Earthquakes today.

An earthquake of magnitude 7.3 hit offshore of Japan this morning (local time). Another earthquake, magnitude 6.3, hit the north island of New Zealand.

There is some indication of increased radiation levels in Japan. Of course Tepco and the Japanese government say everything is fine. They said that on 3/11/2011 too.

Wonder what is going on underground. My son and I heard the weird noises coming out of the pipes on Nov. 26. This has happened 3 times now, weird noises preceded a Japanese earthquake… before 3/11/2011, before 1/1/2012, and today’s earthquake. Another time, in April 2011, the noises went on for 24 hours. There was no major earthquake in Japan, but 4 months later there was a moderate earthquake in Virginia that shook the house pretty bad.

And for all of you who are saying that the Japanese earthquake, which occurred on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, is payback for them, consider that the traitor FDR deliberately allowed the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. I would go farther and say that FDR made a deal with Tojo, and he not only knew the attack was coming, but deliberately fomented the attack in advance. The motive was to have the US declare war on Germany.

EDIT: Fukushima Diary is reporting an increase of air pressure in reactor 1 of the Fukushima Daiini plant. They released air from this building. Who knows what is really happening.

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        • Been following for some time, my thought as it may well be drilling pipes that are in use going deep into the earth turning on hard rock and it’s starts to vibrate and the sound may come through the earth in areas that have ways to transmit the sound such as water stream or cracks in rocks and ground allowing the vibrations to be carried many miles, also this method may well increase the actual volume of the vibration causing the noise to intensify.
          Now I am sure the government has means to make sounds appear and be heard at will through it’s Blue Beam project that they have spent multiple billions on where can make entire cities appear out of nowhere, the government may use these to fool dumbed down masses to control them, as putting flying saucers in the sky with sounds and say a do things, even create the second coming so the people will obey what is told to them.
          Or God new the drilling would start doing this one day when some areas would be empty of oil with vase open spaces that would serve as echo chambers and allow some strange sounds as the earths crust move rock edges across each other with no oil to lubricate for it was stolen !

  1. His pipes may be the latest in earthquake prediction !
    Things as this do happen !

    Often when I try to tell that FDR story of facts, …people want to beat me up ! lol

    • The book Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnett is a product of 20 tears of research, and contains smoking-gun documents of this story. Stinnett himself thinks Roosevelt was justified… I know there is an argument for this, but it’s still treason. No doubt the US would have gone to war with Germany at some time anyway.

      The main point is that Pearl Harbor was used to manufacture consent for an unpopular war, which 90% of Americans opposed. It’s time to stop blaming the Japanese, and realize that geopolitics was going on then.

  2. And the earthquake happens on a weekend.

    Keep in mind that there are few there on the weekend.
    Well, off to the store to get a 6 month supply of bottled water.
    Hmmm, the air filtration system is down due to contamination from the making of the air filtration system. What to do about the air…..hmmm……

    I better make that year supply of bottled water……

      • We had a large snowfall in Korea yesterday and my four year old brought it up in the conversation. I mentioned that we should be careful…
        He responded by saying Yes, it’s dangerous!
        To which I replied, Why do you think so? (while thinking oh my poor son)
        He replied,” It’s cold!”

        We are going to party too! Right after church! lol

      • There is a storm that will move over Hokkaido.. some of the radiation will backtrack into Japan…looks like the rest of it will be in the usual places, Pacific Northwest, western Canada.

  3. “Swiss Ambassador Ambassador yuan Kohei Murata – failure of cooling water pump of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Unit 4 pool,”

    Swiss Ambassador Ambassador yuan Kohei Murata, just amazing information by e-mail was delivered. Concrete pool storing spent nuclear fuel of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Unit 4 has come sorely battered, sending a cooling water pump to fail, that are working secretly restoration. Confirm the following, we show the full text on the phone to the person in question Mr. Murata…

    convene emergency is applied for that 3 “… more, workers have a replacement pump hard, from the south side two or three days after the workers likely to take. Extraordinary (is [even at night] .) , and have been transported by helicopter…

    “likely to have become” a dangerous condition four more “concrete reinforcing the fuel storage pool of Unit 4 is show signs of wear and tattered, the story of a worker on the … is” so far …

    The following story of former ambassador Murata. “This information is sent everyone I was managing editor of a national newspaper Messrs. each, from the managing editor of NHK, the key persons in the major media. … All is silence” (Japanese)

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