Iodine-131 in France and Switzerland.

The CRIIRAD website posts graphs of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation as well as iodine-131, for selected cities in France near nuclear power plants. The readings in Rhône river water show a sudden increase in iodine-131 and gamma radiation levels beginning on November 27. This river originates in Geneva, Switzerland, and there was a rainstorm there starting on Nov. 26 with about an inch of rain.

I have been watching these graphs for over a year now, and I have never seen a jump in gamma radiation like this.

Also, the CTBTO in Takasaki has now replaced the published levels of I-131, Ba-140, and Te-132 with ND (not detected) in the October data. Looks to me like someone had slipped up and shown the actual levels. They are now back to whitewashing radiation levels again.

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  1. For the first time in my life, I had a dream about gamma radiation last night, I could see the gamma waves going through my daughter and tried to block them, and then tonight I read this, Bobby1, and the posts below, uncanny. How do we protect our families from gamma?

    November 30, 2012 at 12:39 pm · Reply
    Nevada city California, 10 minute count, swipe off truck, note I cleaned truck 2 days ago, has not been driven, rain heavy, max data point 540 cpm, average 136.80 cpm, 1,368 total counts, 1000 counts over 100. This is getting higher everyday.

    November 30, 2012 at 2:14 pm · Reply
    Spokane Wa last few days wish I had only 30-50 cpm hope formatting sticks but if not, numbers are in the following order: date, time, beta gross cpm, gamma 10, gamma 9 then starts again.

    Date time cpm gamma 10 gamma9
    2012-11-29 08:53:22 167.0000 53.0000 48.0000
    2012-11-29 09:53:36 199.0000 54.0000 48.0000
    2012-11-29 10:53:50 272.0000 54.0000 52.0000
    2012-11-29 11:54:05 290.0000 52.0000 51.0000
    2012-11-29 12:54:19 271.0000 53.0000 49.0000
    2012-11-29 13:54:34 237.0000 50.0000 51.0000
    2012-11-29 14:54:48 246.0000 52.0000 49.0000
    2012-11-29 15:55:03 249.0000 51.0000 51.0000
    2012-11-29 16:55:17 280.0000 53.0000 50.0000
    2012-11-29 17:55:31 272.0000 53.0000 50.0000
    2012-11-29 18:55:46 217.0000 53.0000 48.0000

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    • NoNukes, What do you say to parents with children?
      See where UN is going to pass rulings to deal with handicapped, told you folks almost 2 years ago it was coming, They will over rule parents and euthanize disable children ! On Rense tonight ! Will be on again later tonight, … *On Now* Rense Radio “Jeff Rense Program” here’s the App, live feed for … are entering a time unprecedented !

        • New vaccine production technique uses gamma radiation
          Published on November 14, 2012 by Jeffrey Bigongiari

          Researchers have developed a new method for preparing vaccines that uses high doses of gamma radiation.

          Scientists from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences use radiation to render bacteria non-infectious while preserving their immunogenic properties. They hope the technique can be used to make potentially dangerous bacteria into life-saving vaccines.

          The team from USU, in collaboration with colleagues from the U.S. National Institutes of Health, successfully tested a radiated vaccine in mice against drug-resistant Staphlylococcus aureus. The results of the study were recently published in the July edition of the journal Cell Host and Microbe.

          The new technique holds promise in certain cases, although live vaccines are believed to provide better immune protection than those that have been irradiated. Live vaccines are simply not an option in dealing with some untreatable illnesses because of they carry a risk of infection. Irradiated vaccines do not because the radiation destroys the pathogen’s genome.

    • “How do we protect our families from gamma?” – nonukes
      “What do you say to parents with children?” – xdrfox

      The aspect of how to communicate this tragic, but important, information is difficult.

      What DO we say to children?
      They need to know more than anyone about mitigation. Yet the psychological impact could be tricky.

      I am sure there’s a proper way to explain it, but I’m not sure what that is.

      • ChasAha, I have been upfront with my son about this issue. He was 11 when Fuku blew up. And he has been really good with the change in diet… the problem is me, not him. I am probably consuming more GMO now than I did before, this has to change.

      • This is the world that they will inherit. My 4 year old has casually uses language that breaks my heart. I never wanted him to know about Geiger Counters, masks, “levels” and the rest of this insanity. You can’t shield them from this when you are operating in a 24/7 defense mode. They are too observant. My youngest was born shortly after 3/11. All of our protocols will appear “normal” to him. The children that are aware are gaining survival skills in this new world that are a must. It makes for a challenging childhood. Due to the lack of “official” information you have to operate under worst-case-scenario assumptions. Simple activities become dangerous. Think of balls dusted with fallout on the playground, sandboxes plagued by plutonium, the friendly paws of the family dog becoming problematic, favorite childhood comfort foods— verboten.We try to find joy and meaning in alternate choices. You question your choices constantly. Are you being too strict with protocols or not strict enough? Every sneeze or bruise causes alarm. Am I paranoid? Well, I once heard that paranoia was akin to complete awareness. They have unleashed war on the children. I am not going just sit back and be a passive mama, I gotta fight back against this radioactive plague.

