Huw Lloyd-Langton, RIP.

It has been a rough few days on the musical front. Dave Brubeck (Time Out) has passed away, along with Ed Cassidy of Spirit (The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus). They created some of the greatest albums of all time.

Now comes the news that Huw Lloyd-Langton has died of cancer at age 61. I can’t think of any guitar player that I have banged my head to more than Huw over the years, with the possible exception of Hendrix. He played lead guitar with Hawkwind and Widowmaker, along with his own band, and appeared with many other bands. Langton’s riffs have become part of my being.

Huw never got involved with the epic drug use Hawkwind is noted for. If Hawkwind was The Munsters (and they certainly resembled them at times), Huw was Marilyn, the “normal” one. After a bout with Legionnaires’ disease, Huw released a charity single promoting the use of Photodynamic Therapy for cancer patients.

See ya in space, Huw!

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