Hurricane Sandy and dying trees.

Hurricane Sandy is predicted to hit the US east coast early next week, somewhere between Chesapeake Bay and Long Island Sound. The central pressure is forecast to be lower than that of the legendary 1938 storm.

This corridor is filled with dead and dying trees. Hurricanes topple trees over by first oversaturating the ground with rain, and then knocking them down with strong winds. This time Sandy will be assisted by the weakened and dead trees, which would cause homes to be crushed by fallen trees, and massive power outages. This area is also filled with nuclear power plants, whose reactors need to be continuously cooled. Disruptions in the power grid would cause a switch to emergency cooling, and we saw how well that worked in Fukushima.

Since I believe that the death of the trees is caused by ozone and GOM poisons from the Gulf of Mexico and the Louisiana sinkhole, potentiated by Fukushima radionuclides, this has the potential to be the first Fuku-enhanced societal disruption in the US. There is a possibility that it could be epic in scope.

EDIT: Even though this continues to appear to be a historic storm, the National Hurricane Center is going to discontinue calling Sandy a “hurricane”, they’re gonna say it’s “windy”:

Mayor Bloomberg of New York is not calling for evacuations.

Sandy is “perfectly safe”, “nothing to worry about”. Sound familiar? “This fish contains a safe amount of cesium”… it’s the same crap!

UPDATE: Bloomberg has called for evacuation of Zone A in NYC:

The GFS model has historically low barometric pressure at landfall. Delaware coast already under water. Strongest winds are to the north of the storm. The GFS has landfall between Atlantic City and Toms River, I would expect it to be slightly south of that. This means NYC, Long Island, and northern New Jersey to feature the strongest winds. Areas directly under the eye may have a long period with lighter winds.

I went on a field trip Friday to 5 different parks in Maryland… the vast majority of the trees still have leaves on them. Some people think the leaves will just blow off, reducing the number of uprooted trees… I disagree. The leaf damage I saw was really damage to the interior of the tree itself, and not just the leaves. Trees and storm surge are the biggest risk here… the huge area of this storm is what is causing the surge in water levels along the coast.


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  1. “Since I believe that the death of the trees is caused by ozone and GOM poisons from the Gulf of Mexico and the Louisiana sinkhole, potentiated by Fukushima radionuclides, this has the potential to be the first Fuku-enhanced societal disruption in the US. There is a possibility that it could be epic in scope.” Ok, I’ll bite. Do an article that shows this link. How do you prove a link between Fuku and GOM? That is something I’d like to see!
    Best regards, PUN

    • Maybe I said that wrong, I don’t think that the GOM and Fuku are linked, I think their poisons are both affecting plant life.

  2. I guess I’m the first victims of power outages here in Florida, been really windy since yesterday, …rode my bike to Poppy’s Chicken on 92 & U.S.1, …couldn’t help myself, …winds were picking up, …got caught in a shower band on the last mile home, … the road was wet before me but little fell on me, … I hate wet roads on a bike, … the winds howled last evening through the night till dawn waking me often with the sounds or of of things being moved and blown over here and there. With the light of day little rain and more winds hard at times as the clouds were low and scattered thick and thin, .. light and dark, … but no breaks in them could be seen, … some were quite high, … like Cumulus clouds reaching 20.000 ft it appeared.
    It’s moving things on the porch again, … had to reset my mop from the door and some left over flooring that the winds had moved to get out to get a dry battery back up spare, … don’t want to loose my work again on here !
    Rushes of wind come and go, maybe bt the morning they will be on Maryland’s door ! Sorry Bobby 1, Florida boy here loves Paradise and blue sky’s ~ … and yes, … that Poppy’s Chicken and dirty rice was soooo good ! Darn, …want some more !

    • sheesh.. your power is already out… I use this massive desktop & I’m down when the power goes…

      The latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center has the eye of Sandy going right over my house… and thanks to the field trip I now think that I live in a radioactive hotspot… double whammy!

