Fukushima headlines 10-29-2013.

More random stories concerning Fukushima:

Tepco Full Ordinary black 110 billion yen over the word

Tepco has made a PROFIT of 110 billion yen over the last six months. This is while they are cutting costs at Fukushima Daiichi by reducing pay, failing to hire new workers, which has led to a shortage of workers which they have already admitted has resulted in further radioactive contamination of the environment. Looks like Tepco execs have earned a bonus!

The rise in the 45 000 Becquerel tank leak near drainage ditch

Radiation in a ditch near the storage tanks was measured at 45,000 Bq/liter of all-beta (including strontium-90) on Oct. 27. This is 20 times larger than the amount measured on the 26th.

TEPCO to boost shale gas purchase

Tepco is increasing the purchases of fracked natural gas from the US. Fracking is devastating areas across the US, especially in Pennsylvania and New York, by polluting water supplies with radioactive isotopes and other toxic materials. According to this article by Chris Busby, fracking not only releases “technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material” like uranium-238, radon-222, radon-226, bismuth-214, lead-210, and polonium-210, but frackers are using shaped charges made out of depleted uranium to get the gas out.

So these areas suffer radioactive contamination of their water supplies. But it’s all about achieving energy independence, right? No, they are shipping the gas to Tepco in Japan. Tepco irradiates us with Fukushima, and then turns around and irradiates us with fracking. And making profits out of it.

The US is being exploited for its natural resources like any third world colonial country, with no regard for its citizens whatsoever. The cretins in the White House and on Capitol Hill are all for this.

Physician: The high radiation doses, the plume from Fukushima crossing ocean, likely to hit coast of Canada and Northwestern US in early 2014 — California impacted later in year — People don’t know how to stop situation at plant, it’s a global public health catastrophe (AUDIO)

Helen Caldicott says the ocean radiation plume from Fukushima will hit California next year. But it’s here already. From 28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima:

1. Polar bears, seals and walruses along the Alaska coastline are suffering from fur loss and open sores…
2. There is an epidemic of sea lion deaths along the California coastline…
3. Along the Pacific coast of Canada and the Alaska coastline, the population of sockeye salmon is at a historic low. Many are blaming Fukushima.
4. Something is causing fish all along the west coast of Canada to bleed from their gills, bellies and eyeballs.
5. A vast field of radioactive debris from Fukushima that is approximately the size of California has crossed the Pacific Ocean and is starting to collide with the west coast.

Et cetera et cetera. Caldicott is behind the curve and waffling, as usual.

Cesium near Fukushima reported to be many times higher than claimed by Tepco — Levels rising further away from plant — Professor: After quake as big as last week there’s concern about stuff breaking and leakage getting worse

There was a sizeable earthquake off Fukushima last week. An atmospheric radioactive plume on the way from that, as usual.

‘Nuclear Slaves’ at Fukushima: Workers have debts paid off, forced to stay as ‘indentured servants’ — Foreign workers may soon be needed at plant, official reveals

Slaves rounded up and sacrificed to the nuclear god. This will be happening for centuries, in the unlikely event that humans will last that long.

US Gov’t: Plutonium is from Fukushima reactors, not fuel pools — Experts: Plutonium needs to be in U.N. assessment of radioactive releases

What about the plutonium from the Unit 4 spent fuel pool. The pool had its walls break, went dry, and the fuel burned in 2011. Hatrick Penry has an excellent article about this issue from the NRC transcripts. Substantially the same story had been reported in the media at that time. From the Fukushima Timeline:

Date: March 14 Monday
Time: 3/14-10:22AM Event: Unit 4 fire Event: Dangerous radiation levels. Yukio Edano, the chief cabinet secretary, says: “As of 10.22am, we are talking about radiation levels that can damage human health.” “The further you can get away from the plant, the safer it is.” Mr Edano said that the No. 4 reactor at the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex was currently on fire

Time: 11:39 02:39 NHK reports that the fire at the No. 4 reactor will carry the radiation up to 18 miles away. Anyone within 18 miles of the plant should brush themselves down thoroughly – hair, clothes, skin – before going inside. Once inside, wash thoroughly. Shut the windows and turn off air conditioning

Date: March 15, 2011 Tuesday
Time: 3/15-5:40 to 6:00 AM Event: Unit 4 Explosion
a loud explosion was heard from within the power station. Afterwards, it was confirmed that the 4th floor rooftop area of the Unit 4 Nuclear Reactor Building had sustained damage. ” link The event is not caught on camera. The black roof surface is in place, but will be blown off by March 17. Unit 4 isn’t even operating, it is only storing “warm” fuel in its storage pool, but there is no power for cooling.

