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  1. “Have you ever been face to face with a police officer and wondered, “is he about to kick my ass?” Well wonder no mo. If you follow these easy tips, you’ll be fine.”
    First: Obey the Law. Laws were made for a reason. Think of them as hints.”

    “Everybody knows, if the police have to come and get you, they’re bringing an ass-kicking with them!”

    Chris Rock – How not to get your ass kicked by the police! A public service.

  2. Bolivia: Uncontrolled Fussarium fungus attack on banana crops

    There is a fungus that affects two out of every 10 hectares of banana plantations in the tropics, according to data provided yesterday by the regional coordinator of the Phytosanitary Certification Program (PROCEF), Luis Milan. He said that it ensued from other crops such as coca, progresses rapidly and also attacks the papaya.
    Yesterday, producer Carlos Meneses said about the Fussarium fungus that attacks …


  3. Wet and windy weather cause of swallow die-off

    The recent wet and windy weather has taken a toll on Oregon’s Barn and Violet-green Swallows. On Monday, veterinarians for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife received multiple calls from Oregon residents about dead and dying swallows. Reports have come from the Port of Saint Helens to as far south as Junction City.
    Groups of from 10 to 200 swallows were reported dead or near death in barns and other structures where they perch. Mortality appears to be greater closer to rivers and standing water where the birds concentrate.
    Colin Gillin, ODFW State Wildlife Veterinarian, estimates that thousands of birds have died. “This type of mortality event is unprecedented and considered a rare and unusual event,” said Gillin. “The effect on bird populations is unknown.”
    A number of birds were examined at the Oregon State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and pathologists determined the swallows were thin and had not eaten recently with their cause of death most likely being weather-related starvation. Veterinarians believe that the four consecutive days of rain and wind prevented the swallows from feeding at a time when they would normally be preparing for winter migration. September was the wettest on record for the Willamette Valley.


  4. In an update to the Sept. 12th story: “Dead starfish in Vancouver waters puzzle scientists”

    “What’s killing B.C.’s sea stars?”

    Quote: “It started at Whytecliffe Park, when a local diver noticed the ocean floor littered with decaying dead sea stars.

    Researchers believed it was an isolated event, but it now appears more sea stars, also known as starfish, are dying in other bodies of water.

    In this video report, the CBC’s Belle Puri reports on this deepening mystery.”


    They say “virus”; i think “radiotoxin-bioaccumulating fungus”.

    “Potatoe, Potoughto; Tomatoe, tomoughto.
    Let’s call the whole thing off!”

    • The plutonium detections in Lithuania are important because, the nuclear tests in Nevada never had plutonium detected farther than Scotland or Norway.

      • That, and it’s impossible for any official to justify stating that it is OK to ingest any of it! The oxide of which being known as the most deadly substance known to mankind (AFAIK).

        In the case of Lithuania, didn’t at least part of the plume travel via Alaska and the Arctic Circle.

        I do remember from one of your articles that Neptunium 239 (half-life of 2.36 days) emissions are important too, as that rapidly decays to Plutonium 239.

        Quote: “After the 238U absorbs a neutron to become 239U it then emits an electron and an anti-neutrino (\bar{\nu}_e) by β− decay to become Neptunium-239 (239Np) and then emits another electron and anti-neutrino by a second β− decay to become 239Pu:”
        Quoted from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plutonium-239

        No thanks whatsoever to GE for making this part of (what was once) a healthy diet.

        • There’s also plutonium-241, which decays into americium, which is more soluble. Plutonium is horrible, but it binds tightly to clay soil. Well, about in 100 years, it will decay into americium, and get into food and water at a higher rate… and after then, neptunium-237, which is even more ubiquitous in the environment, and lasts millions of years.

    • Hatrick Penry is right… pool #4 has some spent MOX fuel in it.. which is worse than MOX. It’s probably gone, into the air, water & ground… it’s BS. They’re showing us pictures of a nice SFP in #4, with a new crane… if they could build a new crane, why not a new pool? Take pictures of it.

      SFP #3 (spent MOX) was blown to kingdom come, in case anyone still thinks it’s still there.

  5. Just to note that when pasting a link, the JavaScript portion of the address may not be necessary to post. For instance, the link posted by NoNukes (thank you NoNukes – http://optimalprediction.com/recent-health-issues/comment-page-6/#comment-16571) which was http://www.naturalnews.com/034586_Fukushima_USA_fatalities.html##ixzz2gy3jJ4HJ uses ##ixzz2gy3jJ4HJ as a suffix.

    The key character to look for near the end of an address is #

    This would be necessary if you are linking to a particular comment, as evidenced on ENEnews’ site.

    If you wish to link an article, and spot some of this junk, one could open a text editor, copy and paste the address into the text editor. Then one could edit out the potential junk and then paste it back into the address bar in the internet browser to check it’s validity.

    http://www.naturalnews.com/034586_Fukushima_USA_fatalities.html could suffice.

    I say this to hopefully limit tracking somewhat. Some sites do generate ad revenue based upon this tech.
    It is amazing the litany and pervasiveness of JavaScript on the web now, and rarely necessary to simply view a print article.

    Quote from Babylon English Dictionary:
    n. interpreted scripting language used to create applets for embedding within HTML documents (Computers) ”

    I use No$cript to limit this technology on Firefox.
    To see how cookies and other information is shared, i use the Collusion plugin.

    Using it, i can tell from the naturalnews site that javascript links to the site itself, ajax.googleapis.com, pinterest.com, disqus.com & disquscdn.com (both needed to view comments), googlesyndication.com, twitter.com, addtoany.com, fbcdn.net, adblade.com, google-analytics.com, google.com, d31qbv1cthcecs.cloudfront.net, tynt.com, scorecardresearch.com, github.com, facebook.com and facebook.net and possibly others (page dependent) seem to be taking interest in my viewing.

