Hot rain moving through US and Canada with levels similar to 2011.

The Fukushima activity increase that started in early July continues to increase. High radiation levels have been measured in rain in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario for the last couple of days. Vegetation is being affected and damaged by this rain.

It originated in a storm system that moved into the Pacific Northwest around August 12. It moved across the continent, just north of the US/Canada border, before dipping back south into the US in the Great Lakes area.

Julie Wert made this measurement:

This storm system was in the Great Lakes area last night. It is moving towards the east coast, and will affect Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia by tonight.

Majia has noted extensive activity from the Fukushima webcams on her blog.

UPDATE: Diane Steele took these photos of her squash and bean plants after the hot rainstorm moved through her home in Minnesota. This damage was not there prior to this rain.

Hot rain in eastern Ontario, Aug. 21:

Aug 21st 2014 Hot rain

15 thoughts on “Hot rain moving through US and Canada with levels similar to 2011.

  1. Thanks, Bobby. You know, if it weren’t for these precious websites, we few anti-nukers wouldn’t know to stay out of the rain. We here in Indiana received this hot rain yesterday and last night. Yesterday I was outside talking with a neighbor when it began to sprinkle. I spun around and made an instant beeline for shelter, motioning frantically for the neighbor to follow. She doesn’t even begin to get the radiation thing, and she probably thought I was crazy, but at least I was able to get her out of that particular rain. And after reading this blog, I’m glad I did.

  2. This condition appeared in horses in southern California on July 27…

    “Owners found that the condition caused their horses to have cracked skin, lesions and patches of pink across their bodies.”

    I posted this in Recent Health Issues:

    on August 4, 2014 at 7:41 am said: Edit
    Yikes. Skin symptoms have suddenly come back. I looked in the mirror this morning and my forehead looked like the Singing Detective. This is way worse than it ever was. It started just a few days ago. All the oil in the skin suddenly went away. Most of my eyebrows fell out. It’s not from the sun, I haven’t been out in it.

    This was seborrheic dermatitis, which I have never had before… I have had psoriasis for many years. This is totally different, caused by a different immune process.

    It looks like a major plume went over the US starting the last week of July.

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