Time: 3/15-9:38AM Unit 4 fire reported as flames break out on fourth level of building.

time 3/15-5:40AM event: Explosion Unit 4 blows out walls
Japan Nuclear Watch, Wed. am JST: New Fire and Explosion at Unit 4 Fuel Pond By: Scarecrow Tuesday March 15, 2011 2:25 pm About 5:40 a.m. Wednesday morning, their time, officials reported a fire and explosion that blew a hole about 8 meters wide in the walls of the Unit 4 building. The location corresponds to the 4th floor area where the spent fuel storage pools are located. There is reportedly a hole in the building roof, as a result of yesterday’s explosion and fire, and authorities considered using helicopters to dump or inject water from the roof. However the hole is apparently not near enough to the fuel rod pools to make an aerial drop effective.

Time: 3/15-6:12AM Event: Unit 4 ezplosion shows up on seismometer
the panel studied a seismometer at the plant and found only one explosion tremor recorded at 6:12 a.m. that day. Based on analysis of the tremor, the panel concluded that the explosion occurred at the No. 4 reactor.

Date: 3/15/2011 Time 12:12J 03:12U To recap, here is the latest AFP update: Edano later said there was also an explosion which started a fire at the number-four reactor. Although the number-four reactor was shut for maintenance when the quake and tsunami struck last Friday, “spent nuclear fuel in the reactor heated up, creating hydrogen and triggered a hydrogen explosion”. He said radioactive substances were leaked along with the hydrogen.

22.49U New reports from Sky saying that the “new” fire at reactor 4 took hold because the first fire (and explosion) from Tuesday morning local time was never properly extinguished. AP reports: Utility says new fire at Japan nuclear reactor erupted because first one was not extinguished.

21.40U Japan’s nuclear safety committee say radiation levels of 400 millisieverts an hour had been recorded near Fukushima’s No.4 reactor earlier today. Exposure to over 100 millisieverts a year is a level which can lead to cancer. The workers who have stayed behind to cool the reactors are being hailed as heroes. (10 sieverts of radiation is now common at the plant, 25 times the level in March 2011.)

Date: March 16 Wednesday
The National Police Agency is considering using a special water cannon truck held by the Metropolitan Police Department to cool a pool storing spent fuel rods at the troubled No. 4 reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, police sources said Wednesday. The operation could start as early as Wednesday night, they said.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released data showing that on Tuesday and Wednesday, the temperature in pond 4 was 84C – way above normal, and about 25C higher than the equivalent ponds in buildings 5 and 6. What made the situation concerning the fuel pond in building 4 seem particularly serious was Wednesday’s statement from Tepco saying: “The possibility of re-criticality is not zero”. This meant that in the company’s view, it was possible that enough fissile uranium was present in the cooling pond in enough density to form a critical mass

Event: Japan and US nuclear agencies believe Unit 4 pool may be dry: Japan Unit-4 Pool’s Heat Exceeded Three-Times Normal, IAEA Says By Jonathan Tirone – Mar 18, 2011 2:40 AM PT Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said yesterday there is a possibility there’s no water at the cooling pool. If exposed to air, the fuel rods could decay, catch fire and spew radioactive materials into the air. U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko said in Congressional testimony March 16 that unit had no water in its cooling pool, which sits in a side chamber above the reactor’s core. A hydrogen explosion inside the core’s containment chamber may have drained the pool, which is supposed to keep radiation in check by covering the rods with 15 meters of water.

Date: April 25, 2011 Monday

Something Odd Is Happening at Reactor Number 4
NHK reports:
The operator of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is
carefully monitoring the situation at the Number 4 spent fuel pool,
where the water temperature is rising despite increased injections of
cooling water.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, says it will inject 210 tons
of water into the pool on Monday, after finding on Sunday evening that
the temperature in the pool had risen to 81 degrees Celsius.

On Friday, TEPCO found that the pool’s temperature had reached 91
degrees, so it began injecting 2 to 3 times the amount of water.

The Number 4 spent fuel pool stores 1,535 fuel rods, the most at the
nuclear complex.

Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen notes that the spent fuel rods in
reactor number 4 have no water, and the rods are exposed:

I could go on, but the point is that the fuel rods burned, and large amounts of the contents of Unit 4 SFP went into the atmosphere. The heat would have turned large amounts of the fuel that is left into goop which leaked out onto the reactor building floor. This may have burned through the floor into the ground, or stayed on the floor, and the groundwater which is rising to the surface is mixing with it and causing radioactive runoff into the ocean.

The whole issue of removing fuel rods from #4 is a farce. Anything still left in there is goop. Don’t believe the photos and videos of this pool, they could have come from any nuclear plant.

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  1. TEPCO may refuse to fund part of Fukushima decontamination

    The crippled Fukushima plant operator, TEPCO, is refusing to return more than $300 million already spent in the decontamination of land following the nuclear disaster to the Japanese government.

    Under the current framework, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is borrowing public money from the Japanese government to pay for the decontamination work and the compensation to residents after the March 2011 earthquake, which triggered a tsunami damaging Fukushima Daiichi’s nuclear reactors. The company responsible for the clean-up is also required to decommission the damaged nuclear reactors at Fukushima Daiichi with its own funds.