    That is one thing i like most about this particular site, other that the relevant and factual information as well as the keen insights into Physics and Biology (i agree, NoNukes), that is there is only JavaScript for this site, and it is not needed to post here. 🙂

    • I’m just using wordpress. I don’t know about javascript either way. I have an adblocker. Donottrackme reports zero things.

      • You are indeed a scholar and a gentleman, in my humble opinion! 🙂

        Just trying to relay some info for posters and readers alike.
        Hopefully somebody could expand upon it and further enlighten us all.
        Limiting what seems like another potential abuse vector could possibly be another form of legal online protest.

        • That was the kind of link that just suddenly appears after you’ve pasted a quote. They are always surprising, like a snake suddenly crossing your path, and I tend to leave them alone.

          I am happy to delete them and cut and paste a link myself, Dud.

  6. 3/28/12 Jim Stone: Stuxnet Virus & Fukushima, Mexico Quake, NSA


    3/28/12 Jim Stone: Stuxnet Virus & Fukushima, Mexico Quake, NSA


    Japan was favoring a two state solution for Palenstein.

    .. With a few notable exceptions, the members of this group are most impressive for their insignificance. Only 12 of the 34 states (Israel among them) have populations over 5,000,000, while nine have populations below 120,000. By contrast, of the world’s 20 most populous states, 16 have extended diplomatic recognition to the State of Palestine and two others (Japan and Mexico) voted to accord it state of Palestine and two others (Japan and Mexico) voted to accord it state status. ..

    Partitioning the ‘Two-State Solution’ | Palestine Chronicle

    • Stuxnet? I thought that primarily attacked Siemens PLC’s.

      I suppose it boils down to the concept of “Approved Design”.
      Were they using any PLC’s or other industrial controllers that were designed after 1970? I don’t know for certain, yet it seems possible that the answer is no.

      As intriguing as Mr. Stone’s contentions are, i am leery of his “SHOUTING”, and what might be interpreted by some as an anti-isreali slant. It seems difficult to say whether it is simply anti-zionist instead. I do wonder too, what happened to FukuDaichi’s Unit#3 RPV and note the overburden of roofing material directly above where it should be. That “camera” shape does look puzzling. One would hope that his postulations concerning public art be examined to alleviate any fear of any possible state-sponsored terror.

      Am not expressing a preference as i trust no governance now. Corruption seems to abound in them all. Jeremiah 17:5 would seem fitting here, were it not off-topic. It is not by the color of anybody’s skin, their creed, gender, national origin or age, but on the content of their character of any “person”, natural-born or otherwise that guides my discernment.

      • yes he is excitable when speaking but take away that there are many facts that seem to make a point, I’ll just keep connecting the dots ! Not shoot the messenger because he has personal flaws ! Much of his inf. I have researched before and remember news blips that resonated, Past actions and history of some count to make things believable sometimes when there is a missing dot !

  7. Remembering Michael Malta, the King of Pot

    The East Coast cannabis reform community awoke today to the devastating news of the loss of a close friend, hardworking activist, and longtime supporter, Michael L. Malta, better known as the King of Pot, or simply “KOP”. The shocking news came in the form of a Facebook post from his daughter, and word quickly spread:

    “To all family and friends in case you have or haven’t heard already my dad had passed away tonight from a massive heart attack. ”


  8. Malibu High Teachers Claim School Is Making Them Sick, Causing Cancer

    A large number of teachers — as many as one third of the staff — say that Malibu High School is making them sick and causing an outbreak of cancers.

    The teachers say that recent construction and several classrooms they believe are moldy have unleashed a torrent of illnesses among the staff.

    A concerned group has hired environmental consultants to try to find the source of skin diseases, thyroid cancers and other serious maladies…

    Teacher Katy Lapajne wrote a letter to the district saying three teachers have been diagnosed with stage one thyroid cancer within the last six months and three other teachers have recently been treated for other thyroid problems.

    In the letter, she also said seven Malibu teachers have been treated for persistent migraines and other teachers have been treated for unexplainable hair loss, skin rashes, bladder cancer, and several respiratory illnesses.


    • US State Secretary, Defense Secretary Gung-Ho with Japanese Counterparts, As Abe Smiles Broadly

      The United States and Japan announced on Thursday that defense relations are being strengthened for the first time in 16 years, including new force deployments and greater cooperation against missile and cyber attacks…


      US Secretary of State John Kerry laid a wreath at a Tokyo cemetery Thursday, in an apparent American attempt to nudge Japan away from lionising its controversial Yasukuni Shrine.

      Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel became the most senior foreign dignitaries to pay their respects at Chidori ga Fuchi, a cemetery near Tokyo’s Imperial Palace, since the Argentine president in 1979, a cemetery official said.

      Another official told AFP the visit had been instigated by the US and had not come about as a result of a Japanese invitation.


  9. There’s some kind of bulge in kitchen floor… and there are several cracks in the walls that I didn’t notice before. I have been hearing all sorts of strange noises in the house the past few weeks. What is going on?

      • Ehhh. It turns out there was a leak in the kitchen drain pipe. There was an earthquake off South Carolina, I think it loosened the pipe connection, and caused the cracks in the wall. The cracks are no big deal, though.

        Vgirl came over and fixed the drain. She connected it crooked… I was trying to connect it flush, which didn’t work.

  10. You know,…I’m with Kevin now,….want to email some PEEPS about this latest *spike/plume* headed inbound,….But No. I feel like I am casting my pearls to swine. They haven’t cared the last 1,000 times I (we) warned them. Why the hell do ‘we’ bother? I know,…I know,…Thy Brother’s Keepers and all,…..but the swine and pearl parable must be accepted at some point, eh? StillJill might have reached that point!

    • It’s not that the swine just don’t value the pearl, it’s not that they just don’t care about it. It pisses them off because they can’t digest it… they want swill. They turn around and rend you like a wild boar.

  11. This is fascinating… April 16, 1954, after the explosion of the Bravo bomb.

    Mystery Pitting Of Car Windscreens

    Scientists studying mysterious pits which have appeared in hundreds of motor car windscreens said today that they were ‘temporarily baffled for an exact explanation.’ They believed an ash of some sort had caused the sudden damage to the windscreens in 11 Washington State cities.

