Curium detected in Tochigi prefecture.

Enenews has a story about the detection of radioactive curium in Tochigi prefecture, 95 km from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Curium is a neutron emitter, it undergoes spontaneous fission. Neutron emitters make the chemical elements which come into contact with them radioactive. So if you eat some of this stuff, it is like having a little nuclear reactor in the cells of your body. Neutron radiation also is a factory for manufacturing simple radioactive elements like tritium and carbon-14, which affect plants as well as humans and animals.

The table attached here shows the spontaneous fission yields of these elements. Curium has a yield around 10,000 times the yield of plutonium-240, and 1,000,000,000 times that of plutonium-239. It hangs around for a long time, the spontaneous fission half-life being around 10 million years. Seeing this stuff at such a distance from the Fuku plant is really scary.

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  1. so, I hit the link to enenews. It seems after reading but just a few comments that ppl widely believe that the only thing to be concerned about is radioactive iodine. unbelievable….they are all ‘thyroid this, thyroid that’. Not that it is not a huge concern, but there are many many many others. Even those who ‘appear’ to be ‘on the ball’ fall miserably short, shorter than me, and I am only getting info from you Bobby. Well, strap yourself in and hold tight, cuz ‘it’s ON”. oh, and Happy Birthday.

      • Thanks, Majia & Shine. I don’t think curium is tied to plutonium, and anyway there is plutonium in all 3 reactors. There is just more of it in unit 3.

        The criticality in Oct 2011 was blamed on curium. Tepco said there wasn’t a criticality because the xenon came from curium, or something like that. And they said there was no iodine either… No doubt there is a whole witch’s brew of radionuclides that was released, many of which we don’t even know what they do.

  2. Happy Birthday, Bobby1! 🙂

    —| HAPPY |—-
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  3. Bubba and I heard the weird noises coming out of the pipes last night. There’s gonna be an earthquake somewhere soon.

    The first time I heard this was 90 minutes before the Japan earthquake in 2011. Heard it again before the New Year’s quake in Japan.

    • Hey, your ‘time’ isn’t set right for the time msgs go up. You probably knew that tho huh? Did it sound like it did the night before Fuku?

      • Yeah, I was in the bathroom and this loud belch came out of the bathtub… the shower curtain rippled from the air that came out. I first thought it was a rat or something in there. Went to bed, and woke up to the tsunami videos.

        There is a well in Virginia that is monitored, they use it to predict earthquakes. It is some pressure thing going on underground.

          • Wow Bubba,….the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! Praise God!

            Welcome aboard young man!
            You’re just what we needed.
            Your generation NEEDS you,….whether or not they, ‘live or die’, may very well depend on IF they hear this message!

            Heady stuff,…I know. You have just proven that you’re ready and up to the challenge!

            It shall be accounted to you. 🙂
            Plus,…you make your Mom and Dad so very, very proud,….which they BOTH so richly deserve!

            Be blessed Bubba!

            Jilly in Cali. (Durrrrr,…but I’m landlocked somewhat!) 🙂

            • Hey Jill! I accidentally posted with Bubba’s name. But I had him read your response. He wished his dad a Happy Birthday earlier. He knows how Bobby and I feel about him, but it is so nice for him to see that others SEE how we feel and let him know. He has carried, and is currently carrying his own cross. He is my hero.


              • hahaha it’s so funny to see Bobby sum up exactly what I said in about 4% of the words. And THAT’S where Bubba comes from, God bless his soul…

    • “Bobby1 on November 27, 2012 at 9:47 am said: Edit
      Bubba and I heard the weird noises coming out of the pipes last night. There’s gonna be an earthquake somewhere soon.”

      There it is. 10 days in advance.

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