Chris Busby, uranium and sensitivity-related illnesses.

Dr. Chris Busby is a health physicist and is the Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR). Clicking on the first image brings up a video in which Busby discusses the research that he and others have done on the health effects of low levels of radiation. The most widely used model of radiation risk, the ICRP model, understates the risk of internal radiation emitters by a factor of around 600. Busby also discusses the effects of uranium, how it works as an antenna for focusing background radiation on DNA.

A short while ago, I suffered a bout of apparent uranium poisoning. In the next two videos, Busby elaborates how uranium “ferociously” binds to DNA, and how it absorbs 500,000 times as much radiation as the body normally absorbs.

The graph at the bottom indicates concentrations of uranium-238 at different points on the Pacific as measured by the EPA shortly after the initiation of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. Uranium is being emitted by Fukushima, and well as by chemical plant explosions, uranium mining, and plumes resulting from use of depleted uranium weaponry.

Finally, I would like to call attention to the scientific paper The Search for Reliable Biomarkers of Disease in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Other Environmental Intolerances” (pdf) by DeLuca et al (2011). This paper summarizes recent research into sensitivity-related illnesses (SRI). To quote,

Health concerns for the exponential increase of environmental intolerances, including both allergic and non-allergic sensitivity-related phenomena, is rising in the general public as well as in the medical community . Therefore, different environment-associated multi-organ conditions, in most cases still lacking a consensus on clinical case definition, such as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), fibromyalgia (FM), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), sick building syndrome (SBS), hypersensitivity to electro-magnetic fields (EHS), and others, in most cases still lacking a consensus on clinical case definition, have been subjected in the last decade to clinical and laboratory studies. These are aimed at proving any possible organic cause, or oppositely the psychogenic etiology, as proposed by part of the clinicians on the basis of the prevalent neurologic impairment…

A more appropriate collective definition, implicating acceptable case definition and excluding any preventive negation, appears that of sensitivity-related illnesses (SRI), defined as adverse clinical states elicited by exposure to low-dose diverse environmental-borne physical-chemical triggers. SRI are classified as self-reported or objectively diagnosed aberrant responses of different severity, from mild inflammatory reactions to life-threatening multi-organ impairments, in response to a wide spectrum of possible exogenous triggers, through airborne, cutaneous or nutritional exposure at sub-toxic levels, ordinarily not generating any detectable negative effect on the general population…

The great majority of chronic symptoms referable to SRI are shared by the different so far idiopatic conditions of MCS, FM, CFS, SBS, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Persian Gulf War veteran syndrome, amalgam disease, EHS, burn-out syndrome, etc…

In addition, CFS, FM and the Gulf War syndrome show specific features, which are co-morbid with known autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, or vitiligo. Indeed, the question as to whether SRI should be considered diseases or plain clusters of symptoms remains unanswered by available conventional clinical interpretations of acute/chronic inflammatory processes, since patients only partly display recognized dysfunctions of the immune system, or IgE-based allergic reactions, or any detectable anatomic or functional organ alteration unequivocally connected with trigger challenge.

To put it all together:

1. Uranium isotopes are being increasingly concentrated in the environment due to Fukushima and other pathways.
2. Uranium increases the absorption of gamma radiation by DNA by a factor of 500,000.
3. Fukushima has and is still releasing large amounts of gamma radiation into the environment.
4. The large number of Americans with SRI are more sensitive to uranium than other people.


Those large numbers of people with autoimmune diseases, or fibromyalgia, Gulf War syndrome, etc. are more sensitive to radiation than other people. Even Busby and the ECRR understate the health effects of radiation on them.

13 thoughts on “Chris Busby, uranium and sensitivity-related illnesses.

    • I just picked up some pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fish oil. This should theoretically help… the generic stuff does nothing but give me fish burps. The omega fatty acids are the precursors for dopamine, which I need. I doubt the problem is a nutritional deficiency, but it should help somewhat, and at this point I will take any improvement.

  1. I’m taking spirulina and chlorella. It’s a heavy metal, so it calls for a heavy metal detox, just like lead or mercury. I sure would like to get this stuff out of my system completely.

      • Good for you guys,…vgirl, going straight to chorophyll is brilliant,…especially in a young person! (Gotta get those supp’s in whenever you can, huh?) 🙂

        Bobby1, your research into these ‘sensitivities’, is most helpful.
        I sure wish I could achieve equilibrium! Even my magnesium salt oil is burning me! I get hot spots, like hives for no bloody reason it seems. Sometimes I can’t shower or bathe in hot water anymore. What’s up with that? (Bummer!) 🙁

        • Hey StillJill. I’m thinking I might have shingles… the blister on my nose was a foresign. It’s hard to tell, with having psoriasis too. I’m worried because my pregnant stepdaughter is coming tonight, and I don’t want her to get chickenpox.

          I had to change the way I bathe, the tap water is making this worse, and also making the pain and fatigue worse. Started to take sponge baths with filtered RO water.

          I’m looking for equilibrium too, but the radiation isn’t in equilibrium, it’s getting worse. It sucks being a canary in a coal mine. Something REALLY bad is coming down.

  2. Bobby1, I am so glad that your step daughter arrives safely! I knew the 29th was the day she was a free woman,….have her and babe in my prayers! (All of your clan actually-hey Bubba and vgirl! 🙂

    My body is haywire and unrecognizable to me. But,….I have love in my heart tonight and a smile on my soul. That makes me rich indeed!

    Just watched Kevin Blanche’s latest on #4. I wrote xdrfox last night that I had Fukushima freakout going on,…..and I had the hibby-geebies too last night. Today my spirit is as calm as a glass-like still pond. Must be a God thing,……I’m sure talking to Him a lot!

    Prayers of peace for all my friend’s hearst tonight!

    • Wow StillJill! Thank you so much for your prayers, things are gettin strange huh? So thankful for folks like you for even what you are going thru you are reaching out to others like you do. Thank you so much. My daughter is sitting with me and is thankful as well. 🙂

      • Aw,……three generations sitting quietly together, one ‘inny’, two ‘outties’. (Not talkin’ about your daughter’s bellybutton either!) 🙂 Outtie, get it! What a blessed time! I am so glad she still has a few weeks to ‘nest’, settle in, etc. She must be in a million places in her head. I’m sure you’re giving her lots of space.
        Bubba’s going to be an Uncle already, Wow!

        Enjoy every moment,….and take a zillion PICS of these precious days, yes? Nite!

  3. In the past five years, almost every one of my friends (including me) got allergic reaction during start of the spring and end of summer. People who were never sick, suddenly became irritable. That started approximately 6 years after bombing of our country by NATO forces. It’s suspected that ammunition held amounts of uranium. Since the amounts are unknown, and we cannot get official readings of the levels, my question is:
    What are the possibilities that our immune system is weakened by this, just enough for our body to be unable to fight the allergies, or for new ones to spring? Winds should move them away from the epicenter, but how much of that would actually stay in the air above, and for how long_ Are the damages permanent or they could pass on?

    • Danny, I have read that the biological half-life of uranium in the human body is 15 years or more. I have had it for only 4 months, and it is already affected my immune system. There is too much prolactin and not enough dopamine in my neurohormones. I suspect it has worsened an adenoma on my pituitary gland. I know I will never get back to where I was before May… but the symptoms are much better now.

      It should be treated like any other heavy metal. Look up “heavy metal detox”.

      I think what happens is the uranium goes into the topsoil. Wildfires, droughts and windstorms can release it back into the air. Also it goes into drinking water.

  4. I have worked for years with an uranium mining company. The company have closes and i an actually affected by auto immune illness surely cause by radiation .

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