    Guesses on the source of the pits range from industrial ash to fallout from a Pacific hydrogen-bomb test…

    The rash of pitted windscreens first began several weeks ago, and has reached
    full force in recent days. ‘It’s absolutely ghostly,’ said one police officer. ‘I was sitting in a patrol car, and all of a sudden pock marks appeared on the windscreen. It couldn’t have been anyone shooting pellets, because the car was parked facing a blank warehouse wall.’



      I am just gobsmacked!

      March 1, 1954

      South Australia had experienced a minor earthquake — probably
      the worst ever recorded in the state, Sir Douglas Mawson, former Professor of Geology and Mineralogy at the University of
      Adelaide, said yesterday.

      It had been caused by the slipping of one great rock layer on to another along the “fault line” which extended southward from the
      Flinders Ranges, he added. Sir Douglas Mawson said he did not think there was anything in reports that a brilliant flash had occurred
      at the same time as the earthquake.

      Not Usual

      A flash would indicate a meteorite, he said, and a lot more would have been heard about it if one had fallen. It was not usual for
      earthquakes to be accompanied by a flash of light.


        • Moret was the one who had the appropriate reaction after 3/11, and screamed at everyone to go to Ecuador.

          “Project Seal” back in the 1940s:

          “The tsunami bomb was an attempt during World War II to develop a tectonic weapon that could create destructive tsunamis. The project commenced after US Navy officer E.A. Gibson noticed small waves generated by explosions used to clear coral reefs. The idea was developed by the United States and New Zealand military in a programme code named Project Seal.[1]

          Tests were conducted by Professor Thomas Leech, of the University of Auckland, in Whangaparaoa off the coast of Auckland and off New Caledonia[1] between 1944 and 1945. British and US defence chiefs were eager to see it developed, and it was considered potentially as important as the atomic bomb. It was expected to cause massive damage to coastal cities or coastal defences.

          The weapon was only tested using small explosions and never on a full scale. 3,700 test explosions[1] were conducted over a seven-month period. The tests revealed that a single explosion would not produce a tsunami, but concluded that a line of 2,000,000 kg (4,400,000 lb) of explosives about 8 km (5.0 mi) off the coast could create a destructive wave.[1]
          Details of the experiments codenamed “Project Seal” were released to the public by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1999 and are available at Archives New Zealand in Wellington and at the Scripps Institution Of Oceanography Archives in San Diego, California.[2][3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Seal

        • Ecuador had the least nuclear fallout from bomb testing (1945 to 1958) anywhere on earth. The U.S. Public Health Service publication RADIOLOGICAL HEALTH DATA (Jan. 1960, near the apex of atmospheric nuclear bomb testing) compiled comparative figures on the total daily intake of Stontium 90 by various countries. The comparative figures are as follows:

          United States 15.4 microcuries (mc)

          Germany 13.0 mc

          United Kingdom 9.8 mc

          Vietnam 8.3 mc

          Japan 7.8 mc

          Peru 2.8 mc

          Ecuador 1.2 mc.


      • Quake Link With H-Bomb ‘Possible’

        It was possible, but extremely unlikely, that Adelaide’s earthquake on March 1 was ‘triggered-off’ by the hydrogen bomb explosion at Bikini on the same day, the Professor of Physics at the University of Adelaide (Professor L. G. H. Huxley) said yesterday.

        ‘I do not think the bomb was powerful enough to have had any effect at this distance,’ he said. Professor Huxley was
        commenting on a theory advanced by several people who telephoned ‘The Advertiser’ yesterday following an announcement that the hydrogen bomb explosion on March 1 was 600 times greater than that which tore Hiroshima

        Professor Huxley said he understood that no earthquakes had occurred elsewhere in the world on March 1 and that no
        quakes had been reported after previous atomic explosions.
        Adelaide’s quake was more likely to have been triggered off by local gravitational effects of the moon, or changes in barometric pressure. Both of these influences could produce changes in the earth’s crust.

        However, if it could be established that the bomb were exploded shortly before 6 a.m. (Bikini time), the possibility that the explosion triggered-off the quake should be examined.

        The shock of an H-bomb explosion at this time would have reached Adelaide at approximately the moment the earthquake began. Professor Huxley’s calculation allowed one hour for the shock to travel 3,600 miles from Bikini to Adelaide.


      • Bomb Blast And Earthquake

        To the Editor

        -Sir— Now that we have been told the date of the atomic test at Bikini, in which Japanese fishermen were covered with radioactive dust, is it a coincidence or has it some bearing on our earthquake that both dates were March 1?

        (Miss) W. ROBINSON.
        Cliff street, East Olenelg.


      • So interesting, so many ramifications…

        Belief A-Dust Reached Japan

        NEW YORK. March 22 (1954)

        Scientists at Kyoto University, Tokio, believe that radioactive ash from the March 1 Bikini hydrogen explosion has fallen on Japan, United Press reports.

        Physicists at the university say that a Geiger counter in their laboratory showed an extraordinarily high count two days after the explosion, which took place 1,600 miles away.
        Between 4.30 and 5 pm. (Japanese time) the counton the indicator jumped from an average of 40 to 50to.a peak of 225. At no time before or since has the counter shown such


        The Geiger counters in Japan increased to 4-5 times background. They were 1,600 miles away from Bikini.
        In my beta radiation paper:


        the AVERAGE beta radiation in the US was 5 times background. Areas on the west coast and Rockies were 10-53 times background. And this is in areas MUCH farther away than Bikini was from Japan in 1954.

        The CTBTO estimated that Bravo emitted 132 times as much iodine-131 than Chernobyl. See how much worse Fukushima is compared to Bravo. And that was merely the beginning.

