Auschwitz on the Pacific.

Fukushima Diary has posted an item that the mayor of Futabamachi has been forced from office, due to his opposition of contaminated soil being stored in his town. The mayor made a parting comment:

“Shirakawa city of Fukushima has Auschwitz camp museum. It’s famous that the Nazis massacred Jewish with poisonous gas. Ironically enough, in Fukushima prefecture, our DNA is also massacred by radiation. There is no other option to guarantee our health than letting us evacuate as soon as possible… We are treated like guinea pig. It’s the same as a foreign tyrant launches missiles to us.”

This is true, not only in Fukushima prefecture, but all over the planet our DNA, our future generations, and our lives and all life on earth is being massacred by Fukushima radiation. We have all been herded into the shower, and instead of Zyklon-B coming out of the shower heads, it’s plutonium, cesium-137 and strontium-90. The politicians, pundits, internet shills, and sellout academics keep assuring us that what is coming out of the shower heads, it’s perfectly safe, it is even good for you. This is done to keep order in the showers.

The giant mega-corporation known as MYSTERY BABYLON, which claims authority over all people, multitudes, nations, and tongues, and which counts all corporations, governments, and major social institutions as its subsidiaries, is turning Planet Earth into an EXTERMINATION CAMP.

We are the inmates of the camp. But just like in 1945, when the death camps were liberated by the Allies, we have a Lamb coming to free us. Are you with him?

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    • Those that are with him are the called, chosen & faithful (Rev 17:14). The ones who are against the Babylon system. Or you can call it the Machine, or the Establishment, or what have you. Death vs. Life, a war.

      • Very good post my friend!

        Was just telling a friend last week that we are in The Ovens”,…and,…”The gas IS on!” They didn’t like that.

        This is the EPIC battle between God and His children, vs the Anti-Christ and his children. There is no sitting on the fence permitted any longer. No decision IS a decision.

        We call on the name of Jesus Christ,…we affirm that He is the son of God,…and He is our Savior. We believe.

        Let Him come,…..let’s pray His return!



  1. Bobby do you remember that article on plutonium blow-up regimes?

    Have you been following PattieB’s comments at Enenews?

    I don’t know what to make of her claims but she has some interesting ideas about some plutonium rods that she asserts were intended for unit 4’s reactor and were in the spent fuel pool, in the loading area, which she says is located at a higher elevation than spent fuel rods are stored in the pool.

    Her explanation accounts for the glowing blog in unit 4 visible in may of 2011.

    I don’t know what to think but I can send you her comments if you’re interested.

    Also, I have a technical question about centrifuges I’ll email you.

    I hope you are doing ok and that your family is well.


    • Majia, yes I remember that article on blow-up regimes. It implied that there were cycles of criticalities. I tried to estimate the cycle lengths from CTBTO data… it’s somewhere in the comments. But I couldn’t get goodness of fit, because I needed special software for that model. So I abandoned it… still think the article explains the criticalities, though.

      I saw some of her comments, they seem plausible. Go ahead and send me them along with the centrifuge question if you’d like.

      Been struggling with Fuku flu again recently, today was the first day of improvement.

  2. CNN: The Pacific has seen its fair share of weird recently — Bay in California “now a massive soup bowl” — “Miles of anchovies, mountains deep” — It’s like none ever recorded… Old timers have never seen anything like this — “We may be experiencing ‘global weirding’” (VIDEO)

    All the sea creatures are crowding towards the area off the west coast to get away from radioactive water. In the Nazi gas chambers, the people would all crowd by the door because there was still breathable air there.

    • US Attorney: It’s up to the American people to make them pay; Japan is threatening to put people who speak out in concentration camps

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