Contaminated water flowing into the sea.

These pictures were apparently taken Sept. 1. They show dark-colored radioactively contaminated water flowing onto the Fukushima beach. This is only one of the exit points of contamination from the Daiichi plant.

From Fukushima Diary, [Breaking] 4 more leakages found from the tanks / Max as 1.8 Sv/h… According to Tepco, they found 4 more leakages of the contaminated water tanks. 2 of the leakages are the same locations as where they detected 70 ~ 100 mSv/h on 8/22/2013… However, the radiation levels jumped up from 100 mSv/h to 1,800 mSv/h and from 70 mSv/h to 220 mSv/h (γ & β).

Tritium level in groundwater jumped up 1.8 times much in 2 weeks near reactor1… The Tritium density was 23,000,000 Bq/m3 on 8/8/2013. It was increased to be 42,000,000 Bq/m3 on 8/22/2013.

Another Fukushima worker hospitalized for emergency

High level of Cs-134/137 detected on the top of reactor3 again / Spread by the wind… Cs-134 density was 8.1×10^3 Bq/m3, Cs-137 density was 1.7×10^4 Bq/m3.

Groundwater reached the ground surface → Tepco “We won’t use the boring anymore”… According to Tepco, the groundwater already reached the surface of the ground on 8/27/2013.

The reached water was the mixture of groundwater and the chemical material injected to underground, which will become the impervious wall.

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  1. These are amazing pictures and information. I’m not sure what most of us would do without you and Majia to keep us informed.
    Carl Jung, the father of humanistic psychology, once said, “A man will do anything to avoid facing his own soul.”
    There aren’t enough kudos in this world to thank the few of you who are courageous enough to do so.

  2. Do you have the direct links that would support the pics and the info provided? I have searched all over Fukushima diaries to locate the info you state and I am not able to locate it. Also the pics obviously do not go with his eport as they are not on his site. Where did all this come from, I would love to be able to look at the data you received for this post. Mahalo

  3. recent photos got Busby to say the F-word…

    “I’ve seen a photograph taken from the air recently, in which the water in the Pacific Ocean is actually appearing to boil. Well, it is not boiling. You can see that it’s hot. Steam is coming off the surface. There is a fog condensing over the area of the ocean close to the reactors, which means that hot water is getting into the Pacific that means something is fissioning very close to the Pacific and it is not inside the reactors, it must be outside the reactors in my opinion.”

    • “Although they may think this is a leak from the tank, and there may well be leaks from the tank, this sudden increase of 1.8 Sieverts per hour is an enormously big doze that can probably kill somebody in 2 to 4 hours.

      Today there was another leak found at 1.7 Sieverts per hour in more or less the same place. This huge radiation increase, in my mind means something going on outside the tanks, some radioactive fission is occurring, like an open air reactor, if you like, under the ground. ”

      Today it’s up to 2.2 Sieverts per hour.

    • I think what Busby must mean is that contaminated water is bubbling up from the ground. He thinks the radiation is far too much to be coming from the tanks. And, if it is increasing in radioactivity, you would not expect the increase to be coming from the tanks. There would have to be criticalities in the tanks themselves.

      • I thought that by “outside the tanks, some radioactive fission is occurring, like an open air reactor, if you like, under the ground” meant that Busby had won the prize, and was the first of the-triumvirate-of-the-most-highly-lauded-“anti-nuke”-spokespeople-to-cover-up-the-reality-of-corium-fissioning-in-the-open-air to break down and finally be honest…

        …but if he is talking about “new” fissioning in the tanks, then he doesn’t get any prize.

        The official guidelines clearly state that the winner must refer to the original corium, in addition to subsequent additions.

        Helen and Arnie, you can still win.

  4. This is the ticket ~ Eyes Roll : |

    Japan Invests In Ice Wall To Halt Reactor Leaks
    The Japanese government has announced that it will spend $470 million on a subterranean ice wall and other steps in a desperate bid to stop leaks of radioactive water from the crippled Fukushima nuclear station after repeated failures by the plant’s operator. The decision is widely seen as an …

    • What if the coriums are miles down? They are still denying that there have been melt-throughs. Not only are they lying, they are wasting $470 million on useless PR that makes people think they are doing something.


      Radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant to be dumped into Pacific

      The head of Japan’s nuclear watchdog has flagged dumping radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific, but says the level of contamination in the water would be well within legal limits.

      Speaking to foreign reporters in Tokyo, the head of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, Shinichi Tanaka, said there may be no choice but to pump radioactive water from Fukushima into the sea.

      “I’m afraid that it is unavoidable to dump or release the water into the sea,” he said.

      But Mr Tanaka says most of the contamination would be removed first, meaning the radiation level in the water would be well below the legal limit.

      • Actually, AFAIK tritium can only be concentrated in an electrochemical half-cell.
        Funny thing is, they have tonnes of dissolved contaminants in storage tanks that one might figure could provide some “hole-movement” to power such processes.

        Beautiful quote from ELENEWS today concerning relaying facts of Fukushima to skeptics:

        Quoting EnoughAlready45:
        “Use the example of mercury contamination. It bioaccumulates too and people are more familiar with the idea of mercury contaminated fish, that the Mercury doesn’t dilute in the water. They just never really thought about it because there was no propaganda machine talking about mercury dilution.”

        • No one talks about mercury dilution in the ocean, so ppl are aware of mercury in fish, and don’t want to eat it… but they put it in vaccines, and shoot children and pregnant women with it, and it’s ok because there is a propaganda machine saying it’s all right to inject mercury into your blood.

          • During the H1N1 psy-op, i read the list of ingredients from one of Glaxo-Kline S&M’s “products” and finally after a few pages came to the conclusion:
            “Holy shit! that crap could really make me sick!”

            Never forget the last flu “innoculation” i received, i was sicker than a dog for a couple of weeks, despite not being out in public for weeks beforehand, and extremely limited exposure to people.

            At the time, i concluded “Holy shit! That crap made me sick!”

            For others, i relay my experience and advise “make an informed decision”.
            Don’t simply leave it up to your (pharma-buddy) physician.

            Things are a little different in Candu, er i mean Kanata.
            We have a medical system that is just so “welfare”.

            After a whole two to five minutes of condescending bullshit, I am left to feel so Black. “The sky is the limit, unless you are Black. In which case, the limit is the sky!” – Chris Rock

            By the way Doc, you know they have a protein test for that now.
            You really didn’t have to stick your whole hand up there, asshole!

            Good luck finding a true Christian Doctor!

  5. BREAKING… Fukushima Disaster Leaves Hundreds of Whales Radiated to Death

    > Reporting from the village of Fukushima I was shocked to find on my arrival that hundreds of whale carcasses were found along the beach early this morning which now extend up and down the shore as far as I can see.

    The scene is absolutely devastating especially since no word of this latest crisis has been reported to the Japanese people or to the rest of the world. In fact the Japanese government has remained silent about today’s latest events.

      • Well, we don’t know for certain.

        A decided lack of “boots on the ground” doesn’t help clarify things.
        It just underscores how poorly informed all of us are concerning any event in that particular region.

        Independent verification would go a long way towards avoiding this very kind of situation. Otherwise we are probably dependent upon the wrong people for intel.

        This whole situation is intolerable because of the lack of transparency.

  6. could the dark colored flow be due to the concrete type chemicals they injected to make the soil Harden? the ongoing acquifer makes it ridiculous to inject something into ground that has to ‘set.’

  7. TEPCO Knew Of Need For Groundwater Bypass In May 2011

    The US NRC’s hydrology experts told TEPCO in May of 2011 that they should install a groundwater bypass type system uphill of the reactors. TEPCO never acted on this until early 2013…

    This seems to indicate that the NRC knew the groundwater flows at the plant were contaminating the Pacific yet did nothing in the last 2.5 years to protest, inform the public or otherwise do the right thing on this issue. They too chose to keep TEPCO’s secret while the plant continued to push contaminated water to the sea.

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