7 thoughts on “Informative banners and graphics.

    • They kill our babies, and we smile and pay their salaries, so the UN security council can have their plutonium to build bombs to threaten anyone who might challenge their authority.

      • I have lost many beloved Aunts to these stealthy misogynistic murderers.
        Candu reactors are without a doubt in my mind, the absolute worst for tritium emissions. Correct me if i am wrong, please.

        I remember my conversation with Anne (et al).
        Young and old, what are we as a species without the Ladies?
        Answer: Dead men walking.

        Thank you, Bobby.
        First week of University done.
        Found their Physics group.

        It’s time to “kick ass and chew bubble gum, and i’m all out of bubble gum!”
        – paraphrased from the Rowdy Roddy Piper movie “They Live”.

        • In addition, i likely have little or no idea how many younger relatives that i will never meet, thanks to this genocidal (more like apocalyptic) technology.

          I was also wrong about how the Fraser Valley still has her “birds and bugs”.
          This is true for the most part, yet i have noticed some changes.
          For example: Gnats. I have only seen one this year, where previously they were abundantly plentiful. These have long and spindly legs like a “daddy long-legs” spider. Others here have noted their absence.
          Also, black flies are incredibly tiny this season.

          Moving inland.

          • In response to Dud, there have been so many changes to the ecological systems in just my 2 acres of woods in MI. I have always been a bird watcher and feeder and there are no small song birds at present, and only a handful during the warm weather. I have seen some hummingbirds, but not in plenty. Few bees of any kind. In August, I looked for the lightening bugs against the dark pine trees that I have always enjoyed, they did not put on their show. The weather is heading into winter with night time temps in the upper 20’s. There are clouds of small mosquitos outside our windows, they are off the season. Tree frogs gone, butterflies gone, right before harvest time the garden was frosted in late August. Yet, nobody else seems to notice these things that are happening.

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