Fukushima headlines 9/12/2013.

More discussion of Fukushima headlines at Enenews:

Gundersen: Fukushima Unit 4 fuel racks distorted from quake and roof falling into pool — Nuclear rods likely to snap, they won’t be able to remove be able to be removed (AUDIO)

Wow, Arnie Gundersen is all over the place at this site. He must be good, huh? As far as I can see, Enenews appears to be a joint project with Fairewinds Associates. Arnie has said a lot of good stuff, but if you look closely, he never contradicts Tepco’s lies. He goes only as far as the current Fukushima media status quo lets him. Beware.

Not to mention that the comments section there is crawling with shills. It has gotten worse since the recent public revelations of contaminated water leaks.

Let’s see if Gundersen’s claim is true. Are the Unit 4 fuel racks distorted? Well, this can only happen if there is an intact spent fuel pool there. According to Hatrick Penry’s excellent site, the NRC documents released via FOIA indicate in multiple instances the the fuel pool went dry. The fuel, of course, would have melted down in a matter of hours. Some of the radioactivity would have went into the atmosphere from the fire, and some of it would be in blobs of corium on the floors below. In this case, we would be dealing with 4 underground coriums instead of 3.

But we have been shown photos and videos of the Unit 4 SFP, which shows it is intact, with some damage. Also parameters such as temperature in this pool have been released.

Isn’t this a contradiction? They can’t both be right. The possibilities are:

1. The Unit 4 SFP is intact, but the NRC was in error as to its status in March 2011. This doesn’t seem likely. The staff was in communication with Tepco, and they are experienced engineers who are not prone to hyperbole.

2. The Unit 4 SFP is intact, but the NRC documents are forged. This is not as unlikely as it seems, similar things happened after 9/11. This is technically trivial, all you need is a typewriter. (Yes, some people still use typewriters.) But what would the motive be? Why would the NRC, which is in the business of covering up nuclear disasters, make such an egregious lie, implying that a FAR greater release of plutonium has occurred than what has been admitted?

3. The Unit 4 SFP is gone, and the NRC documents are correct. This is by far the most likely scenario. In fact the Units 1 and 3 pools are probably history also. The only one which is plausibly still there is the Unit 2 SFP, but by now Tepco’s incompetence may have doomed that one too. The excessive amount of xenon-133 which has been detected, as discussed in the post The mystery of the extra xenon-133 could been seen as a result of these spent fuel pools melting down.

The photos, videos, and pool parameters would be fake. The motive behind alleging the existence of this pool would be to cover up the fact that an ENORMOUS amount of plutonium has been released.

Fukushima Plant Chief in 2011: If we fail to urgently deal with radioactive leakage, we can’t overcome the crisis — 2 years later Tepco admits they couldn’t afford to work on it

Yoshida warned that the water crisis had to be dealt with immediately, or it would not be overcome. They didn’t deal with it because Tepco didn’t want to pay to do it.

NHK: Attempts to stop Fukushima contamination flowing into ocean have failed — Japan Nuclear Expert: “Most likely flowing fairly quickly into sea” from nearby Reactor No. 2

No. As per what Yoshida said, they DIDN’T attempt to stop the contamination from flowing into the sea, in the beginning, when there was still a chance to deal with it. Where is the August criticality at? There is evidence that it could be from units 1, 2, or 4.

Nuclear Expert: Molten fuel may have flowed through cracks in foundations of Fukushima reactor buildings — No one’s been able to go under there and take samples

This happened in March 2011. Nobody can go down there, too much radiation. Even robots fail.

Japan Marine Expert: Fukushima radioactive tanks may have already been emptied into Pacific Ocean -Xinhua

Tepco will run out of tanks to store contaminated water in November. They may have started pumping the water out of them already. It is suggested that the water be filtered and then dumped into the ocean. I thought they were doing that already. Tritium cannot be filtered, at any rate.

Xinhua: “Indications are that there is a second leak” at Fukushima, says Japan expert — Fish over 140 km from plant have shown extremely high levels of contamination

I’m not sure what the second leak is. There are multiple leaks already, from the tanks, 4 reactors, and who knows what else. It has been leaking since March 2011, but both the volume of water leaked, and radioactive concentration in the water has increased sharply in the last few months.

