Iodine-131 just keeps on coming.

I don’t relish being negative all the time. I still hope to find positive aspects of Fukushima. The remnants of Hurricane Isaac bringing clean air and rain to parts of the US, for instance. (But it appears the remnants of Isaac have picked up some radiation on the back side of the storm, so it’s a mixed bag.) Iodine-131 levels dropped in Gunma prefecture sewage sludge a couple weeks ago, so I thought it might be a trend.

Gunma levels spiked in June, but came down and now they are roughly at the same levels they were in May 2011, after the reactor explosions. Kawasaki spiked later in June, dropped, and then went up again in July, before dropping again. (Note that the iodine-131 deposition depends on wind direction and rainfall, and these are widely separated locations.)

But, oh, Yamanishi prefecture iodine is way up. And Chiba prefecture is holding it own. It’s not a trend, it’s just the vagaries of wind and rain.

Iodine releases are important, not just from the thyroid diseases that result from exposure to this radionuclide, but as an indicator of fission and re-criticality. The table below indicates the radionuclides from a criticality accident in the Idaho chemical processing plant in 1959. These are the same kind of isotopes that we can expect to be released from a Fukushima re-criticality. Dangerous isotopes such as cerium-143, barium-140, ruthenium-103, and uranium-235 are to be found. Hey wait, these are the same kind of isotopes that Potrblog found in an analysis of Missouri beef.

Finding iodine also means that the underground coriums at Fuku are not hardening and cooling off, but heating up and continuing to be on the move, steaming whenever they encounter groundwater.

Observe the spike that occurred in Chiba in late October through November. There was also a spike in Yamanashi in November. There was a report of iodine-131 in central Europe last Nov. 11. This had been going on for two weeks. The international gangsters at the IAEA not only said that this was safe, but they blamed the release on a Hungarian lab. But I ran a HYSPLIT backwards trajectory on atmospheric winds in that time frame (18,000 ft.) and the trajectory corresponds to a Fuku release of iodine around Oct. 24. This plume, which was much wider than the trajectory shows, entered the US in the Pacific northwest, moved through southern Canada, and dived down into the midwest and eastern seaboard, before crossing the Atlantic and entering Europe. This was around the time my thyroid was bulging out of my neck. Yes, this stuff went three-quarters the way around the earth and it was still a problem. There was also a xenon release from reactor 2 at this time, Chris Busby analyzed it and said there was either fission 50 hours before the measurement (no later than Oct. 31 2011) or an explosive criticality 60 hours before. This turns out be be near the time frame of the Fuku release deduced from HYSPLIT. This youtube video shows ground shaking in the early morning hours of Oct. 22, and another video shows abnormal smoke from reactor 2 starting 15 hours later.

There was another detection of iodine-131 on Jan. 16-23 in the northern tip of Scandinavia, but the IAEA idiotically blamed the Hungarian lab for that too, even though it was something like 1,000 miles away.

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  1. NoNukes, thanks. That plume in Oct-Dec killed 5,000 people on the west coast last Nov-Dec. I thought I should say something about it.

  2. I was watching the Fuku cam (rarely do I watch it nit like the early days) on the 21 of May this year. One minute everything was nice and sunny. Something caught my eye that I had never seen before. Steam rising from the ground between R1 and R2 buildings. Within minutes the steam had engulfed the entire complex. No it wasn’t fog or a weather system. I checked. It was the middle of the day there. At one point you couldn’t even see the leaning light standard(pole) it was that thick. And just like clockwork by the end of the week there were hugs spikes being reported by Potrblog in his YouTube vid. And a week after that there was the huge radnet spike and Blackcat systems spike. Corium meet water table, steam meet jet stream, radionuclide meet North America. Now that everyone knows each other let’s party. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. I like that Shazzamm 1971! “Now that everyone knows each other let’s party. Stupid is as stupid does.”–Yes, Fukushima,…the great equalizer! There are no more big- shots, there are no more little-shots. Because just one shot of Pu,….and we’re all shot!

  4. Cobalt-58 was detected in Gunma prefecture:

    “That’s what most of cobalt 58 does not exist in nature in artificial radioactivity, can be decomposed neutron hits.
    In addition, the half-life of this material is 71 days.
    That was in Gunma such substances, is evidence that there was some kind of criticality accident around the end of April or May of this year.”

    Cobalt-58 is a neutron activation product, it is created only when neutrons come into contact with materials. This is the definition of a criticality, neutrons flying around. This matches the Gunma graph above, and is consistent with the radiation poisoning episode I had in early May.

  5. Thankyou so much Bobby1 ,and the other citizens who have taken it upon themselves to keep us all informed , Because the GOV thinks keeping this information under a blanket is cheaper =1 human life +100,000 others
    who have died like my 2 cousins , wife 76 died of unknown illness , knuemonia,
    3mnths later her husband 80 Korean war vet dies of same lung infection . My
    Father died last yr same lung infection , We all have been affected by the Tepco accident = nose bleeds , weakness and unknown skin spots all laast year before i found out all this had been going on , Now we just try to mitigate the weather here in N.Cal . thanks

    • I’m sorry for your losses. There is a major plume on its way to your area very soon. You might try to stay indoors as much as you can the next week or two.

      I had a bad incident in May, I knew there was a plume coming, I thought I could outrun the radiation plume, and do errands, go to stores before it hit. But I believe I picked up the radiation when I was driving.

  6. Thankyou so very much . And the same to you and the counrty of Japan for its loss of life from the tsunami and the earthquake , the Nuke accident , I dont think we have it as bad as all of you our prayers are with you .
    Its the 8th and was out in the sun with my mother , at a show , no protection except sunscreen , forgot masks hope its not a bad mistake…………….. takecare

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