    It’s all about $$$. The entire planet can go to hell, as far as Tepco is concerned.

  2. Thanks, Bobby1.

    October 29, 2013 at 1:53 pm · Reply
    ok, ready uploadering.

    lets talk about what we see:
    (recording starts at 23:00 jst 29/10/2013)
    00:05 a shaddow of something fallen down on the wall of reactor nr 2
    00:25 some steam rised up from direction south/and or reactor nr 3

    reproofing the fuku1live:

    my video is faster speeded-up.
    fuku1live=20 x timelapsed
    fukynuky=32 x timelapsed

    Report comment

    pure water
    October 29, 2013 at 3:06 pm · Reply
    The shore is ablaze again – 4.03 jst

    pure water
    October 29, 2013 at 3:22 pm · Reply
    Here it is:

  3. The United States is pushed off a cliff:

    US Out of Top 20 in Global Economic ‘Prosperity’ Index
    Monday, 28 Oct 2013 09:01 PM

    The U.S. tumbled out of the top 20 most economically prosperous nations in an annual measure of wealth and well-being compiled by the Legatum Institute, falling below France and China.

    While the U.S. rose one place to 11th position in the London-based research group’s overall prosperity index, it was downgraded in a gauge measuring economic strength. In a month in which lawmakers shut the government and struck a deal to avoid default only as the clock began running out, faith in the U.S. government also fell to an all-time low. http://www.moneynews.com/Economy/US-Global-Economic-Prosperity/2013/10/28/id/533524

  4. Thank you Bobby1 for linking the hard work of Hatrick Penry and myself regarding the info contained within the NRC’s FOIA’s regarding FUKUSHIMA. We crossed paths in the beginning of this disaster and I knew you were one of the good guys when the same astroturfing sockpuppets that were using the 25 rules of disinformation on both of us. I hope your health is better as well as your family’s. Hang in there brother.
    The Lethbridgean.

    • Hey Lethbridgean! I think you’re right, they’re exactly the same sockpuppets at enenews and at other places as they were at scribble. I didn’t even realize it was a plume-gate, or any kind of gate.., we were all looking at the news stories and photos showing SPF #4 had burned. Didn’t even know it was an issue until hatrick brought it up.

    • The NRC transcripts show the discussion over the “President’s source term”. They kept trying models over and over to justify an amount X of radiation from Fuku that was “not expected to be harmful.” They had difficulty in doing so.

      Jaczko didn’t jump the shark until March 30, 2011. Gundersen was in August, I think, than Caldicott & Busby. At that time the fix was in for the “cold shutdown” declaration…

      So there was a 2-week time period in March when Jaczko was not on the same page with Obama. It was that time period when there were things going on behind the scenes. That was when Tepco was showing the fake videos & photos of the fuel pools…

      The “anti-nuke movement” didn’t betray us until later. Clearly, they were an afterthought.

      • Oh what a vicious lie!

        “Not expected to be harmful” is a crude minimization at best.

        Where is the rest of the sentence?
        For some it is a life sentence and others a death sentence.

        It is “not expected to be harmful” to the majority of people in North America, for a time at least. Even that is a minimization, though.
        I do expect it to have been and continue to be very harmful to many people in Japan especially.

        Perhaps it was simply “not expected to be harmful” to the Obummers as they were vacating to South America. Ya halfta protect your royalty. Oops, that should read royalties.

        I am weary from these expected harmful outright lies, deceits, and fornicating wordcraft. May their utterers promptly go fornicate themselves!

  5. Do not be confused with “Patrick Henry”.
    Apparently, “Patrick Henry” is not the same person as Hatrick Penry!

    I wonder what all that concrete poured under Unit#4’s SFP was needed for, if the pool didn’t burn and melt-down to “poolium”.

    Also note that KI is reportedly useless for SFP releases.

    No plutonium came from the SFP’s?
    It seems like the flavor of the day fibble.

    Also note that an oxidizer is needed for a hydrogen explosion.

  6. Next headline: “Fuel Removal Delayed”
    Don’t mind me, i just made that up. Seems predictable, though.

    Kind of hard to remove fuel to store in CSFP while it is smoldering.
    Or is that 5 &/or 6?
    Will we ever be allowed to know?

    Or well they proceed anyway, igniting new rumor and speculation?

  7. I am a Japanese.
    Information regulation is performed in Japan.
    It is the same as the time of Chernobyl.
    The information from overseas is more exact.
    Thank you for the offer of information.
    There was radioactive contamination from the time of my being born by Nuclear test.
    Moreover, the nuclear power plant in the world is emitting tritium.
    Radioactive contamination affects the whole world.
    A partner can be ruined, if you would like to win war and you will explode a nuclear bomb earnestly at your own country.
    I know that the Gulf War soldier has suffered radioactivity damage.
    IAEA has told the lie that there is always no health impairment caused by radioactivity.
    As for me, although Japan is a world only atomic bomb damage country, it is shameful not to have data about health impairment.
    It was hidden by Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission in USA(ABCC).
    We think that we have to cooperate.
    Thank you for reading poor English.

