Dust from demolition of unit 4.

unit 4 demolitionThe JNN/TBS cam has displayed the demolition of walls in unit 4. A large amount of dust was generated by this operation. The concrete in these walls have been subject to neutron bombardment for the past 15 months. This makes the chemical elements in this material radioactive. The main isotopes to be found in this dust, among others, would include cobalt-60, europium-152 and -154, cesium-134, scandium-46, zinc-65, barium-133, and manganese-54.

Majia Nadesan has speculated that this operation was taped and shown at a later time. The Tepco cam showed no such activity at the time. So it is possible that the huge radiation spike in Fukushima prefecture on the 24th was due to dust from this operation. It is also possible that there was a criticality involved. Unit 2, which has been having rising hydrogen levels, has shown an increase in emissions of krypton-85. Professor Koide from Kyoto University warned about a re-criticality in the unit 2 corium on the 21st.

14 thoughts on “Dust from demolition of unit 4.

  1. My goodness Gracious,…what a duststorm THIS has become!
    The shills and double agents are all active,…..as is the TEPCO deception-nothing new there.

    My hat is off to those still in the ring,…..you are SO very NEEDED there. Especially now!

    Bobby1, majia, no nukes,…and a few others are correct-of course. These spikes are real, they are likely re-criticalities, and they DO harm and HAVE harmed people,…already! Many have died there in the last few days, the latest bombardment having pushed them over the edge. Had these folks been removed months ago,…given basic remediation, they would be alive today. They should be here,…but they are not.

    majia is correct in bringing this back to the children. Back to the lack of warnings or ANY shieldings of any sort! No one can tell us we are not seeing what we are seeing.

    No Nukes,….was it, “Toddlers on methamphetamine”? I’m still chuckling on that one!

    Just my two cents as always. Wanting you guys to know that I strongly believe in your posting over there,…not that what I think should matter, but I sense the need of so very many lurkers,…who need you (us), agree with you, and are just too scared or weakened to post! They have children,….they are making changes for the better. They are getting a better chance at making the ‘right answer’ to the choice the good Lord is putting before us all, Yes? Yes indeed! 🙂

    As Bobby1 so aptly said,…”God is love,…they hate that one!” 🙂

    Indeed they do. Let us give them some LOVE.

    • I don’t feel like indulging in debates at the board, or here either. My health has taken a nosedive… for me at least, things have gone past that point. Hopefully things will start clearing up, but I’ll have to get on prescription drugs for the skin symptoms otherwise, and I have been dreading that. I can’t be taking showers with symptoms like this, the radionuclides from the tap water will be going right into my blood.

        • I have an RO system, I guess I should start washing with that water. The clay may contain aluminum and I need to avoid heavy metals. I would only use it externally where I don’t have these lesions. Parts of my legs are solid red now. This stuff appears in a matter of hours, I never know one day to the next where it’s going to be.

      • Agreed Bobby1,…the time for debating is over.

        Tonight I came to the same conclusion on my true health picture. I accepted that it is too late for me to relocate to Fla., or anywhere else for that matter. My weight alone is an indicator. At 83 #’s,…and being 5’6″,..nearly bald and broke, the writing is on the wall. Now it is time for me to get my affairs in order and try to live as LOVING as humanly possible. Who knows,…..maybe He will come in the clouds before ‘we’ breath our last, eh Bobby1? 🙂

        I shall say a special prayer for you my friend.

        • Thank you Jill, I will pray for you too. I am 5’6″ too, I used to be 5’10″… scoliosis & ankylosing spondylitis. I’m sure that I will be shrinking faster now… what a trip this is.

          He may come in the clouds, or we may breathe our last and be with Him then… either way, all these problems will be forgotten. I had a mystical experience when my mom died… she had leukemia, probably from the same dose that nailed me in the womb. I’ll be happy to see her again after all these years.

          • Beautiful Bobby1,….your Mama and my Ashley Noel,….will indeed be our ‘welcoming party’! 🙂
            And you’re right,…however ‘it’ comes,….it is not to be feared I suppose. Trading in this clunky ol’e hunk of meat for our ageless/painless spiritual bodies,……sounds like a pretty great trade-up to me right about now too! 🙂

            On another note,…..read this from Yahoo finance,…tepco shareholders vote DOWN shutting any plants,….and they authorize another HUGE infusion of cash! http://finance.yahoo.com/news/tepco-shareholders-ok-12-6-064715372.html?l=1

    • Way cool Roxie,…..that’s a new one on me,….and I’m all into pH! (Love this!) 🙂

      I will buy some straight away!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, Bobby, and your Ashley Noel, StillJill.

    StillJill, you had me laughing up top (my apologies to the toddlers), but now you and Bobby have me in tears. You do cover it all, don’t you? Including an incredible job at LOVING, of course. I’m sorry, but you are both going to have to figure out ways to get better. What would we do without you? I ordered the EDTA. Neither one of you get to go anywhere!

    I am exhausted after the “dust up,” but I think it has more to do with the Iodine-131 yesterday than the shills. I say batten down the hatches, those downwind of CA, don’t skip your iodine supplement. My geiger never went over 42, so take this with a grain of salt. My thyroid hasn’t been bothered since the plane trip 6/10, and yesterday reminded me of it.

    Noah recommended this Zero filter for iodine in our water:

    I also saw this:

    I am skeptical, what do you all think?

    I am back looking at houses in Uruguay instead of arguing with Tepco cheerleaders.

    • “I am back looking at houses in Uruguay instead of arguing with Tepco cheerleaders”–Good choice NoNukes! One may KEEP you alive,….and the other may kill a person! (Mind over matter,….I no longer mind that they don’t matter!) 🙂

      Thanks so much majia! Today I feel all the good will! 🙂

      So plutonium is finally confirmed. That is a biggie! The truth may now leak out drip by drip.

      Thanks for all the love here guys,…..it heals! 🙂

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