“Travesty”: Japan publisher very concerned Gundersen would not be allowed into country — Gov’t does not want to hear what real independent experts are saying about Fukushima (AUDIO)

More Gundersen propaganda.

Japan Professor: 1,000 years from now contaminated water from Fukushima may still be entering Pacific Ocean — It’s necessary to keep monitoring during that time

It’s probably more like 10,000 years, but who’s counting? It will cause cancer in humans. But it will also destroy the life in the Pacific, which people have no right to do… which in addition is the largest food source for humans on the planet. The tritium, especially, will destroy plant life in North America. Which means in the future, we will see not only cancer, and many other diseases, but nothing to eat either.

Gundersen: Medical doctors ordered to not tell patients their problems are related to Fukushima radiation — Of course they’re going to say nobody died… the data records are distorted — People of Japan are essentially a scientific experiment, but nobody’s reporting results (AUDIO)

Yes, the doctors are not going to tell patients about radiation. Whether by design or not, since most doctors don’t know how widespread radioactive contamination affects peoples’ health. So their treatments don’t take into account this massive elephant in the room. In reference to data records, all we have in the USA is the crummy CDC death counts, which are sloppy to begin with, and probably massaged and untrustworthy.

Reuters: Radiation levels spike at Fukushima nuclear plant — 15 times higher than on Sunday at same location — Tepco still wants to dump in Pacific

Maybe from the tanks, or the groundwater itself. It’s a big mess.

Exclusive: Congressmen request hearing on new developments at Fukushima plant — Key issue is whether radioactive pollution in Pacific Ocean will affect U.S.

Does anyone think that this hearing will come to anything? They had to do something in reaction to all the media coverage.

Japan Nuclear Expert: “I’m totally fed up” — Fukushima fisherman: “Radioactive water is getting more and more serious”

Fukushima fishermen are out of business, and soon the entire Pacific fishing industry will be out of business too. Prime Minister Abe lied when he said the situation is under control, and that radioactivity does not leave the plant port. Which is absurd, and is contradicted by Tepco itself. He said it to get the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

I thought that being awarded the Olympics would free up money, and this might actually make a positive difference to the Fukushima situation. The government might actually do something to alleviate the contamination of the atmosphere and ocean. But then, on second thought, nahhhhh.

NHK Special: Farmer in Fukushima no-go zone finds “certain abnormalities in his herd” — Cancer Professor: “I wonder what discoloration is… study could be relevant to humans” (VIDEO)

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder characterized by abnormal Th17 helper cells. It has something to do with the production of reactive oxygen species and free radicals, as well as DNA damage. It is similar to psoriasis, except it causes depigmentation instead of lesions.

Vitiligo pathogenesis is very puzzling, and novel mechanisms possibly involved in the development of this disorder are frequently explored. Recently, some authors proposed an interplay between oxidative stress and immune system at the basis of melanocyte loss. According to the experimental evidence, they suggest that exposition to environmental agents might lead to an association between vitiligo and other autoimmune diseases. Accordingly, it is proposed that increased reactive oxygen species due to environmental agents could induce a modification of both melanocytic structures and other tissue proteins, or might disregulate the immune system, influencing the appearance of vitiligo and autoimmune comorbidities. (link)

The environmental agents are substances like cesium and plutonium. Radiation in the water causes radiolysis, which splits the H2O molecule into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is ionized and peroxidized, and this results in inflammation due to the signalling aspect of the immune system.

They should have interviewed a rheumatologist instead of an oncologist.

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  1. Exactly, Bobby. That’s why I look to you and Majia first. What most people don’t understand, apparently, is that a meltdown is a meltdown. There is no way to cure it, stop it, or remove it. Even if TEPCO, or anyone else, had taken steps immediately after the meltdowns, which they could not have because of the tsunami and earthquake chaos and damage, and because of the high radiation at the meltdowns, there was nothing they could have done, anyway. I can only shake my head when reading such nonsensical phrases as “cold shutdown” (Shutdown what? There was nothing left to shut down), “removing fuel rods” (The rods are lumps, masses, and deathbeds, not to mention they’ve burned through to the seabed), and “stopping leaks”. That’s my personal favorite. Yeah, uh huh, let’s stop the Pacific Ocean. That will take care of those pesky little “leaks”. Three, maybe more, ongoing massive, gushing meltdowns into, under, and above the Pacific Ocean can hardly be called “leaks”.

