Iodine-131 detections in Finland and Norway preceded by detections in Japan.

The STUK radiation protection agency of Finland announced Tuesday that iodine-131 had been detected in the Lapland area of northern Finland, and that I-131 also had been detected in Norway, between May 4-11.

Also, cesium-134, niobium-95, and cobalt-60 were found in southeast Finland. These two types of detections may or may not be related.

These detections were not caused by the Chernobyl forest fire, since I-131 decays away in 80 days, and Cs-134 decays away in 20 years. The Chernobyl catastrophe occurred in 1986, 29 years ago.

Iodine-131 levels in Gunma prefecture sludge skyrocketed on their May 1 report to the highest readings since the huge Fukushima emissions of July 2013. These analyses were actually done in April 21-23. This area is to the southwest of the Fukushima plant.

Toyahashi sludge was also elevated on April 21. This area is to the west of Tokyo.

The lag time involved for the gaseous iodine to move from Japan to Scandinavia would allow the I-131 to decay by 50-75%, so the Finland and Norway detections are more robust than they look at first glance.

On May 12, I-131 was found in Chiba prefecture drinking water (not sludge). So it looks like the latest fission event is still going on.

I-131 was also (possibly) detected in river water in Avignon, France. But, as was explained here by the head of the CRIIRAD laboratory, this energy range measure also includes cesium and natural NORM radionuclides. They had to change the verbiage on their graphs due to this blog.

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  1. Did you read about the 53 people in 9 states who are sick from eating raw tuna; “likely” it’s from somenella. Uh, huh, right.

  2. A heartfelt Thank You, to you sir, and to Bo for enlightening me about the difference between “raw” sludge & “incinerated” sludge testing!

    Btw, i wonder if the following is at all relevant –> (posted May15th, 2015)

    The timing doesn’t seem quite right, at least. Am reminded of Daini’s readings on NetC. Seems we never get to hear anything about that site (et al). It’s a big hemisphere, too.

    I do wish obewan was much kinder when speaking about his “theoretical Bobby’s”. Bobby’s are really cool, imho. (some well-deserved “non-UVB/C/X sunshine” at you!) 🙂

    Not much sunshine here lately, mostly smokey smog & overcast including thunderhead cumulonimbus. Some folks here starting to notice a lack of normalcy in nature, what with so many changes over the last three years or so. It makes a great starting point for discussion.
    Thank you again!

    • WPPSS! “dewatered” sludge … not “raw” – d’oh

      In that chart dated, concerning drinking water, are the units of measurement in Bq/kg as well?

      Also, do they not simply opt for thyroid removal most of the time, thereby reducing the “need” for RAI treatment (hence the “Yamashita neck smile”)?

      My humble respect for all those suffering now, and those to follow.

      • theoretical bobby is> On enenews, obewan has a running meme occasionally where he laments wonton consumption and debt. It basically goes as big man or employer to employee/lackey “bobby! get me more of everything, I need more of everything now” etc. It is inspired and of no relation to you bobby, he just uses that name as a moniker for an average joe.

  3. Hi Bobby1,

    Great finds! Thank you for reporting on this.

    Also I-131 trace detected in Sweden:

    (I mentioned it off-topic in a blog post, )

    Another indicator that it’s from Fukushima and not Chernobyl is the presence of Cobalt-60, you mentioned. Co60 was not part of the Chernobyl fallout, but is being released in unprecedented quantities from F1, likely due to (ongoing?) neutron bombardments of steel in the meltdown rubble.


  4. So now I have a question. Arnie Gundersen in his last Fairewinds presentation said ‘Kaltofen got to Japan EARLY ENOUGH that he was even able to capture iodine131 in housedust in Japan.’ I was very confused by that statement /assumption. Kaltofen made only one trip.. is Gundersen just assuming there should be no more iodine131 spewing out of fuku? Do you think it’s a sly way of downplaying what’s going on ( his way if toeing the line), or do you think he really believe it to be so?

    • It’s typical Arnie downplaying. The iodine did not stop in March 2011. There were huge releases in Oct.-Dec. 2011, and in 2013. It has been coming out irregularly in various amounts since 3/11.

  5. Thanks bobby. This blogpost and that bit about Tokyo sewage by Paveway cleared out a lot for me. I wish Kaltofen could do another trip. I can’t go home ( to Japan ) until after fall but I hope to take my own measurements when I do.

  6. I think Arnie paints a bad enough picture for the general public who aren’t used to this kind of bad news.. but, by implying ‘iodine 131? Oh that’s been long gone!’ Arnie lulls people into thinking all these bad things spilled out of pandora’s box but now the lid is back on, and we still have hope left inside. If these recent iodine131s are indeed from Fukushima, it means the lid is not on the box.

  7. Thank you, Bobby and Michael! Yes, F. Poison is in Europe. Strange coughs in children, irritation of the eyes, nose bleeds. I could not escape a couple of rains and inflamation in the nose still goes on. Headaches and blood from the nose in the morning are my special F. gift for now. There are people vomiting, and of course it is explained by virus infections. I cure myself with baking soda, garlic, onion and herbs, doctors give antibiotics.

