Fuku+4. Cancer rates start taking off.

The 4-year anniversary of the catastrophe at the Fukushima Daiichi is upon us. Radioactive emissions into the air and the Pacific Ocean continue, as they apparently will for centuries or millenia.

Radioactive contamination of air, water, and food is causing and will continue to cause cancer, heart disease, and all immune-related disease, including neurological disease, indefinitely.

But there is a latency period, or time lag, between initial radiation exposure and the development of these diseases. This document, issued by the World Trade Center Health Program, officially determines the minimum latency of types of cancers subsequent to the 9/11 disaster in 2001. This determination was stipulated by Congress after the passage of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010.

The assessment of minimum latency periods for various types or categories of cancer is straightforward when exposures occur at a single point in time or regularly. However, most human exposures to carcinogens vary significantly over time, making a precise determination of minimum latency periods difficult… Therefore, the Administrator derived minimum latency estimates using several methods based on the best available scientific evidence for each type or category of cancer considered…

4B: Estimates of cancer latency obtained from statistical models used to estimate the lifetime risk of low-level ionizing radiation-related cancers.

The use of a radiation-induced cancer latency estimate is supported by scientific literature indicating shared mechanisms of carcinogenesis that apply to most solid tumors. Furthermore, cancers that may develop as a result of radiation exposure are indistinguishable from those that occur as a result of exposure to other carcinogens.

If multiple estimates of minimum latency based on statistical modeling in epidemiologic studies were available in the scientific literature, the Administrator’s policy is to resolve any uncertainties inherent in this method [Latency Method 4] in favor of the WTC Health Program member by selecting the shortest latency period…

For solid cancers as a group, an estimate of minimum latency of 4 years is available from statistical modeling of risk between exposure to low-level ionizing radiation and solid cancers [Latency Method 4B].

So cancer latency associated with 9/11 dust is the same as cancer latency associated with Fukushima radiation.

The Administrator has selected minimum latencies for the following five types or categories of cancer:

(1) Mesothelioma — 11 years;
(2) All solid cancers (other than mesothelioma, lymphoproliferative, thyroid, and childhood cancers) — 4 years;
(3) Lymphoproliferative and hematopoietic cancers (including all types of leukemia and lymphoma) — 0.4 years (146 days);
(4) Thyroid cancer — 2.5 years; and
(5) Childhood cancers (other than lymphoproliferative and hematopoietic cancers) — 1 year.

So leukemia and lymphoma started developing in some people a few months after 3/11/11. I’m thinking here of Kevin Blanch, who developed AML leukemia in this time frame… though there are many others.

All other childhood cancers (20 years old or less) started developing in March 2012.

Thyroid cancer in adults started developing in September 2013.

All solid cancers in adults start developing NOW.

Solid cancers are all cancers involving solid tumors like breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, etc.

There is nothing hard and fast about this. Some people have developed cancer already, before this minimum latency period. But this is an official number that was developed as a result of a trade-off. These minimum latencies are in stark contrast to latencies of 5, 10, 20 years that are used in medical literature, and skew results to the pro-nuclear side.

But the Fuku+4 point is significant, not just for minimum latencies, but for the point when certain cancer rates start accelerating. Thyroid cancer in Chernobyl children started taking off at the Chernobyl+4 point.

Sickness in general, among Chernobyl liquidators and their children, also significantly rose at the Chernobyl+4 point. This is very simple, the subject is either sick (from anything), or not. The rise in the sickness rates of the children show that this phenomenon was not due to aging.

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  1. Thanks for all of your amazing work since 3/11, Bobby1. Your graphics always knock the wind out of me, showcasing the brutality of the nuclear industry/war machine as they do so well.

  2. Thank you! Yhou will be named a saint after 20 generations when people face the deformities making visible the chromosomal instability. (I do not understand medical terminology, but for some reason I am fine with imaginining body functions and structural peculiarities). Can I add somethings here:
    1. There are rare fast developing cancers and they start in the first year. (I have seen this reported by Ukrainian doctors in a video, and people at ENENEWS report such cases),
    2. Mothers with radiation burden pass the vulnerability to their children in a form of alergies, abnormal hormonal functions, low energy levevels, infertility, early cancers, fluctuating immune function.(I live in a country whrere 2/3 of radiation exposure comes from incorporated rdionuclides).
    3. The spead of radionuclides evacuation should be made higher than the spead of intake and besides this the immune system should be well balanced to survive. (conclusion of one who still tries to find out why is still relatively “ok”. Stress with enough time to recover is a positive factor. Search “heat shock proteins” ).
    4. Breast , colon, lung, prostate, bone cancers are seen in people who are grown ups during radiation event. Chiidren develop barin tumors(they take decades to manifest) and leukemias, besides the alredy proven thyroid. It is simple – the fast deeveloping and active organs at this period are more vulnerable.

    • Thanks, pure water. Everyone needs to keep their eyes open as to their own health, and the health of friends, associates, and acquaintances. Deterioration of our well-being is already in progress, but it has not progressed to cancer so far, in most cases. The cognitive and neurological effects should especially be looked at… they are hard to define and categorize, often they are considered to be a “malaise”.

  3. Am hoping some of Mr. Langley’s materials will compliment this article.

    Quote of nuclearhistory: “Importantly, Japanese scientists recorded the arrival of Chernobyl fallout. And a couple of years later doctors in Japan began to become concerned at an increase in childhood cancers.”


    The spike for both genders aged 15-19 was so obvious, even i quickly spotted it in the raw data.
    Ah.. graphs! –> https://nuclearexhaust.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/incidence-and-survival-trends-for-childhood-cancer-in-osaka-japan-1973-2001/

    Quote: “As a layperson I sought to find qualified documents to confirm the statements made by Yamashita, Suzuki and Fukushima Medical University.

    What I found are papers which observe that the latent period of childhood thyroid cancer, including radiation induced thyroid cancer, is in fact “rapid”, “very short”, “1 year”, “2.5 years”. I further found that the qualified apart from Fukushima Medical University found that the progression of the disease was “very rapid”.”
    … “I challenge the staff of Fukushima Medical University to explain why:
    1. Dr. Yamashita contradicts himself post Fukushima compared to his 1998 findings
    2. FMU continues with a minority position regarding latency and disease progression rates in spite of numerous international papers which contradict the FMU position.”
    … “Some children in Belarus suffered the onset of disease and its rapid progression, directly as a result of Chernobyl, with very little latent period at all.”

  4. Radiation in Water: Dilute, Deceive, Externalize Costs – US NRC Comment Deadline, Mon 22 June 2015, 11.59 pm (one minute to midnight) NY-DC

    The costs of additional cancers, leukemia, kidney damage, and the clean-up of contaminated water are among the costs which the US NRC-Nuclear
    Industry is externalizing upon society. The US NRC allows nuclear reactors-facilities to emit radioactive materials into the environment with no apparent limit. The “limit” is strictly based on dilution into air and water. Even the US EPA has suggested that dilution might be used to bring the water up to standard.


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