Fukushima activity is on the rise. Health update.

Fukushima activity is on the rise. These sludge results are around 3 weeks old, but iodine-131 in Tokyo hasn’t been this high since January, and Gunma hasn’t been this high since last September. Increased fission is happening. Certainly both rain and air radiation detections have been elevated lately in North America – there have been significantly elevated readings in Arkansas, Michigan, and Ontario.

The Chiba sludge readings are late… they changed to a once a month publication, and that is even late.

A update about my health issues: Around April 1 I developed a very bad case of the flu. I had a high fever and was in and out of delirium for days. At the same time, I developed these weird symptoms, with fingertips pruney and puckered like just having gone for a swim in the pool. I also had red patches under my cuticles, and some fingernails turned pink and purple. I have psoriasis, but this is not psoriasis.

I was having a severe psoriasis flare at the time I got sick. And it got worse. But after two weeks, the psoriasis suddenly started going away. At the same time, I developed nystagmus in my left eye. The nystagmus was uncomfortable, and I suddenly was experiencing blurred vision in this eye.

I believe that this secondary condition is something called ADEM, or acute disseminated enchephalomyelitis. It is a temporary condition, which is rare in the US, and somewhat less rare in developing countries like India. It is a demyelinating disease, which means that the immune system attacks the myelin sheath that covers nerve axons. It reduces the conductivity of the electrical transmission of nerve impulses. “Disseminated” means it affects both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. It occurs after infections or vaccinations. But it is temporary, frequently goes away within a few days, and almost always is gone within three months.

The reason that this is interesting is that disseminated encephalomyelitis is a symptom of stage 3 of chronic radiation sickness. Weakened immunity is also a symptom of this. What made my psoriasis suddenly go away was a sudden drop in levels of interleukin-22 (IL-22). This cytokine is involved with immunity against viruses and bacteria.

ADEM itself gives flu-like symptoms, and also it is like a case of fibromyalgia from hell, where your head is swimming, and you can’t concentrate on anything.

Well, around the first of the month, I developed uveitis, or inflammation of the eye, along with blurred vision. This is a symptom of ankylosing spondylitis, which has a completely different immune profile than psoriasis. The nystagmus went away and was replaced by eyelid twitching. I made an appointment with an ophthalmologist for this, because uveitis carries the risk of blindness. I think it was last Saturday morning when I looked in the mirror and shuddered… because it looked like I was getting Bell’s palsy in addition to an inflamed eye. This is probably my low point since 3/11/11.

But the weather was nice, and I managed to lay out in the sun at the beach for a couple days. This usually heals me. When I went to my appointment, 5 days after I made it, the uveitis was gone. It went away as fast as the psoriasis did.

My eyeglass prescription for my left eye had changed though. I have been wearing eyeglasses for 52 years, but it never has changed so suddenly and drastically before.

I am still coughing, and I still have ear infections (otitis media). I’m not out of the woods yet. And since my immune system now goes through a revolution every two weeks, I’m not sure what to expect next. I still don’t want to look in the mirror.

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    • Take good care Bobby. I had similar eye symptoms which turned out to be optic neuritis and was dx’d with MS after an MRI confirmed lesions but I’m sure your docs have ruled that out, so no worries and once again take good care of you I have been very fortunate even with such a dire dx, in fact the neuro told me my last MRI was “remarkable” and I only use natural supplements, thus I hope you are as lucky as I have been and are feeling better as I type this message.

      • Thanks, Shell. This is some kind of post-viral syndrome. It should go away. My eyes themselves are OK. It’s the massive brain fog and the sudden Th2 shift, when my psoriasis suddenly went away after 3 years, that bothers me. I’m glad the p is gone, but AS (ankylosing splondylitis) symptoms started up right away.

        • you looked good the other day Bobby, we are all our own worst critic when it comes to appearance. I think you’re good, do get regimented with the VSC for about 2 months. I think you will see some positive changes. I never herx’d on VSC really. It just seems to do what it says on the bottle, and that’s “creates an unfavorable environment for viruses”. Seems to be the case after many applications in my body as well as my children, Len, and others.

          • Welcome, Karen! My immune system flipped and I became allergic to hydergine. I stopped taking it and I don’t feel like my head is in a vise anymore. Still have tinnitus, though. You’re right, I need to get on VSC.

