Excess deaths in the US in 2011 after Fukushima.

Excess deaths in the US

Excess mortality in the US derived from CDC data.

A pdf containing ongoing reports of mortality in 2011 is available here.

Beta Radiation in the United States Following the Fukushima Disaster
is here.

One thought on “Excess deaths in the US in 2011 after Fukushima.

  1. I have been looking at the excess death data for 2012. Just from looking at it, it looks like it (whoops, total since Fuku) will come out to 100,000 or so… that means the “real” deaths would be around 150,000.

    But I don’t think I have the time and energy to do this properly. It would take a long time. I can’t believe I was doing this once a week in 2011. My health has nosedived, especially since May. Plus I don’t trust the CDC anymore to provide accurate data, especially since they have the largest radiation-detecting lab in the US, and haven’t said one word about food contamination. We’ll see… by the way, Joe Mangano is now reporting 22,000 excess deaths in the US in the 14 weeks after Fuku, he previously had it at 14,000. This is more than I had in this time frame.

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