      • H-BOMB TESTS
        ‘Sky Flash’ Recalled

        To the Editor
        Sir— I feel we should all support Dr. Evatt in his effort to have an Allied conference on the atom bomb tests. Sir Winston Churchill’s anxiety cannot be unfounded, for no doubt he has read between the lines that the unusual occurrences of March 1 and the damage, since divulged, can be laid at the door of the explosion of the H-bomb.

        While I am in no position to argue with scientists over the relative time of our earthquake and the release of the bomb, I do know that we here saw that bright glow in the north-eastern sky when we ventured out after our disturbance had
        subsided. I saw it myself, and know it to be no figment of the

        If the flash of the explosion itself could be seen 800 miles away, then I think the reflection could be seen here.


      • H-Bomb And Weather

        To the Editor.
        Sir— I thank Dame Enid Lyons for her article on the H-bomb (14/3/54). I prefer to take her views on the serious consequences of the explosions on Bikini than those of the scientists, for clever – as they are, they mostly have a one
        track mind, and cannot see the effects it will have on other walks of life.

        Ever since the first explosion on Bikini I have watched the gradual alteration in weather conditions, and I am convinced that if the tests are continued the primary producer will not
        be able to grow enough food to feed the people of Australia let alone for export. I cannot see that the US has any right to come all the way across the Pacific to explode bombs— why not explode them in America?
        … ”EX-PRODUCER,” Blyth.


      • ‘Garbage’ (April 18, 1954)

        An American scientist wants to turn Mars into the earth’s atomic garbage dump.

        Professor Ira M. Freeman, a physicist of Rutgers University, proposed last night loading poisonous atomic waste into rockets and shooting it off to another planet.

        ‘Unless atomic factories disposed of their ‘garbage’ this way they would eventually make the earth uninhabitable’, he said.

        The waste from atomic reactors, which make plutonium for bombs, is at present stored underground in steel tanks. Scientists have been worried about how to get rid of it, because it contaminates everything it touches with dangerous radioactivity.

        Professor Freeman said the world would soon have to reckon with millions of gallons of radio-active wastes a year as atomic power plants were developed. ‘The only safe way is to rocket them off to Mars or one of the larger asteroids,’ be added.


    • Scientists study pock marks on windshields of cars in Seattle.
      Location: Seattle Washington
      Date: 1954, April 19
      Duration: 43 sec
      Sound: Yes


      “Scientists” concluded the pock marks were caused by gravel from gravel roads. Duh. What about the cop who saw the pock marks appear as he was sitting in his parked police car?

      I wonder if this is going on now. The roof of my car looks like hell.

      • Sorry about all the verbiage here.


        Clear H-Bomb In Pitting Of Windshields More Than 100 City Cars Hit

        Two of Ohio’s leading chemical analysts today ruled out the possibility that radio-activity, caused from the recent explosion of the H-bomb, could have caused the rash of “pock-marked” windshields in Mansfield and the area in the past few days. More than 100 pock-marked cars were reported in used car lots and by private individuals in Mansfield alone. T. M. Durey, deputy director of Civil Defense for Ohio, told the News-Journal yesterday that “radio-activity has no effect on glass, according to all experiments. “This outbreak certainly has nothing to do with the H-bomb,” Durey added. Durey’s theory was substantiated by Dr. A. B. Garrett, head of chemical engineering at Ohio State university and one of the coordinators for radiological defense of the state under the Civil Defense.


        22 April 1954
        First it was flying saucers. Then it was disappearing nylons. Now it’s pitted windshields. What’s going on anyway? Starting in The Pacific northwest a while back, reports of strangely pock-marked windshields have been billowing up all over the nation just like—if you’ll pardon the expression—a mushroom cloud. My association of ideas is no accident. Though nobody thinks the damaged windshields are imaginary, what with pictures readily available and scientists already doing research on samples of same to explain their interesting condition, it’s significant that the first guess in many minds was “the hydrogen bomb explosion.” …

        The windshields in the area of Seattle are calming down; few new complaints are being registered there, but reports of pits and pocks are now coming in from Wisconsin, Texas. Illinois. North Carolina. Indiana. .Michigan, Ohio. New York. Massachusetts, arid way up north in British Columbia. Canada.


      • The Record-Post, Au Sable Forks, NY, April 29, 1954

        Scientists are puzzled by the pockmarking of car windshields and windows. The rash of pockmarks was first noticed in the northwestern states a few weeks ago when owners of autos discovered their windshields were badly pitted in many instances. Then, owners of cars in Chicago and other midwestern cities found their windshields also pitted by the mysterious pellets, if we may call them that for want of a better name, not knowing what they are. It is believed they’re tiny particles of radioactive substances falling from the sky and caused by the recent atomic or thermonuclear explosions in the Pacific.

        Evidently the wind has fanned this substance eastward.
        William Dwyer. Massena high school principal, the other day found the rear window of his auto pockmarked so badly that the slightest pressure would cause it to fall apart. He believes the window was damaged after he had put the car in the garage. He has no explanation except the possibility that atmospheric conditions had affected the glass. Also last week a resident of Glens Falls reported his windshield was pitted considerably.

        Maybe the scientists will solve the mystery and be able to tell us what to do to protect our windshields before much more damage is done and maybe they won’t. A year ago the same thing occurred in England though not on so wide a scale. Most of us had forgotten the English version until this repeat performance in America.


      • A woman in Portland, Oregon said she observed a tiny, round black pellet strike a windshield and eat through the glass with a sort of “bubbling action”.

        On the other hand, a reporter for a Cleveland newspaper wrote that he observed “the mysterious something that pockmarks automobile windshields develop before my eyes.” He said he watched in amazement as the glass of some 90 vehicles parked in a used car lot were damaged by what he described as some kind of “transformation.” He saw no projectiles or substance of any kind contact the windows…

        One person who was convinced she wasn’t dreaming was the Canadian woman who said she was struck by something during another 1954 phantom marksman attack.

        The incident occurred as she and her husband were parked in the town of Port Weller. Suddenly, their car came under bombardment in the form of sharp, pinging sounds on their windshield. They saw nothing, but when the woman stuck her hand outside, she felt stinging pain in her thumb that produced a small, burn-like welt.


