Autism and increasing sensitivity to toxics in every generation.

Earlier this month, autism parents and members of the Canary Party and other groups met with the bureaucrat Secretary Sebelius, in hopes to respond to the skyrocketing autism rate. Of course, they got the runaround. The link between autism and vaccinations is actively being suppressed by the medical establishment.

The autism community is not only disturbed by the refusal to accept the dangers of injecting poisons like mercury and formaldehyde into children, infants, and pregnant mothers, but it is also disturbed by the waste of money in research of genetic causes of autism. But there is a genetic link. Consider that the autistic child had poison injected into him or her with multiple vaccinations. But his parents were also vaccinated, and his grandparents were too, and his great-grandparents too.

Every generation has people who have experienced mutations in genes on their chromosomes. The second generation has more genetic damage than the first, the third generation has more than the second, etc. So, in every succeeding generation, it takes less of a toxicant insult to cause disease. (See my previous post on the escalating pandemic of chemical sensitivity). Another way to look at it is, if there is the same amount of toxicant insult in the environment, more people will get sick from this same amount in every generation. More autism, more autoimmune disease, more cancer.

Autism is an environmental illness. Look at the graph above… see that Arizona and Utah have a much higher autism rate than Alabama and Florida. The states in the southwest have a high natural radiation background, and they were close by the nuclear testing ground, where a huge amount of radioisotopes were released, and are still radiologically active. Also there is quite a bit of uranium mining in this area. The southeastern states have a lower radiation background, and their weather is dominated by the relatively clean air of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic (or it used to be relatively clean before the BP oil spill).

The autistic child in the southwest has been exposed to strontium-90. His parents were exposed to strontium-90. His grandparents were exposed to strontium-90. Every generation, it takes less strontium-90 to cause autism. Hence, the exploding autism rate.

Now we have Fukushima on top of it. So we have a situation where, over time, smaller and smaller levels of toxics cause disease, or in other words an exponential increase in sensitivity to toxics. With Fukushima, we have an exponential increase in the amount of radioactive toxics in the environment.

So expect not only skyrocketing rates of cancer, but skyrocketing rates of autism, mental retardation, and autoimmune disease.

3 thoughts on “Autism and increasing sensitivity to toxics in every generation.

  1. Bam, and so it is. Our son is a walking, talking, thinking miracle. Yay to repairing the bowel, thus allowing everything else to heal.

  2. Loved this. Mother and Father lived in Southern Utah, during experiments. Father witnessed Anaweetauk in the Pacific. I have two children with autism, you tell me? Yes, I believe vaccines were also cont

    • I was irradiated in the womb by the Bravo nuclear bomb, and had bad Asperger’s syndrome until my teenage years. No doubt autism and Asperger’s are going to become the “new normal”. These are also associated with autoimmune disease, which is also going to skyrocket as our bone marrow gets filled up with strontium and plutonium.

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