  8. I am a Japanese.
    I say one more.
    In Japan, it is said that this earthquake has artificial earthquake terrorism’s possibility.
    It is understood because the interval of an earthquake is [ that it is a waveform with a seismic waveform peculiar to a bomb, and ] exact.
    I do not understand truth.
    If you are interested, I will want you to investigate.
    Sources an Example:

    • Welcome, inugami.hete. The Castle Bravo nuclear blast of 1954 was simultaneous with the Adelaide, Australia earthquake. This was the most destructive earthquake ever to hit Australia until that time.

      Bravo was detonated at Bikini, 3,600 miles away from Adelaide.

      The Bravo bomb was the one that contaminated the Marshall Islands, and contaminated the Fukuryū Maru fishing boat, killing a crewman with radiation poisoning.


      • I am happy that you have been contacted.
        I thought whether the power of HAARP was a hurricane grade.
        I consent to U.S. inside being economically serious.
        By relaxing the money market, FRB(?) of Japan is trying to pay the Fukushima nuclear power plant charge-off somehow.
        Extraction of the fuel rod of a No. 4 pool is planned from November 8.
        For one year. 4.2 rods/day.
        There is no security that an earthquake does not occur between them.
        The place where it is [ of Japan ] bad is that it is not improvable by itself.
        Please pursue NHK from overseas.

  9. Hi Bobby

    Pure water screen-captured smoke on tepco cam today

    Someone at enenews claims tepco just de-fueled units 5 and 6.

    That might explain the smoke I screen-captured a few days ago

    Rad level up to 500cpm beta, according to Radnet, a couple days ago here in Phoenix.

    We feel sick.

    Rense claims Michael Collins was threatened, although evidence is circumstantial.

    Is it time to go? Is this the time of the last train out?

    • Yes, I heard about the work on #5 and #6. This is an issue, along with any plumes from the recent earthquake. The CSFP seems to have issues too, that might be related to the quake too.

      It was time to go 2.5 years ago… I don’t where we can go, though. Nations in the southern hemisphere might not like 5 billion people descending on them. Australia has stringent immigration policies. Their detention camps for illegal aliens are no better than concentration camps.

  10. Do you know?
    [Washington current events] The U.S. house nuclear security office (NNSA) authorities clarified with having conducted the performance experiment of the special equipment 30 days and “Z machine” which produces September 12, this year and X-rays in Sandia National Laboratories of New Mexico, and the nuclear weapon using a small amount of plutonium.
    An experiment will be the 10th time at a line crack and this time for the first time under the Obama Administration in November, 2010.

    • Quote of “Diablo”: “I could find nothing in the US press, however, only Japan’s. The US is either silencing press releases or Japan bought into a rumor.”


      I seriously doubt that the honorable mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would protest based upon rumour.

      Here you see, inugami.hete-san, an example of censorship in our media.
      Tell us about BSE in our beef. Our governments in US and Canada won’t tell us.
      They care not for our health, but for their profits.

      We have more in common, on both sides of the Pacific, than simply radionucides, neh?

      • I understand. Bobby!
        I tell you the thing about BSE of Japan side.

        Basic point:

        Import restrictions of the cow of the Japanese government:
        In the case of the imported beef from overseas, and processed goods : The risk assessment result of Food Safety Committee, Cabinet Office, based on management measures, BSE infection situations, etc. in each country, such as feed regulation, is received, Below in 30-month age, from February 1, Heisei 25, the product from the Netherlands resumed import of the following [ 12 month age ] about U.S. Canada produce of France.
        And as an object of high-risk parts (SRM), “the head (except the tonsils)”, the “spine”, and the “spinal column” below 30-month age were excepted like domestic, and import is accepted.

        The actual condition of the food of a cow in U.S.:
        If you are a carnivorous principle person (meat eater) for Americans, there is the right to know about the following thing.
        It is “eating meat” also in the cow common to almost all the cows you ate which it is true, that is, you are eating.
        If a cow is slaughtered, the half of the weight will not become edible.
        that is, intestines, a content and a head, the hoof, an angle, etc. — a bone and blood — “he cannot eat.”
        Then, these are carried to the place called “rendering plant” (rendering works).
        And it is thrown in a huge mix machine.
        If it says in passing, “it will be sick and the dead cow will be thrown in the whole circle” in.

        Now, this rendering business serves as huge industry of the sales of a little more than 2,400 million dollars per year.
        The body of a no less than 400 pounds animal is processed per year there.
        All, such as an animal suffered from severe illness, an animal which got cancer, and a rotten body, are thrown in a stirrer.
        The dogs of no less than 6 million to 7 million animals and cats are carried for the pets which made it euthanized in an animal protection facility besides the livestock which died at the farm here every year.
        The mountain of the body of about 200-ton dog or a cat is sent to the rendering factory every month [ Los Angeles ].
        The Norah dog and stray cat which were captured by animal control, and the body eliminated by car are also contained in them.

