Another crime against humanity.

This is a photo of 33 high school children sorting contaminated tsunami rubble in Miyagi prefecture. It is another example of the Japanese government’s war of extermination against Japanese children.

This rubble is not only contaminated with radionuclides such as cesium-137, strontium-90, plutonium-239, and uranium-238, but also contains toxic chemicals and metals such as asbestos, cadmium, lead and mercury.

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  1. Please offer some proof to your claims. I say this not to denigrate you, yet to strengthen. If you are going to accuse the Japanese government of attempted genocide, it would be helpful to supply some supporting information for your article.
    I do not doubt that they are in harms way. After all, external radiation varies with the square of distance & they are all-but in direct contact. Also, if i am not mistaken, those are “asbestos-grade” respirator masks designed to filter out most particles, yet not all. They can also become a point-source for radiation the longer they are re-used.

    • You need to follow this more closely. Burning contaminated debris, feeding schoolchildren contaminated food, ad campaigns to make children eat radioactive food, failing to disclose SPEEDI data to people who were caught in traffic jams evacuating, directly in the path of the plume etc etc etc.

      The Japanese government is a rogue government that should be treated exactly like the Nazis were treated after World War II.

      • Good points, though you have to admit; they haven’t invaded Poland, yet! Nor the Czech Republic; nor Slovakia. Today things are so screwed up that if Russia attacks Turkey from behind, Greece won’t help in the slightest. 🙂
        Within the next year, some of the side-effects of radiation will likely become more pronounced, as this “slow-motion train-wreck” continues dissipating it’s forward momentum. The thyroid results from fukashima-diary state 40+% children in the Prefecture as having enlarged thyroids. I have heard of those in Nippon having bleeding eyes due to a severed vein (presumably by decay severing a vessel) in at least one eye. There has been an increase of sudden heart-attacks, iirc since about a year and a half ago for some raison.
        Yes, sadly, indeed, incineration isn’t going to make any kind of meaningful remediation possible; the emissions have to stop, first. Not helping when Japan is exempt from trade embargo to Iran. It’s all ok, though; isreal is supplying Pu to Iran, anyway (just the wrong kind for weapons). At least GWB can say “I ran Iraq”. No other presidante is likely to. I would see Thorium reactors as an indication of a society that strictly had peaceful weapons-free power-generation in mind.
        This biblical-level disaster is not yet as bad as Chernobyl. This will soon be much worse than Chernobyl. Chernobyl didn’t have an ocean within range to mass-pollute & sterilize. So cesium can exist anywhere in a water-column, eh?
        I think level 8 is where we are now. If SFP3/4 go, or more screwups like dropping a 700cm steel beam into SFP3 ‘snowball’; AND/OR we have anything above a 6.9 on the Richter scale in the vicinity of the complex, “level 10” would have to be added to the international scale! I’m thinking 10 out of 10, that could be a ELE, at least for the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere has been receiving it’s unfair share, too. No wonder the Japanese team was escorted out of the building during the opening ceremonies of the ‘oilympics’. Had always wondered about that old chestnut. Can you confirm?
        Radionuclides best reside in containment. Containment has been the worst lie of the ‘genie’ so far, imho. Too cheap to meter; that seems the value of human life these days. That attitude is likely to ‘trickle-down’, imho.

        The local governances here are debating the startup of household garbage incinerators, here in the Fraser Valley (an endangered airshed), rather than truck it all the way to Cache Creek. Included in their list of materials, including medical waste, was “other material”.
        We were denied access to KI before the initial wave hit by “doctors” & pharmacysts, likely directed by “wHealth Candu”, the “health” authority.
        Japan’s governance may not be the only one to have irrational-exuberantly abandoned their mass populace with a suave swath of a pen. So, which nation states are the ones that are not rogue, now? France? Brazil? Formidable!
        I see from ‘radnet’ that we’re a little high lately, seemingly with increases of white smog & ground-level ozone.
        I hope that is the way to go for now; avoid rain & smoggy days.

  2. Bobby1 don’t listen to the likes of RBeaner or Pedro Jesus or Duds. My message was going to be way more pointed but I’m learning to bite my tongue.

    • Shazzam, don’t be shy, this ain’t scribble or enenews.

      I remember that crap from scribble, “mutations are good” etc. Of course the reality is far far worse than I imagined when I left there.

      This is a personal blog. I think I am considered too radical for the mainstream “anti-nuke” crowd. I’m not here to get into debates about if nuclear power is good or not. This place is geared to more about survival than anything else. Which is problematic. I live day to day.

      • Haha, me shy? Never! The FB anti-nuke groups are so full of sockpuppets that I may have to drop the hammer then go dark. I would like to know how much money is being spent on Nuclear Astroturfing? Just like the elections they have bought off both sides.

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