How ME and radiation sickness has altered my mechanism of thinking.

Yablokov et al. in their Chernobyl book demonstrated how radiation exposure affected the brains of liquidators and others at Chernobyl. The brain and central nervous system are some of prominent organs affected by radiation.

Profound cognitive changes have occurred since I came down with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) in April. It has affected the way I think, it has affected this blog, it has destroyed my career.

The first image below is a lattice. It reflects the way I used to think, in my previous 59 years. In developing large scientific computer programs, I would sit in a state of concentration for 7 hours at a time. “347 is related to 13, which is related to 3, which is related to 1245” etc. I was able to visualize the entire thing in my head at once, and move up and down, changing something at the bottom, then moving to the middle or the top, and conceptualize how the small changes affected the entire system. This is also the way I digested information by reading, and how I was able to present it in writing. This whole blog deals with unifying disparate pieces of information on Fukushima and other issues, and combining them into an argument. This is why there is a unique perspective here, as I discover new things by seeing patterns.

Nonlinear lattice thinking.

Linear thinking.

Lattice thinking has gone away. This is difficult to adjust to. It is impossible to multitask in the slightest.

The other image describes linear thinking. “A leads to B, B leads to C, C leads to D”, etc. It’s a chain, not a lattice. I have never been good at this kind of thinking.

But it seems that, while I am now incapable of lattice thinking, the alterations in neurotransmitter functions of serotonin, glutamate, and GABA have IMPROVED linear thinking.

The slightest distraction or exertion will cause me to forget what I was just thinking a second before. Or it will simply go away, POOF. With linear thinking, that means I forget what B is. What I do is simply go back to A and start over. It doesn’t affect this type of thinking like it does the lattice. The only thing I have to do is remember A.

In fact, since I no longer have to remember the entire lattice, this condition has streamlined things, making it easier.

I made a post on Facebook extolling the virtues of fat, for my own health, and ME patients in general.

FAT IS GOOD (for me at least)…

I should go back to the redneck diet I had years ago. I want to have grease dripping out of my mouth. I want pulled pork in my teeth.

Fat increases lymphotoxin, which increases IL-22, which provides immunity to bacteria, and repairs gut tissues, and alters the balance of gut microbiota.

This was without reading any testimonials whatever from ME (ME/CFS) sufferers. It is a product of the thought process behind this blog post I recently published.

1. I had read from UNSCEAR and the National CFIDS Foundation that radiation exposure impairs STAT-1 functions in the JAK/STAT pathway.

2. When I suddenly came down with ME, my plaque and guttate psoriasis suddenly disappeared. This NEVER happens like this to anyone. The inverse psoriasis remained, but that really isn’t psoriasis of the same kind, it’s due to skin damage from uranium and fluoride, some from Fuku, but mostly from Honeywell.

3. I knew from my previous research in psoriasis that there are two mechanisms for psoriasis, one based on IL-17, the other based on IFN-γ and IL-22. It was obvious that the inverse was based on IL-17, and the plaque and guttate were based on IFN-γ and IL-22.

4. Since STAT-1 contains the genes that produce IFN-γ, and this cytokine had suddenly dramatically decreased, I started a chain of reasoning, A -> B -> C etc.

The lack of IFN-γ causes a lack of SMAD7. The lack of SMAD7 causes an increase in TGF-β. The increase in TGF-β causes Th22 cells to not be differentiated. The lack of Th22 cells causes a lack of IL-22.

See, it explains why the psoriasis suddenly disappeared. It’s all about STAT-1 impairment.

Also, IFN-γ is expressed in group 1 innate lymphoid cells (ILC1). ILC’s are located in Peyer’s patches of the intestines, and other lymphoid nodules. ILC3, or group3 cells, express IL-22. The damage to ILC1 causes damage to ILC3. This causes tissue damage to the gut, and bacterial translocation from the gut to other parts of the body.

I was able to predict that eating fat would repair ILC3, and cause improvement in symptoms. I mentioned this is an ME group, and found that others already do this. In fact, ketogenic diets are popular in treatment of this condition. I had not known this.

So I was able to reason, starting from a particular kind of radiation damage, and presented a hypothesis, which was confirmed. This is what science is all about.