        This “mixture” is minced by minced meat at a rendering factory, and “is cooked” with high-temperature vapor.
        And light fat floats in the surface.
        They are refined by cosmetics, lubricating oil and soap, a candle, the materials of wax, etc.
        It dries and the materials of the other heavier protein are processed into brown “meat and bone meal.”
        And the about 1/4 is feces.
        The “meat and bone meal” is used as an extender of almost all pet food like the feed of livestock.
        This is calling it the “concentration protein” at the farmhouse.

        About 500-ton leftovers “which cannot be eaten” have come out from the slaughterhouse only in 1995, and they are processed in this way and sold as feed of the animals of the United States.
        I have also bought such “food” numbers of tons of once for livestock.
        However, I never regarded the “cow” as having fed the “cow.”
        The so-called uneasiness to BSE and mad cow disease was arisen in August, 1997.
        On the other hand, U.S. Food and Drug Administration made new regulation, and it forbade giving the protein of ruminants, such as a cow, to a ruminant.
        However, since this regulation was only a form, cows are eating bodies which still became minced meat, such as a horse, a dog, a cat, a pig, a hen, besides a turkey.
        It is eating to the constituent of blood sorted out from the body of not only it but the cow, or feces.

        Although about 90 million cows are kept in the United States, the food by which nutritional enhancement was carried out by the body of the animal to which the rendering of [ of them ] was carried out daily [ about 75% ] is given.
        It is natural to mix the excrement of an animal with food.
        Breeding contractors know that the most efficient “processing method” mixes food and makes it eat in order to process feces.
        The quantity of the feces excreted by the whole livestock industry every year amounts also to what and 1,600,000 tons anyway.
        And it has disposed by what the part “is given for” to livestock.

        For example, the cow is made to eat the feces of a hen of 50 tons or more as food at the average farm of a アーカンサス state every year.
        The farmers apologize like this.
        “If there are no droppings of a hen, the half of the cow which I keep cannot but sell.
        Other food is too expensive to buy.
        ” If you are favorite “meat eater” of meat, I want these feces to keep that it is “food” of your food in mind firmly.

        If the unhealthy animal which became sick is eaten, there is no telling whether it is to what extent dangerous, well.
        However, it is known well that illness of a certain kind will be infected with man from a host.
        There is also food infection known well.
        It is an infectious disease which food is polluted by feces and brought about by epidemic E coliform bacillus.
        Every year, about 8000 Americans pass away from this infection.
        Furthermore, about 80% of food contamination is also understood that it has generated from the polluted meat.

        Almost all the meat produced in the United States is polluted with carcinogens, such as dioxin.
        This has the chemical structure near Agent Orange which the U.S. Forces used as a defoliant by one of the weed killers at the time of the Vietnam War.
        Furthermore, there is DDT.
        This will be the notorious agricultural chemicals forbidden before at home for 25 years or more.
        And it still remains in the earth.
        This chemical substance is not easily returned to having been troubled, but it is said that it continues remaining over point several of these 1000 years.

        Naturally, it remains also as the bait which livestock is made to eat.
        And the grain for livestock is compared for man, and the high-concentration agricultural chemical residue is permitted, so that it is surprised.
        About 80% of the agricultural chemicals consumed in the United States are targeting only four grain, and it is corn, a soybean, cotton, and wheat.
        That is, these are main grain given to livestock.

        And whenever not only livestock but other animals take in the food smeared with other toxic substances, such as agricultural chemicals, they store them up in fat.
        Therefore, as to whether if livestock eats the food made from the meat of other animals, what will happen, livestock will carry out full concentration of the carcinogen of a maximal level, it will store in fat, and we will eat it.
        That is, the carcinogen by which full concentration was carried out will return.

        “The council about the environmental quality” was reported as follows in 1975.
        “95% of DDT which man took in originates in” a dairy product and processed meat — natural — many carcinogens exist in our environment.
        The carcinogen generates cancer, and before growing up so that it kills people, it will take the years for ten years, 20 years, or 30 years.
        Therefore, the causative agent of cancer cannot be specified scientifically.
        However, the cancer rate of incidence which accounts for human beings’ population is continuing increasing explosively skyrocketing this century.

        That all.
        I know about BSE beef .

    • The Z-machine is being used to conduct subcritical nuclear tests.


      This has been criticized by the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as violating the test-ban treaty.

      These experiments involve subjecting plutonium to an enormous amount of electromagnetic energy for a few milliseconds. I submit that this technology is the next generation of HAARP-like technology. HAARP itself is obsolete, it is yesterday’s technology.

