Another fire in Chernobyl exclusion zone. Increasing I-131 and emissions at Fukushima.

The latest wildfire to break out near Chernobyl has consumed 130 hectares. It started on June 29, and it is unclear whether it is still burning or not.

Experts have recorded 0.0025 becquerels of Cesium-137 per cubic meter of air. The inspection found that it is beyond the measures usually observed.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations, the fire in the Chernobyl exclusion zone continues, firefighters are unable to resolve the situation. (link)

Air near the desolated settlement of Polesskoye in the Chernobyl zone is contaminated with the radioactive element cesium-137. Its content in the air has reached a level called “sequence above the norm” (approximately ten times the norm), the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRI) reported on Wednesday.

Cesium-137 is one of the most dangerous nuclear elements, as it accumulates in the body and can lead to leukemia. (link)

The radiation risk involves the fire spreading to areas closer to the plant. But there is no danger of a new explosion.

Fire near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine poses a danger to the surrounding regions, expert of the Polish branch of Greenpeace Jan Haverkamp told TASS on Thursday.

“We are monitoring the situation. Fortunately, the fire has not yet reached the NPP reactor zone. It’s very dangerous that everything is happening in the nuclear power plant area. If the fire spreads there, a huge amount of radiation will get into the atmosphere,” he said. “It’s a risk, but the risk primarily to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, as they are located in close vicinity,” Haverkamp said.

According to him, there will be no explosion, similar to the 1986 accident, and Eastern European countries, including Poland, have now nothing to worry about.

“We welcome the efforts of Ukrainian authorities that are doing their utmost to prevent the fire from spreading,” the expert said. (link)

Meanwhile, iodine-131 continues to spew out of the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. I-131 started rising in April, and it was detected in Scandinavia in early May.

These readings from Niigata prefecture sewage sludge in June indicate the highest level of I-131 since September 2013 (which was gnarly).

Sludge from Fukushima prefecture shows that I-131 was rising in the later part of May:

A surge in iodine-131 emissions indicates a recriticality is taking place. It also means that the corium is heating up. This isotope causes thyroid cancer and other thyroid and pituitary diseases.

And an emission event was observed yesterday by the webcam watchers at Enenews:

July 1, 2015 at 9:50 pm Log in to Reply
Alert for radiation readings this week:

People watching the webcams have reported an event ongoing at Fukushima

Pure water, Majia, Nuckelchen, Horse, irhologram and many others are posting images and describing an event with:

yellow gases coming up from the ground
black smoke
Pink skies, etc.

Fallout from such an event would likely hit the west coast by July 4th, and the rest of the U.S. thereafter.

Some of their images:

Majia has a good summary of this event on her blog.

23 thoughts on “Another fire in Chernobyl exclusion zone. Increasing I-131 and emissions at Fukushima.

  1. I am drifting into another severe ME relapse. Yesterday, I started going deaf again. Had to take a double phenibut dose. I noticed there were 3 geomagnetic storms last week, and each one brought on tinnitus & hyperacusis. I don’t know if the Chernobyl fires and Fukushima iodine have anything to do with it or not. It is not as obvious as in the past, when I would get the metal taste in my mouth, and start drooling, or when the thyroid would swell up.

      • Thanks, majia. The disease seems to have seasonal peaks in midwinter and midsummer. The good news is that this summer is not as bad as last summer (so far). Hopefully, it’s a downtrend.

  2. I thank you, sir, for relaying this.

    Saw something briefly on the bottom scroll on RT, but it disappeared no faster than i reckognized the noun “Chernobyl”. Nothing afterwards. RT’s motto used to be “sometimes truth is propaganda” (iirc). Maybe sometimes they will tell the truth, maybe sometimes ‘popoganda’. Doesn’t really matter, as with new CRTC rules, that channel will soon disappear from my “airwaves” anyway.

    Nothing in-depth concerning the recent article of “Sleepy Hollow” Kazakhstan. They tested for 8 different atmospheric components though! Not exactly comprehensive. No curiosity there as to how “oxygen deprevation” could possibly be related to anencephaly.
    That instantly reminded me of Hanford and the Tri-Cities area.
    WTH did they really bury in that mine, anyway (& WTH is upwind)?

    Am i correct that Xenon gas is an anastetic and heavier than air (despite the seeming contradiction of claimed average density in air)?

    … “fire has not yet reached” …
    He said “yet”. Nothing like a little anticipation to get the heart pumping. That is not something you need or want Rob. 🙁

    Let us not forget the approximately equal number of Barium atoms involved that are not at all condusive to life as we know it.

    Am in sober respect of you, and wish you good health. I wish all those “Fockers” would stop releasing that shite, but we are just getting started on this poisoned path, are we not?

    If all my wishes were fishes, i cannot cast any net now. When the Aboriginals catch on en masse to WTF is going on, there will be hell to pay.

    Thank you again, Bobby1. Quoting PUN: “You Rock!!!”

    • Yeah, this is still the early stages. There is a long way to go. The best we can hope for is that it leaks out slowly. But at some point, there will be another major flare-up/explosion. The releases of iodine-131 the past 2-3 months show that this can occur spontaneously at any time.

  3. This is VERY helpful info,…I thank you as well! Here in Cali,…it’s Friday about 1:30 PM and we’re RAINING. Staying INSIDE!