I know that I am on the right track, I know that ME is really radiation sickness, and I know that ME is not an autoimmune disease, but an immune deficiency disease, characterized by a loss of cellular immunity. But I’ll be damned if I can organize something which would demonstrate or prove this. That requires lattice thinking.

But maybe I am still good for something, maybe I can work again, but I don’t know just at what yet.

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  1. Yes indeed! I have “A” too,….to tether my brain to,…thank GOD!

    “B” is a crap shoot for now! 🙂

    I stand at the kitchen sink for 8-9 hours a day and process ripe fruit for freezing for smoothies all winter. This work suits my lack of multi-tasking skills! Just don’t move my bowls or baggies! 🙂


  2. There IS a new assault on our cells,….I know this because I have symptoms of my diabetes lately,…after having control with only food. I now have no control of my blood sugar. So,….I am now diabetic again. This makes sense,….dammit!

    Hang in there bud,….and I will too, K? K! 🙂

    • I’m in a remission cycle, that’s how I was able to do the post. 11 bad days, now this is the fifth “good” one. Though the good ones are no bargain.

      Ellagic acid (pomegranate extract) is helping. I have been reading about all sorts of positive effects of it on the liver. Green tea and red wine make it worse!

      The skin thing is due to radiation, but that seems to be separate from the disease cycle.

  3. I just started drinking POM juice every night here. I drink it like I used to drink a glass of wine with dinner.

    I got hit with a hot tottie somewhere on my travels,…..on my scalp. It has necretized (my word), a small hole,…..and I feel brain zaps even. But,….I also feel my immune system cells combating,….and effectively at that!

    The produce here is mutated,…..almost 50% visually even.
    The bioaccumulations are in full saturation now-imo

    Apple pectin, zeolite, baking soda, colonic cleansing, and prayer. Don’t leave home without them, eh? 🙂

    • The pomegranate extract I take is like drinking gallons of pomegranate juice. Not cheap, unfortunately.

      I had a 5-day remission after 11 days of relapse. The new relapse hit suddenly at 3 AM. The first 2 days of the remission featured extreme fatigue in recovering from the relapse. The good news is that I am still on a relapse-remission cycle… it’s the 10% or so that have no remissions who have the absolute worst outcomes of this, sometimes fatal.

      • I agree! The body’s ability to recover,… the ‘thin blue line’, as it were! Feeding and regenerating the immune cells (system),….and keeping the lymph moving, (cleanses),… now my only focus physically! 🙂

          • The type 1 and type 3 cells are gone or severely impaired. The type 2 cells are still working. These cause allergic reactions.

            But the type 2 are supposed to work together with type 1 and type 3. They’re not. This is why a tablespoon of chickpeas gives me a case of the flu.

          • Peyers patches are such an indicator,….I had no idea until I looked into alkalinity. Mine are worn-down nubs too! Yes,…ionizing radiation did them ALL in,…for all of us!

    • Hey Jill, pour zeolite into the hole in your head. 🙂 it might help! topical as well as internal…

      i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Bobby and Bobby1 fans!

    This is important!

    Do you know about this —>

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is in motion to RAISE the amounts of radiation that can be emitted from nuclear power plants, including tritium and from uranium mining!

    Studies already show higher incidences of childhood leukemia in children living near or downwind of nuclear power plants:

    Particularly dangerous and not well-understood is a radioisotope called “Tritium” (which is released from nuclear power plants) and which can end up in the rain and snow and can cross the placental barrier.

    And now the EPA is considering allowing MORE radioactive emissions into the air and water!

    The EPA is asking for public comment on this until August 3rd.

    The commenting process is quick, easy and anonymous, if someone wants to comment anonymously.

    Here is the link to submit a comment to the EPA:!submitComment;D=EPA-HQ-OAR-2013-0689-0001

    And here is a link from a health physicist who explains the EPA’s intentions:

    Time is of the essence! Comments must be in by August 3rd

    Thank you!


  5. That was an excellent article by Joieau, Ann.

    “But maybe I am still good for something, maybe I can work again, but I don’t know just at what yet.”
    I have no doubt. You will adapt as best you can, like my friend did with his new MS after his stroke. He is still very worthy of listening to. He does what he can, and builds upon his sucesses.