        • You always were a Mama Bear, Shinethelight!

          Thank you for this one! Shall steal and use a lot!–“Well, I once heard that paranoia was akin to complete awareness.”


        • My adult daughter took her 2 wk old infant and left my home without a word simply because I ‘believe’ in the truth. This was a little over a month ago. She pretty much said that she prefers to live in absolute ignorance and that she would rather be one of the masses than one of the informed. She pretty much told me that she can’t ‘handle’ the truth and that she just wants to be ‘happy’. Please Lord protect her and her child from all she thinks is good that is really evil….This is a war and all must choose, are we going to think for themselves, or be slaves to society and their norms?

          • So sorry, Vgirl. Being a first time mother in all this madness must be incredibly difficult. The first few months are so overwhelming with a tide of emotions, lack of sleep and overall body recovery from pregnancy….plus now the worry of radiation. Maybe denial is mental survival for her now.

            • OH YOU GUYS/GIRLS…… ladies… no, not here to gain sympathy, altho it is graciously received, it is terrible, just as you and shine, and Nukes said. so so sad, but… in the end, it will all be good. Thanks for your heart prayers… She was my best friend when she was 0-2yr/8mos old, then the little sister was born…. 🙂 Prayers for her also coveted….

              • oops, I’m all mixed up, I thought I was replying at the bottom, to Jill, so Jill, this is to you too lady…. 🙂

          • Vgirl, I am so sorry that your baby left without a word. This catastrophe has done so much damage beyond the incomprehensible amount of physical destruction. I can see how the implications of it for those in the military are unthinkable. What does it mean about our government? Who is protecting the innocent children of the world? Who will account for these crimes?

          • vgirl,…….you carried this one alone,….with God and family,…now with us. Thank you my friend,…for always being REAL,….and knowing how to protect yourself! You are healing already,….from this most horrendous betrayal.
            (betrayal-my word,…for the system did you and she in as well, as you know!)

            You are already displaying the cognition that,….sometimes we must love them enough,…NOT to take ‘it’ personally!

            You ministered to me with an unspoken breaking heart–this is not lost on me my friend!

            I love you and am praying,……..


  2. The webcam imagery has been rather disturbing the past couple of days.

    We are all having low- level stomach problems again.

    The acidophilus has helped in the past. I think I need to do the baking soda again also.

    Our bodies are becoming too acidic….

    How high are these levels you saw Bobby?

    • Majia, I think the plume that was over this area moved into Europe… the thyroid problems have improved the past few days. I am more concerned about radioactive fungus, breathing it and eating it. The trees around here all show fungal infestations. And it has moved into California in a big way now.

      • Noticed today, when I backed my bike out letting it warm up, saw lite green mold forming and growing in close patches all over the paint on the side of my house, I will have to wash it down with clorox, I really needed more work !
        : (

  3. Hang in there Bobby1. Your work is so very important. Seeing it all over the net nowadays. This past week I have had the kidney ache you spoke about, eyes hurt and puss crusted after sleep, sore muscles for no reason, all family members get this. All we can do at this point is try our damnedest to protect our kids and make sure there is some kind of historical record so that whatever exists of humanity knew what the REAL truth of what happened.

    • Shazzamm, thanks. The kidney thing is the scariest part of it, maybe it’s because I had problems with them in the past. I think our kidneys are all working overtime lately.

    • Gail, wow, very good article.

      I stopped eating most American food (not all, sadly) after I started drooling from metal mouth after Fukushima. I had inflammatory bowel syndrome, and after switching to imported food, I lost over 30 pounds in a matter of a couple months. I don’t know if it was from fracking chemicals, pesticides, GMO’s, or what have you. All I know is that it’s poison.

      Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s worse in China or El Salvador or anything. American food is the worst in the world. And now it is radioactive to boot.

      I need to find an alternative to bread because my weight is creeping up again.

  4. French sperm count ‘falls by a third’

    The sperm count of French men fell by a third between 1989 and 2005, a study suggests.
    The semen of more than 26,600 French men was tested in the study, reported in the journal Human Reproduction.
    The number of millions of spermatozoa per millilitre fell by 32.3%, a rate of about 1.9% a year. And the percentage of normally shaped sperm fell by 33.4%.
    The average sperm count remained …

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