Everything makes them sickThis wonderful photo essay by Thilde Jensen shows the difficulties and extreme lengths that people with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) will go to in order to preserve their health. A previous post illustrated the lifelong hypersensivity (TILT, Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance) to toxins endured by those who have been exposed in the past to a toxicant insult. These insults include internal and external exposure to radionuclides. Yablokov and others, in their research on Chernobyl liquidators and their families, have showed that this is inheritable by future generations.

My research in daily fibromyalgia symptom ratings gathered from the Fibromyalgia Wellness Project has shown that there is indeed a relationship between FM symptoms and weather. This relationship is the key to unlocking the secrets of this mysterious illness, as well as the nature of TILT.

Fibromyalgia is an environmental illness. Symptoms such as pain, stiffness, fatigue, concentration problems, memory problems, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and sleep disorders are also exhibited in people who are exposed to toxic chemicals and metals widely dispersed in the environment. The symptoms suffered by FM patients are not due to FM itself, but the toxic substances inhaled and ingested by them. Fibromyalgia is a type of TILT, and the reason that healthy people do not suffer the same symptoms, when they are also exposed to these substances, is due to the fact that FM patients exhibit these symptoms at far lower concentrations of these toxics than others. This is also true for a whole range of autoimmune and central sensitivity-related diseases.

The is a range of variation, or a continuum, of types of toxics and routes of exposure associated with TILT. This is shown in the graphic below. The canaries in the New York Times article are clearly R+. They get away from the city, the smog, and all synthetic household chemicals, to regain their health. The FM patients studied were predominantly (but not all) R-. Living in a tent in the mountains will not help them. Yours truly is an R-. I have a severe autoimmune disorder stemming from the toxicant insult of in utero radiation exposure from the Castle Bravo nuclear test.

TILT Continuum

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  1. I have some kinds of the disorders that create a mess of me.
    I want to put this out there, when I was young I used to play in these humungous hills of dirt, “they were put there>not natural” there was “red dirt and rocks” throughout, the red stuff I know gave me migraines and was quite sickening I remember quite well, this was in calgary alberta, would anyone know what that stuff is? I think I’m messed up from it 🙁

    • You should check to see if there are toxic wastes dumped in that area. There may be uranium, or petrochemical-type substances there. Natural poisons can cause this too, though.

    • Itsfukincommunism – funny you should bring up the ‘red stuff’. This is an excerpt from my cousin’s book he is writing..his parents and my parents all worked at Bethlehem Steel our whole childhoods and then some….his name is Kevin Vinson…

      “If we went to college at all—many of us started or finished at community colleges—it’s because we had part time jobs and because our parents—most of whom had not gone to college themselves—scraped, scrimped, and saved—and worked their asses off. Not because it was an exceedingly good time for them doing so, breathing in all that red dusty crap, for example, like my dad did, that used to cover the cars and the buildings and the sidewalks and all in Sparrows Point, whatever that was that came out of the smokestacks at Bethlehem Steel, but because they did it for us. So we would have it better than they did. So we would not have to breathe in all that red shit when we were old enough to work. Who even knows what that red stuff was?

    • Hair loss and those other symptoms are radiation poisoning symptoms. The jet stream that the planes fly through is contaminated.

      Remember when we flew to Florida and I got a toothache? Radiation. And that was before all this happened. I had 2 root canals and 4 teeth pulled. $7 grand.

      • yeah that trip tore you up. then your teeth fell out. sorry about that idea! There were some good times tho like with pilate’s girl on the beach and you and Sam taking that ride on the big riverboat…

  2. Bobby , you have said starting quite some time ago, that you and I are opposite re-actively speaking. I think you are right. Let’s compare sleeping patterns for a bit. Such as, I slept last night and the night before without waking and staying awake for hours. I think I am falling on the R+ side. It seems I always look fwd to summer and then have a miserable summer. I always attributed it to Paje’s behavior, which was off the chain…I am better this year tho from all the changes we have made. I want to know more about this R thing. Bubba had a good day yesterday. He is a fine lookin young man.

    • Vgirl, if you are R+, you are reacting to pollution generated in the local environment. It’s benzene and toluene from burning gasoline, industrial pollution, smokestacks like from power plants. When the air from the surface up is all warm, it causes a cap in the atmosphere and it all builds up. You get ozone alerts from the EPA on the weather report. It affects some peoples’ breathing, but it also causes sleeping problems, memory problems, pain etc.

      Me, I am R-, I NEVER get bad symptoms in the summer, it’s always Oct – March, it’s because the toxics that affect me are coming from far away. Except this year, it is worse than ever and it is summer. This is due to insane amounts of radiation.

      You can generally figure out what kinds of toxics are affecting you this way. You might look at something that removes gases, VOC’s etc.

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