Chinese MOX reactor possible meltdown in October 2011.

The excellent French blog Gen4 has an entry about an accident at a nuclear plant in China in October 2011. This was reported in January 2012 by the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency, and was picked up by the Sankei Shimbun newspaper. The Daily Telegraph also picked up this story.

This is a military reactor outside of Beijing, an experimental fast breeder reactor cooled by liquid sodium. It also produces electricity as a by-product. It is Russian-built, and a similar reactor in Russia uses MOX fuel. MOX, of course, is enriched with plutonium. This reactor has been shut down since the accident. The main purpose of this reactor is probably to breed fuel for nuclear weapons.

The reason I suspect a meltdown versus an ordinary accident, is that I believe that there was a major release of radioactive iodine from late October 2011 – January 2012. A criticality occurred at Fukushima in late October of that year. Personally, I developed hyperthyroid symptoms, including a goiter, at this time. It seemed to contaminate the tap water, and many foods, not just American, but globally with many food products. The health message boards were lighting up with thyroid symptoms from the USA. And there was a spike of 5,000 excess deaths on the west coast of the US in November and December of last year.

It turns out it may have been not just Fukushima causing this global iodine cloud, but a reactor in China also.

The Chinese government never admitted this at that time. But this is not surprising. There was a nuclear meltdown at the Santa Susana nuclear power plant near Los Angeles in 1959, and they didn’t tell anyone. This was discovered by a group of students doing research 20 years later. How many meltdowns haven’t they told us about? They don’t give a damn.

Having said all this, I subjectively feel that the radioactive iodine level now is just as bad as it was a year ago when this was happening. I don’t know what is going on at the Fukushima plant.

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  1. I found this the other day, short life and buried, we know about the sodium reactor in Ca. that went bad and were not told, maybe here also ?

    The Piqua Nuclear Power Facility contained a 45.5-megawatt (thermal) organically cooled and moderated reactor built and operated as a demonstration project by the Atomic Energy Commission between 1963 and 1966. The Facility was owned by the Atomic Energy Commission and operated under contract by the City of Piqua. In 1966, the Commission discontinued Facility operations and terminated the contract with the City of Piqua for operation and maintenance of the facility. Between 1967 and 1969 the Piqua Nuclear Power Facility was dismantled and decommissioned. At that time, the reactor fuel coolant and most of the radioactive materials were removed from the site. The reactor vessel and the spaces between the vessel and cavity liner were then filled with dry quartz sand.

    The only current activities at the Piqua Nuclear Power Facility are the annual surveillance and monitoring conducted by the Environmental Management program. The minimal landlord activities associated with this facility are the responsibility of the City of Piqua.

    Environmental management activities at the Piqua Nuclear Power Facility are currently scheduled to end in FY 2018. This report expects that the facility …

  2. After the upset from China of radiation going into the waters of the Pacific when the reactors melted down in Japan, China was very worried about, now we have heard no new outcries from the news of late of hundreds of tonnes of water and still leaking along with possibly fuel pellets bulldozed into the sea ?
    Could this be why they have not spoke out ?

    • I liked this guy’s comment…

      “In other news, after severe cutbacks in Medicare payments doctors are providing X-Ray film sheets to patients and telling them to hold the film next to their chests while turning their backs toward Iran.


    • Seems to me there was an earthquake round the end of the year there, this may explain when the first explosion was heard in late Dec. 2012 and then a second early Jan. 2013
      Just some of the inf. I have been hearing !
      If an earthquake was the initial start of a problem with cooling ?
      Iran sits on a large fault and there have been devastating quakes there in the past with tremendous loss of life 120,000 in the past 100 years !

      Say’s “Stories about the potential leak soon disappeared from state-run news websites, Trend reported in late November.”

      So there is a time before this that the problem began, we may have had it blowing over our heads for some time now ! : (
      Also says
      It Say’s “Rubin also pointed out that Iranian officials have a history of lying to both Western officials and their own citizens.”

      Glad that doesn’t happen here !!

  3. They have their residents (sorry – consumbers) to radiate,
    and we have our own.

    Why be critical when they are all smilingly cooperating in this peaceful endeavor?

    PS: FukU Hans Blix, you transmuted prick!

    • Hans Blix was the Director General of the IAEA nuke sociopath agency when Chernobyl blew up. I think it’s safe to say that Blix engineered the Chernobyl cover-up. He’s in the inner sanctum of the global nuclear octopus.

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