            • 🙂 Send Bubba. I miss him and you need a break and a long nap. Hey, but don’t throw out the hydergine, if you detox a bit it would be likely that it would be fine for you to take again. Just put it away. I can attest to that after being ‘allergic’ to spandex for years, and now I am not after cleansing for some time, amongst other things… 🙂

              • Cool! Nah, I still have 2.5 months supply of it. I don’t know if this thing is temporary or not. I am not used to allergies AT ALL… especially not severe ones like this. It is really weird. It would be like a person who woke up one morning covered head to toe with psoriasis. He/she would freak out.

      • Shell,
        I went to the wrong kind of doctor. You were right, it was optic neuritis.

        I should have gone to Johns Hopkins neurology right at the beginning, but I was without insurance, and besides, I was a hallucinating gurgling and coughing vegetable within one hour after the fever started coming on, that wasn’t on this planet, much less making responsible decisions.

  1. Record high radiation in seawater off Fukushima plant

    At one sampling point in the port, between the water intakes for the No. 2 and No. 3 reactors, 1,900 becquerels per liter of tritium was detected Monday, up from a previous high of 1,400 becquerels measured on April 14, Tepco said.

    Nearby, also within the port, tritium levels were found to have spiked to 1,400 becquerels, from a previous high of 1,200 becquerels.

    And at a point between the water intakes for the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors, seawater sampled Thursday was found to contain 840 becquerels of strontium-90, which causes bone cancer, and other beta ray-emitting isotopes, up from a previous record of 540 becquerels.

    At two monitoring sites outside the port, seawater was found Monday to contain 8.7 becquerels and 4.3 becquerels of tritium. The second site was about 3 km away.


  2. Outcome of battle against radioactive water at Fukushima plant in doubt

    We are facing a problem so large it’s impossible to see all its dimensions. Eventually, we’ll be able to grasp what’s happening, but for now, no. The radioactively contaminated water at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant is but one, relatively small part of the greater cleanup at the disaster-stricken facility, and yet in absolute terms it is enormous.

    There is the relentless flow of the groundwater, a massive amount of it gushing into the plant’s basements every day. There are plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) and the central government, both desperate to make the water stop somehow. And there are the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) and the mass media, surveying the contaminated water countermeasures with a dubious eye. Such is the disposition of the combatants in the battle to contain the toxic water building up every day at the Fukushima plant.

    The enemies in this battle are high radiation levels and the ceaseless flow of groundwater. If this water pours into the reactor buildings and touches the atomic fuel inside, it picks up high concentrations of radioactive material, turning toxic. At the moment, this radioactive water is impossible to deal with.


  3. What stands out for me in the first graph is the slope of the spikes trending upward from Northern autumn of last year onward as the periodicity seems to be growing in leaps and bounds. Wondering if meteorological conditions have any significant relation to the seemingly logarithmic growth of period between spikes.

  4. I tried to figure out the period… it was 3 cycles. This was on 10/22/2012:

    This plume came 40 days after the last one, which gave the rotten egg smell in southern California. I tried to figure out what the cycles were using CTBTO data. I got:

    25-day cycle
    34-day cycle
    52-day cycle

    Three of them, which makes sense since there are 3 underground coriums. Not sure how accurate this calculation is, though.

  5. I fought the ear infections for over a year. November 2011 through December 2012. Finally, after multiple rounds of multiple antibiotics one finally worked for me. I had ear infections as a child but never as an adult. Rocephin was the drug that finally worked. High dose. Fibromialgia flared like crazy.

    Best wishes.
    ChasAha 🙂

    • Thanks. I don’t think they are ear infections anymore. The symptoms go away now when I take phenibut (GABA). This increases the neurotransmitter, and shouldn’t have any effect on bacteria or viruses. It’s neurological.

  6. Is there any possibility that any part of the 131I in Tokyo sludge, even small, may be from thyroid patient urine? (90 bq/kg spike seems to say no?) Weren’t they mostly using surgery to remove “(d)evolving” thyroids?