    • Update: AM The Morning after:
      The wind blew and howled all nigh agin, …strong at times, …woke in the middle of tne night with a slaming noise, …the winds had jimmied my front door slide lach lose and the front door was at mercy of the winds, …”bang, bang” slaming open and close, …! Never seen that before !
      Overcast outside and tempatures are in the low 70’s, … news here says many trees are down, … I see palm branches all over the area, we are still getting gust of 39 Mph, … must be on the shore, .. not seeing that here, … inland a mile or so, .. got wind but not that strong !
      Here is some news I have cliped this morning for you folks up North, … Don’t underestimate this beast !

      8:56 AM – Today
      Threat From Storm ‘Serious As A Heart Attack’

      Sobering analysis of the hurricane from meteorologist Bryan Norcross:

      The ocean will rise along the coast as Sandy makes it’s way north, but the biggest coastal problems will come when the center makes landfall. We’re unlikely to know exactly where that will be until Monday, but this is critical. The ocean will be pushed toward the coast north of that point and away to the south. The onshore flow of water is exaggerated where bays, inlets, or the shape of the coastline focus the water to make it rise even higher. The most prominent problem spot is New York City, where Long Island and New Jersey make an “L”.

      Raritan Bay and New York Bay and the south end of Manhattan are especially susceptible to rising water if the center of Sandy comes ashore in New Jersey or south. Much as we saw in Irene, it is potentially a monstrous problem due to the threat to NYC infrastructure and transportation. There are tough decisions ahead for the Mayor and his people.

      Right now, the odds favor that southern track. The threat from this situation is serious as a heart attack for anybody near the rising water.

      Hurricane Sandy, Approaching Megastorm, Threatens East Coast
      10/27/12 08
      OCTOBER 26: In this handout satellite image provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Hurricane Sandy’s huge cloud extent of up to 2,000 miles churns over the Bahamas, as a line of clouds associated with a powerful cold front approaches the U.S. east coast on October 26, 2012 in the Atlantic Ocean.
      “I’m just worried about how bad it’s going to be with the tidal surge,”
      “Assume that you will be in the midst of flooding conditions, the likes of which you may not have seen at any of the major storms that have occurred over the last 30 years.”

      Up to 2 feet of snow was predicted to fall on West Virginia, with lighter snow in parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

      A wide swath of the East, measuring several hundreds of miles, will get persistent gale-force 50 mph winds, with some areas closer to storm landfall getting closer to 70 mph

  3. We are having winds to 61 mph at Daytona Beach, … water from the sea is rushing in on Main Street, beach Side, … treea with 3 foot bass’s are fallling from winds, .. power outages with thousands without power in different location. Local weather, …
    Hurricane Sandy brings waves, strong wind to Central Fla.
    Sandy to pass 185 miles off Central Florida coast

    WESH 2 reporters Dan Billow and Claire Metz report on Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the coast. Video!

    Getting slammed here folks !

  4. We have anyone on here in Ga. S.C. or N.C. to give reports of what it’s like as it moves up the coast ?
    Bobby1, are you feeling any wind yet ?
    You should be, if they haven’t got the boat secure by now it’s too late. they will be a Sandy’s mercy ! Sure you will hear the winds pick up, .. this thing is 800 miles across !

  5. Glad you made it through, xdrfox! It must have been scary. Hope that you ALL also come through safe and sound. Thanks for the updates!

    • Me too !, … Hey, Hey, Blue skies today, a little cool but I can ride and check things out !
      Thinking of you all in the path of this bugger, … It gave us a harder time then I expected here and longer, …so beware !
      If you can get out, …you can stay here a few days or untill one can get back safely !

  6. Not hearing from anyone is a little unsettling, .. don’t know if your prepping or running, … but I hope you all are safe, .. this storm has scared the baJesus out of most everyone, .. that’s good, … maybe people will take it seriously and few will be lost ! If your on the run, … hope you have WiFi and if your prepping, … keep going, … I know there’s much to do ! Anyway, … Good Luck All !!

