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Study: “Fuel materials” entering Pacific Ocean via drains of Fukushima Daiichi resulted in potentially serious contamination of marine environment

This is a peer-reviewed study fro 2012, already obsolete. They found a lot more cesium than uranium and plutonium. But everything has changed recently, policymakers should be using the latest data on sea contamination, which has increased exponentially. They should not wait for peer review, but apply the precautionary principle:

One of the most important expressions of the precautionary principle internationally is the Rio Declaration from the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, also known as Agenda 21. The declaration stated:

In order to protect the environment, the precautionary approach shall be widely applied by States according to their capabilities. Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.


The precautionary principle is widely accepted. It has been enshrined into European law. But, in reality and actual practice, it is one of those golden principles that everyone acknowledges but never really follows, like doctors following the Hippocratic oath, or politicians following the Constitution.

Japan Professor compares cesium-137 releases from radiation disasters: Fukushima at up to 77 quadrillion Bq (77 PBq); Chernobyl at 85 quadrillion Bq (85 PBq) — Fukushima releases ongoing

Who are they kidding, the atmospheric portion of the cesium release itself is way more than that. But outside of Japan, we worry more about strontium and plutonium than cesium.

‘The Coming Fallout’: Experts now fear massive reservoir of Fukushima contamination about to reach Pacific Ocean — “Slow, seeping buildup of a second catastrophe” — Workers can’t say when or how they can stop flow

A huge pool of contaminated water is inching through the ground and is about to hit seawater. This is on top and in addition to all the other radioactive water emissions that have entered the sea already. Just what we needed, huh?

Vermont Yankee closing permanently — Embattled nuclear plant will be decommissioned in 2014 when current fuel cycle ends — Had license to operate until 2032

Vermont Yankee is finally gonna close. YAY!!! Saudi Arabia just announced they are building 16 nuclear reactors. BOO!!!

Nuclear experts concerned about water flow “reversing” due to Fukushima underground ice plan — Even more highly radioactive liquid inside reactor buildings to enter aquifer?

The ridiculous boondoggle of the huge ice wall around the reactors will backfire, making contaminated grounwater drain into the aquifers. Not to mention they don’t even know where the underground coriums are – how can they determine how deep they should be? Won’t the coriums, which are always heating up and going re-critical, burn right through them, anyway?

Warning that foundations of Fukushima reactor chambers have been “compromised” — Groundwater rising fast, now just 10 inches from surface

The whole plant is built on fill, on an old riverbed. Water is rising into the remains of the fuel splatted on the sides of the reactors… and the buildings are going to topple over, with the fill watering, and earthquake fissures widening, with the spent fuel pools toppling too. Plus the water slows neutrons down, generating new criticalites. Pouring water to cool it won’t do any good if the fuel escaped the reactors – it will start new chain reactions and make it hotter.

Nuclear Official: Tepco made Fukushima plant into a “machine for generating radioactive water” — Runoff from molten atomic cores now in groundwater, ocean — ‘Air cooling’ should be used

It is a machine for generating radioactive emissions into the atmosphere too. They never talk about this. The worst way to get contaminated by radiation is by breathing it.

Japan Times: Extreme contamination in Fukushima reactor buildings ‘most likely’ mixing into aquifer, reveals Tepco — Bloomberg: Could this flow downstream to Tokyo and present a big risk? (VIDEO)

I’m picturing radioactive geysers spouting in peoples’ backyards.

Water with nuclear fuel coming up from ocean floor off Fukushima coast? Tokyo Professor: 156 quadrillion Bq of Cs-137 once in basements — Double Chernobyl; Getting close to total fallout from every atomic bomb test in history — May be outputting from seeps in seafloor, I don’t know (VIDEO)

Pieces of corium are entering the ocean. It flakes off. Bioaccumulation – a fish eats a piece of it, a bigger fish eats that fish, and a bigger fish yet eats that fish, etc. Then it appears at your dinner table.