    Thank you Rob, by the way. Your articles make great reference to enlighten those that believe there are no problems and improve awareness.
    Rumor never starts here, as this is another place where they are finished. 🙂

    • Possibly, but that’s how the authorities in Philadelphia explain the I-131 in the drinking water for the last 10 years, peeing thyroid patients. Not the Limerick nuclear power plant on the river that makes up part of the water supply.

      Other places have peeing patients, but don’t get I-131 in the water to a great extent.

    • How much sludge is collected per month, of which those samples are representative of? Considering Tokyo’s size, there must be a lot of sludge.
      They’d have to have a tremendous number of people’s thyroids being treated to see those kind of levels, would they not?

      “Hey, hey, hey, Raphie-boyd. Guess what i found in the sewer today!” – “Ed Norton”

      That sludge is kryptonite to “Cold Shutdown” proponents! 🙂

      • Finally, somebody else is asking @FD sidebar “Do you really think medical waste is the cause, or adds to the increase of thyroid problems in Japan ??” in reference to short-lived iodine found in sludge.
        (quote of terry @ 18 Jun 14, 05:33 AM)

        Kryptonite to the “nukular” “Supermen”. 🙂

        However; i am aware that it has literally been “kryptonite” to those currently suffering it’s plague including yourself, and am tempering my enthusiasm in humble respect.
        Hoping the sunshine may be improving quality of life for you, yet am aware it has been cloudy/colder here lately & that usually means heat/humidity/ts’s East of the Rockies.

  7. It’s still melting down. It should not be happening three years later. Decay heat gradually decreases from radioactive decay. The reason the coriums heat up is criticalities from the plutonium. When this happens, it releases iodine-131, as well other isotopes. It’s not cooling down, it’s not stopping. It’s like the Energizer bunny, it keeps going… and going… and going…


    • Had previously seen an estimate of 148 Mega Bequerels of 131-I “as a standard dose for one person to destroy their thyroid.”
      Within that forum, have not been able to confirm or deny that any RAI is administered prior to thyroid removal surgery or not.

      Regardless, it does seem that RAI would have a diminishing biological activity, and that release via urine would not be at once.
      Have not been able to confirm amount of sludge deposited in Tokyo or Chiba Prefecture. Dr GoodHeart did post a couple of links on ‘news that did seem to help.


      It seems apparent that storm drainage is claimed to be at least somewhat seperated from that from flush toilets. Not counted though are those not served by on the system of Johkasou (Quote: “sludge can be for compost”?).

      The volume of sludge treatment is claimed in the first link to be 189,266 cubic meters per day (Weight of sludge incineration
      2,398t(per day)). That stuff has to be much more dense than regular water @ 67 Farenheit.

      If one could come up with a weight of such sludge & average daily 131I excretions, one could determine an answer to the question of “how many thyroid patients could it take to raise Tokyo sludge to 90Bq/kg of 131-I?”

      Is this not an important consideration in quieting doubters that fresh criticalities are indeed occurring? It’s the “black substance”, isn’t it?

      Say, wasn’t Joe Frazier from Philly? IIRC, he died of liver cancer in November of 2011.

      Doesn’t 131I also accumulate in the Pituitary Gland (http://optimalprediction.com/fukushima-aids-part-1/comment-page-1/#comment-10898), liver, kidneys & bladder in addition to the thyroid?

      • Also, not all 131I is going to end up in the sludge, but in the “treated” waste water as well, if that is correct.
        The previous reply has linked a volume of watewater of Tokyo to be 4,635,019 cubic meters per day (4,635,019,00 cubic liters or more than the same number of kilograms per day).
        Would that need be factored into any calculation?.

      • Concerning Limerick, they don’t really know 100% what goes on underground there apparently, other than by guages, etc.

        Have heard about fracking around Philly, yet not much detail. Fracking is a potential source of 131-I that most likely cannot be a potential source in Tokyo, Chiba Prefectures (etc?).

        Angela_R posted a gem of a link that somehow slipped my grasp until now (thanks to her).