          • Yes, why a backup power supply is nice, … trips the moment you lose power so computer doesn’t cut off !! Different prices for time you want to stay up, a 10 minute PS will run about 35$ the more minutes the bigger the battery, … more lead $ ! Mine is a 30 min. But that was on an old unit, with my all in one, … maybe 60 min. 15volt Power Supply ! 129 converted !

        • I use a 7″ x 1 1/2 Acer(Thats the size measurements) with a Atom processor for my HT system ! Works really well, was hundred new, … got it 3 years ago !

          • I have old school computer audio with a Juli@ soundcard… I like it. If I got a notebook, I would need a DAC. I like the Lynx Hilo, but it’s $2500 and cant afford it now.

            • Lynx open source is a wonderful program with more added all the time, people like you an I expand on it writing code and software programs, no familiar with that particular unit, .. but yes, .. the good stuff cost, .. if more bought the prices would come down !
              My main is a MSI All In One 22″ touch screen system,… Windows 7 Home ! Got it a few years ago, has the best graphics in the world it touts ! Sure is pretty when graphics/videos run in HD !

  7. Current Outages MAP
    Power Out or Downed Wire
    Call 877.778.2222 – Every call helps us help you.

    When reporting a power outage, your call goes directly to our trouble processing center for response. The system works by matching your phone number to your account, so it’s important that we have your current phone number on file. If you move or change phone numbers, you can use our online account management service to update your phone number. You can also call BGE at 800.685.0123 to update your phone number. Please have your account number available when you call.

  8. Manhattan Beach flooding
    When we posted this morning about Manhattan Beach flooding, we began getting e-mails from those who visited the area around noon saying that it wasn’t flooded. That’s because it was low tide, and the water receded. But that progress was quickly lost. Mike sent us this video, filmed at 1:00 p.m.

    Probably one of the most illustrative videos we’ve seen is this one by Michael Y. After filming a relatively calm Manhattan Beach esplanade during low-tide, he returned at approximately 3:30 p.m. In the few minutes he’s standing there filming, you can see the water creep up, eventually overtaking the bulkhead and pouring out onto the street. Again – this is 4.5 hours before high tide!

  9. Posted 16 minutes ago
    I am hearing, from friends, houses are almost submerged in North Woodmere. Water has crossed Peninsula Blvd on Woodmere Blvd. Thanks fully I live at one of the highest points in Woodmere so water is having a hard time getting to me…SICK STUFF GOING ON!

    Was out driving trying to rescue a friend and his family, first floor is completely flooded, they are holed up on the second floor of their house but i cant get anywhere near their house because roads are completely flooded…

    Cars are floating onto the Woodmere Golf Course….

  10. New York City, New York (NY) Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners …

    New York City, New York (NY) Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners. … To listen
    to a feed using the online player, choose “Web Player” as the player selection …
    pick where you want to listen in !, …pick your player, …then click on speaker !!
    Red Offlines will not work !

    • I’m gonna hit it, xdrfox, i’m tired… the worst is yet to come here but I will probly sleep thru it. Hang out here if you want!

  11. The latest I have is 17 dead from Sandy in the US and Canada. 6 dead from falling trees. One death was very close to Ft. Smallwood park that I visited Friday, which had tremendous tree devastation from the global plant plague.

  12. I’m up, listen to Ocean city last night, what a night, …multiply by all the others out there helping people, …the calls just kept coming, … fires, …people were trapped, in attics, … second stories, …tops of vehicles, ..people without oxygen, …these guys/gals risk life and limb all night Long, …one after another, …often whole families is dire situations of rising fast moving waters ! Often, having to not be able to do a job as well as they would like for lack of boats, .. or equipment !
    I salute these men and woman for their distinguished and beyond the call of duty of service in their communities risking their lives for others hour after hour through a parlous night and day !!

    SALUTE !!