Nuclear Engineer: Estimated 276 quadrillion Bq of Cs-137 entered Fukushima basements — Triple Chernobyl total release — A portion “has already made its way to aquifer, whence it can easily flow into sea”

More minimization, see above.

Experts: Fukushima leaks “much worse” than authorities will admit — Disturbing questions confront Japan as leader visits Middle East to push nuclear

Yes, the countries of the Middle East are going nuclear, even though they are in deserts where the sun shines 364 days a year, ideal for solar power. The Japanese government and Tepco are trying to make a buck to make up their costs from dealing with Fukushima, which is a shockingly and mind-bogglingly insufficient response to begin with. Money money money. Get children to eat Fukushima food, so they don’t have to pay reparations. Money money money.

TV: “The Japanese are part of a massive non-consensual experiment on radiation exposure” — “Everywhere now is radioactive, we can’t escape it,” say Fukushima locals at beach (VIDEO)

The whole world is part of the experiment. The atmospheric nuclear bomb tests of the 50s and 60s were experiments too, on humans, not on the bombs.

Local Gov’t Official in Fukushima: “One day the world will sue Japan for this” (VIDEO)

Can Japan pay compensation to the entire planet, which is being destroyed?

Alaska Newspaper: Concern Fukushima nuclear waste is tainting our salmon — Worried about impact on humans — Scientists urged to conduct tests

Salmon are being contaminated. Of course they should be tested. All foodstuffs, water supplies, and air samples should be tested for radiation, and the results published publicly. But we don’t need to wait for “further study”. We need ACTION. See precautionary principle above.

NHK: Sinking ground at Fukushima plant may have deformed tank, leading to leak of extremely contaminated water (VIDEO)

The whole site is sinking, due to fissures and too much water. The tanks holding contaminated water are damaged and leaking, partly because of this.

Contamination now spiking in seawater off Fukushima plant — Asahi reports up to 18-fold increase in a week

There are always spikes in radiation in seawater after a criticality. They just had one.

Nuclear Experts: Portion of Fukushima’s molten fuel believed to have “moved into earth” — Melted cores contacting groundwater may be cause of recent spike in radiation levels -CTV

No kiddin. The cores have been contacting groundwater for some time. Radiation spikes are from criticalities.

TV: We’re talking about generations being affected by Fukushima, and also their future healthcare… How are those in charge getting away with this, time after time by just saying sorry? — What do we tell the younger generation about what happened to our ocean? (VIDEOS)

Yes, all future generations of not just humans, but all life. Children are more susceptible to radiation than adults. You better tell them now.

“Ultimate, worst-case scenario” underway at Fukushima? New York Times: Experts suspect intense contamination is seeping out from under melted-down reactors and into Pacific — Will surpass even the leaks from disaster’s early days

Yes, the ultimate, worst-case scenario. Any questions?

Lawmaker: Declare ‘State of Emergency’ right away and intervene at Fukushima — Japan Professor: Issue S.O.S. now, it’s really an emergency… Gov’t is utterly lost, international help is needed

Yes, the Japanese government is lost, as well as all other governments… and all other experts and all institutions. A grand failure of the human race.

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  1. Fantastic Bobby1! Yes,…you said it best at the end,…”A grand failure of the human race.” I’ll say,…..if this had been a race,…we LOST!

  2. Yes, I have so many questions! Why? Who wants to destroy the earth? The plankton, the dolphins, the bees?

    China has 29 nuclear power plants under construction Energy
    “China Wants Nuclear Reactors, and Lots of Them
    By Christina Larson February 21, 2013”

    We hope that the people in China are more effective then in our “democracy.” http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-07-14/china-protest-forcing-nuclear-retreat-shows-people-power.html

    It is all about weapons, I guess Saudi Arabia and China want to make sure that they have enough nuclear weapons because the US has proven that old “alliances” mean nothing when the weapons industry needs to drum up more business.

