Black smoke coming up out of ground at Fukushima.

Nuckelchen has posted this TBS/JNN video from Sept. 4, showing black smoke coming up out of the ground between reactors 2 and 3. I believe this is due to a criticality in underground corium #2, the big one. Smoke has poured out of the ground at this location before. Note that it is black, and there is a black substance covering a good part of Japan now, with extremely high radiation, and especially alpha radiation. It is likely that the corium itself is being aerosolized.

Presumably the corium has encountered groundwater. Water moderates the nuclear reaction, slows neutrons down enough to generate a re-criticality. This is becoming more frequent, it appears to be happening almost daily now.

Looks like some uranium- and plutonium-heavy plumes are headed for the Pacific northwest this coming weekend. These are probably going to be the long, thin stringy plumes that hit a few places hard, and it’s not so bad away from them.

UPDATE: Mochizuki from Fukushima Diary reports krypton-85 from unit 1, ongoing fission.

So it looks like both coriums #1 and #2 are acting up at the same time.

And it looks like the plume is already here. Beta radiation at Eureka, CA is up. It was already here Wednesday, it looks like. EPA Radnet is currently down, what a coincidence.

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  1. This black dust has haunted my nightmares. While I can try to comprehend how they pretend the invisible radiation isn’t there, my mind cannot wrap itself around the fact that they do nothing to prevent this visible deadly dust from spreading. Just let the babies inhale it, and when is my baby next? Have felt that this is a simple description: “Corium (and also highly irradiated uranium fuel) has an interesting property: spontaneous dust generation, or spontaneous self-sputtering of the surface.”

  2. Speaking of the Pacific Northwest, I’m a resident of Tokyo who has had to become a refugee of sorts, and I’ve spent a fair bit of time in places like Portland or Vancouver since the accident. Unfortunately, both my wife and I have had symptoms that we believe are related to radiation when we are there – perhaps worse than Tokyo, and certainly a lot worse than places near the Equator.

    My bet is that a lot of nasty stuff is out and about, and the names in the anti-nuclear world are not doing much, if anything. And where are the Greens? Probably out supporting wars somewhere, like what happened in Germany, and picking up their checks from big corporations and CIA front foundations.

    • Ozawa, I have thought that since this started, the United States is comparable to Tokyo in terms of radioactive contamination… except for the southernmost parts of the US. As Tokyo goes, so does the US. But maybe you’re right, perhaps it is worse here.

        • You’re welcome. Radiation causes so many symptoms and diseases, much more than just cancer. This is due to the mutation effect on genes, especially related to the immune system. I am beginning to wonder if there is a disease or a condition it doesn’t cause.

          Broken legs? No, but it causes vision problems which might lead to injuries like that. Alcoholism and drug addiction? No, but it upsets the balance of neurohormones, which causes anxiety & depression and may lead to the victim seeking numbness.

    • The Greens are the ONLY party trying to stop nuclear power. They need your vote. Who are you voting for?

      Both of the major parties have sold out for corporate $$$.

      It helps to stop blaming the wrong people and start acting with your vote, letters to Congressmen, petitions, blogs, emails, and protests.

      Write your local utility and demand that they stop buying nuclear, divest themselves of nuclear plants, and start building renewable energy sources that are carbon free; water, wind, solar, wave, tides, hydrogen, etc.

      A Green Road Magazine

  3. Chiba ambulance Two of 61 people from the middle school students in photochemical smog damage
    2012.9.6 21:35
     6 days, Chiba Prefecture he announced afternoon five days advisory photochemical smog was issued in the prefecture, 61 people total teachers and students, and complained of health problems, such as sore throat at a junior high school in Narashino and Kimitsu. Two girls of which has been complained of dyspnea ambulance, came home after receiving such infusions. Both mild. County is looking to be caused by photochemical smog.

     According to the province, in the southwestern periphery Municipal Junior High School Kimitsu, leave early complaining of feeling unwell during practice sports festival, students from the two students, such as cough and ground out in the gym. Two female teachers and 30 students that people complained of sore throat, etc. In addition to the.

     Third Municipal Junior High School in Narashino, 27 people were in student club activities in the gym and the ground complained of sore throat. Two schoolgirls have one year, has received a medical examination at a hospital by, for example, will not stop coughing. (Japanese)

    Of course, they say it is smog, not radiation.

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