    A “fan”? I am in awe. Somebody “upstairs” seems to have work for you yet.
    Never count a good man (or woman) out.

      • “There is an abundance of evidence showing that MS is an organic neurological disease that can be severely disabling or fatal. The same is true of M.E. The evidence supporting M.E. is no less compelling, although you would not know this from the way M.E. is dealt with. If anything M.E. has more scientific credibility; it is far easier to diagnose due to its acute onset and more obvious, systemic and unique pathology; the cause is far more certain in M.E., and so on.

        To make a long story short, the reason M.E. is treated so differently than MS despite them being comparable diseases has nothing to do with science or evidence, and everything to do with MONEY.

        M.E. patients are being (mis)treated based purely on mere financial considerations. Financial vested interest groups have subverted and obscured the reality of M.E. for their own benefit. Many millions of dollars are being made (or saved) by powerful medical insurance companies, and others, by this scam.”

        M.E. is caused by radiation, MS isn’t. The nuke sociopaths WANT M.E. patients to be disabled, or die. They want them to keep their mouths shut.

          • Jill, this disease has the neurological symptoms of MS, but the immune dysfunction is like in cases of advanced cancer.

            It’s probably time to look at cancer survivors like you to see how they have coped.

            • Thank you Bobby1,…you do me honor in thinking of me at this juncture! 🙂

              I fight cancer everyday. I SEE cancer everyday. I am not cancer free,….nor will I ever be again,….I have come to KNOW. It’s the radiation/fungus connection,….call it ‘yeast morphogenic’ if you like. Your article about the trees, and fungus,…was SPOT on! As long as the fungus has fuel (food) (Radiation, heavy metals, et. all),…IT will flourish. I think of “it” now like cutting back dry brush around your home in fire season. We are in FIRE SEASON! 🙂

              Then,…one must think of their bodies like work sites. Do ‘work sites’ run better when ALL the trash is taken out between shifts? Can the NEW ‘re-building’ occur with waste from yesterday? The day before that? Indeed, it can not! Coffee enemas, or coloma boards, colonic irrigation, etc,….are now the REAL SMART MONEY! 🙂 The “Piggy in the BRICK house” kinda SMART!

              Like RadChick so famously said,…”We all have to think like we have cancer NOW,….because WE DO!”

              So, when I say that I see cancer everyday. I mean that LITERALLY.

              I too,….am a “tumorgrower”. But I attend to, and check my alkalinity DAILY! I employ heavy alkaloids WHENEVER necessary! I take anti-radiation soaks every other day-STILL. I eat 90% raw. I am, as Kevin Blanche says, “Militant.” I feel like CRAP most of the time,…BUT,…I have STAVED death back,……a few feet! I know what cancer HATES,….(I had to go in the back door, as I am dirt poor.) I dish THOSE THINGS up to my cancer EVERYDAY, in many different ways! My weight is staying solid finally, after being nursed back to health with Bobby1, and vgirl’s clan,… hair is even growing back in BROWN, not grey! My facial wrinkles are WAY down since going RAW too. I have energy enough to lift up a truck,…I swear! And yet I am sick. Sick unto death. But,…..DETOX baby,…..get that LYMPHATIC river FLOWING! Plus prayer, reading the WORD,….and thinking about how much I LOVE ALL OF YOU,…….I can do THIS! 🙂
              I Thanks God, of course! 🙂

              • Soaking freshly picked fruits in baking soda solution to combat fungus, molds & other spores, rinsing, then briefly drying prior to freezing.

                That is some encouraging news Jill! From one picture i saw some time ago, you are a genuine beauty even in sickness. From what i have read, you have a beautiful mind too! Let that light shine and never again be diminished.

                I thank God for the fact that you thank God. Pray for another to praise Him especially under the most dire circumstance, if you the reader agree.

                • I, the reader,…AGREE! 🙂

                  Thanks Dud,…..I shall second that prayer/motion!

                  All the way!

                  LOVE baby,…’s the ANSWER!

              • Jill doth not lie about her life style. I watched it up close for over a year. She does exactly what she says she does for herself. She rocked our worlds and is a force to be reckoned with.

