Important Chernobyl videos.

These videos should be seen by everyone. What happened at Chernobyl, to the people who lived in the area, to the children, and the response (or lack thereof) by Mystery Babylon sociopaths, is also happening as the result of Fukushima… but on a much larger scale this time.

Chernobyl: A Million Casualties
Toxicologist Dr. Janette Sherman, contributing editor to “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”, talks about research into Chernobyl and how it is being ignored by the nuclear industry.

Chernobyl: A Million Casualties

    Chernobyl Heart
    HBO documentary about children affected by the Chernobyl radiation catastrophe.

    HBO Chernobyl Heart 2003

      Nuclear Controversies
      How the nuclear gangsters from the IAEA control the World Health Organization (WHO), and hold the entire medical profession hostage. These sick and twisted a-holes are the reason that you are not getting information about Fukushima radioactive contamination, and that you and your families will not receive adequate medical care in the coming decades. They control politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton like puppets. See them in action.

      Nuclear Controversies (full length) 核電爭議(附中文字幕)

      32 thoughts on “Important Chernobyl videos.

      1. Let’s just say it, a massive World Wide Scale ! The Stories of three Mile Island may also be a small spectrum of Coming to a neighborhood near you Apocalypse !
        When I speak to people about the Japan crisis, people say, Why hasn’t governmentt said anything or why isn’t it on the news ?

        I tell them the truth, …because they can not do a dam thing to stop it, ttechnologyrgy to deal with it has not been thought of or invented yet ! Maybe another 40 years but by then…..

        In my mine, is the great nothing that is over taking the world and people can’t see it ! It will leave no resembling anything before !

        • I hope for the sake of that local Triathlon group (which started after the explosion?) that the video is the only thing that leaked.

          from Wikipedia:
          “Acting on the wishes of the wine growers to change the name of the appellation to something without “Tricastin”, to avoid being associated with the nuclear power plant, in June 2010, INAO signalled its intention to allow a name change from Coteaux du Tricastin AOC to Grignan-Les Adhemar effective from the 2010 vintage.”

          from Areva:
          “Tricastin is part of AREVA’s Front-end business group and the only industrial site of its kind in Europe. It specializes in the production of nuclear fuel assemblies.”

          I have a feeling that the loca Gignan-Les Adhemar would be worth “sampling”.

      2. … yet they trash somebody like Helen Caldicott for saying more or less the same thing.

        Funny thing about that warning she gave in ’10, considering how close Port Hope is to Peterborough and events that have recently come to light.

        quoted from: “In 2010, she encouraged the citizens of Port Hope, Ontario to evacuate due to radioactive contamination, which prompted none other than the President of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to write: “Her claims are nothing more than unacceptable fear-mongering.”

        Dr. Gordon Edwards from my favorite web site (i like yours too, Bobby!) wrote: “On February 1, 2010, a tritium light factory (SSI) located at the Peterborough Airport released 147 trillion becquerels of tritium to the
        atmosphere in about 5 minutes.”

        • “On February 1, 2010, a tritium light factory (SSI) located at the Peterborough Airport released 147 trillion becquerels of tritium to the atmosphere in about 5 minutes.”

          Whoa… wow. The worst arthritis/fibro symptoms I have ever had prior to Fuku was around that date. The reason I remember the date is that there was a monster snowstorm a few days later on Feb. 6, 4 feet plus. Cant say for sure if it was on or after then, though. But it sure seems that radiation is potentiating my arthritis to levels way worse that I had before.

              • Dr.Edwards goes on to say how he believes even that figure was low-balled on a scale that seems set impossibly high at first blush.

                “Note: On August 24 2012 SSI released a report (“Root Cause Investigation:
                Tritium Stack Emissions ReportingDiscrepancies”,
                indicating that routine reported tritium emissions for the last 18 years have been
                understated by approximately a factor of 5 or more. Thus the actual release of
                tritium on February 1 2010 may have been closerto 735 trillion becquerels rather
                than the 147 trillion becquerels that were reported. If that is the case, this one 5-minute release would have exceeded the ANNUAL licenced limit by 47 percent.
                Not to worry, however. It is still WAY below the derived emissions limit of 34
                million trillion becquerels. “CNSC will NEVER compromise safety; CNSC ALWAYS
                keeps radioactive emissions As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)!” “

              • It makes sense… the incorporation of radioactive substances into the cells creates free radicals… T-cell helpers get the message & organize the kill of the contaminated cells. This causes inflammation and pain. I could probably go back decades, and every time I had an arthritis flare, I could probably trace it back to radiation if I knew who was releasing what when and where. Certainly this is going on now, it was worse in 2012 than 2011, and so far 2013 is looking to be at least on par with 2012.

                • I had a major pain event Saturday & Sunday. I am in Maryland but this poster on Enenews from Connecticut had a major radiation spike Sunday night:

                  Its Curtains
                  February 25, 2013 at 3:57 am

                  I live in Branford, CT (USA) and readings tonight were between 8μSv/h to 20μSv/h. That’s the upper east coast of the United States!

                  Its Curtains
                  February 25, 2013 at 11:44 am

                  I mean 8uSv/hr to 20uSv/hr!!! When I started taking readings they were .07uSv/hr it was like that for around an hour. I was getting ready to go inside when all of a sudden a strong breeze came by and the meter starting alarming, at first I thought there may be something wrong with the meter but after checking and recalibrateing it the readings were the same. So I spent an hour taking some more readings around where I live and still they were very high, every time time a breeze/wind came by the CPM’s would rise significantly higher. So I drove around town taking readings and they were very high everywhere, it was also snowing and windy.


                  There is a radiation plume on the east coast of the US. Or there was, hopefully it’s gone now.

      3. The World Health Organization has released its report… no health effects from Fukushima outside of Japan.

        Since the WHO is controlled by the nuke madmen of the IAEA (as testified above by the former director of the WHO), this report is like the Manson Family issuing a report about the health status of Sharon Tate… “no health effects”.

        Never mind the report here that 53,000 Americans died in 2011 as a result of Fukushima, or Joe Mangano’s report that 22,000 died in the first 14 weeks:

        And never mind the goiter in my neck, how my eyeballs started popping out of their sockets from a pituitary tumor, etc. etc.

        When the guilt for the millions or hundreds of millions or billions that have died or will die from Fukushima the world over is assessed, look to the names on the committee that wrote this report.

          • Vgirl, it is much more dangerous than I thought it was then. I thought it was due to the thyroid, but it really was the pituitary gland. I knew my prolactin was up before that, but I didn’t connect it to my eyeballs popping out till recently. Seriously it is life threatening if untreated, which is why I am taking hydergine.

            • Today marks one month after I started taking hydergine. It is supposed to take 3-6 months to reduce the tumor, but things have improved. The psoriasis is still there, but it is not growing. There was a radiation plume that came through last weekend, and caused bad arthritis symptoms, but it didn’t affect the psoriasis or fungus. This is very good.

              Also it appears my radiation sensitivity has decreased. I ate some food after the hydergine, which did not give me metal mouth, whereas the very same food before the hydergine, did. In fact I haven’t had metal mouth since I started taking it. So now I can eat radioactive food like everyone else, lol.

              • that’s excellent. It was cool how whatever you took from the Dandelion did help your eye tho. This is good. I am soooo glad you figured this part out.

                • The eye doctor said I have macular degeneration. This is totally different from the vision problems I had from the eyeball popping out. Lutein and bilberry are helping this.

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