  13. Emergency personnel rescue residents from flood waters brought on by Hurricane Sandy in Little Ferry, New Jersey, October 30, 2012. The giant storm Sandy wreaked havoc on the New York City subway system, flooding tunnels, garages and rail yards and threatening to paralyze the nation’s largest mass-transit system for days. REUTERS/Adam Hunger–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9aW5zZXQ7aD00MzI7cT04NTt3PTYzMA–/

  14. At least 50 homes destroyed in massive fire in Queens, N.Y. VIDEO
    A six-alarm fire in Breezy Point, Queens—a coastal area under mandatory evacuation order ahead of the storm—has destroyed about 50 to 100 buildings. Nearly 200 firefighters have responded to the massive blaze, a challenge to battle because first responders had to wade through chest-high water to reach the homes.
    Firefighters told ABC News they rescued 25 people gathered in one apartment there. So far, no casualties from the fire have been reported.–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9aW5zZXQ7aD00MDA7cT04NTt3PTYwMQ–/

  15. Posted 13 minutes ago

    Resident Lurker

    The damage in Forest Park, Queens is incredible. Some trees stripped of bark!


    Posted 11 minutes ago

    This is absolutely the most remarkable weather event I’ve seen especially in terms of impact. There are 10 or more trees down on my block alone…on houses, cars. Roads are blocked.

    We had a huge tree fall and miss our home by less than 5 feet.

    Cannot believe the extent of damage around here.

    Chris L

    Posted 8 minutes ago

    I am basically blocked in. 3 streets are all closed due to trees down and all.

    I will be cleaning it up in the afternoon.

    Sandy was by far and away the most impactful event we have seen in the area for a long, long, long time.


    Posted 4 minutes ago

    earthlight, on 30 October 2012 – 09:33 AM, said:

    This is absolutely the most remarkable weather event I’ve seen especially in terms of impact. There are 10 or more trees down on my block alone…on houses, cars. Roads are blocked.

    We had a huge tree fall and miss our home by less than 5 feet.

    Cannot believe the extent of damage around here.

    Agreed. This storm had incredible power, i never though i could get hurricane force winds in my area until yesterday


    Posted Today, 09:48 AM

    Reports from friends out of Hoboken are devastating. Glad I took this seriously and decided to leave. Have this site to thank for that.


    Posted Today, 09:52 AM

    Just found my car. Pancaked by a tree.

  16. Sandy’s death toll climbs; millions without power–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Y2g9MTk5Njtjcj0xO2N3PTMwMDA7ZHg9MDtkeT0wO2ZpPXVsY3JvcDtoPTQyMDtxPTg1O3c9NjMw/
    Associated Press/Charles Sykes – A parking lot full of yellow cabs is flooded as a result of superstorm Sandy on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012 in Hoboken, NJ. (AP Photo/Charles Sykes)
    All these vehicles that have sustained water damage will have to be crushed, after water gets in them, engines, transmissions, .. electronics and printed circuit’s they will never work the same and corrosion will be a continued problem, causing many hours of repair and cost never really solving all the problems for then or future use of a vehicle ! They will all need to be replaced, always leave your vehicle on high ground (parking decks) if you know rising waters are on the way Mayor Blomberg !!!

  17. pazzo83

    Posted 46 minutes ago

    Video I took from 42nd St around 11pm last night:


    Posted 44 minutes ago

    News is saying 90% of the island without power. 90%!!! sheeesh. LIPA numbers are at 937,000, seems to be leveling off finally…I hope

    And that’s customers, not people. So 90% is something like 2,700,000 people on Long Island alone without power.