    • 1.4 becquerels per liter is cesium, not radiation. It does not include strontium, tritium & plutonium etc. He ignores bioaccumulation. Saying there is 1.4 Bq in the ocean is misleading.

        • There really is almost no information at all. What they say just misleads us. That’s why I try to figure out what is going on, criticalities etc., with an extreme bare minimum of info. It is hideous.

    • Obamacare is a catastrophe. ESPECIALLY because Fukushima is destroying the health of Americans. It’s the government taking money directly from your bank accounts… it’s about turning doctors into political assassins. It’s about enriching insurance companies and Big Pharma… medical slavery.

      • well, the point of this article wasn’t even the disaster of the health care thing, it was that they were going to tie it into your computer, with your ip address and basically keep tabs on every page you ever go to etc. yikes

        • On October 8, THE WEEKLY STANDARD reported that the privacy policy of the Maryland Health Connection (MHC), the state’s Obamacare insurance marketplace, included a statement that the marketplace “may share information provided in your application with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities.”

          An email had been sent to the MHC on October 3 requesting clarification of the policy, and included these inquires: Does that include both federal and state authorities? What type of information from the application might be of interest to law enforcement and/or state/federal auditors? However, no response was received before the story was published.

          A follow up email sent to the MHC a day after the story ran was answered by the MHC with the promise of a response the following day, but none was forthcoming. A third email sent on Friday, October 11, was finally answered late that evening by communications manager Betsy Charlow.

          Her full response reads as follows:

          The Maryland Health Connection Privacy Policy has been developed in compliance with federal regulations codified at 45 C.F.R. § 155.260 and 45 C.F.R. § 155.280 to ensure consumer protections and operations of the insurance marketplace. Like all state agencies, we are required to respond to certain requests from law enforcement.


          It doesn’t look good… the Republicans may cave in to Obama. If so, there will be a civil war.

    • Hatrick Penry offers some sobering thoughts concerning Natural News and others.

      Quote: “Many of you are aware of my complaints of media malpractice against InfoWars, NaturalNews and The IntelHub…I even show proof that InfoWars removed my name from two quotes and never made a correction. I have accused NaturalNews of plagiarizing my article. The IntelHub modified my titles and removed words from sentences implicating InfoWars/PrisonPlanet as dragging their feet with the NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Fukushima and Plume-Gate. After reading his article, don’t you think Mr. Adams is laying it on a bit thick?”
      quoted from: http://hatrickpenryunbound.com/?cat=41

      He also exposes “‘Former’ CIA and Military asset General Albert Stubblebind owns NaturalNews!”
      here –> http://hatrickpenryunbound.com/?cat=3

      I remember General Stubblebine (a different spelling – a different person?) offering advice post-Fukushima in a video, and offering up preserved foodstuffs for sale. I saw the video a long time ago, and thought at the time that at-worst he might be considered a potential profiteer of Fukushima, in my humble opinion.

      However; this address redirects to the following address with a “Page Load Error”.

      Here is the Goggle Cache of that page:

      That is odd, “Down For Everyone, Or Just Me” reports that it is just me.
      Ah, it is “insecure content” that is being blocked. Curious.

      by Hatrick Penry”
      Quote: “(Authors note: This article previously published on Alexander Higgins Blog on the 13th of March, 2012. I thought it appropriate to re-publish as the Plume-Gate scandal has been swept under the rug by the likes of PrisonPlanet, NaturalNews and other ‘alternative’ news sources and radio shows. Considering that General Stubblebine is the owner of NaturalNews and a ‘former’ Army intelligence/CIA asset, it all makes sense now why they waited almost 70 days after I published the ‘Blockbuster!!! NRC FOIA Documents Reveal Cover-Up, Deception’ to bring attention to it (The Intel Hub published the article along with 30 other works of mine, but when I began to question many alternative sources (Intel Hub is one of them) my works were tampered with and backdated in an effort to cover their ass, and then all of them deleted when I pointed this out), and then when PP and NN did mention Plume-Gate it was only in passing. ( PP credited my quotes to another name and both PP and NN continued to repeat incorrect fatality numbers that I had corrected within 24 hours. The erroneous death figures are still stated as fact on both websites…at the bottom of this three part article by Mike Adams linked here.)”
      quoted from: http://hatrickpenryunbound.com/?cat=11

      From NaturalNews\AboutUs:
      Quote: ” The NaturalNews Network is a non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism. The NaturalNews Network is owned and operated by Truth Publishing International, Ltd., a Taiwan corporation. It is not recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States, but it operates without a profit incentive, and its key writer, Mike Adams, receives absolutely no payment for his time, articles or books other than reimbursement for items purchased in order to conduct product reviews.

      The vast majority of our content is freely given away at no charge. We offer thousands of articles and dozens of downloadable reports and guides (like the Honest Food Guide) that are designed to educate and empower individuals, families and communities so that they may experience improved health, awareness and life fulfillment.

      To respect our readers, the NaturalNews Network refuses to engage in pop-up ads, pop-under ads, interstitial ads, spamming practices or other annoying content. We focus on providing empowering content for intelligent readers. ”
      quoted from: http://www.naturalnews.com/About.html

      Ghostery reports that Quantcast is attempting to deliver advertising to me as a reader via NaturalNews web site, specifically on the About page. The rest of the site is a JavaScript haven, it would seem.

      Anyway, AGreenRoad had an article about the General that i have not yet had a chance to preview due to all the JavaScript that renders his site unreadable to me.

      Look, I’m not saying that i agree or disagree with Hatrick.
      I just wanted to shine the light on this to see what i could find.

      Holy crap! What a labyrinth.