      • I note that the US is not the only country with such a facility.
        Also note the National Ignition Facility. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Ignition_Facility

        27 MegaAmps is nothing compared to what is planned. Note that a current of 6 milliAmps can kill. Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI’s) have a similar rating.
        High Voltage and high currents are utilized. As power is guaged as a product of voltage multiplied by current, one can see that this involves a tremendous amount of Watts or Joules per second.

        I would hate to have their hydro bill. Hold on, it is the taxpayer footing the bill. 🙁 (remember how leaders referred to us as “citizens”, then “taxpayers”, then “consumers”? I wonder how we are referred to now privately.)

        Knowing what we do now concerning Ike’s stern warning concerning the military industrial complex (or is it a syndrome?) and especially “atoms for peace”, can claims of “fusion research” justify a belief that this is all for peaceful purposes? I tend to think that this technology is being weaponized as we speak. This would go a long way towards explaining how the respectful mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would lodge international protests.

  11. I am a Japanese.
    Although you may not be believed, you offer the information of Japan.
    Picture of the HAARP clouds which appeared in Fukushima:

    The United States said that the Japanese government needed to pour contaminated water to the sea:

    Curie-on company in the United States of a mystery:

    It is Magna BSP of Israel to guard the nuclear power plant of Japan:

    Now, I fear that the Internet is cut.
    Please save these data in your personal computer.
    Truth can be pursued even afterwards.

    • Konichiwa, inugami.hete!

      Nobody here will criticize your English.

      I live near Abbotsford, sister city of Fukagawa.
      For a time, i was a vegetable farmer.

      I watched the TV live after midnight here, when the tsunami claimed many victims.
      It was horrible. I have heard lately of the “angel of Miyagi”, a young lady who gave her life to save others.

      In a way, that day has not yet ended, nor will end for many years.

  12. Thank you, Bobby
    I am a Japanese in Osaka(0.15uSv/h).
    In Japan, information regulation is performed now.

    For example, please see the following indicated to your homepage.
    on October 12, 2013 at 7:22 pm said:
    76.1% of people in Japan suffer low back pain, 85.6% of nurses.

    http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20131011-00000004-cbn-soci (Japanese)

    There is a link posted here recently where low back pain is associated with a genetic mutation.
    This homepage is already deleted.
    In Japan, it is always such touch.

    I teach you the English homepage of Fukushima by Japanese people.

    It is written by Iori Mochizuki.

    Please refer to it.

  13. I have seen Abbotsford by the Google viewer.
    I thought that Abbotsford is a beautiful town.
    I come here again.
    Thank you Bobby.

    • It’s beauty, and the beauty of the Fraser Valley, hides a hidden danger.
      We are prone to massive subduction earthquakes.

      Local Sto’lo legends of the “Thunderbird” document how entire villages were swept away, while those residing on hillsides watched in horror.

      Historically, this valley used to be a fjord, all the way to Hope.
      Upwards of 2 million souls live here.

      I must leave now.

  14. Hi Bobby!

    I am a Japanese.
    I raise the new information on BSE.

    I use English using automated machine conversion, and am not checking.