                • I have never been so treated! Like the biblical Disciples whom housed one another all throughout HISTORY,…not ONE was ever so well CARED FOR, as I!

                  God’s blessings, His storehouse is overflowing for you all!

                  Me too! 🙂

        • Hating the treatment of M.E. sufferers in Canada.

          It reminds me of everything that i strongly dislike about the tyrrany of the GP. My GP still thinks that Fukushima radiation is like “a flight from NY to LA”. That is when i “took flight” – from that GP!

          Wishing family “took flight” from that GP too, as close relative is to be x-ray radiated biannually UNTIL they find cancer irrespective of past cumulative radiological imaging (et al) burden.

          I wish it was much easier to serve GPs with “writ of divorce”. However; there is a “shortage” of Doctors.

        • That site contends that M.E. is caused by a virus.
          Radioactive contamination pillages immune systems making people’s bodies more prone to infection. That is the cause, is it not (rads reducing immuno response to ordinarily repelled virus)?

          • Radioactive and other toxins are the insult, the virus is the trigger.

            Usually it’s herpes and enteroviruses involved. They knock down Th1 immunity just like radioactivity does.

            And the large load of dead cells after a viral illness also knocks down Th1. I think you have to have all three of these conditions.

            Everybody has had HHV-6 in their cells since infancy. Any bad illness will release this into their body fluids.

  6. What vectors do enteroviruses use for transmission?
    It would seem helpful in prevention efforts to know from where such viral infections can &/or do originate.

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin (son of my right hand) Franklin

    I know it seems late for prevention efforts for you Mr. Soltysik, yet i wonder if reinfection is possibile and thereby actually not too late.

    Preventing the internalizing of radiocontaminants would be another part of prevention, as we are (generally speaking) well aware. Internalization of said material via respiration appears to be one of the most damaging common pathways. This year seems terrible for wildfire smoke, particles of which are typically less than a micrometer in diameter, for instance.

    • I keep running into CFS references, so i will have to disregard those.

      Enteroviruses have single strands of DNA, whereas viruses like HHV-6 have double strands.

      I learned some things new to me today. That’s “par for the course” here! Domo arigato, Soltysik-sensei. 🙂

  7. Just a word of encouragement and for perspective!—

    Don’t rely too heavily on stats, probability, “science,” and figures! I had a ton of health problems when I was younger. My prognosis was not good–just prepare for more surgery, chronic pain, and being dependent on medication for life, at best…
    The doctors repeatedly told me that it was advanced stage and “incurable.”

    Well, they were wrong–I totally rebounded and have needed NO medical care, medication or anything for years. I always get perfect check-ups. (granted, I still take care of myself! 😉 I’ve also totally recovered from several “significant” (per orthopedists, dentists & neurologists) injuries! Many other patients I’ve met while working on my health issues did not fully recover… I think that dedication, alternative medicine, and your efforts are critical, but you MUST keep your mind and heart OPEN to believe and WILL yourself to recovery!!~

    A lot of illness is a MIND GAME. That’s why doctors can’t explain why some people totally heal or have spontaneous remission, while others can’t stop getting worse. Spirituality helps, too, and should be your foundation! When you see that you CAN recover against the odds with God, it will affirm your religious faith as well! 😉

    Many things can only be described as Miracles…But, they are not uncommon… Every day we have is a Blessing! 🙂

  8. I’m actually feeling so strong and pain-free now for years that I may be ready to take on Ebola or any other fascinating strains!! 😛 That’s when you know you’re healthy. (also, I think it’s my Faith that is the core of my strength!) Not even worried~

    Note how Dr. Brantly and the other Christian missionary, Mrs. Writebol, are pulling through, although they had less than a 50% chance of survival 🙂 YEA!!~

    You GOTTA Believe!!~

  9. I have finally caught up with my bills, the first time since April when the M.E. nightmare started.

    Being a contractor, if I don’t work, I don’t eat. ME took away my memory, concentration, attention, and stamina. I work at home, and I couldn’t even do that for almost 5 months.

    But living on cheap Chinese phenibut will not last. I should at least switch to pharmaceutical baclofen, but that will cost $200/month.

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