External radiation danger from GAC filters in RO systems.

With Chris Busby’s discovery of large amounts of uranium in a Tokyo air conditioning filter, and the detection of uranium in sardines caught off the Japanese coast, it is likely that uranium and its radon daughter products are contaminating many tap water systems in the US. This is in addition to naturally occurring radon in the water.

Reverse osmosis systems are a popular method for purifying water in homes. These system usually utilize 2 or 3 GAC (activated carbon) filters to remove gases like chlorine. They are also an efficient way to remove radon from tap water.

According to this pdf from the Maine radiation control program, radioactive lead-210, a long-lived isotope, accumulates in the filter. Eventually it is considered to be nuclear waste. The filter may still be operating at high efficiency, but external radiation will be emitted from it, causing a health hazard.

The filters should be changed frequently, or shielding like bricks or lead foil should be placed around the RO system to block the gamma radiation.

13 thoughts on “External radiation danger from GAC filters in RO systems.

  1. Levels in US appear to be going up.

    Many people i know on the west coast, AZ, Colorado, and Minnesota are reporting a sense that their heart or lungs are tightening.

    Most of these people have gone to the hospital and had full cardiac work-ups with NO positive results on any of the tests.

    Could it be cesium?

    Last spring it was widespread stomach problems. Now it is this inexplicable tightening.

    In my family everyone’s muscles ache. I have no idea whether this phenomenon is widespread. We are active physically and are used to routine exercise. Why are we so achy all of a sudden?

    I had blood work done recently. Everything was normal except for my cortisol levels, which are above the normal range. No good explanation why.

    The levels that I see rising now are the same ones I cited in my presentation.

    I am worried.

    1/2 of all cesium-137 that was ever released previously stored at Fukushima – was stored at Fukushima….

    • My son had to leave his kickball game because of muscle pain last week.

      It could be cesium… but also there was a tremendous amount of krypton-85 released from the criticality a few weeks ago.

      The ache could also be from rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia developing from damage to the immune system.

      • Well, he took four Herbal CA (Nature’s Sunshine) and reported relief. It is designed to assist the body in utilizing calcium. His diet is really decent compared to any other kid his age and there is no real reason for him to have not been absorbing calcium properly. This seemed to me more like an adult thing, altho he has had quite a few health issues since he was 5 that are also un-childlike. Here’s to hopin it is not anything wild.

  2. My mother-in-law is currently in the hospital for tightness in the chest to outright pain for the last few days. She had radiation treatment last year and chemo :(.
    They also cracked open her ribs to remove a speck of cancer. She’s 70. What is
    wrong with these doctors? Leave her alone.

      • Sorry to hear about your son, Vgirl and Bobby1, mother-in-law Vgirl, and your friends and relatives, majia. I have had muscle pain, too, and didn’t connect it with cesium, will take more pectin. Noah said that he was taking at least 8 capsules with every meal, and I am not taking anything like that.

        I was just looking into Strontium 90, and found that sodium alginate from brown kelp provides surprisingly effective protection. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good supplier?

        “Na alginate from S. siliquastrum was proven to be a potent agent for reducing Sr absorption, with high efficiency and virtually no toxicity. It reduced the body burden of strontium 3.3-4.2 fold in rats. Strontium absorption in human subjects was reduced by 78% (+/- 8.9) or completely suppressed the increase of serum Sr at 2 h after ingestion of stable Sr in volunteers and decrease 24 h urine Sr to similar extent. No undesirable effects on gastrointestinal function was observed nor were Ca, Fe, Cu and Zn metabolism changed, both in the animal experiments and in human. It was concluded that alginate preparations derived from Sargassum species are a suitable antidote against radiostrontium absorption on a long-term basis, when added to bread at a 6% level.”

        Also, came across this:
        “At this very moment, on this day you’re reading this, America’s wheat is still the most radioactive food source and milk is still contaminated with strontium-90. In the late 1980s, a scientist found a maximum measurement of 67 strontium units detected in whole grain products in the U.S. It contained the highest concentration of strontium-90 among all food groups tested. If you bought a 1 kilogram loaf of whole wheat bread at this level of contamination and you cooked it to a crisp in an oven and mixed the ashes into a liter of water, that liter of water would be more than 8 times the radiation limit set by the EPA. ”

        So, is the explosion of allergies our bodies’ reaction to the radiation in the wheat and the dairy? Is this why the GFCF diet is effective for kids with autism and others? Our bodies are reacting to the radiation in wheat and dairy, etc.?

        • All I know is the alginate “made in USA” that I took was horrendous. You’ve gotta go with Europe or southern hemisphere, I think.

          Wheat absorbs a lot of strontium for some reason, and we all know about milk.

    • oops I was wrong here, she did not receive radiation treatment for the cancer, but the did break her ribs, etc to get to the tiny speck. And then chemo’d her good.

  3. Gee, I just realized something. I’ve had this plantar wart and heel spur on my left foot since May. The other warts have gone away.

    When I wash the dishes, my left foot is right next to the GAC filters in the RO system. And it seems like I spend an inordinate amount of time washing the dishes these days.

  4. It really can be as simple as that,…exposure wise!

    I too,….have dishpan hands! Daydreaming out the kitchen window,….with my hands in sudsy water is something I seem to do every four to five hours also!

    That’s what ‘we’ get for being the ‘Chief cook and bottle washers’! 🙂

    And, ‘we’ love it! Don’t we!?!


    • I’ve been wearing gloves for washing dishes for almost a year now. I got red bumps all over my hands before I did this. Now I’ve got just one, below the line where the gloves extend to.

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