Electrohypersensitivity from cell phones and cell towers.

This highly informative talk about the dangers of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation is from Prof. Magda Havas of Trent University. She summarizes the research done this area, about how cancer and illness is caused by this type of radiation emitted from cell phones, cell towers, baby monitors, wi-fi and smart meters.

Electrohypersensitivity is a central sensitivity disorder (see graphic) like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Pain signals are amplified in the central nervous system, and smaller and smaller amounts of the noxious stimulus are needed to created pain and discomfort. It’s like an amplifier, where the volume knob is turned up to 11. Fukushima radiation is potentiating this syndrome, as well as symptoms from all other toxic exposures that people are now increasingly receiving.

Killing Us Softly Everywhere With Radiation

18 thoughts on “Electrohypersensitivity from cell phones and cell towers.

  1. I’m having a hard time hearing the audio, what with that constant ringing in my ears.

    “No Biological Effect”, my arse. Somebody remind them of the Microwave Auditory Effect.

    The towers seemingly have exploded in number, presumably supporting all those Stupid Phones & stupid phone users! Would hate to have their hydro bill. Oh, forgot, “cost-of-doing-business”; taxpayer foots the bill. 🙁

  2. I wish I had never gotten a cell phone. I have heard of ppl just getting rid of them and going back to an old house phone. That would slow us down in a good way I think. Emergency use in a car would be nice tho. I have had times when I really needed it, at least to be safe. Sux.

    • I just use the cell phone in the car, I don’t have wi-fi at home (I use CAT6 cables). But I was using a DECT cordless phone, which is just as bad as a cell phone. I dug an old cordless phone out of the closet and am using that. I should probably go back to wired phones, though.

      • Whether it be a phone or a computer, wired systems are preferred by me over any form of wireless. Wired systems are generally faster and more secure than their wireless counterparts. Think of it in terms of “landline” versus “party-line”.

        Let your pocket AM Radio be a guide.

        Smile. 🙂 It confounds biometrics!
        Whistle. It can confound auto-dialing telemarketing systems!

      • You probably wouldn’t have to tell a pacemaker recipient twice about such technologies.

        Joe Pesci has an informative rant concerning cell phones (& drive-thrus).
        It can be summarized in three words. “They fuck you!”


  3. Fetal exposure to low frequency electric and magnetic

    To investigate the interaction of low frequency electric and magnetic fields with
    pregnant women and in particular with the fetus, an anatomical voxel model of
    an 89 kg woman at week 30 of pregnancy was developed. Intracorporal electric
    current density distributions due to exposure to homogeneous 50 Hz electric
    and magnetic fields were calculated and results were compared with basic
    restrictions recommended by ICNIRP guidelines. It could be shown that the
    basic restriction is met within the central nervous system (CNS) of the mother
    at exposure to reference level of either electric or magnetic fields. However,
    within the fetus the basic restriction is considerably exceeded. Revision of reference levels might be necessary.


  4. Health Canada Manipulates “Independent” Safety Review of Cell Phone Radiation, Former Microsoft President to Testify

    “We have uncovered documents that prove Health Canada is controlling the so-called ‘independent’ safety review by the Royal Society of Canada,” said Frank Clegg, now CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST). “Health Canada is ignoring the science that explains why some Canadians are getting sick from microwave radiation.”


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