Contaminated yogurt from New Zealand.

David, from South Korea, previously informed us in this blog about the discovery of contaminated goat milk from New Zealand. Security Tokyo has tested yogurt base from New Zealand, and has measured 0.37 Bq/kg of cesium-137 in it.

The yogurt manufacturer, EasiYo Products Ltd, states that:

“New Zealand is known globally as a clean green country, producing premium quality, wholesome food. We’re especially famous for our premium dairy products.

EasiYo Yogurt Bases are made with the finest quality milk powder available. Milk powder that’s derived from free range cows, grazing the most fertile pastures on our independant farms on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

This area is known locally as ‘Godzone’, because of its untouched natural beauty, and perfect farming climate.

We are very proud of this region, and it’s a primary reason our milk powder products are so special…

Our specialized, purpose-built plant in Auckland, New Zealand operates in a filter-cleaned atmosphere under positive pressure, which is humidity and temperature controlled.”

The yogurt was processed in a filtered atmosphere in New Zealand, so it is unlikely that the cesium was picked up in processing.

Dairy products in the southern part of the southern hemisphere are now contaminated with radiation.

Security Tokyo also found 1.2 Bq/kg of cesium-137 in maple sugar from Quebec, Canada.

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  1. Bobby1, Thank you so much for these. I have been very concerned about the Southern Hemisphere since I first saw the Youtube radiation readings from Brazil.

    The videos of mutated plants are particularly striking:

    Here is recent one of “cesium foam:”

    Do you think that this could be the result of Fukushima? How is Fukushima radiation so much higher in Brazil than I get on my geiger in California? I have not seen mutations like these.

    • NoNukes, it’s a global problem now. The results from Brazil are disturbing. Peter Daley’s Geiger readings from Australia are consistently 10-20% above normal, which may not seem like much, but shows that the radionuclides are slowly accumulating down there.

      Geiger counters don’t give you the whole story. Nuclides like strontium-90, iodine-131 are all or mostly beta emitters, and are much more dangerous than the small bump that shows up on Geigers. And alpha emitters like uranium and plutonium can’t accurately be inferred from these readings.

      It’s not all about the west coast anymore, Harrisonburg VA has been showing very high beta readings, but gamma is up only a little:

      The mid-Atlantic region might be the hardest-hit area of the US the last few months. It’s all about the gunk in the atmosphere going round and round the earth, and ending up wherever the chaos of the atmosphere leads it. It might be Brazil or Virginia or Siberia.

  2. That was surreal. Opening up your blog and seeing my name there first. Anyways, it’s a disheartening that to see that yogurtfrom New Zealand could be contaminated from Fukushima . I have a control sample of pre-Fukushima yogurt from that company. We will send it in testing momentarily. And I will let you know the results of the test as soon as I know it.
    The curious thing is why doesn’t the yogurt have Cesium 134. Is this contamination from bravo, 50 years ago?

    • David, thanks, testing the pre-Fuku yogurt is interesting and useful.

      I don’t think that the absence of Cs-134 means much. The amount of Cs-137 looks like it is near the limit of detection, and much of the 134 has decayed away by now. I don’t know the extent of the Bravo contamination of New Zealand, but 75% of the cesium is gone away by now.

    • Hi David, have you received results for your pre-Fukushima yoghurt test?

      NRL data from 2010 and earlier (which I checked and confirmed before Fukushima, so they haven’t changed it) indicates an extremely similar level of cesium in milk products from across the country due to nuclear testing fallout from 30 years ago. I have spoken to them multiple times about this and have received the 2012 report which shows no increase bar Chatham islands which is closer to the inter-tropical convergence zone in seasonal changes, so should receive more direct fallout initially. We had some terrifically bad nuclear tests down southern hemisphere islands by Americans, British and some less so by the French. Nothing like the amount and accidents sustained in northern hemisphere though.

      To put it in perspective that’s a breakdown every 3 seconds in a 1kg pack. Pretty damn low activity levels, even with bio accumulation. But yes anything can cause cancer so you might as well fast forever because that stuff is in practically everything made from the surface of this earth.

  3. This is not in the NZ media at all.
    This is insane.
    That’s 3.4 times the EPA limit for Cs137 in New Zealand’s milk supply?!

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