Hurricane Valerie?

Ryan Maue is calling for the nor’-easter which will hit the northeast tomorrow to take on tropical characteristics, and become a hurricane. Maybe not technically a hurricane, but effectively so. The NMM and ARW hi-res models bear this out. It’s explosively deepening again. It is going to affect the very same areas hit by Sandy. Plus this time there will be snow in interior regions away from the coast. This will add to the likelihood of falling trees. So the trees that didn’t fall, but were weakened by Sandy, will fall this time. There will also be problem with storm surge and waves again.

UPDATE 11/7 11:30am: This now looks weaker than thought earlier. The worst of the winds will be in southeast New England and eastern Long Island. Still a danger for these areas. It is now being called Athena by the Weather Channel.

UPDATE 11/7 9:30pm: The heavy snow in Connecticut, New Jersey, and the New York City areas is now bringing down power lines and breaking tree limbs. The wind is also a large factor, but probably farther to the northeast in Massachusetts is where the most damaging gusts are still to come.

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