lot of salad dressing is still pre-Fuku. The production date is a year and a half before the expiration date. Also South American dressing is available.

Bottled water: Biggest current struggle. I have a reverse osmosis (RO) system, but it appears to be inefficient in filtering out gaseous iodine and krypton. I use it for boiling and rinsing. Aquafina, PureLife, and Aldi purified water all use RO, but recently it seems to have gotten worse. Gerber baby water MAY use RO. Jana imported bottled water from Big Lots is reasonably cheap. Fiji is fine, but expensive.

I’m sorry this post is so long! This is what my life is like now.

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  1. Great graphic . I have also been concerned about sunflower oil/sunflower seeds because of the plant’s ability to soak up radiation. Now that I need to avoid these items they seem to be everywhere.

    The “food thing” just gets worse as time passes. Dodging the blows to my body and my wallet is a tiresome exercise.

  2. Its such as you read my thoughts! You seem to grasp so much approximately this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I believe that you just can do with some p.c. to pressure the message home a bit, however instead of that, that is excellent blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.

  3. I took a walk on the wild side today and picked up some cabbage and romaine hearts from Quebec, at the oriental store. We’ll see how that goes.

    Picked up some eggs a while ago. The premium brand I got was organic or something… well I ate 4 of them this past week, and I went thru a bit of stomach issues/ sleeping problems. I think I miss eggs more than anything.

  4. I have a chicken update. A short time ago I ate a couple drumsticks at a party. Nothing happened, everything was fine.

    So I picked up some drumsticks at the Asian grocery store. Cooked them up tonight… metal mouth… salivating etc. I guess the answer is some chicken is contaminated, some isn’t.

    By the way, the Asian store has a big refrigerated display with fish cakes “product of Japan”. There are all sorts of Japanese fish products there. I wonder if the chicken was from Japan too. I got foot cramps there, I wonder if the store is starting to fill up with radiation.

    • The premium eggs from Walmart now have no detectable metal mouth effects, I can eat 4 of them with no issues. I got some chicken from a different store, it wasn’t too bad… 2 fat drumsticks were about the equivalent of one of the bad eggs I got previously.

      Vgirl brought some turkey over & it was fine… I asked her what brand it was, but she couldn’t remember. When she buys food at the store, it is fine – when I buy American food, I get radiation effects. She just has a knack for this, I guess. I wish she would remember the brand, because I am jonesing for poultry bigtime.

      So some of the food is getting better, some is still bad or getting worse, it’s highly variable. I am anticipating that the harvest coming up soon will be worse than 2011, because cesium has been plowed into the soil twice now.

    • Went to Lowe’s… the outdoor section has plants exposed to rain, and other plants under a roof. The exposed plants had more damage than the plants under the roof, though they still had some.

      They’ve got bricks for $1.69, I’m gonna see if they fit under the sink to block off the gamma rays from the RO unit.

  5. Well the eggs that I have been eating every morning suddenly started giving me metal mouth again. I attribute this to grain from the latest harvest getting into the chicken feed… This harvest will be more contaminated than the last one, and this will keep increasing for some time. On the other hand, I have eaten at a Mexican restaurant twice now with no detectable effects. I even had cheese… it is a pretty authentic restaurant, so the cheese may be from Mexico. It’s nice to know that I can go out to eat now and not worry.

    • I suppose I should mention that I bought another dozen eggs before this Halloween post, and this latest batch was worse than the one I mentioned. It’s disappointing… I’m eating 2 eggs a week now vs. 4 per day.

      In 2011, this was the order that things went bad in:

      1. Spring water
      2. Lettuce
      3. Broccoli
      4. Chicken
      5. Eggs

      I only drink purified water or imported water now… I haven’t seen imported lettuce in a while, and I stopped eating broccoli some time ago.

  6. I went out for Thanksgiving dinner last night… had turkey, dressing, salad, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce. Got metal mouth of course. I think it was from the turkey.

    Then tonight I had Guatemalan refried beans. Iodine.

    Wednesday I was breathing in radioactive mold at the store. That is 3 days in a row with radiation exposure… back on the pain & fatigue train again.

  7. I had a whole bunch of tacos tonite from a popular taco fast-food place. It’s been like 15 months since I last tried them. Well, my metal mouth detector registered, but was at the minimum possible range, this is an improvement. I should mention that the fast food places use Australian and New Zealand ground beef in the mix, along with US beef.

    All the American foods I have tried lately seem to be improving… this is at variance with the air and tap water which seems to be getting worse. The only exception to the improving foods is Mexican refried beans, which have gotten worse, but they were probably packed a year ago. Red and black beans are notorious for accumulating radionuclides.

  8. I have found that there was a physical reason for the extreme radiation sensitivity that led to the results in this post. I had a giant pituitary adenoma and a goiter. Not only was there huge amounts of prolactin in my body, but also large amounts of Substance P.

    Substance P is associated with high chemical sensitivity. It affects neural fibers. It also increases pain reception.

    These results were obtained at a great personal cost, by a person who was in grave medical danger. I was on a downward spiral.

    • lemme know, stop saying you’re fine if you’re not… i got Bubba, if we talk to him, he’s ok with reality. Stop being a hero when it’s not necessary “male american”….

      Love u Bobby, u know this…..

      • It’s all right. I am still freaking out as to the implications of my eyeball popping out a year ago. Really it has gotten better.

        It was a blessing though, too, Vgirl. It caused me to seek out non-radioactive food and being able to distinguish what it is. It might have saved me from cancer.

  9. I’m so excited! Imported grapes are back in the store (Brazil). Florida strawberries are there too.

    What? Are you Fuku-aware and still eating California food?

  10. ‘Unprecedented’: China bans all imports of shellfish from U.S. West Coast — Official: “They’ve never done anything like that that I’ve ever seen” — Includes Washington, Oregon, Alaska and N. California — Gov’t says it will continue indefinitely (AUDIO)

    • With 98% of the sea floor covered in death and the tuna being positive for Nukes and then detecting it in their waters over 2 years ago, the Starr fish dyeing horrible deaths and our Government NOT doing any checking, .. Well it just gives us more to eat !

  11. My thyroid swelled the other day after eating refried beans from Guatemala. Had to put on some Lugol’s iodine. This is probably from the water used in processing, not the beans themselves.

  12. I made some chicken from Delaware the other evening. Got the familiar hot flash a half-hour later. Looks like the radioactivity in food is on its way up again.

    Chicken (and eggs) was one of the first foods that went bad in 2011.

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