Children bathing in rain pools.

As part of my health program, being (after Fuku) an extreme Th1-dominant person with severe autoimmune disease, I went to Sandy Point to absorb solar rays. (If I was Th2-dominant, I couldn’t stand the sun.)

It was great, except for one thing.

The past 3 days, after the storms, I have had the worst pain since I started this blog a year ago.

I had mentioned in a previous post about a new radioactive plume heading for the US. I think the xenon, krypton etc. has already moved through and was in the rain. The particles (plutonium, cesium etc.) aren’t here yet.

Under a sand dune, there is a depression that fills with water. It was filled on account of the severe thunderstorms we had the other day.

I am thinking it was filled with rainwater… the wind was parallel with the beach during the storms, and there was standing water on the grass on higher ground above it.

This pool ran about 2 feet deep. There were children playing in it, they seemed to be 2 or 3 years old. There were maybe 25 of them in at a time.

And it SICKENED me to see young children being exposed to this.

3 thoughts on “Children bathing in rain pools.

  1. Hang in there, Bobby1!!…

    Enjoy the time we have regardless and keeping doing the best you can for others, as you have!~

  2. I think in the end it all balances out. Some people have very strong immune systems, some never fly or get Xrays and have a reduced genetic risk of disease. Some will just be blessed by “accident” from God above!…

    I think it’s remarkable that Kim Kardashian had a healthy baby by all reports, although being less than 5 pounds and a month early is a premature birth that carries risks!! Plus, preemies are unusual for such a wealthy, well-fed, mature adult mother… However, Kim Kardashian did travel excessively during her pregnancy right through that Jet Stream, etc. with an unborn child on board? 🙁 And she spends a lot of carefree time in California…I watched a bit of their show and they were feasting on tuna in 2013…

    I still think miracles can happen and some will be spared, others not so much. It’s just the mix of your genes, environmental exposure, and the way the wind blows… Not to mention some spiritual and social factors!…hmmm.

    Thanks, Bobby1!

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