  12. Flood raises questions at Rocky Flats

    Like the rest of the region, the rain started soaking into the ground at Rocky Flats on Monday, Sept. 9… Shortly after the flood, several news outlets, including Denver television station Fox 31, reported that a cap covering a landfill at Rocky Flats had cracked due to the flooding and that emergency repairs were under way even as the rain was falling… The top of the OLF is what actually cracked. Although news reports referred to a “cap on a landfill,” what actually cracked was not a cap but the cover over the OLF, which is made of earth…

    Plutonium is heavy and not particularly water-soluble, so it tends to collect in sediment at the bottoms of ponds and creeks, or in the sediment of the lakes where the creeks eventually deposit their waters.

    This explains why there are still low levels of plutonium in the top 12 inches of sediment in both Stanley Lake, which receives water from Woman Creek, and Great Western Reservoir, which gets its water from the two Walnut Creeks…

    According to RMPJ, the plutonium levels were just as high in 2012 as they were 40 years earlier, before Rocky Flats had ever been cleaned up.

    If true, this would mean that nearly all of the water leaving Rocky Flats during the flood was quite possibly contaminated with small quantities of plutonium.


  13. Sudden disappearance of sardines has serious economic and ecological effects on the B.C. coast


    A $32-million commercial fishery has inexplicably and completely collapsed this year on the B.C. coast.

    The sardine seine fleet has gone home after failing to catch a single fish. And the commercial disappearance of the small schooling fish is having repercussions all the way up the food chain to threatened humpback whales.

    Jim Darling, a Tofino-based whale biologist with the Pacific Wildlife Foundation, said in an interview Monday that humpbacks typically number in the hundreds near the west coast of Vancouver Island in summer. They were observed only sporadically this year, including by the commercial whale-watching industry.

  14. Just reviewed an old article.
    “Japan Passes Law To Cleanse Internet Of “Bad” Fukushima Radiation News”
    from July 24, 2011.

    The links in it were primarily to Alex Higgens’ former blog.
    One went to japanfocus, and another to ArcLight’s post on nuclear-news.net.

    One that caught my eye was the following:

    Quote: “Nothing Found We’re very sorry, but that page doesn’t exist or has been moved.”

    The other link that caught my eye was from The Daily Gomiuri which redirects to the-japan-news home page, yet no article.

      • Please # nosebleed of cooperation to spread and diffusion of Japan nosebleed Survey questionnaire Ⅰ · Ⅱ does not stop

        In this time of the typhoon, while the typhoon is landed, people complain “nosebleed does not stop,” and I feel like while (sensuously) and have gone more…

        People who muttered “nosebleed does not stop,” said 10/16 21:20 current nationwide aggregate of 174 people was confirmed be had. It’s from 0:00 am last night, and during the typhoon to pass from typhoons after I am. It would be nice to see (from past experience), to become a much 230 people by 0:00 tomorrow morning about. I tried going back another day. 0:10 / 16 am for 24 hours at the stage of 359 people be had have been identified. This is the number of people, second only to 364 names of 9/29 (Tuesday) in the statistics so far. Publish the statistics if you want to see.

        https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=555345217852560 (Japanese)

      • Fall 2013 Japan National Residents Nosebleed Survey v1.0

        Since around September 20 there are many people complaining about NOSEBLEEDS. Through conducting a personal Twitter tweets analysis, it was found that over 3,700 PEOPLE were complaining about nosebleeds within a period of TWO WEEKS. However, this is only about how it was on Twitter timeline (see the figure below).

        *All tweet data in Japanese
        September Session [9/20-9/30) http://togetter.com/li/568710
        October Session (10/1010/3) http://togetter.com/li/572299

        During this time of the year,some people are susceptible to dry nose, allergies, and hay fever caused by RAGWEED POLLENS and dry climate. They often blow their nose too much and end up having nosebleeds. However, among the symptoms reported during the two-week period of Sep. 20 – Oct. 3, most reported was the ABRUPTLY FLOWING nosebleeds that flow without ANY PHYSICAL FRICTION applied to the nose itself. In medical terms, this is called EPISTAXIS. According to an otorhinology clinic in Osaka, this medical condition is caused by INFLAMATION, THROMBOCYTOPENIA (or ILLNESS OF HAVING DIMINISHING PLATELETS), HEMOPHILIA, or LIVER DISEASE, if you discount BLUNT TRAUMA (physical attack) or FOREIGN BODY INTERACTION (nosepicking, blowing, etc.).

        Of the 3,700 tweets accounted for what most tweeted was this ABRUPTLY FLOWING nosebleeds that continued excessively for MORE THAN 60 MINUTES. Thus, the amount of the nosebleed was excessive as well. For this reason, the most observed conditions was ANEMIA, followed by HEADACHES, LOW FEVER, and symptoms of cold such as coughing and sore throat.

        Normally, if your nosebleed continue for MORE THAN 30 MIN, then that is a sing that you PLATELETS that control hemostasis might not be functioning properly, in which case you should immediately seek medical attention. So I created this survey to make you better understand where you stand in general with your conditions.



          Wow, aren’t those symptoms associated with corexit?

          I saw on RT a documentary today that showed that corexit was used in the Valdez disaster, as well as Macando (despite having been banned in UK decade previous).

          PS: Not mentioned in the documentary: Three well-heads, not one.

      • One today and two from original disaster found floating in basement.

        That’s 3 confirmed. Mark that well.
        Yoshida-san’s passing could be inferred too, perhaps. Even those that believe the plants are under control seem to chuckle when it is mentioned that his cancer wasn’t officially because of Fukushima radiation.

        How many claim that nobody has died as a result of the Fukushima Mega-Disaster?

        I hate to do a body-count, yet it seems necessary to shove it down some pro-nuker’s throat whenever they regurgitate that kind of cacophony of crap.
        I hope they choke on it.

    • Millions to take part in global earthquake drill

      Hoping to survive an earthquake, many Californians and people in earthquake prone regions around the world were gearing up for a major earthquake drill.

      More than 24 million people, including 9 1/2 million in California, have signed up to duck under their desks at 10:17 a.m. local time Thursday, cover their heads and hold on to something sturdy.