  8. Interesting to me thinking of gross counts of beta gamma alpha etc which are difficult to measure. Here is an excerpt from a very interesting article that I found at Danas site.

    WHO has established screening levels for drinking water at 0.5 Bq/L for gross alpha activity and 1 Bq/L for gross beta activity (WHO, 2008). The gross alpha screening level reflects values near WHO’s radionuclide-specific guidance reference dose level. The gross beta activity screening level, in the worst case, would lead to a dose close to the guidance reference dose level of 0.1 mSv/year.

  9. On Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at 14:15, the Tricastin nuclear plant in
    South France carried out an emergency stop (scram) on reactor No. 4
    after abnormal overheating was detected by the control room. This
    emergency scram is the second in five months atthe same reactor. There
    is a strong presumption of iodine 131 release.

    After midnight the movement of vehicles gendarmesques sharply, a new approach to No. 4 reactor was successfully achieved in its area northeast by a low wind southeast, despite the thermal night vision systems which are equipped with the PS PG. The radiological measures proved all “positive”, up to 4 times the background noise, or ± 0.48 mSv / h.

    On May 29, 2015, if the type of radioactive contamination including gas and quantity of radio-contaminants have not yet evaluated and require further and comparative controls, a strong presumption of iodine 131 discharges (with 1/2 length life 8 days) is feared. All the more worrying that if in the few hundred meters northeast of the reactor No. 4 no habitation zone there, however the A7 transom with more than 70 000 vehicles passing days . (French)

  10. The Fuky Effect, which is the on-again, off-again fissioning of one of more of the ☢ corium(s), as they interact with water below Fukushima.

  11. Alpha radiation clouds Los Angeles air

    The first tests of summer also indicate a high presence of alpha radiation which, by itself, comprised 75 percent of the overage with beta making up the other 25 percent. Indeed, the alpha detected alone was over 168 percent of background levels of radiation. has not found such a high degree of alpha in its sampling in thousands of previous tests conducted over the last four years.

  12. FYI, i think you might find the Be-7 correlation interesting as well:

    !-> @

    includes two observations:

    – Be-7 peaked at the same time as I-131 detections, adding weight to the hypothesis that the fission products detected in March (Norway) and May (Finland), etc. came from higher up in the troposphere, most likely delivered with the fast moving jet stream.

    – A second observation has to do with apparent rigging of EURDEP radiation monitoring, for which I call upon hackers to get to the bottom of it.

    • Thank you for all your work, Michaël.

      The alpha radiation is concerning. We don’t hear much about it, but these isotopes are the most dangerous. I’m thinking of plutonium, curium, californium, which are active in tiny amounts, and are neutron emitters also. These will do the most damage to DNA… the random scambling of the genetic code for all generations to come.

  13. Dear Bobby1 and everyone,

    This may be the most important call to action in a loooong time.


    This is important

    This is unbelievable

    This takes the cake

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is actually considering accepting HORMESIS over the LNT model !

    “The NRC explains, “The radiation hormesis model provides that exposure of the human body to low levels of ionizing radiation is beneficial and protects the human body against deleterious effects of high levels of radiation.”

    The NRC is accepting COMMENTS on this until September 6th.

    Can everyone please COMMENT ON THIS and spread the word!

    The NRC is accepting comments here, and you can learn more about it here ->

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for posting this comment, bobby1.

      I forgot to add that anyone can comment ANONYMOUSLY on the NRC proposal to adopt HORMESIS (radiation is good for you)

      Anyone can comment anonymously here:

      Then put this docket number in : NRC-2015-0057-0010

      Make your comment and then at the bottom just type in “Anonymous” when it asks for first and last name.

      It’s that easy.

      There are only 46 comments so far and most of them are pro-nuke.

      Everyone, don’t be shy about commenting. We need a LOUD VOCAL response to beat this back.

      Comments don’t have to be fancy; just say what you think about that the idea of low-level radiation being “good for you” a/k/a Hormesis and more radiation exposure.

      Thank you again.

      • Hello and greetings!

        Would that not be “relatively anonymously”?
        They can advise all the whoremeesays until the cows come home to nest, yet i will continue to practice the Precautionary Principle as much as humanely possible.

        Locals seem miffed that homemade canned salmon bones don’t seem to get as soft as they used too.
        I say to them “give your head a shake”, yet they still insist on eating it bones and all. When i tell them about the generations-old “Tooth Fairy Project” and JFK’s briefing about Sr90, they are dismissive and seem to think ME mad (not mad, am sad). 🙁

        Quote of Art Bell: “Yikes!”

        Am i wrong to think seeming added hardness to bone may be an indication of embrittlement via possible strontium inclusion?
        Am noting that pacific salmon seems ill-advised this year, as many returning fish are products of the 2011 season (other than hot Pinks & their 2 year cycle).

        More to the point of your comment, can a Canadian or other foreign national comment too?

        I thank you all, and hope ill symptoms are subsiding enough for Bobby1’s benefit.

        • The self-ascribed “not anti-nuclear” host of Sunday’s Coast to Coast show, George Knapp, actually had Arnie Gunderson on for at least an hour on Sunday night. Not overly revealing show, though it actually aired.
          Art Bell’s anticompetition clause recently expired, BTW.

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