Enormous increase of cesium-137 in white rockfish.

From Matufuji’s twitter stream, we are informed that 320,000 Bq/kg of cesium (combined 134 and 137) has been found in Shiromebaru, or white rockfish. This information comes from Tepco as a pdf.

According to Fukushima Diary, the previous highest levels of cesium did not exceed 3,200 Bq/kg found in July 2011. As the above graph indicates, this latest levels, which were from analyses in May 2013, are 100 times higher than this.

The highest concentrations of cesium from Chernobyl fish that I have been able to find were on the order of 25,000 Bq/kg. This was in a small, shallow, marshy lake in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, not the largest ocean on earth.

Tepco continues to deal with this situation with duct tape and baling wire. No response from the UN, the US, or the world. Who knows how long this exponential increase in ocean contamination will continue.

Previously, I have spoken of the role of sea salt aerosol production in the transfer of ocean-borne radionuclides to land and to rainfall. Much of the cesium and strontium will end up in the atmosphere, and also eventually the contamination will spread to other oceans.

And the US continues to import Japanese fish. Seafood that exceeds the Japanese radiation limit will end up in grocery stores in the US, due to the new PAGs from the EPA that relax radiation limits in US food to irrelevancy.

The following image is from Stanley Kubrick’s classic film Dr. Strangelove. Gen. Turgidson has learned that Gen. Ripper has ordered a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, and he makes a suggestion to his secretary/girlfriend.

“Listen, Shug – don’t forget to say your prayers.”

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    • Gail, radionuclides get resuspended in the air after fires, plowing, construction, etc. They don’t go away.

      After Chernobyl, strontium-90 levels in a certain river watershed started rising again in the late 90s. Chernobyl burned for 11 days in 1986. Radioactive contaminants keep popping back up. Microorganisms don’t break them down like they break down many organic pollutants. This is because this occurs on the atomic level. You have to wait for radioactive decay.

  1. As frighteningly scarey the concept of that movie was,
    I learned to love it! 😛

    Do i love “the Bill Of Materials Barbeque”?
    Only inasmuch as one could love
    a hickey on a hemorrhoid!

    Could someone pass the liquid nitrogen, please?
    I sense Tepco has trampled it’s elongated form!
    More than once, to add insult to injury,
    even though it cannot be proven
    beyond a reasonable doubt
    in a court of law.

    Ouch! It still hurts.

    No absence of evidence
    can ever be considered
    evidence of absence,
    in any reasonable
    court of common-sense.

    I’d call Tepco “assholes”,
    yet an asshole is useful for something,
    unlike the aforementioned.

    They are rapidly turning this wonderful creation
    into Gehenna – a garbage dump, it would seem. (among others)

    Their time will come.

    I see what little future they must have
    as a footstool. A house of nothing.
    How pitiful.

    Hi folks! Long time, no speak.
    I apologize. Missed you all; Still Jilly, V”grrl” & Bobby! 😛

    Hang in there. YHVH preserves. I know you know.
    We just need to hear it once in a while.
    Too easy to get overtaken in bitterness by these otherwise intolerable situations.

    Peace & Love.

  2. Reading ENE seems confirmation of the elevated levels of RadioCesium in white Rockfish. [Not Radiation Effect – Bologna!]

    Rest in Peace Masao Yoshida. You stuck it out and looked out for your subordinates and have now paid the ultimate price. [saying “Not Radiation Effect” is like POHG!] Better yet, may heaven put you to work rightfully kicking some ass! Especially the one’s POHG.

    Sim sala bim! – Carnac the Magnificent aka Johnny Carson

  3. Groundwater of cesium 90 times well, zoom in three days
     By the problem that is detected tritium and strontium of the high concentration of underground water collected in the sea side of the Fukushima Daiichi Units 1 and 2 turbine building, the 9th, TEPCO 8 from observation wells of about 25 meters from the seawall I announced from underground water that has collected on the day, radioactive cesium of high concentration corresponding to approximately 90 times the highest value so far has been detected. 9000 becquerels per liter, cesium-137 was the same 18 000 becquerel is cesium 134 detected value.
     TEPCO has a “do not know why” that the cesium concentration rises rapidly in the three days since the last inspection. The re-inspection as there is a possibility that the only mud that contains cesium mixed in groundwater. Policy also rush the implementation of pollution prevention measures, such as ground improvement of the seawall.
    (Fukushima people friend News July 10 2013)

    http://www.minyu-net.com/news/news/0710/news10.html (Japanese)

    I wish I could read Japanese. Is this saying there is twice as much cesium-134 as 137? If so, we have a massive continuous criticality going on at the plant.

    • A problem has been detected radioactive substances in high concentration in the observation wells of the sea side of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant site, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission leak in the ground is contaminated water “high concentration at a regular meeting of the 10th , I have acknowledged that the diffusion to the ocean is going on with “strongly suspected.

      Regulatory Committee “suspected contaminated water, marine diffusion” cesium rise of the first nuclear power plant has been pointed out 

      Regulatory Commission, pointed out that “the question” he said in explanation of the Tokyo Electric Power Company to a source of contamination is a hole of work for Unit 2 near there was a leak of contaminated water very high concentration in April 2011. Matches in the view that there is a need to identify as soon as possible source of contamination. Shunichi Tanaka, chairman said, “necessary to clarify the cause and take action in the highest priority” he said.

      http://sankei.jp.msn.com/affairs/news/130710/dst13071012150012-n1.htm (Japanese)

      Even the nuke sociopaths are freaking out.

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