AIDS: I smell a radiation-whitewashing rat.

I just wanted to call attention to this graph. The curve at the top is the number of people newly infected with HIV, worldwide. If you look at the peak at 1996 or 1997, it starts tailing off after these years. The amount that it decreases it about the same as that of the decay of cesium-137 (or, about equivalently, strontium-90).

So, one could say that:

IF HIV infection was caused by radioactive exposure, or a secondary cause such as radiotrophic fungi;

AND IF there was a latency period of 10 or 11 years after these exposures until the infection appeared;

THEN this would be completely consistent with the hypothesis that Chernobyl (1986) caused HIV infections.

Of course, AIDS was identified in 1981, which was before Chernobyl. But there was this “little unpleasantness” called Three Mile Island which occurred in 1979, two years before this.

Predictably, in this theory, the WHO (World Health Organization), which answers to the nuclear gangsters at the IAEA, would have to come up with another explanation for AIDS, that excluded radiation. They and their accomplices at the CDC came up with the HIV virus theory. The graphic at the right shows some correlation between AIDS and HIV, but it’s not terribly consistent. HIV infection rates are too high in Russia and Estonia, for instance.

Perhaps the HIV virus is just another infection that results from the radiation- and toxic-degradation of the immune system… just as immunocompromised people are subject to infections from all sorts of fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. I don’t have HIV or AIDS, but I do have an acquired immune deficiency… due to the Castle Bravo nuclear test in 1954 (which also destroyed the health of the people of the Marshall Islands).

In 1989, I had a meeting with Dr. Steve Nightingale at Northwestern. He worked with AIDS patients, and said they had to wipe their mouths constantly because of thrush (due to Candida infection). That freaked me out, because I had to do the same thing. This was 3 years after Chernobyl. My fingernails were misshapen, warped, and black and purple then. I am actually much improved now, but I attribute this to the change of diet, with imported food, and effective air filtration. If I didn’t do these preventive measures, with Fukushima radiation and related fungi in the environment, I would be much worse now, actually probably dead.

House of Numbers is a good documentary about the HIV/AIDS bs, though I think it goes too far in its efforts to denigrate HIV and its political/medical aspect, at the expense of the very real suffering of those with ruined immune systems.

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    • Possible Histoplasmosis Outbreak Reported in Indiana

      PRLog (Press Release) – Dec. 5, 2012 – Last month, students from an Indiana High School are reported to have likely come down with histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by a fungus known as Histoplasma capsulatum. It can grow as yeast at body temperature in mammals. Symptoms of the infection vary greatly, but the disease primarily affects the lungs.

      WISH reported the case that involves students from Shelbyville, Indiana. Those infected belong to the Shelbyville Student Council and the National Honor Society. It is believed that they may have become infected during a school fundraiser that involved cleaning out an old barn.

      The fungal pathogens Cryptococcus neoformans and Histoplasma capsulatum produce melanin-like pigments in the presence of L-dopa in vitro and during mammalian infection.

      Cryptococcus and Histoplasma become radiation-consuming fungi when they infect mammals.

      • Bobby1,….in a similar vein,……do you think the possible ‘contaminate’ I keep my candida alive by FEEDING accidently,…is my sticky outdoor mj that I am using? I am on the strictest diet,…all anti-fungals,…..and washed alkaline foods,…but I simply CANNOT starve them out. I am feeding it,…or rather, it is being fed independent of my diet!

        Yes,…it’s quite preparing me for burial!

        • That’s possible, Jill… the mj could have fungus, or it might be radioactive, which helps fungus. The reason I am so interested in the fungus angle is that is much harder to avoid than plain radioactive particles… they spread farther and get into more things.

          • No,…the plants were not moldy,…but they were sticky,…like we like them. Kinda like fly paper for isotopes!

            My health? Moldy! liver is shutting down, clogged with dead and dying waste that my poor, underweight, sick body can no longer pump out,…itchy, wheapy rashes all over body,…..throwing up things to jump off bridges over,….constant ‘queasy and fummy’!

            • Radioactive Buckyballs From Fukushima Invade California Beaches …
              Jun 19, 2012 … The U.C. – Davis study said the radioactive buckyballs were hearty and potentially able to “transport uranium over long distances,” being stable … J. D. Heyes(NaturalNews) As the fallout – no pun intended – from Japan’s tsunami-damaged nuclear reactors at its Fukushima complex continues to worsen, scientists are now concerned about another related phenomenon that appears to be invading the U.S. West Coast – buckyballs.

              What, exactly, are those? According to a recent University of California – Davis study, in this case the term refers to uranium-filled nanospheres which were “created from the millions of tons of fresh and salt water used to try to cool down the three molten cores of the stricken reactors,” said Michael Collins, of – not the small, magnetic balls that cling to each other.

              The tiny, stout buckyballs – which resemble soccer balls – are said to have been formed when water hit the super-heated, primarily uranium-oxide, fuel in the damaged reactors at Fukushima. “In this goo buckyballs are formed, loaded with uranium and able to move quickly through water without disintegrating,” said the report.