  2. Family doctor admitted to me that no radiologic burden data are retained for him to observe or refer to here in British Columbia aka B.C. (aka Bring Cash).
    “By the way, we can only treat one symptom per visit” – paraphrased from a previous visit.
    I wish i had a link to confirm this, but i must sleep now.
    The headaches, periodic chest pain, extreme fatigue, sleep disturbance, ringing in my ears, and other effects have me tempted to simply fire my doctor for conflict of interest. I will seek some documentation first and fire him if non-compliant i think.

    • TechDud,

      I am so sorry that you are suffering. I have had big headaches this week in California, and developed tinnitus early on in this disaster. Apparently, tinnitus is a common effect of radiation “treatment.”

      • NoNukes,…Noah has another idea about your tinnitus,…he’s onboard with my way of thinking,…..

        August 2, 2013 at 6:59 am Log in to Reply
        What is the Noah family doing to protect itself?

        Within the human body, Gamma exposure and ingested radioactive heavy metal particulate/isotopes stimulate the rapid growth of Candida colonies, a fungal growth.
        (See: Radiation and Candida growth)

        To protect itself from the fungus, the body begins a process of encasement, cell growth increases exponentially, defensively walling the healthy tissue off from the fungus infected tissue. A tumor has now formed. This is why Candida is universally found inside and outside of cancerous tumors. (Reference work of Italian oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini.)

        The problem here is two-fold. The radioactive heavy metal particles and the Candida infection.

        How to solve the problem.
        Use the Sodium Clorite MMS protocol developed by Jim Humble. It safely kills Candida and oxidizes away heavy metal particulate.


        Report comment

        August 4, 2013 at 7:15 pm Log in to Reply
        Candidiasis and Hearing Loss
        A short primer

        When candida infects the inner ear, ringing, dizziness, vertigo and hearing loss can occur.

        Ingested radioactive particulate rapidly accelerate the growth of candida colonies within the inner ear. This the reason why there has been a post 311 rise in hearing loss and inner ear problems.

        A simple solution is to treat inner ear Candidiasis with an non- toxic anti-fungal such as nystatin.


        However, I prefer the less expensive MMS protocol I mentioned above. Sodium Clorite (MMS) is a non-toxic anti-fungal and effectively deals with Candida.

        Report comment

        August 8, 2013 at 6:26 am Log in to Reply
        The Relationship of Candidiasis & Radiation pre-dated 311

        Since the first release of man made radionuclide in the 1940s, internalized radioactive particles have played their role in triggering Candida infections in the human body. Ingested radioactive heavy metal particles suppress/weaken immune response which result in Candida greatly multiplying & infecting/invading healthy tissue/organs/glands. (Those who understand the role of heavy metal toxicity will recognize how radioactive heavy metals have a greater effect/role in immune suppression/damage than non- ionizing elements.)

        These Candida infections lead to the formation of cancerous tumors as observed/postulated by Italian oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini. Dr. Simoncini uses a Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) solution to kill Candida, by PH alteration. The cancerous tumors then regress.

        The PH sensitivity of Candida is well known. There are many who have healed their own cancers using Sodium Bicarbonate therapeutically.

      • Thank you! I am more concerned about others here as my symptoms seem mild in comparison. It is important to know that one is not alone.

        One thing that has me puzzled about the tinnitus is whether the Microwave Auditory Effect is somehow involved too.

        “No biological effects of WiFi/cellphones”; PAH! GROMBEL!!


  3. Well done, Bobby1!

    Thank you for reminding us of the mysterious Xenon-133.

    Remember when the “warnings” about sfp 4 were at their height, and the mere mention that it probably already burned off would send the shills into a tizzy? Shrieking like the witch after Dorothy throws water on her.

