Elevated TSH levels among California newborns after Fukushima.

Well, something is going on. Yesterday I went to two stores, and I actually went for a walk halfway around the shopping mall. I have not walked that much in two months. In fact, I hardly have been going out of the house at all more than once a week. I did pay for it today, with increased neurological symptoms.

But I decided the hell with it, I was going to do an analysis. I haven’t done any programming for four months, ever since the flu/M.E. nightmare started.

Let me tell you how important computer programming is to me. I started programming in 1971, when me and my friend Joel would sneak into the computer lab after hours in high school. They had a phone modem thingy. My first program was a computer baseball program written in BASIC. I picked up the language as I went along.

When I went to college, I learned FORTRAN by using punchcards. This ain’t easy. Punchcards are hardcore. They teach you to not make mistakes. This isn’t the touchy-feely BS they teach nowadays. I am a scientific programmer. I need speed and control.

I bought the original IBM PC in 1982. One of my first programs was an astrology program. I programmed the movement of the planets, any day for 1,000 years. I had to learn Bessel functions and that kind of stuff.

I have developed large database-driven systems for corporations. I have been invited to organize two major conference sessions in academic systems engineering. I have been wined and dined by corporate executives for a printing press scheduling program I wrote. (There is a story behind this. It goes into the inexplicable-things-that-have-happened-to-Bobby1 category. Not right now.)

So I have been always programming, for work, or for my own enjoyment or interests. Till I got sick.

Today, after four months, I was able to do an analysis. It just involved programming in VBA, nothing special. Though the data set was so large I had to expand MegaODA, so I had to find the program, expand its limits to 3 million observations, and recompile it in FORTRAN. I forgot if my computer had SSE4.1 on it, so I had to find and run CPU-Z to verify this.

This is like a marathon runner who suffers a devastating injury, and four months later, is able to take a few halting steps, while everyone applauds. Except nobody is applauding. I have a warm feeling in my heart, that’s all.


Oh, and by the way, this is the most significant result yet on American patients’ health in relation to Fukushima. It is more significant than my 2011 mortality study.

The data came from the Genetic Disease Screening Program at the California Department of Public Health. These are TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels of California newborns for the period 2009-2012. Mangano, Sherman, and Busby used this same dataset for their paper on congenital hypothyroidism which was incomprehensibly botched. Dr. Yarnold and I made comments on this paper here.

While Mangano et al. created arbitrary classifications of hypothyroidism, which are not used in practice, these results reflect TSH levels before and after Fuku. TSH is implicated in many diseases, not just hypothyroidism. It affects the entire hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid axis. For one thing, increased TSH levels cause the newborn to absorb more iodine-131 than average TSH newborns would.

This is also important because it involves the effect of all species of radioisotopes, I-131, Cs-137, Pu-239, etc. etc. We don’t know if only I-131 affects newborns, in fact Dr. Bandazhevsky has shown that Cs-137 affects thyroids too.

The data have been split up into three seasons:

1. January 1 – March 16
2. March 17 – June 30
3. July 1 – December 31

It involves virtually the entire population of California newborns for the years 2009-2012.

AFTERFUK is an indicator variable, which equals 1 if the birth was after Fukushima, and 0 otherwise. “IF 4.5 < TSH THEN AFTERFUK = 1" means than if TSH is greater than 4.5 (actually 4.99 in the original data), then the newborn is classified as being born after Fukushima. ODA uses maximum-accuracy classification - no model of this form achieves higher classification accuracy. No distributional assumptions are involved. All three seasons, and the combined data also, show increased TSH levels after Fukushima, and all are statistically significant by two-tailed UniODA at the p<.01 level. The ESS levels vary from 3.90% to 8.02%. The effect is weak, but I am not a thyroid doctor. Since over two million newborns are involved, even a small effect has consequences for many newborns. I would think that something that would affect even 100 newborns is a big huge deal.

Analysis for January 1 – March 16.

Analysis for March 17 – June 30.

Analysis for July 1 – December 31.

Analysis for the combined seasons.

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    Bravo! Muy Bien!

    You still got it, Baby!


    We,…the Cosmos,…loves you, and owes you a debt of gratitude Bobby1!

    • Was introduced to the idea of cancer as a young boy in Ontario as i watched a one-legged man named Terry Fox running his Marathon Of Hope.
      Years later, witnessed the controversial Steve Fonyo run by on his Journey for Lives Marathon .
      Within a couple of years Rick Hansen wheeled his way through town for his Man In Motion World Tour for spinal cord injury sufferers.

      Quote: “Hansen was noted as “the driving force” in the development of the 48 million dollars raised for the International Collaboration of Repair Discoveries (ICORD), an information network designed to track and record “best practices” in spinal cord treatment across the country and internationally. ICORD also maintains the Rick Hansen Spinal Cord Injury Registry, allowing doctors and experts across the country to share vital information on what works and what doesn’t for specific kinds of spinal cord injuries.[12]”
      http://icord.org/ (no info on myalgic encephalomyelitis ??? – “captured” agency?)

      Like those three previously mentioned, you have courage.
      I think you are “running” a new marathon of Hope, of a sort.
      People need Hope.