    • Who needs weapons – the way things are going there, we’ll all be dead soon enough… or, our brains and offspring so addled nothing will matter for longer than anyone who might still have a memory of the myth of a legendary story told of something called “Fukushima”…long long ago…

  3. Bobby, great opening title with Joseph campbell. It is important to retain a larger perspective and you are, with that quote. This is first and foremost a spiritual crisis. We must remember that, or we may turn just as toxic as those we denounce. Great blog. Thank for your help, in these times of denial

  4. Have been seeing some headlines like the following sporadically for the past few months. After reading ENE for half a day, there was one post that caught my eye, and for good reason.

    Quote: “UPI Fukushima plume to hit U.S. shores early next year, will see measurable increase in radioactive material — Study ‘Prolon”

    However; as Tacomagroove properly reminds us, it has been here for some months now.

    Quote of Tacomagroove: “The radiation is already on the Californian coast. It surpassed the international date line in march 2012. Ie. The half way point. By march 2013 “the plume” was lingering 450km east of the Californian coast. As of August 2013 the radiation began to travel on south towards Arizona. Hence the Californian tuna spoke. Note all samples were contaminated. Above x 10bq. Ie “due too VIP accumulation. These models were created in 2011 by biogensciences. They are available online as well.
    The radiation was traveling at 8cm a day. “constant rate”.

    Admin please read the pdf I sent you…

    This is false information. The radiation is already on the Californian border…”

    Not a peep here concerning tsunami debis since early in this year.
    The silence has been deafening for me.

    • Guess we are going to break down and buy a detector of some kind to check everything from items made from radioactive scrap metal to our blessed GMO food items… seafood? Gulf food/’Shima food… aw heck… we don’t have a lot longer anyway do we??
      Calderas, comet Ison, Planet X still in the mix?
      Enjoy the power of NOW!

  5. My biggest question to date, which i am shocked that nobody else seems to have asked it.

    How did any of the SFP fires get put out in early 2011 anyway?
    Last i heard, such a fire would be pyrophoric, and all-but impossible to extinguish.

    Do we have the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan to thank?
    Was there more than just 50 to the Fukushima 51 (incl. Yoshida-san)?

    • The whole site could go critical, but it is because of Tepco’s actions. It probably would have been better to simply let it burn. But by building an impervious wall, by injecting water, nitrogen, boron, they have turned a terrible situation into a catastrophic one.

    • It might be important to remind people of what they can do NOW to prepare for the eventual inevitability of massive failure at the site.

      I like oats. Quacker outs are gassed with sulfurous fluoride, IIRC, by Pepsicko.
      “You are what you eat”. I don’t see eating “dead foods” as positive.

      Some locales may not be ideal for “hunkering down”. SoCal may have some water-dependency issues, IIRC.

      What can i do to help assist without causing public panic/fear?

  6. “UPI: Fukushima plume to reach U.S. West Coast in months; Measurable increase in radioactive material — Study: Prolonged exposure for California lasting 10 years; Hits Hawaii early 2014… may already be surrounded (PHOTO)”


    It will hit after the end of the year. Hawaiian coral reefs are already being decimated. They will be gone in a couple of years.

    The recent surge in contamination will start hitting the west coast in 2016, increasing thru 2018.

  7. The Fantasy World of Nuclear Power
    As the World Turns

    With this concept in mind we understand that releases from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant that began on March 11, 2011 crosses the Pacific Ocean and reaches land throughout the northern hemisphere, and contaminates all life that dwells upon the land and in the waters. As was documented after the Chernobyl catastrophe, fallout is not uniform, but varies by wind direction, elevation and temperature.

    The current revelations from Fukushima portend dire consequences for all life. Some scientists have expressed concern about a possible “China Syndrome”…

    As of August 21, 2013, markedly increased levels of radioactive tritium, cesium and strontium are reported.