    I remember the shills following me round and round when I was posting the I131 data you had linked, claiming its source was hospital patients’ pee.

    Good times.

    Now, the MSM along with the individual shills imply that “cold shutdown” is a lie. Some shills will even “accept” that sfp 4 may be empty.

    I have been wondering, what is it that remains “unspeakable?” What are we not allowed to say?

    1. For most of the MSM, the F word is still off limits (fission) though it is sneaking into official discourse.

    2. The future threat of the sfp 4 is still a popular distraction. One can speak of its disappearance without causing a ripple at enenews now, however.

    3. Radiation levels jumping across the United States. The “West Coast” fall guy, identified by our president himself, is the most effective bit of propaganda. Even though the available data from the nuclear “testing” era and Chernobyl prove otherwise and make clear that the entire nation is blanketed (e.g. Massachusetts was clobbered both times) the implication that it only effects California is so popular, and in part explains the current focus on water contamination, as it feeds into this, and distracts from on-going atmospheric contamination.

    4. That Japan is not “refusing help” but that the United States has been deeply involved from the beginning. That Fukushima is a project of the global nuclear mafia, and this is concealed by playing on the racism about the Japanese in American culture.

    4. Death and disease data. Why Bobby1’s work is popular wallpaper!

    5. Weapons labs/ production at Fukushima.

    6. Other sites/meltdowns in Japan. Fukushima as cover for a nation of meltdowns.

    7. The existence of Internet shills themselves.

    Late for work!

  4. Excellent post as usual

    You can add the recent disclosure by a tepco official that the plant is ‘out of control’

    See link at enenews as I cannot paste now

    My family has not been well since the recent rains

    I’m looking for a lab to check for exposure for my youngest son, who has developed bad nose bleeds over the last three months

    Can you suggest where to find labs that can test urine for cesium, as was done in Japan by the French NGO

    I’m really worried. The plant has looked terrifying since June and it appears tepco is losing the ability even to control their officers

    • Majia, I’m sorry to hear about your son. I don’t know of any labs, but I can look. Potrblog has a video about lab testing of ground beef, but I don’t think he gave the name:


      I would search under “gamma spectroscopy analysis laboratory”… Maybe the thing to do is go to a doctor and rule out some other medical condition that may be causing the nosebleeds. We know that we are all being exposed to radioisotopes, but we don’t know which ones and how much of them.

      Yes, the plant is out of control as we both know, it is significant that the Tepco official contradicted the prime minister when he said that.

      • If the first round of tests are inconclusive, perhaps this will help narrow things down for you family’s health and your own peace of mind.

        I wonder if there are any with ICP-MS (Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry) available for isotopic counts of spectra from Li to U. This will probably be more expensive than other spectroscopy.

        Quote: “One of the largest volume uses for ICP-MS is in the medical and forensic field, specifically, toxicology. A physician may order a metal assay for a number of reasons, such as suspicion of heavy metal poisoning, metabolic concerns, and even hepatological issues. Depending on the specific parameters unique to each patient’s diagnostic plan, samples collected for analysis can range from whole blood, urine, plasma, serum, to even packed red blood cells. Another primary use for this instrument lies in the environmental field. Such applications include water testing for municipalities or private individuals all the way to soil, water and other material analysis for industrial purposes.”

        “The ICP-MS allows determination of elements with atomic mass ranges 7 to 250. This encompasses Li to U. Some masses are prohibited such as 40 due to the abundance of argon in the sample. Other blocked regions may include mass 80 (due to the argon dimer), and mass 56 (due to ArO), the latter of which greatly hinders Fe analysis unless the instrumentation is fitted with a reaction chamber.

        A typical ICP-MS will be able to detect in the region of nanograms per litre to 10 or 100 milligrams per litre or around 8 orders of magnitude of concentration units. ICP-MS is a method of choice for the determination of cadmium in biological samples.[2]”

        Quoted from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inductively_coupled_plasma_mass_spectrometry

        Words to add to “7 works tepco won’t say on TV”:
        11) Neutron counts
        12) Bremsstrahlung (can a geiger counter emit it?)

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