  4. Significant density of I-131 was detected from dry sludge of Fukushima sewage plant this May. Cs-134 was also detected.

    According to Fukushima sewage public corporation, 2 days after rain (26.5 mm) observed on 5/19/2015, Iodine-131 started jumping up along with Cs-134/137 density.

    It kept on being detected until the end of May. The highest reading was 794.4 Bq/Kg (5/23/2015). 113 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137 was also measured this day.

    It is assumed that the rain carried I-131 from somewhere to the sewage plant, however Fukushima prefectural government has announced no analysis on this.



    Rain test off my car with INSPECTOR+. Been some time since last test. Thunder/lightning storm moving SW to NE approx. 20 min. A NEW record CPM count since 7/4/2011!

    1…12.34 X 1,000 = 12,340 CPM….6:08 pm
    2…881.3 CPM reverse side napkin….6:21 pm
    3…29.5 CPM inside background….6:32 pm

    [Above was 418.3 times background]

  6. Hi Bobby,

    The rain & lichen I sampled on June 14, 2015 in Sourthern Colorado, from an oddly radioactive thunderstorm, with jet stream wind patterns bringing in air that had passed over Fukushima resulted in the following findings:

    Anitomny-124 (Sb-124) was detected above MDC in the rain I sampled. Activation product with half-life: 60 days. And it looks quite likely that a bit of these were present as well: I-131, Cs-134, Sr-89, Ru-106, Co-57. (I arrived at that conclusion after comparing results from isotopes of K40 and Be7, which we know would certainly be present in a major rain-out event). Striking to me is that I-131, Cs-134 and Sr-89 are 3 of the top 6 or so radioisotopes I’d expect in long-distance fallout IF Fukushima was still fissioning. It’s not like super-oddball-isotopes were the only ones detected.

    It’s the closest I’ve come to providing independent scientific evidence for ongoing fission. Shortlink for social media users:

    – MVB

    • Recent fission is indicated by your results, but also by iodine-131 detections in Scandinavia, increased I-131 in Japanese sewage sludge, higher activity of the Fukushima webcams.

      In addition to this radiation risk, we have the opening of the Unit 1 roof, and higher rad readings after debris was removed from the #3 SFP.

      Also, there was a uranium hexafluoride release from the Honeywell Metropolis Works last Saturday.

      Also, fires have been burning near Chernobyl, releasing radionuclides, but fires have also been burning in Siberia, Canada, and the western US.

      Also, tritium continues to evaporate from the surface of the Pacific and enters the rain cycle over North America.

        • By June 2011 it appeared that the tritium emissions had already exceeded the sum total of the emissions from the atmospheric bomb tests of the 50’s and 60’s.

          The thing about tritium is that its environmental availability is larger than any other nuclide. Free tritium simply evaporates from water. Some of it becomes organically bound in plant matter, which then decomposes and becomes available again.

          It is not like cesium or plutonium which bind to soil. None of the tritium gets sequestered by soil or rock or anything. All of it is available to affect humans, animals and plants until it decays away. You can’t filter it out, trap it, or collect it and put it away. It’s everywhere.

          “A large amount of tritium which had been released by hydrogen explosions from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors is considered to exist in the bulk air in the upper atmosphere.”

          This tritium came from the jet stream, it did not blow over from Fukushima to the west coast of Japan at this time. It had already circled the globe. This is evidence that tritium levels in the upper atmosphere exceed those caused by the atmospheric bomb tests of the 1950′s and 1960′s.”

          • Uh, isn’t hydrogen, including it’s isotopes, a very potent Ozone-depleting substance, if released to the upper atmosphere?

  7. *** NEW wildfires at Chernobyl. ***

    As many as 32 hectares of new wildfires have been registered in the exclusion zone close to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, report Ukraine’s emergency services report. Firefighters are battling new fires that have flared up in the Kiev region.

    The fires started in three locations close to the villages of Zamostye and Kovshilovka in the Ivankovsky area. As of 7am on Sunday, the fires have been reportedly localized, with firefighters continuing to extinguish burning dry grass and forest cover.

    Shortly afterwards, Ukraine’s Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that another forested area, known as Chernobylskaya Pushcha, had caught fire.

    “The fire has spread to the abandoned villages of Kovshilovka and Buda Varovichi, located in the exclusion and unconditional (mandatory) resettlement zones,” the ministry said on their website.

    The situation has now been brought under control.

  8. Okay, good people.

    (1) PLEASE sign and share this petition to: “Protect children from radiation exposure!”

    It’s also to protect YOU from MORE radiation exposure.

    (2) And a reminder to get your comments in to the NRC regarding their attempt at the “radiation is good for you” proposal.

    Plus, did you know that the proposal includes allowing everyone to get as much radiation as a nuclear worker…

    Good grief.

    Anonymous comments can be submitted here: (Just type in Anonymous when it asks for FIRST and LAST name)!submitComment;D=NRC-2015-0057-0010

    And you can learn more about it here:

    We need a STRONG response of a lot of comments to beat this back, so please don’t hesitate.

  9. Bobby1:
    Please bring your neat sewage sludge graphs up to date.
    I’d like to begin posting them again on ENEnews.
    Also Tokyo graph will be useful in runup to Tomyo Olympics.

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