              Worse, radiation readings in L.A. and Santa Monica during a 42-day period between December 2011 and January 2012, “strongly suggest that radiation is increasing in the region including along the coast in Ventura County,” Collins said, adding that readings both he and the Environmental Protection Agency took appeared to indicate the unnatural presence of radiation. …


  1. It has occurred to me that increasing global contamination has a link to the mutation of HIV and all other kinds of microorganisms from radiation besides degrading the immune systems of us all…. Intro to Section #11:

    “11. Chernobyl’s Radioactive Impact on Microbial Biota
    Alexey V. Yablokov
    Of the few microorganisms that have been studied, all underwent rapid changes in
    the areas heavily contaminated by Chernobyl. Organisms such as tuberculosis bacilli; hepatitis, herpes, and tobacco mosaic viruses; cytomegalovirus; and soil micromycetes and bacteria were activated in various ways. The ultimate long-term consequences for the Chernobyl microbiologic biota may be worse than what we know today. Compared to humans and other mammals, the profound changes that take place among these small live organisms with rapid reproductive turnover do not bode well for the health and survival of other species.

    One gram of soil contains some 2,500,000,000 microorganisms (bacteria, microfungi, and protozoa). Up to 3 kg of the mass of an adult human body is made up of bacteria, viruses, and microfungi. In spite of the fact that these represent such important and fundamentally live ecosystems there are only scarce data on the various microbiological consequences of the Chernobyl
    catastrophe. Several incidences of increased morbidity owing to certain infectious diseases may be due to increased virulence of microbial populations as a result of Chernobyl irradiation.

    1. Soon after the catastrophe studies observed activation of retroviruses (Kavsan
    et al., 1992).
    2. There is evidence of increased susceptibility to Pneumocystis carinii and cytomegalovirus in children whose immune systems were suppressed in the contaminated territories of Novozybkov District, Bryansk Province (Lysenko et al., 1996).
    3. Tuberculosis became more virulent in the more contaminated areas of Belarus
    (Chernetsky and Osynovsky, 1993; Belookaya, 1993; Borschevsky et al., 1996).’ and so on

    pg 281,“Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”
    Alexey Yablokov, Vasily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko
    NY Academy of Sciences, Volume 1181, 2009.
    5,000 Slavic language studies reviews, over 1,400 cited.
    for print order orders@ or call Greko Printing 734-453-0341 $12.50 in USA.

    • Since retroviruses were activated in Chernobyl, you would think of HIV, and XMRV which may or may not cause chronic fatigue syndrome. CFS/ME is a rapidly increasing disorder.

      “my blood is tested for fungus and the results are pretty bad.
      I was wondering, does anyone else have also high titers for fungus??
      And what is your treatment plan?? KDM doesnt really takes action.

      I have really high titers for:

      Alternaria altermata
      apsergillus fumigatus
      Aspergillus niger
      Cladosporium herbarum
      penicillium chrysogenum”

      • This is what they pumped into me with my pneumonia !


        Fluconazole is a triazole antifungal drug used in the treatment and prevention of superficial and systemic fungal infections. In a bulk powder form, it appears as a white crystalline powder, and it is very slightly soluble in water and soluble in alcohol. It is commonly marketed under the trade names Diflucan and Trican (Pfizer).

        A intravenous drip also, bag had to mix crystals with the liquid in bag squeezing before setting up for drip !

        After home Fluconazole 200 MG 2 X Day

        • They could not find anything but fugal ! I had been in close quarters with a mold in the second spare bedroom days 5 day before I went in but pain in lung started a few days after I was exposed, they scraped yeast from my lungs !
          All the samples they said they could not find anything else, after slicing and dieing them ! But this was 5 days in ICU and 56 antibiotics had been giving to me shotgun !
          If there was something else the antibiotic killed it before the took the samples !
          There again, maybe they knew, many have had this in this area, so not completely sure if it was the mold from the bedroom !
          I live In Florida and we have the BP oil and the Corexit as well as the radiation now ! I know they told me second or third day in, ..They were concerned about my blood pressure being so low, it was 60 !
          It pretty obvious that fungus over ran my system !

          • Dude, those antibiotics helped your fungus grow fifty-fold. Docs did that to me when I was a young woman, totally destroyed my bladder giving me antibiotics when all along it was fungal and they never did figure it out, it took me about 13 years to figure it out when I was urinating what looked like half blood half urine. If I turned it around anyone can, I was totally systemic by the time I crawled in to the Herb Shop here where I live. The lady handed me 4 capsules of caprylic acid combination (Nature’s Sunshine), with what I don’t know, don’t have any on hand right now, and within one hour pain was gone, steady decreasing until four hours later no pain and urine looked like urine, no blood. pretty impressive, I was sold, never went back to the doctors…..yeast is a bitch.

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  2. Did I miss the party? Dang! I am lost here. What am I supposed to see?

    Doc wants me to save him from Bobby1! 🙂 O.K., Bobby1,…please clean up Doc’s mess,…he’s having a tizzy! 🙂

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