Iodine-131 spike in Rhône river water, France.

CRIIRAD has published the following graph of iodine-131 levels in Rhône river water in Avignon, France. They had recently re-calibrated the detectors to show lower levels of radiation. Even so, there has been a huge spike.

The presence of iodine-131 indicates fission. Fukushima Diary reports fallout in Fukushima prefecture is at its highest since last April.

Clearly, the Daiichi plant is out of control. We have entered the season with maximum deposition of radionuclides in the northern hemisphere – March through June.

7 thoughts on “Iodine-131 spike in Rhône river water, France.

  1. Of course, the iodine couldn’t have come from a minor spill from one of France’s power plants. No, it obviously came all the way from Japan to drop only in the Avignon and seems like nowhere else. Yup, that has got to be it!

    • Of course it is possible that this is a local release. The reason the radiation monitors were put there by CRIIRAD is to detect these releases.

      But I wouldn’t call it a “minor spill.” And this has been going on for some time.

      After a major radiation release in October 2011 at Daiichi, Chris Busby analyzed the isotope levels and said that fission was going on at the plant. Two weeks later, the IAEA declared that iodine-131 was detected over Europe. It was blamed on a Hungarian lab.

      Shortly after that, another cloud of iodine-131 was detected over northern Scandinavia and Lapland. The IAEA said it obviously came from Hungary (far away) and nowhere else. Hmmmm.

      Also, there is photographic evidence, some published here, of iodine in leaves, in North America, Iceland, and Denmark. Is this from a minor spill too?

    • Kiteman….I am SO sure you know….. thank God for your input. geez where would we all be without it.

      sorry Bobby, I am so sick of ppl like this… who insult your 50 years of research and earnest dedication to the truth and you can feel free to delete this msg so as not to taint your decent site. It’s ALL good , and always will be. You handle the ARROGANT and disrespectful so much more sweetly, and so much kindly than I could ever hope to do…. they haven’t a clue how much you have waded thru the data, LIVED IT, and how deep you are into it, yet you still manage to handle them with gentleness.

      Boo, you blow my mind to this day because you have that great gift….in the name of our precious savior Jesus. You put me to shame. Because frankly, I want to rip and tear, with anger and well…. but you gently respond. You my friend… you are… ——————i will fill in the blank later, and don’t be afraid… 😉 it’s all good and you know it. (I’m gonna go with the excuse that you have 12 yrs on me and in 12 yrs I surely will be as tender as you are, please Lord make it so)

  2. I’m a little confused. Are we still getting iodine radioisotopes here on the west coast of Amerika from Fukushima, in April 2013. Thanks for all you have done Bobby1.

    • I appreciate it, Mark. Yes, I believe so, at least my thyroid is telling me there is iodine. I started taking Lugol’s iodine again a few days ago to block radioactive iodine.

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