    Isotopes are taken up by sea life, including plants, single-cell organisms, algae, seaweed, crabs, oysters, fish, mammals and other sea creatures… Currently, US “guidelines” allow for food levels of 1200 Becquerel’s per kilogram, one of the highest in the world. Japan’s limit is 100, so food too contaminated to sell in Japan could be sold here in the U.S.


  8. Thanks…!!!

    from article

    “U.S. health officials report weekly deaths by age in 122 cities, about 25 to 35 percent of the national total. Deaths rose 4.46 percent from 2010 to 2011 in the 14 weeks after the arrival of Japanese fallout, compared with a 2.34 percent increase in the prior 14 weeks.”

    ” The number of infant deaths after Fukushima rose 1.80 percent, compared with a previous 8.37 percent decrease.”

    ” Projecting these figures for the entire United States yields 13,983 total deaths and 822 infant deaths in excess of the expected.”

    ” These preliminary data need to be followed up, especially in the light of SIMILAR preliminary U.S. mortality FINDINGS for the four months after Chernobyl fallout arrived in 1986, which approximated final figures.” – Joseph J. Mangano and Janette D. Sherman

  9. I occasionally come to this site, but have been watching the situation from the beginning on various others. I saw Tech Dude’s question about the SFP fires and zirconium, and since I’ve worked with the material, started fires with it, I thought I’d throw in my two cents.

    I’ve worked quite extensively with zirconium. It used to be used quite a bit in electronics as ‘getters’ in vacuum tubes (those little gowing things that scavage oxygen from the tube to protect other materials in the tube from oxidation and degaradation; its affinity for oxygen beginning at about 600F) , but it’s also used in chemical process equipment for its corrosion resistance in some environments. And used, too, in fireworks, usually in powdered form, for its white, very bright sparks. I’ve welded the material extensively, and also cut it with a torch, but neither process started a fire. Actually, welding must be done within an inert atmosphere, most commonly argon, because the oxidized material is useless. The conditions under which I’ve started fires, and they’re intensely hot and bright, is in machining when I let the small chips from the cutter accumulate, especially if one’s machining dry or grinding/sanding where a fine dust is produced . If another hot chip, say one that was heated enough to become a spark, fell on that pile it goes up quickly (surprisingly fast) as those chips have a great surface area to volume. I could have easily started a fire in those chip piles also with a match, and have done so to demonstate to a newbie what to avoid. The only way to put them out (I generally let them burn out; it just yields a thick, white smoke that one surely doesn’t want to breathe and ZrO2 is very abrasive and hard on the moving, sliding parts of the machine) is to deprive it of oxygen. Water thrown at it will not put it out, but I don’t believe that it will burn into water portions already immersed. The mere presence of water makes me think the material isn’t at that robust reactive temperature, but I’ve never had a consistent and intense enough heat source under the water as this may have been. We used C02 extinguishers and made every effort to not let it happen as both the fire and the CO2 make a mess. Personally, with the heat, the thick smoke from even a small fire, I would think the resultant mess of fighting such a fire in a SFP is one that they would do their best to avoid, though I’m not familiar with firefighting methods. That is the theory (oxygen deprivation) to foams and the like that they use, right? Honestly, if they don’t tell us specifically, who knows?

    In the SFPs especially, I would wonder. It’s not at all like the RPV in which, even if it does have holes, you can flood it with nitogen to displace lighter hydrogen and also oxygen. The SFPs have no such somewhat closed geometry. My thought then, as now, is that they did let burn out on its own, and at best added water to the pool, not just throw it at it. If the pool was not empty it may have only been a portion of the material. As I said, it’s my experience (I’m not an expert) the material will not burn into water that is there already even if it will keep burning if you just throw water at at the exposed portion. By the way, at some stage or multiple stages of the milling and refining before processing into usable product, zirconium is in a particulate form. They store it in drums filled with water to minimize the danger. Even so, people have been killed at mills from explosions and fires.

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