    Mad Cow Disease:
    The Chemical Industry Plays Dirty
    01.17.2001 | ACTIVISM
    BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), or Mad Cow Disease, and its human form, nvCJD (New Variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease), are incurable brain disorders. Holes appear in victims’ brains, then they become demented and die. The diseases are not caused by a virus or a bacterium, but by a mysterious type of twisted protein, known as a “prion”. The prion can propagate itself by causing other proteins to twist into the same shape. Prions can be passed on by eating the flesh of another animal, and are resistant to cooking and digestion.
    A theory about how prions are formed suggests that organophosphate pesticides could be partly to blame. Two people have already died defending this theory, apparently at the hands of professional assassins working either for the British government or the chemical industry. So the theory needs to be taken seriously.
    BSE first appeared in the UK in 1985. Since then, the disease has affected half of the cow herds in the country. New Variant CJD also first appeared in the UK, ten years later: to date, around 90 people have died from it. Both BSE and CDJ are beginning to spread throughout the rest of Europe; today, 30 European countries have had exports of their cattle banned. The diseases have the potential to destroy the entire European cattle industry, and kill thousands of people. The death toll from nvCJD is increasing by 35% per year, and the disease has a gestation period of twenty years. Some projections suggest that hundreds of thousands of people could eventually die from it.
    Given the huge amount at stake, one might expect that any credible theory would be welcomed. Yet Mark Purdey, a British farmer from Somerset, has suffered constant harassment and has had to support his research from his own pocket. Purdey has a theory which might explain the mystery of why BSE and new variant nvCJD started in the UK, and why they are so much more serious there. However, since he went public with his ideas, some rather unfortunate things have happened:
    Both his vet and the lawyer defending his case died in suspicious road accidents. His second lawyer also had a car crash, but survived.
    When an article about his work appeared in the “Independent”, a national British newspaper, his telephone lines were cut. He was therefore unable to take follow up calls from other papers and television stations.
    His farm house was burnt down just before he was about to move in.
    His science library was destroyed by a collapsing barn.
    When he travels around the country to talk about his theory, he is constantly trailed.
    Purdey believes that the root cause of BSE is an imbalance of magnesium and copper, exacerbated, in the case of the UK, by the use of a highly toxic pesticide known as phosmet. Phosphet is an organophosphate nerve toxin, originally developed by the Nazis. It is also related to the drug Thalidamide, which causes birth defects.
    Phosmet is made by Zeneca, a subdivision of the British chemical giant ICI. A week after the British government first announced the link between BSE and nvCJD, Zeneca sold the patent for phosmet to a PO Box company in Arizona, apparently to avoid potential legal action.
    The theory started when Purdey noticed that his cows, unlike those of his neighbours, were not getting BSE. Cows often suffer from a parasitic infection known as warble fly. Since Purdey is an organic farmer, he treated his herd with derris root powder, a natural remedy. Other farmers were using phosmet, which was later made compulsory throughout the UK. When Purdey bought an infected cow from another herd, he was able to reduce the symptoms of BSE by injecting oxime, which is an antidote to pesticide poisoning. However, officials from MAFF (the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) turned up to kill the cow before the experiment could be completed.
    As well as the link to phosmet use, Purdey discovered that brain diseases such as BSE and nvCJD appear in clusters in many places around the world. The link seems to be a lack of copper and an excess of manganese.
    For example, in some areas of Colorado and Wyoming, 4-6% of deer and elk suffer from CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease), which is related to nvCJD. These animals live in areas where the soils are very high in manganese. In Slovakia, where the incidence of nvCJD is a thousand times higher than normal, most of the victims live near a glass making plant (where manganese is used) or else down-wind of one of two large ferro-manganese factories.
    In the UK, two factors have increased the amount of manganese which cows consume. Until 1988, cows were fed chicken manure. The chicken had been fed manganese to strengthen their eggs, but 98% of it ended up in the manure. In addition, a fungicide rich in manganese was used on crops at that time.
    According to Purdey, a lack of copper and an excess of manganese causes proteins in the nervous system of foetal cattle to change into the abnormal prion forms found in BSE and nvCJD. Phosmet facilitates this process by binding to copper, and therefore reducing the amount available to brain tissues.
    Recently, Dr David Brown, a chemist at Cambridge University, showed that manganese can replace copper in brain proteins, thereby transforming them into prions. Dr Brown lost his funding, and was not able to continue the research.
    The BSE crisis started in the UK, and that country still has the highest rate of the disease. Purdey believes that this was because the British government was the only one to enforce systemic phosmet at such a high dose. Phosmet is used elsewhere, but either on a voluntary basis, or at a much lower dose, or non-systemically.
    However, there is a long lag between the peak of phosmet use and the incidence of BSE. Purdey says that this is for two reasons. First, cows are most susceptible to phosmet damage when they are in the womb. Second, phosmet has to reach a certain concentration in the food-chain before it has an effect.
    Quite apart from the direct attacks on Mr Purdey, the chemical industry have launched a media campaign to discredit his research. Although MAFF claims that any credible theories for BSE will receive funding, Purdey has received nothing.
    The effort that the chemical industry has apparently gone to to discredit Mark Purdey mirrors the experiences of Alice Stewart, the scientist who first showed the link between radiation and cancer. Scientists who supported her had their cars rammed. Maybe in this case as well, the truth will come out in the end.

    The cause of mad cow disease is not “meat and bone meal”. Hypothesis of a certain farmhouse
    Mr. Purdie who has tackled the mad cow disease problem has drawn the following conclusions over self-education about the outbreak of mad cow disease.
    By superfluous ingestion of manganese, and shortage of copper, the metal balance within a brain collapses and the prion which manages the nervous system comes to combine with manganese.
    And what is called spongiform encephalopathy is caused because ultraviolet energy changes this manganese into a harmful thing.
    In addition, these days, it proved that combined with prion and a radioactive material also caused abnormalities.
    When mad cow disease considers having begun to generate in large quantities from from immediately after carrying out the radioactive contamination of Britain by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in 1986, Mr. Purdie’s hypothesis is very persuasive.

