Dr. Chris Busby: Entomb the reactors or have ‘Mad Max’ scenario.

Chris Busby is calling for sealing off the Fukushima reactors, since they are still releasing huge amounts of radionuclides. Cost is no object. I would say that the whole site needs to be entombed, since steam and smoke are coming out of fissures in the ground. Also a boronated concrete barrier needs to be built underground, to stop the leakage of corium into the groundwater and the sea.

Busby has also done tests on an air-conditioning filter in a Tokyo apartment (here and here), and has found huge amounts of cesium and uranium in it. Where there is uranium, there is plutonium too. These radionuclides are incredibly toxic.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Chris Busby: Entomb the reactors or have ‘Mad Max’ scenario.

  1. This is one of my favorite videos with Dr. Busby! In it, proceeding this clip, he starts with, “There needs to be criminal charges placed for crimes against humanity,…etc” To my knowledge, Busby was the first to say such a thing. Very courageous man! 🙂

    From his lips to God’s own ears, I say! 🙂

      • Bless you dogleg! I miss me there too! 🙂

        As you can see however,…nobody ‘went’ anywhere!

        So glad to see you here,….and I thankfully receive your salutations my friend! The feeling is quite mutual!

        BTW,…how are the wife and kids,…and all you adjusting to your BRAVE move?

    • Busby was calling for crimes against humanity trials even before Fuku. There also was a petition calling for these trials that was signed by French intellectuals, writers and scientists.

      Murder one person, you get the electric chair. Murder a billion, you get rich.

      • Boy, your last statement certainly is true! As “Whoopie” used to say, “Oh the horror of it!” Maybe if I pray hard enough she’ll come over here! 🙂

      • Here is the French declaration:


        International Appeal : Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Crimes Against Humanity

        The dropping of atomic bombs, and the “Chernobyl experience” were not only a crime against humanity but also something new: a crime against Nature, what we today would call an Ecocide. If the consciousness of such a systemic disaster for the ecosphere continues to be suppressed, it will not be without consequences for the future of humanity and the way history will be written.

        All this leads to a necessary conclusion: there is a need for an international tribunal to be set up, similar to the one created by Bertrand Russell, for judging atomic crimes against humanity that occurred at Chernobyl and elsewhere since August 6 1945, all the way to Fukushima, through Fallujah.

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