      Quote: “A very special lady is near death. Her name is Brooke. She has M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis). When she knew she was going to die from this disease, she decided, at the beginning of this year, to document her experience in a new blog titled, “Documenting M.E.“”
      [ http://documentingme.net/2014/01/31/me-vs-cfs-theyre-not-the-same/ ]

      “It has been quite an experience to read her posts. They took all the sparse strength she had. Her Mom supported her decision to do this. She no longer has the strength to post on her blog, but her Mom has promised to alert her followers as to her condition, or death.

      A very brave and courageous young woman.”

      I applaud you sir as i applaud Brooke.

      Quote: “Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) is a debilitating neurological disease which has been recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) since 1969 as a distinct organic neurological disorder. M.E. is classified in the current WHO International Classification of Diseases with the neurological code G.93.3.

      It can occur in both epidemic and sporadic forms, over 60 outbreaks of M.E. have been recorded worldwide since 1934.

      M.E. is similar in a number of significant ways to illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, Lupus and Poliomyelitis (polio). Earlier names for M.E. were ‘atypical multiple sclerosis’ and ‘atypical polio.’

      What defines M.E. is a specific type of acutely acquired damage to the brain (the central nervous system) caused by a virus; an enterovirus. The term M.E. was coined in 1956 and means: My = muscle, Algic = pain, Encephalo = brain, Mye = spinal cord, Itis = inflammation. This neurological damage has been confirmed in autopsies of M.E. patients.

      M.E. affects all vital bodily systems and causes an inability to maintain bodily homeostasis. ”

      quoted from: http://www.ahummingbirdsguide.com/

    • Thanks Majia. I haven’t been able to work for 4 months. I made baby steps here. The worst of the symptoms haven’t appeared for 2 weeks.

      Personal relationships are starting to get strained though. Both mental and physical exertion bring on symptoms. The harder you try, the sicker you get. There is a Zen (or Taoist, Christian) aspect of this. Doing by not doing.

  2. Did your high school have the bare-bones Teletype Model 33 or the deluxe one with the tape punch and reader? The tape ones used that new-fangled 8-bit ASCII encoding. Did that ever catch on?

    • It was a long time ago… I remember the teletype, and not much else. Joel had a teletype in his basement, too, but it was connected to the wire services. He had a pretty sophisticated journalistic setup down there.

  3. Yes Bobby1,…the mind (Zen Mentality) is helping me tremendously also.

    Like the guys who rake sand all day,….into smooth, little swirls.

    I could still DO that! 🙂

    I love you Brother,…Yes,…personal relationships are all ‘land mines’ for me these days as well!

    No one ever said dying was easy. And, they sure as hell didn’t consider when you’re MURDERED slowly, COVERTLY,….but you FIND OUT anyway!

    Now did they?

    Certainly not!


    I love you all! Suffer on Brave, Little Soldiers!

  4. Now is the time. what’s that verse? “You receive not because you ask not?” Is there such a verse in the bible, I think there is? Jill, Bobby, you guys are the bible scholars, help me out here! And yeah, now is the time. Actually, it was about four months ago according to this blog post.

    Folks, I’m just gonna get frank. Bobby1 needs monetary support. I myself am going to help Bobby to seek out all sorts of alternatives while he recovers, and he WILL recover, at least to a much more functional degree, from this initial onset of M.E. . In the mean time, he needs assistance. For all he has done for you, please, those who can, and I stress, those that CAN, please help him out. I am here to assure all of you that he is VERY conservative with his spending and anything gifted to him will be spent only on bare necessities, I should know, I was married to him for awhile. Boy that sounded bad Bobby, like you are a tight-wad! That is not the case at all, we are both just frugal and non-materialistic. That’s what I meant! Paypal can be a crook, so cashier’s checks, personal checks, whatever, would be most helpful.

    PLEASE do not give if you are at all struggling, God will raise up those who have surplus, even if it’s just a little. Bobby, starting tomorrow we will begin our search on how to iron out this dilemma from our end. Thanks everyone, I know that Bobby is well-loved. Any who can give, thank you so much, and if you can or can’t, your prayers are so very valuable. Specific prayer requests would be that we have productive ideas about how to generate income and improve Bobby’s health simultaneously. Also for fast-tracking the maturing of our son so that he may be more of a help to us as we weather this storm, and as he himself embarks on a whole new adventure called public school in about three weeks. Thank you all so much for reading this, and sticking with Bobby since the beginning. Praise the Lord, thank You Jesus.

    • “how to generate income”?

      Conscript this volunteer, and others so willing though not well endowed financially; consider the possibility of using our labors.

      Would love to be a “node” in a team.
      T.E.A.M.=Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

  5. Bobby1, vgirl: Just one thought….Affiliate ads for Fuk-related products. Amazon sells radiation meters, face masks, potassium iodide, you name it. Commissions add up, and they come out of Amazon’s deep pockets for purcases up to month after a click

  6. Yeah, we’re all just real people, facing a very real threat. I think adverts for natural health products and other related solutions is a terrific idea!! 🙂

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