    Strange relation between the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster (radioactivity) and mad cow disease
    Mad cow disease which happens also by the accident of a gene
    2008年9月11日、米国農務省(英語略:USDA)動物病センター(英語:National Animal Disease Center/UADC)で研究を行ったカンザス州立大学のユルゲン・リヒト(Jurgen Richt)教授は、BSEの病原体である異常プリオンは外部から感染しなくとも牛の体内での遺伝子の異変によって作られ、BSEを発症する例につながると発表した。この発表は2006年アラバマ州でBSEを発症した約10歳の雌牛の遺伝子の解析から異常プリオンを作る異変が初めて見つかったことによる。人間でも同様の異変が知られ、クロイツフェルト・ヤコブ病を起こす。
    それは、ハンガリーのブタペスト技術経済大学Budapest University of Technics and Economyの博士課程の学生が2000年に発表した研究論文だ。原文のまま、該当箇所を抜き出してみる。
    An interesting description was discovered to Wiki.
    Kansas State University [ which inquired in the United States Department of Agriculture (English abbreviation: USDA) animal disease center (English: National Animal Disease Center/UADC) ] Professor Jurgen Licht (Jurgen Richt) on September 11, 2008, Even if the abnormal prion which is a pathogenic organ of BSE was not infected from the outside, it was made by the accident of the gene in the inside of the body of a cow, and it announced that it leads to the example which shows the symptoms of BSE.
    It is because the accident which makes abnormal prion from the analysis of the gene of cow of about 10 years old which showed the symptoms of BSE in Alabama in 2006 was found in this announcement for the first time.
    Also by man, the same accident is known and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is started.
    That is, even if not infected from the outside, say that it may happen by a gene abnormality.
    A possibility of having arrived too to Britain which separated about 2000 km from Chernobyl and of being based on the radioactive material of nuclear power plant disaster origin cannot deny what is said, either.
    That a gene abnormality may arise by contamination by a radioactive material is the fact known well.
    The fact that a Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster and mad cow disease developmental time term overlaps
    Furthermore, it has hit various articles and discovered the interesting thing!
    It is the paper which the student of the doctoral course of swine plague technical college-of-economics Budapest University of Technics and Economy of Hungary announced in 2000.
    A corresponding section is extracted with the text.

    The Chernobyl accident occurred at 01:23 hr on Saturday, 26 April 1986, when the two explosions destroyed the core of Unit 4 and the roof of the Chernobyl reactor building.
    In Britain, the first cases of the Mad Cow Disease can be dated back to 1986, in the same year when the Chernobyl accident occurred.

    First, the reactor core was destroyed by the nuclear power plant disaster of Chernobyl, it touched on that it will be that the explosion which is 2 times took place at 1:23 on [ on Saturday April 26, 1986 ], and that the symptoms of the first “mad cow disease” developed in Britain has indicated that it can go back to the 1986 [ same ].
    This shows because the people with first I having become the age in Britain and mad cow disease having been stirring up a riot were killed, and in fact, the patient who had shown the symptoms from before that needs to say that he was.
    I hear that symptoms have not developed before 1986 to put it plainly.
    And although the accident of Chernobyl is a front like 15 years before, It touches on that radioactive materials, such as cesium 137 (half-life 30 years) and a strontium 90 (half-life 90 years), were emitted in large quantities, and it is supposed that they will serve as a strong candidate who develops Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease whose symptoms are shown to mad cow disease and a human being.
    Is there nothing? That is, it will be called ?, if a gene abnormality occurred and the symptoms of BSE= mad cow disease developed by cows having been contaminated by the radioactivity of Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster origin.

    “BSE” is contained in “NUCLEAR GLOSSARY (core glossary)” of IAEA.

    I give you advice.
    Suspect all, when you do not understand.

    See you again.

    • I now remember the look of horror on my Physics teachers face when using his Geiger-Mueller counter in May of 1986. He did say there was nothing to worry about in an entirely unconvincing manner. If only i could remember his name.

  15. TEPCO accepts US offer to aid dangerous Fukushima cleanup

    Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has accepted Washington’s offer to help with the cleanup and decommissioning of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The move comes as TEPCO prepares for the major operation of removing fuel rods from Unit 4.

    TEPCO president Naomi Hirose said the decision was made Friday when US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz visited the nuclear plant.


    In a speech on Thursday, United States Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz acknowledged that the decontamination work in Fukushima Prefecture and decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors were a matter of global significance and pledged help to Japan if requested. The United States has supported Japan up to this point by sending experts to help deal with the disaster, but now appears to expand support to include assistance with removal of the melted fuel, decommissioning the reactors, and coping with contaminated water leaks.

    In return for aid, Secretary Moniz requested that Japan join an international treaty called the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage, which collects funds from participating countries to help pay for damages resulting for nuclear accidents.

    Economy and Industry Minister Toshimitsu Motegi notified the United States this week that Japan will join the international treaty.


    US: Japan should accept liability to receive international help at Fukushima Daiichi

    What most mainstream media sources failed to relate, was that the treaty also assigns accident liability to the operators of the nuclear power plant, rather than the vendors which develop the technology or construct the equipment.

    To receive help, the United States essentially told Japan that they would have to incur the losses and sign a treaty which would prevent them from seeking compensation from contracted companies, like those which built and constructed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, and instead must satisfy itself only with seeking repayment from the operator, Tokyo Electric – who is facing bankruptcy and relies largely upon the Japanese government for funds to prevent a financial meltdown. In the wording of the treaty, “the operator’s liability for nuclear damage shall be absolute”, and “the right to compensation for nuclear damage may be exercised only against the operator liable.”


    GE is off the hook.

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