Contaminated air mass over the United States.

The radiation readings over a large part of the US, especially the West, have been high lately. This is a result of the recent incident or continuing incidents at Fukushima Daiichi. I took a screenshot of at 2:30 this afternoon. And I selected a map of the dynamic tropopause for about this same time. The dynamic tropopause gives a good idea of the air masses over the US. This seemed to be the best fit of all maps to the radiation situation.

The purple-shaded areas on the second graphic show an air mass that originated in the Arctic. It is over the Great Lakes and Northeast. The wind barbs indicate the wind direction at the average altitude of 7,000-10,000 feet. The direction of the barbs show you where the wind is coming from. For instance, over Tennessee, the wind is from the west. Following the barbs, you can see the Arctic air mass has winds blowing from the far north. The rest of the country has winds originating from the Pacific.

The swirl over southern Nevada is low pressure, which is just swirling the contaminated air around. You can see that the high radiation readings on the seacoast of Virginia and North Carolina are now to the south of the boundary of the Arctic air mass. The jet stream roughly follows this boundary.

By Monday morning, Oct. 28, the Arctic air will move into the Rockies and northern plains, hopefully providing relief to these areas. But the clean areas now, like Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania look like they will be in the soup. But, since the air takes longer to get into these areas, levels of short-half life radionuclides like I-131 will have dropped by then, so it may not be as bad as what is going on in the West. The west coast itself doesn’t look like it will have much relief.

This Japanese blog post states that, based on Tepco press releases, the amount of groundwater at the plant is now accumulating at a rate of 700 tons per day, which is 4 times the amount accumulated earlier. This has to do with the soil barrier they built. This will have to go into tanks or the ocean, or else groundwater levels will seep up into the surface.

And the “Blog of Waiting Chan” asserts from an embedded video that the recent gigantic increases in contamination of underground water, which have been attributed to leaks from the tanks, have actually been due to Tepco clearing debris from Units 1 and 3. This occurred August 12 through Aug. 19. Fukushima Diary confirms that the dust alarms from Unit 3 were going off at this time. The dust alarm was eventually turned off. Also radiation spikes occurred in Fukushima prefecture at this time, and it appears that a criticality occurred. Check out this nuckelchen video from Aug. 20.

So the surges in contamination would have been from heavy rainfalls swamping the piles of debris, wherever they put them, and releasing large amounts of cesium, strontium and tritium. And it is possible that Tepco caused the August criticality. Two typhoons are on the way to Fukushima Daiichi.

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  1. Kassandra at Enenews noted the discrepancy between the two cameras in August:

    August 17, 2013 at 12:41 pm Log in to Reply
    I’ve been watching the TBS cam also.

    The two cams are often temporally out of synch. Sunrise and sunset are often not the same on the two cams.

    I don’t know the time discrepancies. I’ve not looked for patterns.

    Here is a comparison of screen shots for the black blob over the common spent fuel pool area:

    (Assuming the two cams were synchronized) It would be hard to see black smoke against the black sky on the TBS cam.

    However, looking closely at the TBS cam shots one can see what appear to be emissions from the buildings in the vicinity of the common spent fuel pool.

    Still, its hard to know whether the comparison of videos even makes sense when they are probably not temporally synched much of the time.

    Majia noted that the cameras were taped in June 2012, when the Unit 4 building was being demolished. There was something funny going on then also.

  2. In the theory advanced here, to recapitulate…

    1. Tepco had workers clear out debris from Units 1 and 3 in August,
    2. While this was happening, the two camera sites were running fake re-run footage from the past.
    3. The operation caused dust alarms from Unit 3 to go off.
    4. The dust alarm was eventually turned off.
    5. The piles of debris went critical.
    6. Radionuclides were emitted into the atmosphere. Later, heavy rains and a typhoon leaked the radiation from this debris into the groundwater and into the sea. This was not only the original radiation from the debris, but also the radioisotopes which resulted from the criticality.
    7. This was not a matter of Tepco passively standing by as the situation grew out of control. Tepco’s Three Stooges incompetence caused it in the first place.

    I don’t know if this theory is true, but it fits the facts.

  3. I have not seen any reports of damage by today’s earth quake but these nuke buffoons needed help the day after the event. A tsunami today may nullify any nuke teck assitence. Tepco’s refusal to seek aid may have today have written ‘FINIS’ to us all.

    • We still have some time in North America to prepare.
      It is good to do so anyway.
      After all, stores only carry on average 3 days of stock thanks to “just-in-time” delivery. Katrina, Sandy, etc. should have taught us that when disaster strikes, government is just as befuddled as everyone else and likely nowhere to be found. Support your local Sheriffs.
      Be calm, and be aware. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
      Pray for our friends in Japan, if you are so inclined. Remember where all blessings come from. Faith trumps fear, in my humble opinion.
      Watchmen … well … you know what to do.

      Awful smoggy here in the Fraser Valley, BC – Canada. Lots of birds and bugs still.
      Looking forward to see Mark’s readings in the Lower Fraser Valley, North of the Fraser River. I don’t doubt that air masses in California have moved northward.

      Be alert. The world needs more “lerts”!

  4. If only we could infer spectra to find out what substances are giving off so many photons in video, presumably black-body radiation. This shouldn’t detect alpha, beta, gamma, or “neuter-all” on it’s own, naturally.
    I am sure there is a more complete reference out there.

    If only a trick of light could do the otherwise impossible for us.
    For example:
    Thanks Professor. Can i call you Professor, Majia? I wish that there were many more faculty like you. Our collective future would seem much brighter. You are not simply passing on knowledge, you are improving lives for many more than you meet.

    That’s the prettiest picture i’ve seen of that light, so far.
    Can anyone roughly identify that spectra? It looks phosphorescent to me.

  5. is working again… the front on the west coast has dropped radiation levels there… radiation has moved to the southern plains, midwest, mid-Atlantic, southeast.

  6. Seems to be up ~

    Station ID 5:920 Fresno, CA, US
    CPM: current 263 Low 242 High 681
    Average 319, Deviation 59.4
    (CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)

    Station ID 5:915 San Diego, CA, US
    CPM: current 302 Low 287 High 579
    Average 339, Deviation 44.6
    (CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)

    Station ID 5:406 Miami, FL, US
    CPM: current 388 Low 367 High 451
    Average 393, Deviation 9
    (CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)

    Station ID 5:811 Billings, MT, US
    CPM: current 728 Low 524 High 983
    Average 623, Deviation 64.1
    (CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)

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