Global radioiodine cloud spreading?

In a previous post, I discussed a new radioactive plume from Fukushima which is moving through the North American continent. I want to reiterate something I mentioned in the comments section.

On Monday I purchased two patio stones that I wanted to use to block external radiation from my undersink RO system. When I was installing them, I immediately got a sore throat… when I moved away from it, the sore throat went away. This is a very familiar thyroid symptom which I had repeatedly last November through January. I didn’t know if radiation was coming from the stones, or from the GAC filter in the RO system (which accumulates radioactive lead-210). But I developed a rash on my arm where I had handled the stones. This suggested the stones were contaminated with radioactive iodine, so I removed them.

These stones were purchased from the garden section of a store, they were outside and exposed to rain. The last time it rained here was Oct. 19. I think there was iodine-131 in that rain.

There seems to be an upsurge in reports of throat and bronchial problems. Potrblog has reported 91x background radiation in rain.

CRIIRAD in France has had a spike of gamma radiation and I-131 in Rhone river water in Avignon, on Oct. 23. They blame it on surges in water flow level, as usual. It is not a huge spike, but it appears that the cloud has already reached France.

I have resumed taking Lugol’s iodine as a supplement to prevent iodine-131 damage to my thyroid.

Last fall and winter, the iodine got into the tap water, and was coming out of the shower head with every shower I took. Also, I got red bumps all over my hands from washing dishes, so I started wearing gloves for dishwashing, which I now use routinely. The iodine gas also comes out of sewer gratings, and if you have an open sump pit in your basement, it will also come out of there.

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  1. Sore throats have been a day to day thing even here where I live, in Virginia, USA… someone in the school told me recently, when one of my throat glands was swollen to the size of an egg and hard as a rock that 2 out of every 3 people in the school were suffering such symptoms… something is definitely not right…

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