      The exercise allows first responders to dust off their emergency response plans and transportation departments to practice slowing down trains in the event of real shaking.


      I thought this was a joke or an Onion satire at first.

    • […] On the first day we came across a First Nation fishery and found pink salmon that were a deep, canary yellow […] parts of their hearts are yellow, their gill arches and spines are yellow, the cartilage in their head is yellow. Their spleens are swollen and enlarged, and their livers are spotted. In some cases their eyes were bugged out. Guys who have fished this region their whole lives told me they have seen the occasional yellow salmon over the years, but never in the numbers seen this year…


      Rare golden salmon caught off Hokkaido:


      • Quote: “I met them the first day of sampling on the Fraser River in 2011 and they have become an essential part of the team, working as volunteers.

        On the first day we came across a First Nation fishery and found pink salmon that were a deep, canary yellow. ”
        . quoted from: http://alexandramorton.typepad.com/alexandra_morton/2013/10/tracking-viruses-2013.html

        In the third and fourth pictures below, one of which is dated “Sept 29, 2013”.
        The date is obscured somewhat in the picture below that. However; saving the picture and viewing the Summary of it’s Properties reveals that it was indeed taken 2:13PM Oct 5/2013 with a Panasonic DMC-TS4 with an F-Number of F/3.3 and Focal Length of 5mm @ 1/800th sec. Exposure Time (ISO-100).

        Therefore, don’t let the date of the original Chilliwack Progress throw you off.
        This is indeed ongoing.

        Quote: “Because Fisheries and Oceans Canada was caught failing to produce key evidence that the European ISA virus could be in BC wild salmon and has furthermore failed to even comment on the 11 salmon farm-specific recommendations of the Cohen Inquiry, I am continuing to sample and test wild salmon and herring and farmed salmon and steelhead in BC for European viruses. I am going to need your help to keep this work going.”

        Never trust DFO with another fish.
        They appear to have a policy of “no fish left behind”.
        Even Fisheries in Washington State have been shocked at their misbehavior, IIRC.

    • Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited a fishing port in Fukushima Prefecture on Saturday and ate locally caught seafood to showcase its safety.

      Abe visited a fishing port in Matsukawaura, some 40 kilometers north of the crippled plant, where fishermen are conducting “experimental operations” since last month to catch selected marine species such as octopus that have not been significantly affected by the nuclear accident.

      “We will give accurate information to the public to erase” economic harm done to the area due to wrong understanding of Fukushima seafood, Abe told local fishermen.

      “I wish people across Japan will come to know that it is safe and tasty,” he said.


    • Above-limit strontium found at Fukushima plant

      Strontium-90 above the provisional limit set by Tokyo Electric Power Co. has been detected in rainwater inside the barriers around storage tanks containing radioactive water in six areas at its crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the company said Monday.

      The company measured the concentration of radioactive substances in rainwater inside the barriers after rain on Sunday caused water to flow over the barriers in a total of 11 storage tank areas…

      The highest level of strontium-90 detected at the six tank areas was 710 becquerels, more than 70 times the limit.


  15. FUK-U-SHIMA: Fukushima Radiation Worse Than Feared And The Worst Is Yet To Come – Heavy Rains Overflow Barriers Surrounding Fukushima Water Tanks; Expert Say Situation Calls For International Emergency Work As A Lead-Based Underwear Is Designed In Japan To Help Fight Contamination?!




  16. My hunch is that something new is melting down, and producing these massive levels of radiation across the United States. I hope that everyone takes protective measures, and stays out of the rain.

    October 23, 2013 at 12:25 am · Reply
    Off the chart, Gross Beta Count Rate, Tucson, AZ, Oct 18.

    List of RADCON-5 sites:
    5:711 near San Antonio, TX, US 203 2013-10-24 12:54:00 A
    4:802 near Salt Lake City, UT, US 194 2013-10-24 12:55:00 A

    RADCON-4 Concern/Watch

    G Good Site – Reliable but Alert condition not met
    U Unreliable Site – Unreliable site, not enough data points, and alert condition not met
    I Inactive Site – Reach RADCON-4 but went inactive – no more data
    List of RADCON-4 sites:
    4:610 near Albuquerque, NM, US 399 2013-10-24 13:03:00 G
    5:610 near Albuquerque, NM, US 467 2013-10-24 13:03:00 G
    5:709 near Houston, TX, US 255 2013-10-24 12:45:00 G
    5:802 near Salt Lake City, UT, US 347 2013-10-24 12:55:00 G
    5:816 near Saint George, UT, US 295 2013-10-24 10:43:00 G
    5:918 near Sacramento, CA, US 356 2013-10-23 12:43:00 I
    5:949 near Richland, WA, US 353 2013-10-24 12:54:00 G
    4:956 near Phoenix, AZ, US 360 2013-10-24 10:38:00 G
    5:956 near Phoenix, AZ, US 426 2013-10-24 10:38:00 G

  17. My thyroid says we have record levels of radioactive iodine. It would be great if it was wrong, but its track record has unfortunately been accurate. The activity on the webcam indicates the csfp, and 5&6 as possible sources, though it could be all the sources out of view, too.

    October 24, 2013 at 6:26 pm · Reply
    Sunshine Coast
    25th October 2013

    Monitoring Station Location


    Yesterday’s day average was 38% above the 4 year pre Fukushima day average. It is dry and windy here at present, so this is a free air detection increase, not a radon washout event. It is suggested that if it does rain, to stay out of it.


    Local long term data can be found here.



    • Oh no. I hope you’re taking Lugol’s, or at least selenium & magnesium. My back is freezing up and the plume isn’t even here yet, it’s 100-200 miles away.

    • I trust your thyroid, NoNukes.
      Bobby1’s due sense of diligence and dread is another indicator, certainly.
      It is good to have confirmation just the same. If there is another source, Xenon detections would offer more insight.