    Hurricane Sandy Disrupts Millions of Lives SLIDE SHOW !! 55 pics

  18. OK folks, heres the deal, with limited road use, .. things will get in short supply quickly, .. one being stores that are there, with limited foods and supplies will not be open for lack of electric and accessibility by them that work at these stores, .. food will be in need, .. many did not prepare or have enough food for more then a few days at most, .. this will include lack of water, .. the logistic’s of this storm are more then the people we have to deal with of supply’s needed by the people here, .. 50 to 60 million, … roads are under water in many places and as the water recedes the debris will hamper any attempts for relief, This is may to turn into a nightmare of worse then Katrina, .. people get hungry quickly in times of stress and thinking rationally may not become the rule of the day, … lets hope some have remembered Katrina and things to avoid, … but many most likely not when it comes to feeding their families when they are crying in pain of hunger, .. This may well have many stories developing of what we will not want to imagine, … the worst in some, .. animal instinct’s over logical thinking, … may people will know they are destitute after a look in their areas and homes, … many will know they were not ready for this and did not assume responsibility of preparedness of such an event, .. Like any thing of this magnitude, … we will see the best and the worst of human behavior, .. so expect the governments to take a Strong response very soon to level any unwanted actions by the people that feel they are in need, … I’m just say here folks, the worst has not come upon these people in our affected areas yet, that will be when the reality sinks in of their plight !

  19. Fire devastated homes in Breezy Point, Queens, overnight.

    Piles of sandbags sat outside the Goldman Sachs headquarters in Lower Manhattan.
    Credit: Michael Appleton for The New York Times
    Who else could afford so many sand bags !

    The Inlet section of Atlantic City, N.J., was flooded.

    U.S. 30, known as White Horse Pike, one of three major approaches to Atlantic City, was covered with water on Monday

  20. ag3 Posted 33 minutes ago
    Hearing of 15 deaths so far in NY. 20+ total.
    I drove around Queens. Most damage is in the Whitestone, Beechurst and North Flushing area.
    Hundreds of trees down and many of them destroyed homes.
    Bayside in general did better. Much fewer trees and damage.
    there’s the airports. Think this is LGA. It’s a picture posted by JetBlue.

  21. Sandy unlikely to damage US economy, analysts say

    WASHINGTON — Airlines have canceled thousands of flights, stranding travelers around the globe. Insurers are bracing for possible damages of $5 billion. Retailers face shrunken sales.

    Hurricane Sandy took dead aim at New Jersey and Delaware on Monday, with sheets of rain and wind gusts of more than 90 mph knocking out electricity and causing major disruptions for companies, travelers and consumers. But for the overall economy, damage from the storm will likely be limited. And any economic growth lost to the storm in the short run will likely be restored once reconstruction begins, analysts say. Americans may even spend more before the storm when they stock up on extra food, water and batteries.

    Preliminary estimates are that damage will range between $10 billion and $20 billion. That could top last year’s Hurricane Irene, which cost $15.8 billion. If so, Hurricane Sandy would be among the 10 most costly hurricanes in U.S. history. But it would still be far below the worst – Hurricane Katrina, which cost $108 billion and caused 1,200 deaths in 2005.

    “Assuming the storm simply disrupts things for a few days and it doesn’t do significant damage to infrastructure, then I don’t think it will have a significant national impact,” Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, said Monday.

    The economic impact could be more severe if the storm damages a port or a major manufacturing facility such as an oil refinery, Zandi noted.

    The economy expanded at an annual rate of 2 percent in the July-September quarter. Zandi said he isn’t changing his forecast for similar growth in the current October-December quarter of 1.9 percent. Economic activity in October and November might slow if factory output declines and some workers are laid off temporarily and seek unemployment benefits. But the economy could strengthen in December as companies rebound.

    Here’s how the storm has begun to affect key areas of the economy: … more: …

  22. A snow plow drives down West Main Street, Somerset Tuesday morning as Hurricane Sandy continues to deliver snow and rain to the region. (Brian Whipkey / October 30, 2012)

    A person was killed in a Somerset County traffic accident during Hurricane Sandy Monday night and thousands are dealing with power outages Tuesday morning.,0,621764.story

    Posted A minute ago
    Hoboken Mayor says 50% of city remains underwater…

  23. StatenWx

    Posted 12 minutes ago

    I just got back from great kills checking on our boat, complete devastation all of the docks floated off and almost all the boats are in streets 500 feet away from where they were originally I got pics and we were lucky only minor damage to our sailboat but it is surreal and absolutely breathtaking seeing all but 5-10 boats all on land.

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