        Quote: “As of 2003 the isotopes manganese-56, sodium-24, technetium-99m, silver-110m, argon-41, and xenon-133 were used extensively in the oil industry because they are easily identified and measured.[14] Antimony-124, bromine-82, iodine-125, iodine-131, iridium-192, and scandium-46, are also used.[13][15]

        Examples of amounts used are:[13]
        Nuclide Form Activity
        Iodine-131 Gas 100 millicuries (3.7 GBq) total, not to exceed 20 mCi (0.74 GBq) per injection
        Iodine-131 Liquid 50 millicuries (1.9 GBq) total, not to exceed 10 mCi (0.37 GBq) per injection
        Iridium-192 “Labeled” frac sand 200 millicuries (7.4 GBq) total, not to exceed 15 mCi (0.56 GBq) per injection
        Silver-110m Liquid 200 millicuries (7.4 GBq) total, not to exceed 10 mCi (0.37 GBq) per injection”


        Is it inconceivable that nearby fracking could disrupt underground plumbing causing additional 131-I (et al) release? Am not familiar with regular or emerg. venting, but have briefly heard of previously.

        • Ah crap. A look at the references for those figures reveals “The UnUsual Suspects”. There was at least one thing i liked about Ike.

          Figures over a decade out of date and possibly if not likely now low-ball, as they may be pre-fracking “gold-rush” @ expense of biosphere.
          I’m 0 for 2. :/

          I know better than to post that type of shyte. Redoubling efforts…

        • Quote from wikipedia article linked above based on NYTimes reports:
          “In 2011, the level of dissolved radium in hydraulic fracturing wastewater released upstream from drinking water intakes had been measured to be up to 18,035 pCi/L (667.3 Bq/l),[10] and the gross alpha level measured to be up to 40,880 pCi/L (1,513 Bq/l).[8][10]”

          TheGuardian reports: “A recent Duke University study sampled water downstream from a Pennsylvania wastewater treatment facility from 2010 through Fall 2012 and found the creek sediment contained levels of radium 200 times background levels.[19]”

          “Elevated levels of chloride and bromide, combined with strontium, radium, oxygen, and hydrogen isotopic compositions, are present in the Marcellus shale wastewaters, the study found.”

          Looks like they are most likely referencing 226-Ra with it’s long half-life. and 4870.62keV α decay. Heavy, but not 131I, yet may show precedent for contamination by same route possible.

          Am i 1 for 3 now?

          • Quote from Bill Huston’s blog:
            “I have located at least 3 patents on using DU in fracking Perf Guns.

            2006/0266551 — Schlumberger
            2007/0240599 — Owen Oil Tools
            2011/0000669 — Halliburton

            UPDATE 8-20-2013 Well,I was off by a little. Turns out there are more than 3. There are more like 122 189 patents ”

            ” Earliest Concerns for DU in fracking perf guns which I’ve found, from 2007:


            Remember, Halliburton was a big player in developing the
            use of Weaponized Depleted Uranium.

            Why? Because a major side business of Halliburton is waste disposal:”

            “Let me repeat that:
            A major side business of Halliburton
            is waste disposal.

            Suddenly, many mysteries of fracking begin to make sense:

            A fellow named Russell Donnelly has been telling me for about a year
            there is a secret motivation for fracking shale besides getting gas:
            Industrial Waste disposal. Every fracked well really also functions
            as an injection (waste disposal) well. ”


            Understated figures compared to reality, i gather. 🙁

  8. What follows is an excerpt from a reply i posted at Fukushima Diary.

    “While we are on that subject of 131-I detections and their source, i find it interesting that such isotope was detected in snow during the winter of 2012.

    Did they detect this from the dreaded “yellow snow”? I think that improbable.

    Also, 131-I detections seem to be a common theme here, from 3/11 to date.

    Quote of Mochizuki-san: “I-131 can be detected when it’s used for medical treatment, and also nuclear fission occurred in Fukushima nuclear plant.

    It could have been from the medical usage, however it can be unlikely to have increased gradually.



  9. Quote of Mochizuki-san: “According to Fukushima sewage public corporation, I-131 started being detected from sludge on 10/23/2014. The density was 744.9 Bq/Kg.

    It increased towards 10/26/2014 and kept being detected until the end of October. The highest reading was 921.5 Bq/Kg.”

    . quoted from: http://fukushima-diary.com/2014/11/131-density-spiked-sewage-plant-fukushima/
    Source: https://www.pref.fukushima.lg.jp/uploaded/attachment/91418.pdf

    I have been banned from his Cbox, but do not yet know why.

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