CTBTO data shows daily releases of iodine, barium & tellurium.

The CTBTO isotope measurement station at Takasaki, Japan (Japanese) is indicating radioactive iodine-131, barium-140 and tellurium-132 was being detected every day from Oct.1 – Oct.31. Previous reports (link here) show that officially, iodine has not been detected since July 2011, barium since May 2011, and tellurium since April 2011. Of course, iodine-131 has regularly been showing up in sewage sludge, as reported here and at Fukushima Diary. And Mochizuki is reporting that radioactivity in seawater has been increasing from early September to mid-October.

Tellurium-132 is produced by criticalities. It was the first isotope detected after the Japan earthquake, and it indicated that a meltdown was occurring. It decays into iodine-132. It is currently appearing at mid-April 2011 levels.

Barium-140 is a dangerous isotope. Its presence always means strontium-90 is also present, because both isotopes are released by the same physical process. It is being released at May 2011 levels.

Iodine-131 causes thyroid cancer and many other thyroid diseases. It was discussed earlier in this blog that 31 times as much (more dangerous) iodine-129 was being released than I-131. It is being released at June 2011 levels.

I had reported earlier in this comment on Sept. 24 that everyone without iodine sensitivity or allergy should start taking stable iodine. In this post on Oct. 24 I mentioned that I had started taking Lugol’s iodine on a daily basis. Looks like my canaryhood has been verified.

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  1. There is more iodine than usual in the SF Bay according to me, and the jet stream isn’t supposed to hit until later in the week, along with an unusual lighting storm.

  2. Bobby1,….yes Swami Canary,..you are my friend! πŸ™‚

    My bod is learning this internal language too. We have a storm that just touched down an hour ago,….and my air purifier awoke me again!.

    Saw my Specialist yesterday and asked for help with the fighting the candida. He’s testing all my ‘critters’ this next week,…and then scheduling an endoscopy with biopsy. I can’t believe I am trusting the Doctors again,…but he is so awesome and paternal towards me,…has been pulling for me for 8 years now. I simply had to let it all be known. I have the wasting disease now too,….and I’m YELLOW!
    If my liver is strong enough,…..I’ve decided to take heavy DRUGS to kill these F’ers!
    It’s them or me now! Think I’d rather die trying to kill them!

    All else is good though,…truly! My mind, soul, and heart have never been more content, satisfied, nor grateful.

    God is the wild card in all this,….:-) I must NOT forget that! πŸ™‚

    I love you all!


    • Jilly, be careful… a chemical assault on fungi might mess with your liver. The fungi will always be with you, but you need your liver to detoxify yourself!

      • Yes,…..I swear by my zapper and baking soda! And yes,…they are working nicely,…but I have a wonderful little ‘factory’ inside! (And business is good,….for THEM!) πŸ™

        I shall not give up 5 minutes before the miracle though,…decided to NOT get critters tested, nor submit to further testing (Thanks Boddy1).

  3. Yes Bobby,…BUT,…..and I hate ever using that word,…BUT,…I feel like this is a bloody possession! I want to jump off of the cliff like the swine did!

    Found a very simple radionuclide chart and link I’d like to share here. Finding it very helpful understanding isotopes and which emitters they have, etc.
    Here it is: http://www.epa.gov/rpdweb00/radionuclides/

    You are very right about my liver,…..especially with no gallbladder and a compromised pancreas. I haven’t talked to the Big Kahoona about this specifically yet,…He very well may exnA,…the plan to bring this to a head! I’m just done with facing these critters every F-ing day!

    Thanks for letting me DUMP!

    Please don’t judge the good Lord from my sunken stance,……I’m not myself these days. Off to pray! πŸ™‚


    • ok so Jill, we are ‘scared’, but we also want you to know that we understand that you have to make decisions for yourself, and you are pretty well educated. I also have to throw in the ‘please be careful’ as I am sure you are trying to be… maybe you are detoxifying too quickly and your liver needs time to unload. I am sure you have thought of all these things and more. We just don’t want you to jump into something you can’t undo. You are and have been a priceless friend and comrade to Bobby for quite some time. He has learned so much from you, cares deeply for you and surely doesn’t want to see you get ‘crazy’ with the doctors….do that praying, and lots of extra thinkin this thing thru, cuz often once you get on that train, ain’t no stops…..I pray for our Father’s guidance with this monumental decision , Lots of love from the East coast.

      • “I hear the chains Fallin’!” Did you see that BEAUTIFUL smile and cute chuckle when she first said she heard the chains falling! Loved this vgirl! Thank you so much for ‘special ministering’ I’m all back to myself now. Have decided it was just the evil one trying to snatch me away again. I’m so bloody diminished this time,….I almost fell for it! That’s why we need one another!

        I’m going to hunker down a while until my piss n’ vinegar shows back up,….I know it’s here somewhere! πŸ™‚

        I love you,

        • Jill, I can relate to wanting the f’ers out of you! I came home from work tonight and my dog gave me a kiss on the lips, and I wanted to scream and run back out the door, with the images that are now in my head, lol.

          More work for the Humaworm. πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to start it soon, but they say that you are only to do it for 30 days and rest for 60, I think. Have you taken a break? Maybe the helpful bacteria need to bounce back? We have 10 times more microbial cells than human cells, right? You know more than I do. πŸ™‚

          The testing sounds helpful, information is good. Please keep us posted, I want to hear how it is going!


          • Yes NoNukes,…actually, I think it is supposed to be a 90 day break. They sell pills for that period too,..called, “In-between pill’! Durrr.
            I am taking it all. Doing things to the letter of the law,…and then some. Yes vgirl,…too hard on the anti-fungals makes for a roaring bear! Not good!

            What a road we are on! πŸ™‚

        • Praise the Lord! and yes I did here her chuckle. Bubba and I heard that song for the first time on the radio on Sunday while taking a drive…

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  5. Taking iodine before release of radioactivity helps reduce exposure

    TOKYO (Kyodo) — A Japanese government affiliate said Friday that taking iodine tablets before large amounts of radioactive substances are released in the event of a nuclear plant disaster would help people living within 30 kilometers of the plant to protect their thyroids from excessive exposure.

    The analysis by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency also recommended that people within a 5 km-radius of the plant evacuate before the release of radioactive materials begins in such severe cases as that at the Fukushima Daiichi complex.

    The agency reported its assessment at a panel set up under the Nuclear Regulation Authority, the country’s nuclear regulatory body, hoping it will help local governments craft their own nuclear disaster mitigation plans based on guidelines compiled in the wake of the nuclear crisis.

    The guidelines feature special preparations for nuclear disasters for people living within a 30-km radius of nuclear plants.

    The analysis is based on the assumption that a 1.1 million kilowatt reactor releases radioactive substances at around the same level as those seen in the Fukushima disaster.

    The release of such massive amounts of radiation is presumed to start 27 hours after an emergency occurs at the plant and last for seven hours.

    According to the JAEA, the amount of radiation affecting people living within a 5-30 km radius may exceed International Atomic Energy Agency criteria for taking thyroid protection — 50 millisieverts in the first seven days — even if they stay indoors for two days before evacuating to outside the 30-km circle.

    But when taking iodine pills 12 hours before the release of radioactive substances, their exposure is expected to drop below the benchmark line.

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