      I cannot remember immediately whom posted the following link, as i would credit them.
      “Hawaii Went Radioactive Wednesday”
      Quote: ““After the heavy rains and power blackout (Which Tepco forgot to mention).”
      quoted from: http://beforeitsnews.com/japan-earthquake/2013/10/hawaii-went-radioactive-wednesday-2444280.html

      Power blackout??? Forgot??? InepTCo indeed.

  18. I have been taking Lugol’s for years now, but clearly not enough. Went down memory lane because that nasty laundry smell is back! @#$$^%$

    October 25, 2013 at 1:28 am · Reply
    Thanks so much, everyone. Does anyone remember discussion of the diffuse “laundry smell” in different areas of California last year? Bobby1 suggested that the source may be hydrazine added to the fuel pools, it has a sweet-harsh chemical odor.

    It’s back.

    I hope that it has nothing to do with Fukushima. I do want to get my daughter the #$%^@ out of here.

    One reference to the smell, there are more references on this thread:

    January 17, 2012 at 5:01 pm ·
    Here’s a dozy…

    About 6:30 the smoke alarm went off loud and hard. Nothing was burning in the office, no smoke seeping in from adjoining rooms. When I stepped out the door to get assistance I was over-come by the “laundry smell”…really, really bad.



    Bobby1’s analysis of it:

    March 5, 2012 at 7:49 am · Reply
    A few months ago, people in Tokyo were reporting a bleach-like smell. A few days after, people in California were reporting it. It turned out to be hydrazine, which is added into the pools to prevent corrosion.

    If you’re smelling chemicals from Fuku, you’re probably breathing radionuclides too.



          • I’m sorry, Bobby1. I am so freaked out, clearly. It feels like we are in radiation soup.

            October 25, 2013 at 5:00 am Log in to Reply
            Also interesting NoNuke’s/Bobby1’s take on the hydrazine chem smell. Last night and this morning I drove through two different patches of foul, smelly, hazy yellow-red-brownish fog on I-99. I thought it was possibly pollution blowing-in from China, but it smelled/looked different. (Yeah, it has happened before and was documented.) Today we have regional rad readings spiking off the charts. So now I know…. I learn so much here on Enenews. Thanks, everyone!”


          • I am somewhat freaked out too.
            Remember; we have read the back of the book – hopefully with understanding.
            We know how this turns out.

            Prepare some foodstuffs and water now. Oats are a good bang for the buck.
            Couldn’t hurt to acquire some respirator masks.

            Peace be unto you.
            We will talk more soon, i am certain.

  19. Sparky
    October 24, 2013 at 11:49 pm · Reply
    Alert! Radiation Slamming Fresno, CA, reading now: 798 of beta! (www.netc.com) …

    October 25, 2013 at 12:05 am · Reply

    Not looking good. Take precautions. Alert.

    Report comment

    October 25, 2013 at 12:13 am · Reply
    Sparky, Here is a better screen shot with a time and cpm stamp:

    Report comment

    October 25, 2013 at 12:18 am · Reply
    Vegas is downwind and coming in at RADCON 4 also. Radiation climbing in Las Vegas @171 Gamma. Sept. 16th was the last time it was 171 cpm gamma.. http://www.netc.com

    • TEPCO is that given the instruction to evacuate to higher ground to workers in response to the tsunami warning was issued, I was working in seawall near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
      For now, by new information abnormality has occurred in both the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Fukushima second nuclear power plant that does not contain, and has confirmed the situation.
      It is also that no change in the value of the monitoring posts that measures the radiation dose in the vicinity of the primary.

    • According to our Tohoku Electric Power, Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi Prefecture has stopped the operation, for now, is that information abnormality has occurred in the new that does not contain.
      It is also that no change in the value of the monitoring posts that measures the radiation dose in the vicinity of the primary.


  20. Fuk-‘hush’-ima: Japan’s new state secrets law gags whistleblowers, raises press freedom fears

    Published time: October 25, 2013
    Many issues of national importance to Japan, probably including the state of the Fukushima power plant, may be designated state secrets under a new draft law. Once signed, it could see whistleblowers jailed …

    There is a 10 year prison sentence awaiting any Japanese citizen who reports anything unfavourable to Shinzo Abe, his gang of corrupt politicians in the Japanese Diet, TEPCO, any other zaibatsus with an interest in lying about Fukushima, General Atomics, the western nuclear industry and their salesmen & kickback beneficiaries (all western politicians of ruling parties in every country).

    • 000
      WEHW42 PHEB 251720

      720 AM HST FRI OCT 25 2013





      ORIGIN TIME – 0710 AM HST 25 OCT 2013
      COORDINATES – 37.2 NORTH 144.6 EAST





  21. Rather Urgent: When this 7.3 EQ off the coast near Fukushima and smaller tsunami hit, TEPCO had recently begun removing the fuel rods from the (less damaged?) reactor #5 & #6 buildings. Today people reported seeing smoke (via the Fukushima live webcam) coming out of #5 &#6. TEPCO of course says everything just fine. Which means that in the event of a worst case scenario *we wouldn’t even be notified*.

  22. I’ve been watching the levels creep up in Baltimore:


    It looks like the top 2 gamma ranges are the most affected. This corresponds to 100-400 keV. There are hundreds of possible isotopes that are active at these levels, but not much so at other ones, but here are a few possibilities that are frequently mentioned in nuclear accidents:


    This would indicate a meltdown in progress.

  23. Livermore scientists are conducting field studies and microscopic experiments to determine how plutonium is transported in groundwater. Transmission electron microsope images such as the one shown above allowed the researchers to examine colloids taken from groundwater at the Nevada National Security Site (in the background). These studies and others have confirmed that colloids play an important role in transporting plutonium at contaminated sites worldwide.


  24. Did a fire take place and make them reschedule ?

    Tepco to start removing fuel from reactor4 pool around 10th November [URL]

    In the press conference of 10/25/2013, Tepco’s spokesman announced the reactor4 fuel removal will continue until December of 2014.

    M7.1 hit Fukushima plant on 10/26/2013. It is not known if the removal system can resist the quakes and Tsunami during the operation.


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