Freedom of speech ends in Britain.

Age of Autism is reporting:

On Monday the three main British political parties came to an agreement to create a Royal Charter for press regulation based on the recommendations of Lord Leveson, which also hints at draconian powers over the internet which may extend across national borders. Inevitably, at the table in the small an hours of Sunday night was the shadowy lobby organisation Hacked Off, which had pretended to act as public watchdog at the Leveson Inquiry while representing powerful global interests , meanwhile including as an adviser the pharmaceutically aligned former Member of Parliament Dr Evan Harris, who collaborated with Brian Deer on his “MMR investigation” . The implication of the charter in its draft form is that it may even attempt to control what is said about British concerns by British citizens on foreign websites, with the threat of legal retribution. The key clause comes in Schedule 4 (1b) (Page 21) :

“relevant publisher” means a person (other than a broadcaster) who publishes in the United Kingdom:

i. a newspaper or magazine containing news-related material, or
ii. a website containing news-related material (whether or not related to a newspaper or magazine)”

If this happened powers could plausibly be used to limit informed comment on such things as the vaccine programme and the causes of the autism epidemic according to bureaucratic consensus, as we have already seen effectively happens in the British media for the most part without statutory controls, and as is also now being threatened in Australia.

Also, the Daily Mail is reporting that:

  • Press watchdog to cover websites even if not connected to newspaper
  • Foreign sites targeting UK audiences could face huge damages for abuses
  • Lawyers say bloggers could also be affected but Government says no
  • Full details on how internet is affected ‘still to be confirmed’, MPs say
  • Turmoil as Press signals it will not sign up to new regulatory scheme
  • Foreign sites that “target” UK audiences could be sued out of existence. This would include any sites that feature global environmental issues, such as this one.

    I just wanted to remind everyone that the USA went to war twice against these redcoat bastards.

    God save the Queen, she ain’t no human being

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