Enormous radiation spike in Fukushima prefecture.

Radiation spikeA huge radiation spike of 20,557 uSv/hr occurred today at a high school in Fukushima prefecture, east of Koriyama. This is crazy stuff. The Indiana radiation spike a few weeks ago was on the order of 40 uSv/hr, by comparison. It is not even in an evacuation zone. What a crime against humanity that this area has not been evacuated.

Early in the morning, there was an apparent criticality at the Fukushima plant (check at 0:16). This wind was blowing east to west, and the school is directly west of the plant.

Heads up for later in the week on the west coast (especially Pacific Northwest) for this plume or remnants of it. Lethal. I hope it was a malfunction in the radiation detector.

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  1. for reals, Pray that my daughter can make it OFF of the west coast of the US on the 1st of July as previously ‘promised’ by the Army…. They will not give her an exit date, but says it’s ‘probably’ July 1st, seriously folks? At least she is not in the extreme northwest. but close enough for me to be concerned.

        • dude, i think you must have some time settings on this blog wrong because your time is not correct. It looks like you are on mountain time, and I am on eastern standard….I am searching for masks and will overnight one to her if she agrees to wear it….

    • n95 masks can sometimes be found at wall mart. in our pdf gallery at prizm.org you will find a checklist for emergency situation. there is also a link on home page for live jet stream and good reasonable Geiger counters.

  2. How can anyone in Fukushima (or downwind) survive this?

    Vgirl, I hope that your daughter leaves by July 1. If she is in Southern CA, it looks much better than up north. If this plume can make it here by Tuesday, the SF Bay is a bullseye. I thought of driving my daughter to Disneyland tomorrow.

    • hey Nonukes! ya, she is in Monterey, south of San Fran, i just got word from her that they told her she is to get out on June 29 thereby ‘screwing her out of her paycheck for two weeks’? And then have to buy a plane ticket for like the next day or two…. I am confused, I don’t care, I told her we got her rear-end, just tell me when she is dismissed.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for posting this information for us in the PAC NW..I am in Seattle. This doesn’t look good. How do I find a link to that chart site you have posted here..

    Again, thank you for this blog.

    • You noticed that too? This has been going on for some time… look at the topic selection, the endless hawking of Gundersen.

      It’s a pro-nuke board in anti-nuke clothing.

      Boards with that much traffic in them are worth significant $$$ to the owner, if he or she chose to cash in.

      • The propaganda is overwhelming.

        nearly every form of communication is subverted by it.

        I find that few people even respond to my posts; but I hope your blog, mine, potrblog and others subvert the “mind control”


    • Lol, I felt like I had stumbled onto some used car lot on that thread!

      You both handled it brilliantly, though. It is important to keep on posting, to have the truth stated for those who will be reading.

      You are loved, and “love is the only power.”

      Go team!

  4. forgive me everyone, i am from the era of ‘chat rooms’. I just want to thank Bobby for spending every possible waking hour in the last year/15 months to studying this for us so that we can possibly find some way to lessen the horror and suffering we will all endure as a result of this Fukushima tragedy. We love you tremendously Bobby. Thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts, and I know all will agree.. thank you so so much father of our precious Bubba…and Morgan AND Paje….in the spiritual sense. which they feel beyond measure, they speak so highly of you………. 🙂

  5. There was a demolition of unit 4’s upper levels this afternoon (monday) on the TBS webcam.

    After watching it awhile I’m convinced it was not live. It happened too quickly and the ocean did not look right.

    If this demolition happened yesterday or the day before that it could have been what caused the huge radiation spike because the dust coming from the demolition was tremendous.

    Someone at enenews suggested they were using a plasma blade or something like that. It would explain the flares of light that occurred when the crane contacted the building at times.


    The people in Japan were not warned. we will not be warned either if it gets carried our way.

    • majia, that makes sense. The Tepco cam was not showing the same thing. The dust would be radioactive from all the neutrons hitting the construction material for 15 months… I wonder what isotopes were in it, something exotic and deadly, I suppose.

      I’m sure there will be very bad plumes starting late in the week through next week.

  6. Thank you Bobby1. This site serves the clarity in thought that has gone missing on EN. It is comforting to be in such united company.

    • I agree with shinethelight! 🙂

      Feels right ‘homey’ here!

      I hope and pray all my friends are doing detoxes by now. Keep it simple until you’ve formed a ‘habit’, be it a bath soak every other day,..( baking soda, epsom salt, and MSM powder),….drinking clay EACH morning and night,….or using one of the better formulated detoxes. If nothing else,…please purchase pH tape and test twice a day. If you are not STAYING in the dark green, blue, or purple range,…you are loosing ground. Remember the baking soda each morning,…it WILL return you to alkaline! You WILL feel better, and your alkaline channels will be open to help you move these ‘nasties’ out! Pretty please? 🙂

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